BBW Wife Gives ME a Birthday Present

It was my birthday and I wondered what my wife had planned for me.
“How about doing something kind of kinky?” my fat wife asked.
I was always up for some nasty fun so I said, “What do you have in mind?”
“How would you like me to tie you up and let me seduce you?”
“That sounds like a lot of fun,” I said. “How do you want to get started?”
“Just sit in this chair and let me get the ropes out:
The chair was common enough; it was a very sturdy, somewhat heavy and made of solid oak. It had wooden arms and sturdy legs.
Julie got out the rope and began by tying my ankles to the bottom of the chair legs. She tied them extra tight and then bound my legs just below the knee in a similar manner. Next she tied my forearms tightly to the arms of the chair. I realized that they were tied in such a manner that I would not be able to free them on my own. Next she expertly looped the rope around my torso and secured me to the chair back. I was hopelessly bound and completely at her mercy.
“Now I think I will go get myself fixed up a bit,” she said and disappeared into the bathroom.
When she emerged she had made herself up by putting on thick make up, lipstick, eye shadow. Her eyelashes were thick with mascara and she reeked of perfume. She was wearing a black bra and matching panties that her fat tummy hung over partially obscuring the panties. In short she looked like a fat nasty prostitute. This, of course, made my dick hard.
“Well, let’s get started,” I said. But she walked past me and out of the room without even responding.
A few minutes went by and she had not returned to the room.
“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” I asked.
I received no response.
Twenty minutes later she had not reappeared.
“Hey, what the fuck,” I yelled. “Get your ass back in here.”
No response. I knew she hadn’t left because I could hear her moving around in the living room.
“Are you on the phone?” I yelled. “Jesus.”
This continued for another twenty minutes. I tried to free myself from the chair but it was completely hopeless. My once hard cock had shrunk into a withered little stump and I was starting to get pissed.
Finally she entered the room. She was smoking a joint and looking at me kind of funny.
“What the fuck are you doing,” I asked.
She sat on the bed in front of me and pulled her panties to one side. I could see that she had shoved a giant dildo into her fat snatch.
“Watch me fuck this dildo and get my panties sopping wet with my cunt juice.”
She started pushing the monster rubber cock in and out of her fat pussy and I could see that her black panties were getting soaked.
“Don’t you want to fuck me?” I asked.
“You talk too much,” said Julie.
She pulled off her wet panties and wadded them up into a ball. She got off the bed still holding the dildo in her pussy and walked toward me.
“Open your mouth,” she demanded.
“No fucking way,” I said. “You are not going to stick those in my mouth.”
I closed my lips tightly but she simply pinched my nose closed and when I opened my mouth to breath, she stuffed the panties in. Then she ripped off a piece of duct tape and sealed my mouth shut.
“Mmphh,” I said. This was not what I had expected.
Julie sat back onto the bed and continued working on her big pussy.
“I’m hungry,” said my fat wife. From somewhere she produced a can of whipped cream and shot an enormous amount of it into her mouth. This seemed to turn her on more because she began working the dildo at a furious pace. With a free hand she reached behind her a revealed another big dildo. She loaded the head of the giant toy with a big shot of the whipped topping. Greedily she licked and sucked the whipped cream from the dildo until it was spotless. She put the nozzle up to her lips and shot another huge portion into her mouth. I really thought it was going to come out of her nose. She was loving this and now she pushed the second dildo into her cunt. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My fat wife had two giant dildos stuck up her snatch. She positioned herself so that she could work the big dildos but still have a hand free. Once again she held the nozzle up to her lips and filled her mouth with whipped topping. She bucked against the dildos as if she was possessed. Another shot between her greedy lips and this time the can emptied its contents into her mouth. She threw the empty container on to the floor and reached into a bag behind her.
“Not to worry,” she said. “I got more!” She ripped off the lid of the second can and squirted an obscene amount of the stuff into her mouth.
“Am I fat enough for you, honey?” she asked.
“Mphhhh,” I said.
“Do you like fat sluts?” she asked. “Do you want me to get fatter?”
She squirted another huge shot of the topping into her mouth while thrusting her cunt even harder onto the two dildos snaked up her twat.
“Do you like my jiggly fat belly? How about my dimply fat ass?”
She looked at me and said, “I really need to get my fat cunt fucked hard.”
“I hear there are guys who like to fuck fatties. If only I knew some guys who would fuck my big fat hole!”
Then I heard the door bell ring. I was shocked when instead of panicking she got up and left the room. I heard her open the door and I heard muffled conversation.
When Julie returned six guys who I had never seen before followed her into our bedroom.
“This is my asshole husband,” she said to one of the guys. “Asshole husband, these guys specialize in gang fucking fat sluts like me!”
“Mmph, mmph!” I exclaimed.
Julie looked like a real fucking whore as she unzipped guy number one’s fly and took out his dick.
“Watch me suck this dick,” she said to me. She began sucking the cock furiously.
“Damn, you suck a pretty good cock bitch,” guy number one said. “For a filthy fat whore!”
“The rest of you guys take off your pants and get your cocks ready,” she said. “I want to try sucking two at once.”
Julie loaded the dicks up with more whipped cream and quickly had both dicks in her mouth. She reached out and put a cock in each hand. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here was my wife sucking two strangers’ cocks and jacking off two other guys.
“I need to fuck this slut,” guy number five said. “Here slut set on my lap and I’ll fuck your fat pussy from behind.”
Julie reluctantly removed the two giant dildos from her pussy and plopped her huge twat over the guy’s big dick.
Guy number six said, “What about me? I want to fuck this slut too”
By now guy number five was inside of her. “I think this snatch is plenty big enough for two dicks. Get in front and shove your cock in her too.”
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Julie now had two dicks in her mouth, a dick in each hand, and two dicks in her cunt.
“Do you like having two dicks shoved up your cunt fatso?” guy number five asked.
“Mmm,” said Julie still working on the two dicks in her mouth.
“Man, your wife sure is a fat nasty slut!” guy number three said to me.
“Yeah,” said guy number four. “I can’t wait to fuck that fat whore.”
“Mmphh,” I said.
Julie took the two dicks out of her mouth and said, “FUCK ME! FUCK MY FAT PUSSY!”
Guy number five and guy number six both deposited huge loads of cum in Julie’s pussy. The cum oozed out of her nasty snatch.
Guy number one laid on his back. “Climb onto my cock fatty,” he said. Julie climbed on top and put his dick into her sloppy pussy. Guy number two got behind her and shoved his dick her hole.
“Man you got a big pussy,” said guy number two. “Let’s put a dildo in there too”
So now, in spite of myself, I had a huge erection as I watched the disgusting sight of my wife getting double fucked right in front of me. What a slut she had turned out to be. The guys fucked her furiously as their dicks slid past the dildo which was also inserted into her wallowed out hole.
“Fuck sloppy..cunt,” screamed Julie. She looked at me and said “Do you like watching your fat slut wife get her fat pussy fucked?”
Mmmphh,” was all I could manage but I have to admit I was more than turned on.
Now the two guys she was jacking off f***ed their cocks into her mouth but they just couldn’t hold out. At the same time they shot massive loads all over her made up face. The goo shot in thick streams all over her face and hair. Guys number five and six saw this and suddenly they were also ready to cum again. They got in front of Julie and sprayed their loads in her face as well.
It wasn’t long before the two guys fucking her shot their loads into Julie’s huge, stretched out pussy. Julie had cum all over her face and it was dripping from her cunt.
“Why don’t you guys get lost,” she said to them. “You know where the door is.”
Julie now turned her attention to me.
“I bet you want to fuck me too don’t you?”
“Mmmphh,” I said
She shot what was left of the whipped cream into her mouth sucking the can dry. She sat on my lap guiding my cock into her sloppy mess of a pussy. I could barely feel the sides as my dick entered her cunt. Almost immediately I shot a huge load into her big fat cunt.
“Well,” she said. “Happy birthday asshole!”

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3 years ago
Damn, that would suck if I was that husband wonder what he did wrong.
3 years ago
impressive wife!!!