out in the woods

when i was younger i used to love to wander through the woods near my house. it was a lovely place to go on a sunny afternoon to find a quiet spot to lay down and relax. invariably the combination of the hot sun on my body and the wanderings of my adolescent, virgin mind would give me a lovely sense of erotica and this led many times to me wanking my erection till i came all over my hand. one hot summer i had been walking around the woods looking for somewhere quiet to masturbate when i heard a girl singing to herself deep in the woods. i crept up to the clearing and peered through the grass at Leah, a girl from my school who happened to live down the road from me, she was wearing a lovely summer dress printed with flowers and her long blonde hair was tied up in a pony tail. she was sitting on the grass making daisy chains and i couldnt help but stare at her plump young breasts as they pushed the thin material of her clothes out in front of her. i must have been there for ten minutes before she gave a sigh and flung back her head before laying down in the sun. i sat there gawping as she slid her hand down the front of her body and came to rest on her right tit. idly rubbing at the stiffening nipple she began to sigh and moan frequently and my cock became solid. i was frozen with fear, rooted to the spot but desperate to see more and as if on cue she suddenly turned her head to me and looked directly into my eyes. 'have you had a good look you perv' she said still rubbing her nipple. i was shocked at her outburst and muttered something about her being a prick tease if she knew i was there. she gave me a sly smile and told me she liked the fact that i was watching and it made her feel funny inside. we were both virgins but had seen enough porn mags and videos to have an idea of what went on between adults. although neither of us had even seen a real cock or pussy close up we each had a pretty good idea of what would happen if we played grown up together. she beckoned me over and asked if i would like to see her sexy pose. i said i would, very much. she rolled half away from me and undid the top button of her dress exposing a soft milky white tit to me. 'do you like it' she asked. i said i did and asked if she wanted to show me some more. she said she would if i would do something with her. she produced a porno from behind her back and as i sat down next to her she told me how she wanted to re-enact some of the scenes from the magazine. we started by her sitting on my lap facing me but fully clothed and my dick felt like it would burst. we then moved to a position with me spooning her and i could smell her hair and skin. this made me almost come and i was embarrassed by the hard on poking into her back. she sensed this and told me not to worry. she asked if she could see it and i said yes as long as i could look at her minnie. tentatively she pulled her dress up and her knickers to one side. her pussy was beutiful with just a few stry wispy hairs on it. i put my head in close for a good look at it and i could smell her arousal. i dearly wanted to kiss it but before i could she pushed my head back and replaced her panties. i thought she had chickened out but she said it was my turn now. i nervously removed my cock from my shorts and held it for her. she looked at it for a few seconds then asked why is there skin on the end of it? i told her it was the foreskin and that it rolled back showing her how. she surprised me by asking if she could do it, to which i said yes. slowly she gripped my shaft and gently rolled back my hood. never before or since has it ever felt so good as that first time. she rolled it backwards and forwards a few times and i sighed with pleasure. she asked if she had hurt me and assured her she hadnt. she said she wanted to carry on so i let her, building a gentle even rhythm. in no time i was fit to bust and told her i felt funnyshe said ill stop if you like but i didnt want her to so told her no. she had read that women put mens dicks in their mouths so she lowered her head to my bell end and lightly sucked on my cock. this of course sent me over the edge and i erupted into her mouth in my first blow job. she spat the come out and looked at me with disgust. 'why did you do that?' she asked i told her i didnt know what was happening or that would i would produce that stuff. she said it was disgusting and i should never do that again. for the rest of thr afternoon she let me play with her pussy fingering it and licking it and at one point think she may have had a little come but im not sure. after that we used to meet up regularly in the woods for some sexy fun right up untill we left school and started going into pubs on a saturday night. then i would walk her home and fuck her properly down an alley. shes married now with three k**s but i still se her and although its not as frequent, we still like to shag each other when we need to.
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very good
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can i see your schlong? pm me
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