The Masked Revenge part 1

Okay, so my name is Mindy. My piece of shut husband, John, contacted this dude online and asked him to PhotoShop some pictures of me doing naughty stuff. John has always thought I had a thing for his b*****r-in-law, but he has no clue. He is a pervert in all the wrong ways. If I ever thought about sex with another man it definitely wasn't him.

So, one day, I'm using John's phone and I find these x-rated pictures of me sucking a big, black dick. What the fuck!? I was pissed as hell (as well as confused and--oddly enough--a little turned on).

So I confront John about it and he begged me to forgive him, but I had a better idea. I emailed the same guy with my own set of pictures and asked him to help me get revenge on John. This time, he photoshopped me fucking John's best friend, Kris. We also added in some of my girlfriends--Kim & Jenn--and our Latino friend Carlos. I especially liked one of the pictures that had John poised to shove a a dildo up his ass. But the one that really got me thinking was one with my face buried in my friend Amy's pussy while she stared at the camera.

LOL, John freaked! He couldn't handle seeing my sweet lips wrapped around his best man's cock. I didn't care. John deserved it and Kris is a stud. I've often thought of him while John is fucking me with his skinny little dick.

Well, anyway, John and I talked about it, and the doushbag was actually turned on by the whole thing once he settled down a bit. We talked about the fantasy and ended up fucking like rabbits that night. But the whole time, I was thinking about Kris (and Amy!). John came in me (a little prematurely I should add). So I got up and left him to fall asl**p alone. I went over to the computer to look at the pics and masturbate while I fantasized a while.

After some time, I walked back over to my pathetic sl**ping husband and tried to rouse him for another round. He was out so I went down and started sucking his skinny little cock. It tasted like pussy and sex. The thought of Amy came to my mind. Is that what she would taste like?

Once I got John hard and partially awake, I climbed on top and straddled him. In a commanding voice I said, "come on you piece of shit, fuck me." As I slid John's dick in, his cum from before started leaking out. I had an idea.

I said, "You feel that? You feel how wet and sloppy I am? That's your friend Kris. I've been fucking him in the next room. He stretched me out with his big man-sized cock and then he came in me. You like fucking his sloppy seconds?" We fucked for a few minutes while I taunted him until I finally came while screaming "Oh god Kris! You ruined me for me husband!"

The next morning, I woke up horny again! I was dreaming that Kris was on top of me fucking hard. I had my legs wrapped around his back. I dug my nails into his shoulders as he plowed into the squishy mess between my thighs. I could smell his body as he bore down on me. I was horny as hell! I looked over into the doorway of our bathroom and John was there, silhouetted against the light. He was watching!

Just then I woke up. John was in the bathroom getting out of the shower. He left the door open, again, and the light was burning my sl**py eyes. Damn it! Ruined a perfectly good dream! I was still full of two loads of cum from the night before. (No wonder I was so wet in my dream!) I reached over and grabbed my vibrator from the night stand. I had to satisfy this or else I would be thinking about it all day.

My pussy was soaking wet--a combination of cum and my own juice. The vibrator glided in so easy and it was really feeling good when I was interrupted, again.

"Man, you're hot, aren't you? You just can't get enough." John was standing in the doorway watching me, silhouetted against the bathroom light just like he was in my dream.

"Shut up, asshole. You left the light on again and woke me up from a nice dream."

"Was it about Kris?"

"Yeah. Now, get over here and help."

John came over thinking he was going to get laid again. (Not happening this time.) Instead, I grabbed his ear and pushed him down between my legs and told him to eat me out while I fucked myself with the dildo.

He started to go to work, but then said, "Oh shit! You didn't clean yourself last night! Uh!"

"Shut up asshole. You started this. Kris has been fucking me in my dreams all night. And now you're going to finish it. Lick his cum out of my pussy, bitch!"

I imagined I was laying on my back on top of Kris as he fucked me from behind while John reluctantly ate me out. John frantically worked the vibrator in and out. It wasn't long before I came all over the place. It was one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had.


So John and I were making plans for a big party to have all our friends over and with lots of drinking. Neither one of us really knew how to broach our fantasies to our friends (or even if we should). So on the surface, we were just planning a regular party. But we're secretly thinking: 'If we all get d***k enough...'

A few days go by and I meet my friend Jenn for lunch. I tell her about the party and she's in. (Of course, she has no idea about my secret hopes. She's just thinking it'll be a fun place to blow off some steam.) We're eating lunch and I keep thinking of one of those photo-shopped pictures. This one had me and Jenn waiting in line to suck Kris' cock. All this was to mock my husband John, but it was hot. I guess Jenn noticed I something was on my mind.

Jenn: "God, girl! What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing. What?" I said trying to cover.

"You're smiling about something. God, there was a perv in high school who used to smile like that around me. What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing." I said, but I was blushing and it was obvious I was thinking about something--something good!

"Mindy, we're supposed to be friends." She said with a devilish grin. "You better spill it or I'll start doubting us!"

"It's nothing!" I said a little too defensively. Jenn was getting a hurt look on her face like she knew I was hiding something form her. She was really starting to take it personally.

"Ok, shit!" I said. For the next few minute I told Jenn the story about me and John and the pictures and the revenge. Jenn just sat there and listened. I couldn't tell how she was taking it. It seemed so harmless, why would she be upset. Was she upset?

Finally she spoke. "Let me see."


"Let me see the damn pictures." She said coldly.

"I don't have them. They're on the internet."

"What!" She blurted. People around the diner got quiet and started looking at us.

"No," I whispered, "I mean, they're on my email and we don't have a computer..."

Jenn pulled her smart phone out from her purse. She stared straight at me. "What's your email and password?" She said with an unrelenting tone...

Jenn looked the pictures in my inbox over one by one. She didn't speak while she examined them. Finally she spoke.

"Who has seen these?"

"Just me and John."

"What's this link? It looks like a website..."

I started to explain, but Jenn shushed me holding up her finger. She had already clicked through to find the same set of pictures posted on a popular porn site, only on these masquerade masks had been photoshopped on our faces.

After a moment I weakly added, "No one can tell who you are. The masks..."

After a few more minutes, Jenn looked up at me and put her phone back in her purse.

"I forwarded these to everyone that was in the pictures. I will talk to them about it. In the meantime, you aren't to call anyone. Understand?"

I nodded in agreement and tried to form an apology, but Jenn cut me off.

"I don't want to hear it right now. I will call you latter after I talk to everyone."
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