I dont know how this happened

Well I am a gay female and I was over at my girls house that I was madly in love with Heather oh she was a blond and very sexy girl with a nice body to boot. Well we had had sex a couple of time but she was bi sexual and still in love with her ex boyfriend Richy but I had to hide from him. He hate me because I was gay and I had no choice but hide because Heather was so sexy well one nite I was drinkin and hanging with Heather and her s****r and Heathers ex Richy called and said he was coming over well I wasnt leaving I was drinking and I wasnt about to get a dui on his behalf so he came over and I went to Heathers moms room and hung out I was so angry and upset but what was I to do. So I was hangin out whatchin tv when I heard a Knock on the door. I told them to come in it was Arielle, Heathers s****r she asked if she could sl**p with me and I told her yeah thats fine. Well she crawled in the bed with me and proceeded to tell me how Heather didnt care about me. She told me that she was in love with me and that she would never hurt me like Heather, I didnt know what to do. I told her that I didnt love her the way that she didnt love me because I wasnt trying to take advantage of her but she kept insisting that I could learn to love her and I was d***k so I started to kiss her. She was kissing me back and telling me to make love to her. So I kissed down her body and I was kissing all over her body and I swirled my tounge around her nipples. She asked me to fuck her so I reached over into my duffle back and got out my vibrator and began to rub it against her wet pussy and she began begging me to fuck her with it. I proceeded and fucked her and as I looked up at her, her head was tilted back and her eyes where rollin in the back of her head. I was so turned on and I kept thrusting the vibrator in her pussy. I was telling her to be quite her s****r was in the next room but she continued to moan.
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4 years ago
Short but very hot! Hope that there is more to come
4 years ago
god i love to here more plzzzzzzzzzzzzz