Little s****r with Big b*****r and Dad

This is my first post, be kind, Please!

It is the summer before you head off to your Freshman year in college.
I come in from the store put away the groceries, and head to my room to kick off my boots.......But what's this you're laid up in my bed playing with my "Clone a willy" an exact replica of my ole fat dick. You're thrusting it in and out of your hot lil pussy then letting it glide slowly against your Clit on vibrate mode. "What the Fuuu" you open your eyes in terror knowing you've been caught doing the unthinkable. Oh you know that I'm not upset that you’re in my bed or that your masturbating, but.........the only way you found myself made dildo was to be snooping in my closet! I reach and grab your arm and pull you up and off the bed the dildo lets out a soft but study whirring sound as I drop on the side of the bed and pull you across my lap. I begin giving you several sharp openhanded smack on you bare bottom and you cry out "Please No"!

Your b*****r rushes in thinking a stranger has broken into the house and is hurting you. He stops abruptly in the door way, "Pops, what’s going on? His face breaks into an evil grin he knows some of your girlfriends have bragged to you about fucking your b*****r and Daddy together, and he thinks it’s play time for us. I'm shocked by the look on his face then realize how erotic the Scene must be to him.......You laying across my lap with your naked butt up in the air and your wet pussy shinning toward him in the doorway. you say "Hayden Help" but your throat is tight and your voice is husky and just intensifies his lust, he is wearing only gym shorts and he quickly pushes them down and comes to your face and says "spank her more” as he pushes his swelling member against your lips You open your mouth to speak, but nothing comes out only his thick throbbing dick goes in. You start to protest but then, you mind flashes back to when you first started having those special feelings in your groin.

You were just a little girl and he was a senior in high school and you thought about those many times you rubbed your pussy thinking about how his bulge in his pants would grow when his girl friends were around. You had always envied them and wondered what his big dick would feel like in your mouth and pussy. I was just such a fantasy that brought you to your first orgasm as you lay quietly in your bed rubbing your hard little clit! Now you open your mouth wider and reach for his hips to better feel his thrusts into your throat! You let your hands slip farther back to grab his tight ass and squeeze, you think my boy friends never felt like this they were boys he is a man! At this time I'm so overcome with the moment I loose my anger and all the bl**d rushes in to my Dick; Always love watching Hayden (a young version of myself) face fucking a hot young slut!

My hand slips between your legs where I find a gushing receptacle twitching to my touch. "Taboo's tossed to the wind, society be damned, I need some of that sweet dripping pussy! I motion for him to set on the bed as I nudge you off my lap, and your stand to the waist never losing your grip on that dick you have wanted for so long. I shed my clothes quickly and kneel on the floor behind you lapping at the sweet love nectar showering my face. As your moaning grows louder I stand and with one violent thrust I bury my pulsating dick deep inside you. You let out a scream that becomes a groan and then soft moans of pure Ecstasy. You close your eyes and let yourself float into a dream like bliss as you have the 2 men you have loved all your life fill you with a burning passion. It's just the three of us in early afternoon and no obligations to anyone but each other till morning.

To be continued......

75% (16/5)
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2 years ago
I just shot my wad.
3 years ago
A little difficult to follow but after all, it is as You said... Your First Post!
Naughty Johnn4U... "Playing" with my Big Hard dick!
3 years ago
very good & hot start
3 years ago
Good start! Keep writing please. Xhamster needs more good story writers!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
I liked it man