Last Weekend

My man told me to get dressed about 11 PM that we were going out. I did not know where whether a club, movies, glory hole or park but since it was snowing I asked if jeans and a blouse was OK since it was cold out. He allowed me to not wear my usual short skirt and top and dress warmer of course I knew he wouldn't allow me to stay that

We drove about 10 min away to the park and ride and he parked at the end next to a van with the motor running and under a street light. He leaned over and kissed me and told me to show him my pussy. I leaned back and opened my jeans pulled them to my knees and showed him my black lace panties. He rubbed my pussy and let his fingers glide over my clit and lips making me wet for more. He then told me to free his dick and put my mouth on him and give him some head. This I did without hesitation as I love sucking his cock. I was sucking him and he was fingering me under my panties. After about 10 min he suggested a smoke break so I sat up and we lit up. We cracked the window to let out the smoke and the heater was cranked up to high. He reached over and opened my blouse and lifted my bra so he could suck my nipples. He kept looking over at the van and I knew someone was watching as this excites us both. I looked up and saw a guy watching him. He opened the glove box so the light could illuminate what we were doing. I stroked his penis as he played with my titties. Soon we heard the van door open and a guy got out and he made like he was taking a leak while watching us. He finished and didn't get back in his truck just leaned back and lit a cig as he watched as if we didn't notice him.

My guy said loudly look we have a voyeur and told me to take off my blouse and bra. I was there with my jeans at my knees and panties on allowing him to play with me. He eased back in his seat and thrust his pants down for me to suck his cock. I got on my knees with my ass towards the window and put his boner inside my mouth as I should. He pulled my panties down and fingered my pussy right at the window for the other guy to watch. The other man put his eyes to the cracked open window and watched as my man fingered my cunt. Then the guy came around to his side and watched me suck cock so my guy put on the overhead light and raised his hips so I was sucking at window level and the man could see his dick going in and out of my mouth. The guy went back to my side and was watching me get fingered as I heard the window go down more and felt a very cold hand playing on my ass then my pussy had cold fingers in it until they warmed up. Finally the guy jumped back into his van to warm up as my seat reclined and my guy fingered me and played with my tits for him to watch. After a while we stopped for another cig break and the van drove off. We turned off the light until another car pulled in. engine running and a couple were inside soon they were making out and her head was bobbing up and down by the window as it steamed up. My guy being a voyeur as well went out next to my side and took a leak watching the other woman suck dick then he opened my door and had me stand up naked outside the car so I could see too. I then crouched down and sucked his dick as he watched them. She came up for air and paniced when she saw us but her guy talked her down and made her lift her skirt and open her blouse for us to watch them. My guy invited them into out car's back seat but she wasn't into that much and she let her guy fuck her the left shortly after that.

It was almost 1 AM by now and We were ready to fuck when two guys appeared at the rear window to watch so on came the light again as I climbed on his dick and he put on the windshield wipers to get the snow off, They cam around and watched me naked bouncing on his dick and he had me turn around and ride him so they could see all of my nudity. When we finished sometime later the guys waved bye and I got dressed and we went hoe to fuck in our nice warm bed and that was a typical night at the car park for us.

Hope you enjoyed our tale and a peek into our sex life. We await your comments but don't think I'm telling where we go you'll have to find us were there often. I just wish more couples would come to play.

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3 years ago
great tale shame that the dogging scene seems to have died.
3 years ago
Great story.