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He Me And Made Me His Sex Slave

This as with all of my writings is only fantasy. This story never happened except in my dreams.

This takes place in a small town. I was only passing through on my way home.

I had been driving for 9 hours straight. I was getting to tired to drive so I decided to stop driving for the night. On the right I saw a sign that read “Motel-Vacancy” I pulled in to get a room for the night. I got a room key and went to bed for the night.

I’m a fairly deep sl**per. So when I go to sl**p I usually sl**p straight through the night. When I finally woke I was hogtied in the back seat of a strangers car. My mouth was gagged and I had no clothes on. I struggled to get free. But I was bound tight. So I gave up and laid my head on the seat.

We drove for miles, I looked out the window, but all I saw was trees going by. The car slowed down and made a turn. The driver down opened and then closed again. Then the back door opened. Someone reached in and gave me a shot on the butt. It hurt.

When I next woke I was in a room strapped down to the bed. Again the same person, who’s face was covered the entire time walked over and gave me another shot. It kept going like that every time I started to become conscious. Another shot.

The last time I woke I was standing in a different room. My arms we’re tied above my head and my ankles we’re tied together with a small strip of leather. I was still naked, but somehow I felt different. I couldn’t figure out what.

I remember the room was a bit dark and I felt a slight breeze. I waited and waited. Until finally the door opened and someone walked in. The door closed behind so it was dark again. I could hear someone walk across the room and breeze past me. Whoever it was had leather on, I could smell it when this person walked by. But there was another smell that I detected. It was definitely the unmistakable aroma of a male cologne. So I think this is a man.

He walked behind me and open a window shade to let the light in. It was bright an extremely sunny day. He walked up behind me and pressed is crotch against my ass. Which felt more sensitive somehow. He reached around hand put his hand over my mouth He was wearing leather gloves because I smelled and felt it. The leather stretched tight around my mouth, I could taste the leather it also had the smell of cum on them. (I know they always have cum on them, it adds to the experience for me)

He points at a large mirror on the wall. I was shocked. My body and face were transformed. My hair had grown to my ass. I wondered how long I was kept there. But that wasn’t the biggest shock. He reached his other hand around and started rubbing, then he stuck to fingers in. Oh my god. My dick and balls we’re completely gone. And had been replaced with a pussy. But it wasn't just decoration. It was extremely sensitive to his leather clad hand. Which by now was creeping in and out of my new highly sensitive pussy I felt something I had never felt before. A female orgasm.
Posted by clydepoo 2 years ago
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7 months ago
I liked this story but you need to finish it plz