Trisha Part 1

She asked if I had ever cheated on my wife, and I replied the real question on the table is whether you will end up giving your body to me. Trish was a bit taken back, but I continued as she leaned forward with interest. I said, “Although I am married, I would enjoy your company under the correct conditions. “ She quickly replied, “what are those conditions.” I said first, its just sex, nothing more or less. I am not looking for someone to replace my wife. So, keep that in mind if you say yes. Next, I am looking for a more personal commitment from you, besides just sex. She looked at me a bit confused, “What do you mean”. I want a woman who understands that emotional feelings coming from feeling submissive and a bit uncomfortable will ultimately make the experience better for her.

Trisha’s attitude transitioned to be more inquisitive vs. confused. I continued, saying I want to push you sexually, into areas you have never been (she smiled), but to do that you have to agree to a few rules. “Such as” she said. First, you will submit to me and do what you are told. If you do not do as told, there will be consequences. Next, you will need to be confident in yourself and your body. You will need this confidence to be strong enough to be submissive to me. It is ok to ask if you are pleasing me, but you should not assume that you are not meeting expectations. I just don’t want to hear it. If I am displeased I will tell you. Otherwise, I do not want to hear you speak unless spoken too. Lastly, you need to trust me. I looked at her directly in the eyes. Trust that I ultimately have your best interests at heart, although it may not seem that way. She then asked what the consequences are and I said usually a spanking. She looked a bit surprised. I said and it is not a light playful spanking. It will be hard and extended. But if you are honest with yourself, you will agree that it needs to be that way . Trish tentatively shook her head in acknowledgement. I then told her she needed to answer “Yes Sir” if she was OK with my stipulations and then she needed to look down submissively and not talk unless spoken too. She pondered my proposition for what seemed like a long minute as we concluded dinner. Then she was shaking as she looked at me and said “Yes Sir”, then she looked down as told.

I said she made me very happy. I then told her she could look at me and hold a normal conversation. She found it hard to speak coherently as we finished. She then asked if it were OK to go to the bathroom and I said yes, but she needed to hand me the panties she was wearing when she got back. After a few minutes, Trisha returned to the table and she said she had something for me under the table. Our hands met and Trisha pushed a small wad of cloth into my hand. I undid the wad with my hand and felt through it. The crotch was soaked! Mmmm. I knew this was going to be a fun night. I paid the check and in addition to a generous tip, left our waitress with the thong. Trisha was beet red as we left.

As the valet, pulled up in my car, I told Trisha that she needed to respect the talk when only talked to rule again. We quietly pulled off to head for my hotel. As we drove, I told Trisha that she needed to hike up her skirt and show me her pussy. She looked around and did as told. I had her rub her pussy and she said “Wow, I am fucking wet”. I stared at her and you said what? “Sorry Sir” as she looked down. I said too late. You will be spanked when we get back to the hotel. I was going to let the initial infraction slide, where you looked around before lifting your skirt. You looking around coveys a message that you do not trust me. I stared at her, then you dis-obeyed the talk only when talked to rule. “You will be punished appropriately” I said in a firm but not angry voice.

She was very quiet as we exited the car and walked to our room. When we were in the room, I had her strip naked and stack her clothes by the door. I then told her I would punish her after I inspected her body. I rubbed my hands all over her smooth feminine size 14 body. She had large D cup boobs that were surprisingly firm for naturals on her 40year old body. Her nipples were erect and almost an inch long. I couldn’t help but to pinch a nipple making her jump a bit. I rubbed my hands all over her back and down on her cheeks then pulled them u part as I gazed at her tight rose bud. I then told her to prepare for her punishment. I then spanked her left ass cheek really hard one, two, three times. I made her count out loud. After about 40 really hard swacks on each cheek, she was crying a bit. Her cheeks glowed a bright red.

I then told her to rub herself to orgasm in that position and that she could be as vocal as she wanted to be. I reached underneath and slid a two fingers into a very wet pussy and started to massage her G-spot. It was not long before the sexual tension in her released and she came really hard. My fingers were soaked as I pulled them out and I had her look up at me as she cleaned my fingers. I told her that she was a good slut and that trusting me meant good things for her.

I sat her on the bed and then proceeded to lay her back spread eagle, and tied her arms back with a couple of ties I had. I then got wetted two wash cloths with very hot water and placed these wash cloths on her hairy pussy . I reminded her not to speak as I retrieved my razor and shaving cream. I filled a small trash can with warm water and then proceeded to apply the shaving cream and then shave my first pussy. I could see tears in her eyes as I shaved her and asked if this was the first time she had been shaved. Yes, sir, she answered.

When finished I cleaned her up and then said she would be rewarded for her loyalty. I proceeded to kiss and lick the shaved skin and then tasted the wettest pussy ever. I licked her teasingly and then hard, alternating to bringing her close to orgasm then down. She wanted to cum really bad and I finally wanted to go for the ride. I inserted a finger into her pussy and licked her clit really hard and she moaned loudly. Finally she said oh shit, and I saw and felt her body convulse as her orgasm took hold. As I licked her convulsions slowed then she grabbed the restraints again thrusted as a second orgasm took hold. I licked her clit throughout the second orgasm until she begged me to stop. I then moved up and kissed her with my pussy soaked lips.

Then I looked into her eyes and said it was my turn….. Continued in Part 2.

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