San Diego - Pt. 1 The Blow Job

I went to this conference out in San Diego and when I got there I posted to Craigslist and found a guy in the hotel next to mine that was interested in receiving a BJ. We decided to meet at his hotel bar and we had a few drinks. I was immediately attracted to him. He was a few years younger than I, about 35 and like me married. Scott was his name and we happened to be attending the same conference.

We talked about our jobs then our wives then we talked about sex. He was strictly into receiving pleasure and I was more into giving pleasure. He asked about anal sex and I said I do not do anal and have not done it; I prefer to blow and jack guys off. He was happy with that and we paid our bar tab.

He told me to follow him to the bar bathroom; he chose a stall and we both went in there. He told me to pull my pants down and I sat on the toilet with him standing in front. He unzipped and pulled out an already semi hard 6 inch dick that he put into my willing mouth. His dick quickly became a rock hard 8 think inches. I put my hand around his very thick shaft and he quickly told me use one hand to jerk myself and the other hand caressed his balls. He wanted only to feel my mouth on his shaft.

I was sucking hard and taking him as deep as I could without gagging. He liked the slurping noises as I sucked really hard on the out stroke. We were both moaning when we heard the main bathroom door open, and he whispered to me to keep sucking his dick and stroking mine, but to be quiet. Scott’s dick was still sliding in and out of my mouth and over the whole time we had a visitor, his pace slowed significantly. He would occasionally thrust deep which would make me hold back the gagging reflex to be quiet. The other guy must have been in the bathroom for 10 minutes. Finally, he left and I Scott said he has been on the edge for a while.

He picked up the pace and I sucked hard as he approached the point of no return I heard him say “don’t swallow I want to see the cum in your mouth when I am finished”. I looked up at him letting him know I understood. With a couple more intense thrusts he grunted and I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat and I felt my orgasm start. He grabbed my head and shoved his spurting dick deep and I gagged as I shot stream after stream of cum. We both had long orgasms; and with him having shot a huge load in my mouth he finally pulled out. I had shot a huge load with multiple streams on my shirt and his cum was dripping from my chin and onto my shirt. I am sure he got to see a good sight and finally swallowed the remaining cum as he zipped up. Scott gave me his room number and told me to meet him at 7pm tomorrow if I was interested.

I was a mess and cleaned up but my shirt had wet cum marks all over. I splashed some water on my face and hair, to make it look a little less incriminating then made the walk of embarrassment to my room.

100% (8/0)
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3 years ago
This story is such a turn on. So damn sexy.
3 years ago