The Masked Revenge part 4

As we enter the club, I realized how horny I am. This night had been overwhelming. I had done so many things I never thought I'd do. At this very moment, I was being led by a leash into a club full of young, hot bodied people in a sexually charged atmosphere. My dress barely covered me, which momentarily made me feel self conscious because I'm sure my panties were soaking wet at this point. The whole evening had revved my sexual engine up, but all my effort had been to pleasure others. No one had satisfied me. I hadn't even pleasured myself, because I'd been too preoccupied with pleasing others in ways I never had before. As I walked on shaky legs, pulled along by a leash like a bitch in heat, I secretly hoped I would soon find some relief for the yearning between my legs. My only solace was the mask that concealed my identity. I gained some confidence as I remembered that I could let all my inhibitions go because no one would know who I was. Tonight, I was not Mindy. Tonight, I was a sex toy, but--because of the mask--tomorrow I could go back to being Mindy again.

We started off with a few drinks. Amy tried to use me to get free drinks by offering me to the bartender--a blow for a beer--but he wouldn't go for it. No worries. A group of guys soon bought us a round. We danced and must have been a sight to see. Four hot girls wearing masquerade masks and grinding on each other and everyone around them attract a lot of attention.

At this point, I literally need someone to fuck me. I turn to Jenn in my frustration and say, "Please... I need someone to fuck me."

I can't hear Jenn laugh, because the music is too loud. I see her though. Did she hear me? How could she? But she must have known what I was thinking from the look on my face. Oh yeah, and then I realized my dress has ridden up and my panties were showing. And sure enough, they were soaked.

Jenn lead me around the dance floor with the leash, pausing to whisper in several guys ears as she went. She pointed to a corner lounge area on the second floor and lead me there with several men in tow.


We find ourselves upstairs in a corner lounge that is partially secluded. 5 or 6 guys have followed us up. I am so horny, I just want someone to fuck me. I don't care who. Jenn pulls me toward a chair, but not to sit. She pulls my head up over the back of the chair so I have to climb up on it on my knees, with my hands holding the back of it. My tits are hanging over the other side of the back while my ass is up in the air. My dress is so short, my panties must be showing. All the guys lined up behind me must be getting a pretty good show. Jenn reaches down and starts caressing my breasts while I feel someone grabbing my ass and rubbing my crotch through my wet panties. It's almost too much. I think I'm going to come, but then the rubbing stops. Jenn makes me turn around and sit down.

On the couch I see Amy and Kim sitting side by side with the legs spread and up, each with a guy on top of them furiously fucking. Jenn crawls up between my legs and pulls my panties off. I watch with fascination as she starts eating my pussy while someone pulls up her skirt and starts fucking her doggy style. I feel her face bouncing against me as her starts really pounding her. It's almost like she fucking me with her tongue while her nose is stimulating my clitoris. Two more guys are watching us. I'm just about to come when I notice the guy watching me are my husband Joe and his best friend, Kris!

"Oh Shit!" I say. Momentarily, I forget I'm wearing a mask. I'm thinking Joe's gonna see me and he's gonna be pissed. I start squirming to sit up and trying to pull my dress back down, but I realize it's too late. He's already seen me. But he doesn't look pissed. He's talking to Kris and their watching the whole thing. i reach up and bury my face in my hands and feel the mask. I remember and find hope. Maybe he doesn't realize it's me. 'Surely he remembers the dress I'm wearing.' I think. But their are black lights on and my dress is almost glowing. It doesn't look at all like the dress I was wearing at the house. Plus, Joe didn't see the mask. I didn't get that until I hot to Jenn' house.

In a couple minutes, Jenn and her companion switch to missionary and I'm left alone with my legs still spread. I see Kris say something to Joe and point towards me. He motions for Joe to come take a turn with me. Joe walks up and stands between my legs as he undoes his pants. It's surreal. My husband is about to fuck me in front of a whole night club of people while my girlfriends are each getting laid by strangers. And Kris is watching us too.

As I watch Joe slide his pants down and then get down on his knees between me, I'm confused. I don't know why because my thoughts are so foggy. I'm horny as hell. I'm a little d***k. My husband is about to fuck me, but does he know it's me. 'God I hope not!' I think. But if he doesn't, what does that mean? It means he thinks he's fucking some random girl in a night club. 'What the hell does he think he's doing? Asshole!'

I feel his dick pushing against my vagina. It easily slips in. It's not too big. I momentarily remember the huge black cock I sucked outside at the door. Joe is tiny compared to that. It does feel good when Joe starts fucking though. I need this. My sexual enrgy has been building up all night. But at the same time, I'm getting pretty mad. Joe hasn't done anything to indicate familiarity. I'm becoming more convinced he doesn't know it's me. I'm relieved and mad all at the same time. Joe leans in, pressing my legs apart. I wrap them around him and pull him in close. Without thinking, I slap him hard across the face. This catches Joe off guard momentarily and f***es him back. His dick pulls out of my entrance. Hi rubs his cheek while he glares at me, then he gives an sly smile as if to say, "Ok. You like it rough huh? I can do that." Then, he launches himself back on me. I slap him two more times as he's fucking, but this time he doesn't back off. Instead, he comes in close and smothers me so I don't have room to hit him on the face.

"Ok, whore!" He says. "I can do itheI reach around and that way." With that he grabs a handful of my hair and really starts pounding. I dig my nails into his back and pull them downward. This causes him to curse. He grabs my leg and flips me over and starts fucking me from behind. Again he grabs my hair and holds me in place.


He's really pounding me and I'm a complete mess. I'm pissed, horny, embarrassed, and shocked. To my right I see Kim know has two suitors tending to her. She's getting fucked from behind like me, but another guy is standing in front of her with his dick in her mouth. 'What an odd sight,' I think as the music is pumping and club lights are flashing all around. The other girls are still on the catch. Their feet are bobbling around on the end of the legs as they dance to the rhythm of their male companion's thrusts. I can't tell which is which is which, but I'm thinking, 'Damn!'

Then my attention is drawn back to my own situation. A hand on my chin turns me to face back forward. In front of me, a big white cock is is bobbing up and down. It's bigger than Joe's and thicker. Someone, Joe, is still slamming into me from behind and holding me in place. I look up into the eyes of my forward attacker. It's Kris. He's smiling and saying, "Suck it." I can't hear him, but that's what his lips are saying. He lets go of my chin, grabs his cock, and guides is toward my lips. I open my mouth, still looking up at him. His dick slides in. It goes past my lips, past my teeth, over the top of my tongue to the back of my throat and stops. I'm full. His pubic hair is tickling the tip of my nose, but I'm not gagging.

I try to move, but Joe is still tugging at my hair from behind making it hard to do anything well accept bounce in reaction to his thrusts. I can barely move my tongue inside my mouth, but I try. In a minute, Kris moves his hips back and then forward again. Soon, he's worked up a steady rhythm that has him pushing his full length into my mouth and then pulling it out until only the head of his cock barely remains inside my open lips. I provide as much suction as I can because I want him back inside me and I want hi, to enjoy this. If only my asshole of a cheating boyfriend didn't have me pinned to the chair.

Joe's thrusts quicken and from experience I know he's close. I hear the tell tale sounds and suddenly he slips out of me and I feel him spray his hot semen all over my ass cheeks. Kris pulls out of my mouth and I turn around and sit back into the chair with my ass hanging off the seat. I'm pretty much laying down in it when Kris comes around to the front and positions himself between my legs. (I love getting fuck like a dog, but I want to see this. I want to look up into Kris' eyes as he fucks me. I've thought about this many times before, but now that Joe has 'cheated' on me, I am going to relish fucking his best friend right in front of him with out him even knowing.)

Kris gets down on his knees and buries his cock in my pussy. My legs are up over his shoulders and the weight of his muscled body is pushing my legs up high, stretching the back of my thighs as he begins to fuck. "Oh yeah, shit!" I say. (I don't know if he can hear me over the music. I can barely hear myself) "Come on! Fuck me!" I say. I bite my lip as my eyes roll back in my head. I feel someone's hand rubbing my pussy and I look up to see Jenn standing there smiling a devilish smile at me. She's mouthing the words, "I'm gonna make you cum, slut. Come on. Cum for me while your husband watches another man fuck you." With that it's like I lost all control. My body started bucking wildly and within a few looong seconds, my body is racked by explosive contractions radiating out from my womb and shaking my whole body. I look down and see Jenn' hand rubbing my clit a hundred miles an hour while Kris is pushing all the way in me, holding for a few seconds, and the quickly pullling back and thrusting in again to hold it in for a few more seconds. I think he's cumming, but I can't tell. I'm too caught up in my own throws of passion to be sure. When he pulls out, something happens I've never experienced before. I spray a flood of what looks like piss all over Kris' cock. 'Oh shit!' I think. 'How'd I do that?' I'm so embarrassed, but there's nothing I can do about it. My body is still locked in a contraction and shaking violently as Jenn yanks her hand back and lets out a yelp.


I lay there totally spent, listening to Jenn laughing hysterically. Kris stands up and reaches down to grab a handful of my hair. He hauls me in toward his crotch. I know what he wants. His cock is dripping cum and wet with whatever the hell I just blasted from my cunt. I slide down of the chair and slump down on my knees in front of him. I feel wet, weak, and dirty. I want a shower, but first it looks like I have a little more work to do.

Kris guides his dick to my lips with one hand while the other is still firmly holding a handful of hair. My head is cocked slightly to side. He rubs the head of his cock against my face and my lips until I open up to him. He tastes salty and musky and a little sweet. As I suck, I feel the remains of his load slowly leaking out into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Joe watching. 'Asshole.' I think and it reminds me to get my revenge by sucking his best friend in front of him. I lavish my attention on Kris' cock, but he is done. He's getting soft having already spent himself inside me. I feel him inside me still--both the load he left and the memory of our fucking. I'm disappointed when he pulls away from me and gets his pants back up. He and Joe walk off without saying a word. 'Such gentlemen,' I think sarcastically.

Jenn and Amy are standing by me know--both looking quite well fucked. I'm ready to go home and they look like they are too, but Kim is still entertaining a guy on the couch. He has her facing away from us fucking her like a dog. We watch as he finally finishes. Unlike Joe and Kris, he wants to stay with Kim, but she isn't interested. She leaves sitting there alone and walks over to us while trying to straighten herself up. She walks straight up to me and grabs my leash right up lose to wear it latches to my collar. She fulls me to her lips and kisses me long and hard. When she releases me, I feel the clasp on the leash click as Kim unhooks it from my collar. "You're free." She says. "Let's go home. I feel gross."

We laugh all the way home, remembering our adventure. The limo drops me off at my house. I can pick up my car later. I just want a shower. I'm sweaty. I have Kris' cum dribbling out of my pussy. Still, I have a mixture of crazy emotions swirling around in my head. I'm thoroughly excited by what I've just done. It's a feeling that has me a little horny, even though I'm sore from fucking so hard. I'm also disappointed it is all over. I look at the mask in my hand and think how cool it was to be able to do anything I wanted without having to worry about my reputation. I reach up and feel the collar still snug around my neck. I feel the empty hook wear the leash latched to it. How erotic it was to be led around like a bitch in heat at the mercy of my wicked friends. I sigh and think the fantasy was over too fast.

I remove the collar and as I take off my dress I hear the door open. Joe is home. Joe, the stupid, little-dicked fuck who just cheated on me with me without even knowing it. How pathetic can he get? Just then, I decide to see if he will show any signs of remorse. Will he confess? Will he show any signs of being sorry for what he's done even if he doesn't confess?

I'm laying on the bed--still not showered--when Joe comes in the bedroom. I'm only wearing my panties and matching bra. "You're home early," I say. It catches him off guard. He wasn't expecting to see me.

"Uh... Well, I had a... err.. I got a headache so I decided to come home early." He pauses. "I didn't see your car."

"I left it at Jenn' house."

"I didn't expect to see you till later."

"Well, I got so horny I just didn't know if I could control myself so i decided to come home to let you satisfy my needs." I say with mild sarcasm.


"Too bad you have a headache. I'm all worked up. I might just have to go back out and find someone who can give me what I need." I say as I let my legs part ever so subtly so Joe can see the wet stain between my thighs.

"Ooo," he says faking excitement. I know he feels spent, but he's trying to cover it. "Well, I might be able to give you what you need."

"Hmmm. We'll see." I say. "You better do it good. I saw some pretty hot guys tonight who wanted to fuck. I just might have to go back and find them if you don't do it right."

He comes toward me taking off his clothes.

"I want you to go down on me first." I tell him. "Get me good and ready..."
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I really enjoyed the whole story, was a massive turn on.