Panty Perversion

I was surfing porn when my wife came up from working out at the gym. She was sweaty and in one of those moods to be a little more sexual than normal. The k**s were out and we started kissing and making out. She asked to take a shower, and I told her I wanted her right now. She loved the answer and we proceed having some very passionate sex with me cumming in her awesome pussy.

Afterwards, she wanted to use her massager and she put on her panties and then we put the massager on her clit and took some time to bring her off to an earth shaking orgasm. (My buddy later told me he heard it outside). Her panties where soaked with sweat, her juices, and my cum. She took them off and hopped in the shower. I took the soaked panties and sniffed them. They smelled so good. The combinations of her sweaty body, pussy, butt smells, and my cum really were all distinct. I instantly got another hard-on which was not expected so soon. I then jerked off into the panties soaking them even more. I shot another load of cum in the crotch. Then I looked at the soaked panties sniffed and then I sucked and licked my cum and her juices out of them. Mmmmmm. I am getting hard just thinking about all the tastes in those wet, sweaty, and smelly panties.
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4 years ago
nice & short
4 years ago
next best thing to a frsh creampie !!
4 years ago
I really got a hardon, as I like doing the same.