What would you have done....?

So yesterday I needed to drive to the bay area to have my car serviced, and left early , so I didn't get a chance to rub one out before I left, so after an hour or so I started getting a hardon...so there I am on I5 with a boner in my very loose shorts. As I drove on I decided to take it out and play with it...what a great feeling....stroking my cock and driving....I started to approach and semi-truck on my right and just kept on stroking....right past the truck...that was kinda fun so I did it again...as I drove I wondered if maybe a driver saw my cock, and how many of them stroke theirs and do the same...
Anyway I finally had to stop and get my car serviced....couple of hours later I'm back on the road. I started to get really tired and discovered that my little flash game was a great way to wake me up, and I still hadn't gotten off. I keep it up for a while ( my dick and the game ), and finally need to stop and take a leak.
When I come out of the restroom there is a guy standing my my car....now my car is pretty distinctive and has a bike rack...when I approach I notice a truck that I had flashed earlier is parked in the truck parking area...oh shit....as I get closer to my car I figure it out....I am busted.
So the guy by my car is one of the trucks I had passed while stroking...and the driver proceeds to start to threaten to call the cops as he had taken down my plate number....he goes on with the threat for a while...but finally said come to my truck and we can talk about it....what would you do?.....
Once in the truck the guy says....get your cock out again and do what you were doing....so I do....he says take off your shorts....I do....this is crazy I am thinking but my fucking dick s hard as hell....as I stroke he is just staring at my cock, until he leans over and takes it down to to my balls....he is just sucking it....and sucking it...he sits back up and is now just stroking with one hand and taking his out with the other....I look down and see his cock, and its huge....he says.....you want to cum...no problem....but you are making me cum first....his cock was hard big and his balls were shaved...next thing I know its in my mouth and his balls are in my hand...his cock tasted amazing....he is holding my head down so he is hitting the back of my throat....i start tasting his sweet precum and feel his balls tightening....I know what makes me cum hard, so i work and finger in his ass and he goes tense and fills my mouth....I am swallowing like crazy and get most of it down my throat, and it was salty and thick....and gone...two seconds later my cock is back in his mouth and he is blowing me like he wants my load in his mouth bad....and it didn't take long and I was spurting in his mouth and he is jacking the shaft just right....his saliva had run down my as crack and I had inserted my own finger which helped give him an even bigger mouthful....with both dicks satisfied there wasn't a lot to say....pretty much hopped out and back in my car....and thinking hmmm.....I need to get my car serviced more often.....

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1 month ago
Glad you liked it amigo!......
1 month ago
wow, nearly came just reading that.
4 months ago
I loved it wish it was me
7 months ago
mmmm.. luved the story.. I would have done the same thing.. but I would have gotten his number for next time..... he sounded like my kind of guy...mmmm
7 months ago
You got used........just the way you like!
7 months ago
Sweet story. And what goes on in the truck stays in the truck.
Except for the lingering taste....
7 months ago
I've enjoyed several sexy times with horny truckers...while driving dressed as a sexy female, my little skirt high on my thighs and my full tits under a snug top! A pleasing sight for them as I cruise alongside...and occasional get-togethers alongside the road or at a truck stop! ...Susie
7 months ago
thats awesome. i too have stroked my cock while driving many times but only have fantasized about a trucker seeing me stroking. I just end up finding a rest stop and cumming in the bathroom stall. totally jealous!
7 months ago
Short and sweet and to the point. A great read!
7 months ago
Sounds like fun! Hot story.