45 yo Heidi Gives Her First BJ

I was working on an IT contract in La Crosse Wisconsin on a project that required me to work some long hours. I was fortunate to work alongside some wonderful people and one that holds a special place in my heart is Heidi.

Heidi was a manager at a manufacturing firm. She was very confident and capable in her role. Married and in her mid-forties, she still looked very good for her age. She was a bottle blonde, straight shoulder length hair, 5-3, size 8, with some shapely 36c breasts. She still had that country girl next door look and beautiful hazel eyes.

We had worked together on this project for many months and gotten to know each other pretty well. I had thought about hitting on her many of times, but she gave no real indication that she would even consider cheating on her husband.

It was a particular long night and her car pool friend needed to leave and I offered to drive her home later. After we were finished with our day’s worth of work, I offered to take my client out to dinner. We went to a little dive bar around the corner from the office, had a burger and a couple of drinks. I then her home. It was after mid-night we sat in the drive way and she seemed like she did not want to leave. I mentioned how I thought she had lost weight and she beamed up a bit and said yes, she had. Seeing her reaction I told her how much I enjoyed the opportunity to work with her and get to know her personally. She still did not want to leave but we caught each other’s eye and I went for it. I leaned in and kissed her she hesitated at first, then kissed me back. Soon, my hands were all over her body. I felt like a k** again parking.
I un-buttoned her cloths and she gave little protests that were easily overcome. Then I moved my hand down her skirt and rubbed her very wet pussy. We needed to re-adjust a bit as I reclined the seat. Then I inserted my finger into what was a soaked and tight pussy she moaned and told me that this was the first time another man other than her husband has touched her sexually. We kept at it and before long I had her completely naked . She had a very hairy pussy that I don’t think was ever shaved in her life and as I kissed my way down to her clit she, said no man has ever gone down on her before. I definitely wanted to make sure it was something to remember, and started slowly. Leaning over the console to eat her pussy was not the most comfortable position. She laid back and I crawed over her and got on top in a 69 ish position. I then resumed my oral assault on her hairy pussy.

Even with just mild playful licking she was thrusting against my face. I felt her hands on my back and arm and moved them to my head letting her know it was OK to guide me. She did not need a second hint, taking my head and grabbing it hard. I licked all around, tongue fucking her hole and tasting some of the sweetest pussy juice ever. I then slid a finger into her pussy and as soon as I hit her g-spot she said Oh-My, and went crazy as her orgasm over took her. I kept on licking her right through a second intense orgasm before she needed a break. I switched positions so I was on top of her face to face and looked at her face as she was breathing hard an realized the pleasure I just brought this beautiful woman.

My underwear was still on at this point and I am sure she could feel my rock hard dick up againster her. She kissed me but pulled back a little at first, asking what is on your face? I laughed, its your pussy juice. Then we kissed some more and she whispered that she wanted to return the favor and give me a bj. She said she had not given a bj before but wanted to give me one since I was so kind to her. I reassured that she would do great and before I knew it she was on top of me in a 69 position. As she pulled down my underwear I reached up and started to lick her again and she asked that I let her concentrate on me. With that I could feel a hesitant tongue lick up and down my shaft then I felt her lips encircle the head of my dick.

She did not take it in deep at for or suck real hard but after a while she was taking me in pretty deep and really using her tongue around the head. I wanted it to last a little while, so I asked her to suck my balls. She licked my balls for a short time and asked if that is what I wanted and I said yes, and she continued until I told her to suck me some more. That wonderful mouth was giving me great pleasure and I could feel my orgasm building. I told her I was getting close and she asked what she needed to do. I told her keep it in her mouth as I came, but she said she did not know if she could do that. I told her that there was only one first time for her to give a bj and that she should at least do it the proper way. That seemed to work and she really picked up the pace a bit and started sucking more. I felt the orgasm rebuild to a much higher level and knew this woman would be getting a mouthful, so I reached my hands down and positioned them on her head. My breathing was getting really heavy and I tried to hold the orgasm back a few extra seconds then my body lost control. She pulled back at first only to be met with the pressure of my hands on her head and I filled her mouth with shot after shot of cum. It was a long orgasm and she stuck with it like a trooper. Finally, I pulled her up and I sat up. I kissed her cum soaked mouth.

All of a sudden a light in the house went on. She quickly dressed and I kissed her good bye as she left to go inside to see her husband. I did not even dress as I started the car and drove off. I found a place to pull over and reflected on a wonderful night as I dressed for the half an hour drive to my hotel.

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3 years ago
nice story