She Wanted It Bad (And I Gave It To Her)

I was getting ready for my college engineering class when the phone rang. It was Roberta who was my girlfriend at the time. She was a tall skinny brown eyed brunette, with nice pert tits and a very pretty elegant face. She sounded distressed and anxious. Please get over here NOW! My roommate just left so we have the place to ourselves and I need you to fuck me in the ass she said. I practically dropped the phone. Roberta wouldn’t even let me finger her ass much less fuck it. But, I did not ask any questions– I don’t even remember hanging up the phone; I blew off class and rushed right over to her apartment.

She answered the door and hurried me into her room. She said there was some lube on the dresser and to finger her rear with it. I barely had time to get naked. She leaned over the bed with her legs spread and butt in the air. She had reached back and spread her cheaks. She was so fucking worked up. I took a little lube on my index finger and rubbed it around her very tight asshole. The view alone gave me a rock hard dick.

As I worked my finger in her ass, I asked her what had gotten into her. She said after she had left my place last night she came home and heard her roommate, Jen, grunting really loud. When she peaked in the slightly open door she saw her roommate being fucked in the position she was in now and enjoying it very much. Roberta said she was turned on by the intensity of look Jen’s face and how vocal she was. Next, Jen started to yell out “fuck my ass” and Roberta realized what was happening to roommate. The stud there was fucking her ass really hard and she was loving it. Roberta said she had been turned on all night and barely slept. She wanted me to fuck her ass now, but I resisted the temptation wanting to make her wait a while. I told her tell me more. What else happened. Roberta said she was about ready to head to her room when her roommate screamed from a very intense orgasm. Then what I said, well I masturbated to 2 orgasms and had a restless night of sl**p. The next morning when the roommate got up, Roberta went down to question her about the previous night. Jen told her it was wickedly delightful and wonderfully intense. Told her where the bottle of lube was and to make sure she rubbed her pussy during the deed to make sure she came.

With that I could not wait any more. I put a little lube on my dick and aimed at Roberta’s virgin asshole. It took a couple of tries but finally my thick head popped into her tight ass. Roberta instantly started to breathe really heavy and was a quite quiet (not like her). I asked her if it was ok, she said it hurt like hell but keep on doing it because it will get better. I asked her if she was rubbing and she said somehow grunted out a no and then slid a hand between her and the bed. Instantly, she started to moan as I picked up the pace. Soon we were both groaning and getting close to orgasm as I was fucking her very hard. I was hearing noices I never heard from a woman. Deep grunts combined with moans. I then pulled out to drag it out.

Roberta yelled at me, “put it back in you fucker, I was about to cum”. I laughed and toyed with her. I pulled out, slammed it home and then would stop for a second. She was going crazy! Finally I could not hold back and I fucked her for all I was worth. All of sudden Roberta’s body shook and I could feel her ass clamping on my dick. The scream was earth shattering and as I started to cum I was almost laughing at how hard she was cuming. I must have shot a ton of cum, because I kept shooting for nearly what felt like a minute. After I came still kept fucking Roberta’s ass really hard and she had another orgasm before I collapsed onto her pinning her into the bed. “That was amazing” she said. “You were so fucking hot babe”, I said. As I laid on top of her I could feel aftershocks from her orgasm. We finally took a shower together and made it to our afternoon classes.
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4 years ago
I too want to fuck an asshole :)
4 years ago
Loved it!
4 years ago
Wow College that was when we could have sex and eat it too thanks for the story
4 years ago
Good deeds are always rewarded above the expectation....
4 years ago
nice good story