me and the babysitter

this all happened a very long time ago but it is still very vivid in my mind. i grew up on a council estate in northern england and had a very happy, normal c***dhood. i was a bit shy around the girls i knew and was quite a late starter in the sex stakes not acheiveing full sex until i was sixteen years old, however, i wasnt entirely un initiated in to the adult world as when i was 11 my mother and father used to leave us with a regular babysitter when they went out for the night. mandy was a friend of the f****y and was very goodlooking to my adolescent eyes. she was sixteen at the time and very grown up with a wonderful firm body and large pert tits. she used to let us stay up late and watch t.v. with her and she always let me sit next her and cuddled me above my b*****r and s****r. one night she was downstairs and me and my b*****r were up stairs in our parents room. we had found some porn magazines under the bed on my fathers side and thought it would be funny to bring them down stairs to shom mandy our prize. when she saw them she blushed and snatched them from me saying it was very wrong to look at these things and we shouldnt tell our parents what we had found. my younger b*****r started crying and i comforted him, this made mandy sorry and she gave us both a big cuddle to say so. she pulled us close to her and i was sandwiched between those lovely soft breasts. i got a slight hardon and didnt quite know why, only that it throbbed and hurt a little bit. i had this feeling before when i had looked at pornos but didnt dare to touch it as i thought it was dirty and naughty. thta night mandy put the others to bed and let me stay up for a while saying she didnt want me keep my younger b*****r awake so i could stay down stairs till he went to sl**p. as soon as we were together alone she produced the magazines, asking what i thought about them. i explained about how i looked at them on my own and my willie would grow and atart to hurt. she asked if i could keep a secret and when i confirmed i could she said she would show me somethings as long as i didnt tell anyone about them. she sat on the chair fully clothed and told me to kneel in front of her with my head between her legs like the people in the magazine. i could smell the musky scent of her pussy and the bl**d started to flow to my dick. then she laid down and put me between her legs and laid along her, how i ached to see her boobies and told her so. she said ok and unbuttoned her top letting her braless tits spill out into my veiw. she simulated sex with me and a started to lick and suck on her nipple. this made her moan and squirm under me and she reached between us and undid the zip of her jeans. she began rubbing her fanny through the fly whilst, inadverdently, at the same time rubbing my stiff dick with the back of her hand. she began to moan louder now with a short breath and next thing she shuddered beneath me and bit her lip as an orgasm ripped through her. she asked me to get up after a minute of recovery and said she was a bad person and i must never tell anyone about what had just happened. i said i would on one condition. when she asked what the condition was i told her i wanted to see her pussy. she refused so i said ok, i would tell my mam what had happened after much talking and her promising me everything from a new magazine to a full on snog she relented and eased her jeans down. i could barely contain myself as she sat in the chair and looked away and i got between her legs to look at my prize. i moved her lacy knickers to one side and gazed at her puffy swollen cunt with fresh fanny juice glistening on the lips. i was in heaven and the smell was driving me wild. i glanced up at her face and saw that she was still looking away so i grabbed my chance and sticking out my tongue licked her pussy from bottom to top. she let out a squeal and grabbed at my head but i was too quick and had my tongue buried in her twat in an instant. she held my head firm but didnt push it away, instead she started to hold me down there and grind her fanny into my face. it didnt take long for her to reach a second shuddering climax that night and the taste in my mouth was heavenly. after she had calmed herself down she said i was very naughty and that she was very ashamed of what had just happened. i said i had enjoyed it but now my dick was hurting more than ever. she asked if i had ever wanked and i said no. she said if i wanked i would make it feel better. i said i didnt know how and she said she would help me along. she told me to take off my trousers and shorts and hold my cock at the bottom. she then told me to move my hand up and down the length of it slowly as i did this her eyes semmed to glaze over and she started talking quietly to me. after a couple of minutes she removed my hand and replaced it with her own and wanked me off to perfection. my knees started to shake and my head went dizzy and i sat down heavily on the setee in front of her. she never even released my straing young cock and as my very first cum exploded through my body and my juvenile spunk erupted from my dick my head melted and the last thing i felt or saw was her lowering her head to lap up my jizz as it spewed out of my japs eye. my body was awash with pleaseure as wave after wave washed over me and she cleaned my cock up like a pro. i never said anything to anyone about this incident but i will never forget randy mandy and my very first experience of a girls body.
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3 years ago
Very nice about a first time...
4 years ago
that is a great teaser,, hot Girl teenager babysister are the best and very hornie
4 years ago
I cannot believe how close this is to my experience as a 11 year old boy in the North of England. Only difference was my brother got some delights too and it went on for about a year almost every weekend. Scarilly strange!
4 years ago
WOW i wish she had been my babysitter
4 years ago
excellent story
4 years ago
Very nice story. Is this really all true? Either way, it's terrific. Any other experiences with "Randy Mandy", or something similar? Would love to hear any further stories you may have. One small complaint though, you may want to break your story up into paragraph form. Just makes it much easier to read.