First Glory Hole Experience

I had read about glory holes but I never had the nerve to go to one. One day, my wife was out of town and I went to happy hour after work. I was a little tipsy but not d***k and decided to stop by the local porn shop to get a video. Once there after looking at all the video’s I decided to go to the back and watch some videos in the booths. I put some money in and tuned in a video that I liked. I unzipped and pulled down my pants and started to rub my dick.

After a few minutes I heard a voice say you want some help with that? I was nervous but quite horny I moved towards the hole in the wall but I did not know what to do. The guy on the other side said something I did not understand and finally he got a little frustrated with me, but reached his hand through the hole. As soon as he touched my dick I knew this was going to be a fun night. After lightly stroking my rock hard cock for a little while he told me to unlock my door.

I did as he told me and soon he entered my booth. He sat on the chair and said that he usually did not do this, enjoyed turning me on. I told him I had only been with one man before and he said that I would not forget him. My dick started to ache with the urge to cum and he then told me I needed to wait. He stood and told me to sit. He undid his pants , stood close in front of me and told me to touch him as he had touched me. His dick was semi-hard and already longer than mine. He quickly became rock hard and about 8 inches long. I was amazed at how it felt and he asked if I was enjoying playing with him. I said yes and it was a turn on to play with his dick.

I used my other hand to caress his balls and he moaned his approval. He then asked me if my wife gave me bj’s and handjobs. I said she gives me both. Then he asked which do I prefer, and I said bj’s without even thinking. He then said he preferred bj’s too and told me to lick his cock. I felt a hand on the back of head gently pull me towards his dick. His hand got me over my resistance (I had sucked off a guy before but I knew him, this was my first stranger) and I leaned forward. I licked the shaft of his cock and he moaned said it felt good. Then he told me to stick it in my mouth. I was shaking as I took his cock head into my mouth. It felt like velvet and then his shaft felt so smooth. I almost gagged at first but settled into a rhythm of taking about 4 inches in and sucking as he pulled out. I alternated licking and bobbing up and down. He then asked if I preferred to cum in my wife’s mouth. I did not answer knowing where the question was leading. He said that it would be great to cum in my mouth.

Soon, he had both hands on my head and he was thrusting and I was resisting the gagging as he was deep in my mouth. It was getting pretty intense as I bobbed up and down. All of sudden, his body tensed and I felt his dick twitch. My mouth was filled with cum. I tried to pull back a little but his hands on the back my head made sure I did not let his dick slip out of my mouth. He grunted over and over. Finally, he pulled back and cum dripped all down my chin and I had a huge wet spot on my shirt.

He then pulled his pants up and told me to stand. He sat and told me to sit on his lap. He reached around and jerked my hard cock and it about a minute I was cumming. I shot stream after stream on my stomach and shirt. He pulled my shirt down and wiped off his hand. Then I got up. He left and then I realized my shirt was soaked with cum, mine and his.

As I walked out of the store, it seemed very crowded and felt like everyone was looking at me. From my wet spot and the smell of cum it was pretty obvious. A couple was entering as I leaving and they both gave me a knowing smile.
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5 days ago
4 years ago
you sucked him and he only jerked you??
4 years ago
Very nice keep writing
4 years ago
Thank you been there and done a afull lot of that its a great stoy thanks i have cum all over my hands right now
4 years ago
I enjoy your stories.