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a*****ion day was a stranga day. First of all, it was raining in L.A. Not the normal february rains we've all come to expect. No. It was a noisy slant of waterfall that seemed to empty the streets of all human life. I was out there, however. At her home. Waiting.
Funny how all that rain seems to keep people's eyes cast down, impairing their vision. She never saw me as she approached her front door, and I was standing next to a tall hedge not five feet away. As she clicked in her door key I gently placed a latex gloved hand atop hers. She gasped, but it was too late. My other hand had already inserted the syringe. By the time she exhaled she was u*********s. I d****d one of her arms around my shoulder, and with little a effort and an umbrella covering our faces, I guided her to the van.
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4 years ago
good start