MMM - Man in the Middle

I knocked on the door and he answered. I felt a stir in my pants as my dick hardened. He was 5-8 and firm, 40 something years old. He invited me into his hotel room and we got naked. In a few seconds I was sucking his thick 6” cock. He was pushing my head down when he said he took the liberty to invite another top over. I was nervous since I had never been in a threesome before.

I sucked him hard and then went down and licked his asshole. He loved that so I continued to give him a nice rim job, even sticking my tongue into his tight pungent hole. I moved back to sucking his dick and took him really deep and sucked hard. Rob then broke away and laid me on my stomach and straddled my back. He leaned forward as his hands parted my cheeks. I felt his dick take aim at my tight ass hole and he pushed forward. I grunted as Rob started to fuck me bare and with no lube. It took about 4 or 5 stokes before we got into a rhythm. My rear burned as he fucked me hard. Just then there was a knock on the door.

Rob then led Jim into the room. Jim was a tall business type with a 8” very thick dick. I got on my hands and knees and Jim positioned him self under me so I can suck him. Rob mounted me again, with this time it feeling a bit better as he thrusted deep into me. I gagged on Jim’s big dick having trouble handling the thickness of his impressive cock. It was not long before Jim wanted more and told Rob he wanted my ass.

They had me lay on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed. Rob was at my side on the bed and I pulled my legs back for Jim. Jim was all about fucking me, not waiting for me to be ready. He lined up his thick dick and pushed into my ass. My ass felt that it will going to split from Jims very thick dick. Jim fucked me with a passion as I grabbed the sheets and breathed heavily to deal with his big dick.

Rob could not handle no attention and he placed his dick in my mouth. I reached down and started to stroke my cock. I got hard and really started to enjoy having both of my holes filled with cock. All three of us changed pace, going fast then slow to drag things out. Finally, Rob pulled from my mouth and he jerked a few seconds then I felt his warm cum land on my face. The second stream landed in my open right eye. As he finished I came hard shooting a huge load on my tummy.

I was recovering as Jim told me to get off the bed and on my knees. He pulled out of my ass and as I knelt before him he shot his load on my face. Then he took his dick and stuck it in my mouth to milk the last few drops. As Jim pulled back, I stood with two loads of cum dripping from my face and my cum on my stomach. Of course, I had a big smile.

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3 years ago
VERY nice