San Diego Part 2 : The Facial

Part 2.
After the first night, I was feeling anxious to get to Scott’s room for the second night. I showed up right at 7pm and we both quickly got naked and sat in his bed to watch some porn. He asked me if I had ever made out (like kissing) with a man, and I said no. I was gentle as he reached over to kiss me. His face was smooth like mine and he persisted in kissing although I was a reluctant subject. (I know no how some girls feel when a guy gives them a kiss they are not sure about). But I stuck with it. He reached over and started to play with my nipple and instantly I started to kiss him back with lust. He moaned his approval as I got up the nerve to feel his nipples. We had our hands all over each other’s bodies after a while and I asked him if he wanted me to go down on him and he said lets keep doing this for a while. “I will let you know when I want to suck me,” Scott said to me. I felt his hands all over my body rubbing and grabbing my buttocks, rubbing my dick and balls, tracing from my perineum to the top of crack. I was doing the same for him. Rubbing his cock and balls and playing with his nipples then sucking his nipples. He then pushed my head down giving me the signal. I teased him a bit licking just the tip and finally he pushed into my mouth.

I sucked slowly at first pushing my mouth down on his dick and sucking on the out stroke as I lay my head on his lap. As I sucked him I felt his hand reach down and start to stroke my rock hard aching cock. It felt great and I knew I would not last long. We were both moaning and with his other hand he started to push my head down with some mild f***e as we both were letting our pleasure take over. His hand kept stroking my cock and I felt my breathing try to speed up (difficult with a huge dick in my mouth) as my orgasm approached. Scott’s orgasm was getting closer as the rate I was bobbing up and down on his dick increased greatly. I suddenly felt my orgasm start and shot my hips up and shot my first couple streams. Scott kept pumping my cock throughout my orgasm and shortly after I finished he thrusted up. Cum shot into my mouth and I sucked hard. This time I was able to keep more of his cum in my mouth and as he subsided I picked up my head and showed him mouth full of cum and swallowed. We both got up and used a towel to clean up and I started to get dressed. He said the night is still young why don’t you stay a while?

We kissed and gently rubbed each other’s chest and nipples throughout the remaining hour of the porn flick. During the final scene both our dicks came back to life and we were ready for round two. Scott told me he wanted me to lick his balls and rim his ass. He stood up and I knelt on the floor behind him as he bent over the bend. I licked the back of his balls up close to his tight ass hole. Finally, I circled the outside of his asshole as he moaned how good my warm wet tongue felt on his ass. I was getting into it as he told me to lick the hole which I promptly did. Then I stuck my tongue in his ass and tongue fucked his acidic hole as he moaned loudly with pleasure. After Scott had his fill of ass licking he said that I was a great at eating ass and thanked me for the tongue fuck – saying he does not expect people to do that part of ass licking but was sure glad I did.

We were both supporting pretty rigid hard on’s and he had me lay on the bed with my head hanging over the edge to give him a BJ. I reached my hand up to his dick and guided it into my mouth. Using my hand I controlled his thrusting. After a few minutes of this, he took my hands and pinned them to my chest and started to really thrust into my mouth. I had no control over the depth but found that I could withhold the gagging relax a bit. Before I knew it I was taking most of his impressive 8” cock into my mouth. But then he pushed the last 2 inches in and held it there and I started to gag/choke as hard as I ever. Finally, I escaped and caught my breath. We did this a few more minutes with me gagging and choking on his cock 2-3 more times. Fortunately, he wanted more ass licking. I laid on my back and he grabbed the head board as he sort of sat on my face. I licked his ass and tongue fucked it.

Then he straddled me told me to stick a finger in his ass and massage his prostate. He straddled me as I inserted a finger and massaged his prostate. He told me to start stroking my cock and he stroked only inches from my face. His cock was deep red and his head was big as I watched Scott stroke his cock. I was enjoying my hand and he told me to let him know when I was going to cum. I asked him if he was close and Scott said yes, but he was right on the edge and could hold it. I kept working my finger on his prostate and used the other hand to work my tool. I told him I was almost there and he said good, my finger was giving him a deep urge to cum. Finally, he stroked harder and leaned back and I felt the first rope of his cum land on the right side of my face and get in my eye. Just then I let loose shooting my load as he continued to pump cum on my face and hair. After he was finished he used his dick to rub the cum over my face as I rubbed my cum all over my tummy and chest with my hands.

Cum was dripping off my face as I got cleaned up. Scott said that I was great tonight and that he needed to take tomorrow off but invited me back to his place on Thursday, the last night of the conference.

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