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Their she was laying naked on the bed her knees raised and feet at the edge of the bed. I approach and drop to my knees on the floor her pussy inches from my face her ass peaking out giving me a slight wink as she adjusts herself eager for me. My fingers stroke gently up and down her long legs. My lips move in lightly touching the undeside of her legs moving upto her kees licking sucking nibbling up and down. My fingers brush circles around er pussy not touching just teasing pushing them down into the sheets under her ass knuckles brushing her ass giving of a tremble. My tongue moves down i kiss hard into her groin then sucking repeating up an over her clit just avoidig contact till i reach her other groin her hips rocking herr pussy towards my tongue i resist move away lightly blowing her wet pussy a mixture of her juices and my mouth a cold shiver and she lifts her ass up to my lips i oblige my lips around her clit i suck it in my tongue flicking at it pushing her back down on to the bed her legs now tight around my neck my finger now circling her pussy feeling her juices surround my finger my lips teleasing my tongue slides down meeting finger and pussy the taste so good. My fingers slowly moving in my tongue on top feeling its way in her pussy pushing against me now fully in circling pushing in nd out my tongue back to her clit copying the thrusts of my fingers and her hips her hands pulling my head hard into her. Then her body shakes her hips stiffen mmy finger squeezed by her lips then her juices flow iver my knuckle my tomgue ready to lap it up i stand up a body now limp panting a pussy glistening a job well done
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