Anathema Device

Anathama Device

Anathema returned to her class satisfied that she had got her own way yet again .

Anna was used to getting her own way. She dominated her older s****r Meg and her younger s****r
Janet, She even dominated her Mother Meg or so she imagined.

The telephone rang at Meg Browns house . Meg answered almost immediately .

It was Martin the Principal at Hope High School .
Martin White was the nephew of the bank manager who had owned the Mansion on the hill and had been the deputy Principal when Meg was at school.
No one knew except for a few other girls who were now adults with families of their own that Meg had been fucking Martin during her entire last two years at school .

"Hi Meg, its me Martin" said Mr White
"Oh hi " said Meg "are you still fucking the pretty girls at school Martin " ?
The question was rhetorical and without malice. Of course he was still fucking the girls . They both knew that .
Meg was kind of missing the long sex sessions she used to have so long ago .
"Its about Anathema" said Martin

"Oh" said Meg "so your fucking my sweet daughter now you dirty fucker" Meg laughed
"I suppose your fucking Meg and Janet too" ?

"No Meg" said Martin , "Just Anna"
"To be honest Martin , I don’t give a fuck , Anna's a cunt and your welcome to her .
"As for Meg and Janet you can fuck them too for all I care" said Meg
"I just wish it were me on the end of your cock Martin "

"That’s why I'm calling" said Martin "That’s exactly what she wants me to do "
"Apparently she has hidden Meg's and Janet’s homework and she wants me to invoke the Parental responsibility clause. "You know . That’s the clause that allows me to cane the Mothers for neglecting their k**s homework "

"Well" said Meg "you don’t need any "clause" to get into my knickers you naughty man "
"My legs are open for you anytime " she teased
"As for caning Meg and Janet, well it won’t do them any harm I suppose but Janet is a bit young for ass fucking isn’t she"?

“I had no intention of ass fucking either of your two girls “said Martin “but since you mention it Janet is a bit tight for my liking “

“OK” said Meg “leave me with it , we can surprise my dirty cunt of a daughter
And you can fuck me just like in the old days “

“Just cane the other two and don’t bother getting the Parental order.

“How about next Friday evening “ ? said Meg
“About six ?”
“Six is fine” said Martin

Friday came all to quickly and at five thirty Meg gathered her girls together and told Meg and Janet to get their homework for the week . She knew the homework was gone forever but at least they might get an idea they were in some sort of trouble.
“Where’s my fucking homework “? said Janet looking at Meg
“Its where you fucking left it “ said Meg as she went to her desk drawer.

“Hey you” said Meg looking at Janet “Where the fuck is my homework ?”

“Come on” said Meg “this isn’t fucking funny you little cunt , where is it , where have you put it ?”

“ Look Meg , if I knew where your homework was I’d fucking tell you , I’m in deep enough shit if I cant find my own fucking homework” !
Just then Anathema passed the bedroom door with a grin all over her face.

“Its you isn’t it “ accused Meg , “ Where’s my fucking homework you cunt?”

“I’m sure I haven’t a clue” said Anna “ That’s probably why Mr White wants you in his office”
“It’l mean the cane you know girls “ said Anna with a smirk . “No homework is serious shit”

Meg was about to slap Anna and slap her good and hard when Mom intervened and told the girls to get in the car and be quiet or else !

She put Anna and Janet ]in the back and sat Meg next to her in the Ford Thunderbird.

“Mom” whined Meg , Anna has stolen our homework and she say’s we’re all gonna get the cane “
“Its true “ said Meg to her daughters “Not only are you all going to be caned but I am to be caned with you “
“But that’s so unfair Mom” said Meg to her Mother , “ I did my homework and Anna stole it , why should I get the cane for that?”

“Life can be so unfair Meg as you will find out “ said Meg “After all I am getting caned as well and I certainly did nothing wrong”

“Perhaps Anathema will get her just deserts in the long run dear” said Meg

“For instance Anathema might not be getting the new Corvette she was expecting for her birthday “
“And perhaps Anathema might have to do ALL the chores for a year”
“Who can tell what the future might bring” said Meg as she began singing “Que sera sera” , “Whatever may be” ………………………….
Anna went pale. Meg usually said what she meant . Had this whole plan backfired on Anna ?

The T Bird drove slowly up the gravel drive to the main entrance to the school and stopped at the main door.
The building seemed empty but some lights were still on .
The electric door swung open and the four ladies entered .
They all knew the way to the Principals office because they had all been there so often . Even Meg knew the way after all of these years. It all seemed so familiar to her , The smells , the sounds and Meg could almost hear the sounds of the cane emanating from the Principals office. .
Meg had visited in her dreams so often since leaving and Marrying her pornographer husband .
It was just as well he was away for several days ……..

Meg knocked on the heavy oak door and the butterfly’s she used to feel came back ,fluttering in her stomach .
The familiar clenching of her ass cheeks as she felt the urge to piss her pants ………….
Anathema gulped and started regretting her plan . It was all going so horribly wrong ……..
Mr White kept them waiting, as he always did .

Mr White came to the door in his good time and invited Meg senior , Anathema , and Janet into the familiar office.
He told Meg junior to wait outside.

The senior cane was waiting on the desk and Mr White was already sporting a huge erection .

The desk was easily large enough to accommodate three girls and Mr White positioned the girls as he wanted them .
They were to kneel with their bottoms held high and with legs wide open for knickers inspection before the caning began .

Meg senior was wearing her finest blue satin knickers with silk stockings and a garter belt .
Meg junior had a pair of white cotton very brief tanga panties and Janet had a tiny white cotton G string

First he would remove the G string and move along according to age.

He wanted to get Janet’s caning over with fairly quickly as he had another task for her , but still it was a delight to peel her tiny knickers down and expose her tight pink arsehole and cunt.
The G string hid nothing really but the bare bottom rule was written in stone.
Mr White opened Janet’s cheeks widely and examined her rectum.
It was virgin as he had thought .
Then the cunt. He opened her well developed cunt flaps and expected to see a tight unfucked twat ……..
A finger probe soon discovered the truth .
Janet was no virgin! Or so it seemed……..

“Are you a virgin”? said Mr White

“Errrrrrr , not quiet Sir” said Janet

Anna sniggered and Meg said “Oh Janet , how could you ? . “Your far to young to be fucking at f******n “
“And its i*****l too” exclaimed Meg!
“ I don’t fuck often Mummy “said Janet “I usually just suck to boys off”

Anna was close to pissing herself with laughter as Meg admonished Janet severely

“You suck boy’s cock’s “ ? “Oh for fucks sake Janet , I thought you were a good girl”

“Apparently not” said Mr White.
“At least you can be assured Janet is going to be punished here and now for her naughtiness”
“Yes” said Meg “ and please give her an extra couple for me “ … “Extra hard” !

Anna couldn’t hold back a second longer as she let go a long and loud fart!
“Oh Anna , how very rude” said Meg

“It seems to me , if memory serves , you used to fart excessively yourself “ said Mr White “ And you used to piss yourself too”

“So kind of you to mention it” said Meg sarcastically .
“ Now please be silent as I want to get the c***d caned as quickly as possible”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” cried Janet
She hadn’t been caned properly before and it hurt much more then she imagined it would .


“Ohhhhhhhhh my god Sir Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
“Now the extra two your dear Mother asked for “ said Mr White


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkking hell , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Janet’s arse was a delightful shade of red as she was ordered to dismount and kneel at Mr White’s feet.

“Now we can see just how good a little cocksucker you are “ said Mr White as he undid his zipper and released his ten inch cock .
“Oh fuck” said Janet “ I’ve never sucked one like this before”
“Its so thick” she said

“Just get on with it you little cunt “ said Meg eager to get to her turn
Janet opened as wide as she could and just managed to get the huge plum into her mouth sucking furiously .
As time went on Janet managed more and more cock until nearly half of Mr Whites cock was in her mouth . She quiet like it really but of course she couldn’t say as much…
Next was Anathema who was always going to be tricky . The girl loved the cane so it was hardly an appropriate punishment for the girl .
There was however a cane in his cupboard which might do the trick , It was rarely used as it was considered to severe for girls bottoms . It was the sort that was used in prisons and approved schools and was much longer and stiffer than a rattan cane . Much heavier too.
If there was ever a time to use it , now was the perfect time ……….
Anna had never even seen the cane which was hidden at the back of the cupboard much less felt it across her arse.

Mr White ordered Janet to stop sucking for the moment and sit on the spare chair and begin masturbating .
Janet was a bit shy but she dare not disobey.
It didn’t seem so bad considering her s****r and Mother predicament and when she saw what was about to happen she would be more enthusiastic about openly masturbating , Mr White spent no time in pulling Anna’s Tanga knickers’ down exposing her nice firm bottom.
Even Anna looked with trepidation when she saw the special cane appear from the cupboard .

Six strokes was the normal maximum with this rod but Anna was about to receive eight of the best !


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,fuckinggggggggggggggg hell “ Anna screamed
A bright red wheal appeared across Anna’s big white arse!
“Oh Sir “ said Anna “That’s really to much “
“I don’t think I can take five more of those” she sobbed
“Just do it “ said Meg “The little cunt deserves all she gets”


“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
Anna pissed a stream of pee onto the desk .
She was close to shitting herself too!

And two more to go …
Janet was frigging herself now .. It was all so very exciting for her and she had two fingers deeply inside her twat as her fingers flashed in and out rapidly.

Six wheals were glowing and raised on Anna’s bright red arse . She deserved every one !

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Oh cuntttttttttttttttttttttttttttt”
“Oh no more Sir ,Please no more”
Anna farted once again and almost collapsed in agony .
Never before had Anna endured such pain , and she never wanted to experience such a caning again .
Anna knew what to expect next . It was always the same with Mr White .
Before he arse fucked her he called Janet over to suck his cock once more and then to lick Anna’s arsehole for extra lubrication .
Meg knew the routine too and was eager to get hers too . She hoped Mr White would use a regular senior cane on her though.
This was turning out to be quite a session even by Mr Whites standards
Meg junior was still outside the door and could plainly hear what was going on and was hopping from foot to foot and wishing she had plopped and pissed beforehand !

When Mr White was sufficiently lubricated he inserted his long dick into Anna’s gaping arsehole .
It was never his intention to give Anna any pleasure. She was here to be punished , not for her own satisfaction . He had promised Meg that much and he was eager to get to Meg senior as he hadn’t fucked her for so many years and he could hardly wait. For that matter neither could Meg.
He soon shot his first wad of spunk into Anna’s anus and left her dripping spunk over the desk .
Now at last he was ready to deal with Meg.
Meg had been kneeling with her bottom raised for an eternity but he asked her to stand and remove her dress so that he could cane and fuck her in just her stockings and garter belt and high heeled shoes.
Me ordered her to remove her half cup brassiere so that he could get at her large tits and leave her satin knickers on for now .

Anna was made to stand in the corner completely nude with her hands on her head .
Janet was still masturbating like fury and was soaking wet.
Meg re-mounted the desk alone now and assumed the position .
Her bottom was held as high as possible and her tits were free to swing .

Mr White removed the expensive knickers carefully but firmly exposing Megs still perfect bottom . It was as delightful as he remembered it and so beautifully framed by the matching garter belt and sheer silk stockings made taught by the tight garter belt.

Megs husband hardly ever fucked her as he spent so much time with his porn models he was surely fucking endlessly .
Mr White opened Megs cheeks and her pink anus was a picture of pink perfection and her cunt lips were as pretty as any teenagers he had seen.
He stuck his index finger as far as he could up Megs bottom and she groaned with pleasure but it was her cunt he intended to fuck , and fuck well .
Before that he had to cane her and he decided not to use the severe cane as he had on Anna but opted for the regular senior rattan .

Meg was ecstatic , she hadn’t felt the kiss of the cane for years except in her dreams ….

Meg was leaking woman spunk already.

Mr White flexed the cane and …………..


“Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” cried Meg in pleasure, She hardly felt the sting at all !


“Arghhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”


“Ahhhhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh I think I’m cumingggggggggggggggggggggggg”

Janet jumped to her new duties and took Mr White cock into her mouth again taking nearly all of it this time ….
Quickly he entered Meg cunt . She was so close to orgasm it wasn’t going to take as long an Mr White hoped .. There would be other times he thought.

He took a firm grip on Megs tits for leverage and fucked her deeply and solidly his balls slapping against her smooth skin .
Meg squeezed as tightly as she could as Mr White fucked he like a piston .
Meg’s blue knickers were hanging from her ankle as he fucked her for all he was worth and Megs twat grew ever tighter.
Meg couldn’t hold back … One last squeeze and Meg came with a huge groan of pleasure .
Mr White finally let go an thick stream of spunk deeply inside Megs cunt . Then again, his second spurt was stronger then the first and Meg cunt went loose,.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh that was wonderful sir “ she said , truly wonderful .
He patted her bottom and told her to join Anna in the corner which is what she liked as it brought back such happy and erotic memories………

I had been an exhausting evening and there was still Meg standing outside to be caned and fucked . A Principals work is never done he thought silently.

Meg junior was a natural redhead with green eyes like her Mother who was also a redhead but now blonde from a bottle .
Meg bore an uncanny resemblance to a deputy Principal a long time ago who also had green eyes and red hair .

Meg was finally called in and was shocked to say the least to see her Mother and s****r all but naked in the corner and not only that but Janet was still openly masturbating with her legs spread obscenely wide over the chair arms .
Meg senior turned her head as if to give her approval and Meg took her position on the desk .
Meg had been caned before but it was a while ago and it was rare for Meg to be punished at all .
Meg was as bright as a button and as pretty as a picture and everyone knew that she would go far .

Mr White raised her skirt as high as it would go and saw that Meg had indeed wet her knickers .. A f****y trait no doubt.
Meg had an almost identical figure to her mother and her bottom was just as well formed.
Her tiny white knickers were soon pulled down by Mr White and the cane was once again flexed for a good hard caning as Meg senior had requested.
“I’m sorry I wet my panties Sir but I needed to pee so badly “ said Meg

Mr White opened her cheeks and was surprised to see that Meg at least appeared to be a cunt virgin but not an arse virgin and as Anna could testify certainly not an oral virgin .


“Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Sir please sir “ said Meg
It stung so much ..


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sir oh please sir it hurts more than I can bear”

“Don’t be a baby “ said Mr White “you’ve only two more to go girl”
A slight dribble of piss leaked from Megs cunt

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh”

Poor Megs arse was afire but it was over . At least she thought it was !

Janet knew what was going to happen and she leapt from her chair ,her snatch still dripping with cum and took Mr White semi into her mouth greedily . She had soon learned to take the entire throbbing cock into her mouth and would make an excellent cock sucker in the future .
Meg sighed as she realized she was going to be butt fucked .
When she saw how big Mr White cock was growing she wondered how in hell she was going to take all that into her tender arse.

Mr White was soon fully erect once more and eager for a taste of Megs sweet bottom .
It was as tight as he had hoped . So much like her Mother he thought as he rammed his cock deeply inside her rear hole . So sweet he thought.

Mr White could fuck forever it seemed once the initial spunking was over.
He made the most of Megs arse and fucked her until she was sore and Meg farted over and over as he pumped air into her slick hole .

Janet wished it were her getting fucked . It looked so nice she couldn’t wait until she was old enough to be cunt fucked or even arse fucked .
At long last Mr White grunted and deposited a huge wad of spunk into Megs inner sanctum .
Meg squeezed the last drops out of him and even had a tiny orgasm herself .
Like Janet she wished he had cunt fucked her too , She was ready for it without a doubt.

“I would like you all to know “ said Mr White “That’s tonight’s events were of a direct consequence of Anathema’s lies and deception .
“Anathema has been punished more severely than the rest of you and she will continue to pay the price for her wickedness in the next few months “

“You cunt “ said Meg

They were all allowed to dress and clean up . Meg and Janet were allowed to go for a shit in the nick of time and they all made for the exit .
Meg senior was the last to go and she turned around and Kissed Mr White on the lips passionately ….
“Until next time “ said Mr White
“Make it soon “ said Meg

Years later Janet became a “fluffer” at her Fathers studio
Ananthema became a second rate porn star who never learned to drive
And Meg Junior became the chief executive at Brown’s International ,her Fathers studio and Part owner
Meg senior had a affair with Mr White for the next fifteen years

The End
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