Rekindling Our Relationship

We had been growing apart. So, much so I started looking for other partners. The other day however, in church, our preacher talked about how to rekindle a relationship by doing things you used to do. One think we enjoyed was going out and her dressing slutty, short low cut dress, no underwear and making out in public.

This night she was dressing and I specially asked for a shorter more revealing dress. She obliged me with her little black dress. As we were getting ready she showed off her sexy dress and I pulled her close. I grabbed her rear and pulled her close. Then I pulled up her dress and pushed her panties off, saying you don’t really need these. She was a bit surprised but went with it.

My wife was a little uncomfortable all night at dinner knowing everytime she stood up that there might me a risk of someone getting a free show. However, she also found this erotic. We ate a wonderful dinner at a local tapas place, then we decided to go for a walk. Every few blocks we would stop and make out. I would even rub her pussy through the outside of her dress as we made out on the side walk in the open.

My prim and proper Yale educated wife, was getting quite worked up. The walking around without panties caused her swollen lips to rub together which constantly focused her attention on her sex. We went behind a few business buildings and walked up in between to of them where there was a tree in front blocking the view from the street (only 100ft away) and a little privacy in the back (not much because it was a parking lot that was not being used – anyone could have driven in and seen us).

We started making out. I am sure it was without intent on her part but I had other ideas. I lifted up her black dress and started to finger her very went cunt. I alternated between sticking a finger in and rubbing her clit. She quickly was breathing quite heavily. I stood to the side as I fingered and kissed her so that if anyone would come into the parking lot, they would get a free view of her pussy. As I fingered her I let her know that and she got even more turned on. I pushed her down on the concrete stairs and pulled out my dick. I some how managed to talk her into giving me a bj out in the open (it really was not that hard). She was obviously so fucking horny.

She started licking my dick and put my hands on her head. Then she took me into her mouth. She immediately took all of me in until she gagged a little. I was so turned on! She then started to bob up and down on my dick concentrating on my head. I told her to lift up her dress and rub her pussy. She looked at me with a strange erotic look and then started rubbing herself. Immediately she took her other hand off my dick and let me thrust deeper into her mouth then she normally does. She and I were working our way to orgasm. I was on the verge of cumming so I pulled out and jerked myself over the edge. She was enjoying her pussy with her eyes closed. I announced that I was close and she left her head slightly tilted back. I held back as long as I could then I shot 2 large streams on her sexy face (she has never let me give her a facial), realizing I was cumming she caught the remaining cum in her mouth. I pushed in really deep as I came and she kept on working her pussy as she took my load. As I pulled out she sucked really hard and to keep my load in her and then made an overly obvious swallow.

I then sat down next to her and kissed her cum covered lips as she kept working her clit and fingering her pussy. I put 2 fingers deep in her soaking wet pussy , fucked her while she worked her clit, and she gradually tensed up. I looked at my beautiful wife as she then went over the edge in a wave of ecstasy. Her orgasm was really intense and she tried to keep quiet but some pretty obvious moans escaped from her mouth. She came a very long time. As her orgasm subsided I pulled my fingers from her pussy and scooped -up the cum on her face. I then told her to suck my fingers and she got a taste of both of us. Her face glistened from my cum and I tried to wife the obvious portions off. We then walked back to our car to head home. It was definitely the hottest sex we have had for a long time.
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4 years ago
Yeah, that was definitely what the preacher had in mind!
4 years ago
Sometimes you got to go back to some of the really good time and rearange them to make different and new thanks for the story
4 years ago
good story i need someone that daring