Mother daughter bonding

At 16, I was dating a girl in my high school for six months. She had a sexy and tight body with great firm tits and sexy nose ring. She was hot and had it going on, but she wasn't the best blowjob giver around. She lacked rhythm and was occasionally teethy and almost lazy. I could tell I was the first to receive fellatio from her and i always trying to get her more enthused, but we would just end up fucking anyway.

When we fucked, I usually had to do a lot of the work but it was great finishing on her d cups. Sometimes we got out her pink dildo to make things more fun. The weird thing is, her mom gave her the dildo and they apparently always talked about boys and sex. She told me the size of my penis was a common topic of conversation with her mom. Unfortunately, she never taught her how to suck a dick.

Every Friday, i would go over so me and her dildo, Jake, could fuck her warm pussy. Her dad was always out and her mom didn't seem to care about the moans Sam, my girlfriend, let out of her room. Despite the below average head, the sex was good.

One Friday night, things were getting heavy as we were "watching a movie" and i get Sam's shirt off. Her voluptuous tits were out and her sweet nipples tasted great on my tongue. She starts to grab me and beat me off as my pants are off. She asked me if she could use Jake as she went down on me.

She starts off pretty slow and dry, as usual. She really couldn't focus with this dildo in her moist pussy, nor could I as my girlfriends sweet lips were moving up and down on my throbbing erection. We were over all the time and her mother never bothered us, so it shouldn't surprise you that we didn't hear the door open.

"You're doing it all wrong." Sam's mother said as she walked in the room. Sam stops in a frenzy looking for some coverage, and finds nothing. Sam topless, and me at full mast, Sam's mom sat on the couch to the left of me while Sam was on the right. She said to relax, as i was breathing heavy and kinda worried shed make me leave or something. Instead, she grabs me and gives me numerous gentle strokes on my penis.

The head i received that day was the best i've ever gotten. Her thick lips moving rhythmically on my wet dick felt great as I came within a minute. She ate up the cum like it was her job. This surprisingly got Sam hot as we fucked right in front of her mother after her experienced fellatio.

Sam rode on top of me with her fat tits right in my face. I busted my second nut inside her warm, dripping wet pussy. While me and Sam had the hottest sex of my life to that point, her mother used Jake right in front of us.

After our simultaneous orgasm, Sam and her mother both sucked me off, it was great teamwork i must say. As I got my third climax of the day, a personal record, I ate out Sam's dripping pussy.

I stopped going over on Fridays but me and Sam still fucked often, now with great oral sex.

My senior year, when i was 18, i was walking home one day with my car in the shop. Lucky me, who else but Sam's mom offers to give me a ride as she sees me walking on the side of the road. One event led to another after I bring up the topic of the hot threesome we had a couple years before.

I fucked her from behind in the back seat for an hour, shooting a thick eight-roper on to her back. Her head was still great but nothing could top the day i had a Ménage à trois with her daughter.
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4 years ago
what happened to the fridays with sam did you just break-up?
4 years ago
If only there were more mother-daughter tag team sluts!
4 years ago
every young mans fantasy! haha
4 years ago
very hot and naughty a real turn on