Kinky and Anonymous

I was traveling on business and was feeling quite horny. I wanted to pursue a little anonymous sex, but there were not really good glory holes around. I posted to craigslist my desires and asked only for a picture of their cock in return. No description ext. One guy seemed to really love it and had a thick 7inch cock that turned me on. I told him where I was staying and that I would leave the door unlocked so he could be anonymous. I got completely naked, blind folded myself, and laid out a pair of play handcuffs.

The guy was a bit late, but finally I heard a guy come into the room. He immediately said "Nice, I like what I see - I can have fun with you!" He had a f***eful voice and my heart raced with anticipation. I heard the guy take his cloths off and then I felt a hand on my head as he drew me near. I felt his hands take mine then the coldness of the cuffs circling my wrist. Submissive feelings flowed through me then he said it was time to put my tongue to good use. I was expecting his cock, however, felt his butt cheeks push against my face as he told me to lick and tongue his asshole. I licked his pungent hole with enthusiasm as he moaned with approval.

After a few minutes he pulled away and told me that I need to put my head back and stick my tongue out. I felt him straddle me and realized he was lowering his balls into my mouth. I licked his balls and even tried to suck them best I could. Then he pulled my head to his dick and I opened up. He was huge! Very thick and he immediately started to push deep into my mouth. He definitely was in control and for the first time really understood what it was like to be face fucked. He constantly gagged me and I even choked up some mucus. I felt like I would throw up a number of times. He then backed off and let me catch my breath as he let me just bob up and down on his huge cock. He then grabbed my head and pushed deep telling me to stick out my tongue. As I did he pushed his dick all the way in and held it there. I did my best to control my gagging but that only lasted a second or two. Next I was choking and gagging as he held my head down. I then pulled away by leaning back using all my weight, and managed to break free. As soon as i did I threw up a bit and he pushed my head in a trash can to catch it.

He then positioned me with my face on the floor, ass in the air on my knees. He got behind me and I felt him push his dick into my crack. He lined it up with my hole and pulled my cheeks apart then he pushed. Yeow! My ass felt like it was split open. The pain shot through my body and then not so quickly subsided as he fucked my ass nice and hard. Each push I felt my face and shoulders rub against the carpet. I wanted so bad to rub my dick however my hands were still cuffed behind my back.

He fucked me hard at first then went to deep full strokes pulling out and pushing all the way in. Being blind folded really help me feel the sensations (good and bad) of his dick. I could really feel my anus opening and closing as he pulled out the fullness as he pushed it all the way home. He kept doing this for a while until he finally pulled out and had me get on my knees. He came around front and told me to sniff his dick. It smelled like ass alright as he had me smell it for 10 seconds or so. Then he told me to open up and I felt him push his dick into my mouth. I could really taste my ass juices on him as he gently fucked my mouth. He then started to breath heavy and told me to keep my eyes close as he removed the blind fold with haste. He pushed my head back and next thing I heard was a low loud grunt and I felt a bunch of cum land on my face. I felt four distinct ropes hit my face and some dribbles. I was surprised at how hot his cum felt on my face.

He was breathing hard as he told me to keep my head back. He told me I was fantastic and he had an enjoyable time. With that he dressed and as he left he told me to open my eyes and look at him. As I did the cum filled my eyes and stung and I heard the door slammed shut. Never saw my lover. With that wiped my face on the bed blankets and worked my way over to the dresser. It took about 5 minutes, but I finally unlocked the cuffs.

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very hot
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Wow that was hot thanks