fraudsters punished 6 Martha's new life

Chapter 19. Martha’s new life
May 29th 1831
‘It is six weeks since I last wrote in this journal and I have caught up with all the main events that has gone on since my arrival. Much has happened since I last penned any words here. Martha has left and is now married. I miss her. She was a fun thing in bed but I wish her well. She married a shipping trader in town who had been to one or two of our Saturday entertainments with the squire and taken Martha to bed and obviously liked her performance. Still it was with some surprise I received and read his calling card one Wednesday morning, Wm. Forsdyke, Shipping and forwarding agent.
"I’m now a widower," he told me after the usual preliminaries and need a woman to keep me company and to control my two daughters who since their mother died some nine months ago have become arrogant and profligate in their spending. I am at the Quay too much to keep the check on them I should and haven’t much time for the social events where I might find a wife. In any case, the eligible women there are seem mostly to be on the look out for a man solely for their money." I had to agree with him. "I’ve been to two events here and know you like to pass on the ladies in your keeping in return for a small monetary consideration to compensate you for your loss." I thought he would want a lady nearer his own age which I guessed about mid to late thirties so I was much taken aback when he enquired of Martha. I remembered he’d paid to spend a night with her but didn’t think he had any special feelings for her other than to stuff her cunnie. I also remembered she’d told me afterwards he’d liked his arse spanked hard and she had to do this before he rogered her.
"Martha will be a considerable loss to us," I pointed out, "She’s one of the younger ones and is a good worker and brings in a considerable sum at the Saturday events. Any monetary consideration would need to take care of that loss." I started my bargaining. Price was not the only thing I thought of. She was good in bed and I had become very fond of her and wanted her to find someone that would be kind to her. I wasn’t sure of William Forsdyke and his real motives. I guessed him to be a wealthy man who lived quite well but not ostentatiously. With the age difference and his having two daughters almost as old as Martha, I wondered if she wouldn’t just be a drudge to get his meals and satisfy his lust. "Would you mind if I asked one of the ladies to walk around the grounds with you for a little? I will consult with Martha and if she’s agreeable we can negotiate a price."
Martha wasn’t concerned about his age, "After all," she said cheekily, "I’m living here with you!" The daughters were another matter. Much depended on the authority she was given to chastise them. We discussed this and other related problems until Mr. Forsdyke returned and we could put our reservations to him. At the end of a long talking and bargaining session, we agreed Martha should go on loan for two weeks. During those two weeks she was to act as his wife and have the same authority. At the end of that time she would return and stay here either until someone more suitable came along or Mr. Forsdyke married her.
"How did you get on?" I asked when she returned.
"Very well Sir," she replied. "Unless he changes his mind, we will be married in three weeks time."
"You got on alright with him then?"
"Oh yes, once I found out how he liked it. When I spent the night with him here I just had to spank him before he got it up enough to poke me. At his place he had a special strap he called a teaser. A sort of belt with the end split into three fingers, each nearly an inch wide. It was quite soft and I guessed it was just to titillate to get an erection, indeed without being spanked on the arse he had difficulty in performing. He used it on me a few times and it stung but didn’t really hurt. Just warmed the arse nicely. Nothing akin to Alice’s strap or the birch.
When he was ready for bed or rogering, we’d undress and he would lie over the end of the bed and I'd lay the teaser smartly on his bum. I’d hold his prick in one hand and with the other, lay each stroke in quick succession so he didn’t really feel the pain before the next hit. He’d take about twenty hits before I would feel his prick stiffen in my hand and perhaps half a dozen more before it was hard enough to use. Then it was in and bang bang until he came. At first he didn’t do more than that but by the end of the first week I had persuaded him to slow down and enjoy it more and make me enjoy it too. His prick isn’t as big as yours Sir, but he can use it nicely when he wants."
"Any trouble with the daughters?" I asked.
"Oh yes there was at first but I got William to tell Sarah the cook and Pru the housekeeper, they were to help me if I needed to restrain one or other of the girls for punishment. Even after only a few hours there, I could see they were in sore need of some discipline. At dinner that first evening they were less than polite to me and even to their father they were rude and arrogant. "Why don’t you punish them?" I asked him in bed on our first night. "I don’t think it is right for a man to discipline his nearly grown up daughters in the way they need to be. I don’t expect you will have any such qualms and I will not chastise you if I come home one evening to find they cannot sit for that day or the next few. Remember I have seen the birchings Winsberly deals out at the Workhouse," he answered. " ‘Long as they are not marked for life, you can punish them hard. They need it to be sure."
Next morning after Will had given Sarah and Pru their instructions to help me and he’d had left for the quay, I went into their room and ordered them out of bed and to get themselves and their room cleaned up. "Sod off slut!" Rachael yelled at me in a most unladylike way. I ripped the bed covers off them and was not unsurprised to find each of the girl’s nightgowns were raised and each had their hands in the others quim. I decided to be like Alice and not raise my voice but to try and sound authoritative. "So, I’m the slut am I? It looks like there are two others as well. Now get up and clean yourselves and this room."
"You heard Rachael, Sod off. You’re only here for a few days to warm father's bed and then he’ll find someone better," Elizabeth shouted as she pulled the covers up again.
"I’ll be up again in five minutes and if you are not up and starting to get ready by then you are in trouble girls." Again I kept my voice down which they may have mistaken for weakness but it wasn’t for long. When I next entered the room I was followed discreetly by Sarah and Pru and Briggs the gardener handyman. Both Sarah and Pru are big women and not to be trifled with. Both had not only been on the sharp end of the girl’s tongues but had received punishment from William for alleged offences against them. Both were keen to see them get their just desserts. Briggs carried the staff punishment chair. This was a heavy solid oak chair with a low upright back, the top of which was hollowed downwards to fit a persons belly. On the all four legs were leather straps, which are fastened around the person's wrists and legs so once they were bent over the back and fastened, they couldn’t move. You might like to get one Sir. It was very convenient for general spanking with strap or cane or whatever, Sir."
"Sounds as if I might need one if you get to stay here Martha," I teased but she ignored it and went on.
"The second time I pulled their bed clothes right off on to the floor, Rachael swore at me like a docker, until she saw Sarah and Pru. "Well, well," I said, "Where do young ladies learn language like that? I would have thought the daughters of a gentleman would have a more refined choice of words. Maybe in a short while we’ll hear more words from your colourful dictionary." I asked Briggs to put the chair in the middle of the floor, which provoked another hail of abuse at a man being in their bedroom when all they had to cover them was their nightgowns. They also knew what the chair was for as they had caused most of the staff to be punished in it on many occasions. "Stand in the doorway Briggs," I ordered, "Don’t let either of them pass until I say so." From the folds of my dress I produced the cane I brought from downstairs and pointed it at Rachael. "Bend over the chair girl." Rachael was the older of the two, nearly sixteen and only two years younger than me. As I guessed she refused. I nodded to the two older women and they grabbed the girl and although she struggled and screamed, she was no match for them. As the got her to the chair I fastened her ankles and between us we removed the one piece of clothing she had on and strapped her wrists. Briggs eyes almost popped out at the sight of the young girl's tits as they hung down, Sir but that didn’t stop him from catching hold of Elizabeth when she tried to escape. I used a curtain tie cord to tie her wrists to a bedpost. She wouldn’t get away again. Both girls still tried to abuse me until I gagged them with scarves."
"They we not best pleased with you by then?" I laughed at Martha.
"No, that’s for sure. Given half a chance I would have been dead. Once more I did something Alice does here. I kept them waiting. I paced the room swinging the cane every now and again, allowing it to rest on Rachael’s bum for a few moments or on Elizabeth’s thighs. Then I made an Alice speech."
"Seems to me you learned a lot from the way Alice runs this place," I said.
"That’s true, Sir. I spoke slowly and clearly but quietly. "Girls," I said, "I may be here for just two weeks or it may be for the rest of my life. Whichever it is, you are going to be doing exactly as you are told. As far as you are concerned, while I am here I am your mother and I will treat you like c***dren and if you err from what I believe is right, then your bums will feel the strap or like today, the cane. As you rightly pointed out, I have come from the Workhouse and I’m proud of the fact. I know what it is like to be strapped, caned and birched for my wrong doings. I know exactly how it feels when the cane first bites into the tender flesh of your bottom. The searing fire line that spreads and before it has gone far, is joined by another and another and yet more until you think you will pass out. But you don’t. The pain is there. A terrible pain. Yes, I know what you will go through and I have no doubt those watching will know too. As you again rightly said, I am here for two weeks to start with. Let me assure you, that by the end of that time, you will just be able to sit comfortably again. Unless that is, your misbehaviour warrants another application of the rod. Is that clear girls?" Neither of the girls moved so I repeated the question and swished the cane noisily through the air. Both girls nodded.
Moving Elizabeth to a position where she could see her s****r’s bottom, I laid on a hard stroke. Rachael jerked but could not cry out. I waited and gave her another. Again I waited. "Rachael, I know it is worse being gagged during a caning. I’m going to remove yours now before I continue. You may cry and scream but it you start to abuse me with your tongue I will replace the scarf and give you extra strokes of the cane." I repeated what I said to make sure she understood. She cried out and then did a tremendous yell when I gave her the next. By the sixth, she was pleading for me to stop and promising to behave and do as I said but I went on and gave her a baker’s dozen. By then she was a sobbing, crying wreck. A dozen with the cane is bad enough for us but for a girl who had never been smacked before, it was pretty gruesome. She wouldn’t be crossing me again in a hurry. Sarah and Pru released her and laid her face down on the bed. We didn’t bother to tie her.
Elizabeth cringed in fear when we untied her hands and ordered her to the chair. She seemed too frightened to move and had to be dragged to the chair. In fairness I gave her the same treatment as her older s****r but perhaps didn’t lay it on quite as hard. The result was the same. Two naked blubbering girls lay side by side on the bed. Briggs I noticed had a large protrusion in the front of his breeches but I wasn’t about to be disloyal to William on my first day. Before I left, I ordered the girls to remain exactly where they were, "If you move so much as an inch before I come back, I’ll repeat the caning across your front." I knew they believed I would.
Fortunately cook kept some of the patent Gran. Mabel cream you have Sir so after leaving the girls for a quarter of an hour I went back to them. They hadn’t moved. They stared pleading and renewed their sobbing and yelling. "Silence," I snapped. "You had your well deserved punishment for your behaviour to me and for some of the ill things you did before I arrived. The cane has wiped that slate clean but any wrong doings in the future will be dealt with in like manner. As the punishment is finished I do not wish to prolong the pain any more than necessary but unfortunately it will be a long while before it goes. This cream as I know from personal experience, will help to ease it and perhaps make it a little more bearable. I shall put it on this first time but I will be as gentle as I can. At lunchtime, you may put it on each other. However, by that time you will have washed and put on a light dress. You may help each other and you won’t get into trouble with me if you play a little with your cunnies and titties. I do know that seems to help. By afternoon teatime, I shall expect to see some order return to this room. You will not want to move about, but it will help if you do. You must and I repeat, must, clear this place up. By dinnertime you will dress properly for your father’s return. You will eat with us but I will ask for extra cushions on your chairs." Again I made doubly clear to them what they had to do. I heard them complaining loudly to each other when I closed the door.
When Sarah took in their lunch, I followed. They were still both on the bed but their crying had died down. I knew they wouldn’t want much to eat but insisted they had a bowl of soup. I told them they were free to move around the room and that Sarah or Pru would bring the cream when they collected the bowls. I reminded them of the clearing they had to do in the three hours that were left before tea. Again I heard them complaining when I left the room but it quietened when I opened the door again and ordered less noise.
Following Sarah when she took the tea tray in, I noticed the place was much tidier than earlier. There were still items of clothing not put away. "You have made a feeble start," I said to them in front of Sarah, "If you don’t want a taste of this strap you had better get this room clear and tidy when I return in one hour or..." I slapped my strap hard on a cushion.
"We’re telling father when he gets in," Elizabeth remarked, "He’ll throw you out."
"I wouldn’t count on it girls," I laughed. "I will certainly be there when you do." I think my coolness unnerved them a bit because they started sobbing again. Sarah and I left. Half an hour later Sarah told me when she collected the tray, they had started to clear more stuff away. I didn’t appear overly satisfied with their efforts but told them to dress ready for dinner and suggested light, loose dresses. "Be in the drawing room at six," I told them. Ten past six and they still hadn’t arrived down. I sent Harry the boot boy up. As instructed he knocked and walked straight in. Neither girl had anything much on which caused some consternation to the boy as well as the girls but he gave them my message. "Mistress Martha says for you to be down in five minutes. You are late already. If you are not down by then she is coming up to encourage you." From downstairs I heard them shouting for Harry to get out.
Six minutes later, I was about to go up with my strap when their door opened and they came down. They were dressed but hadn’t spent too much time on their hair and faces. Redness and moisture showed around their eyes but was overshadowed by the hate within the eyes themselves. "Ah there you are girls. Please wait in the drawing room while I have a look at your room." It was much tidier although I could have found fault had I wanted. "Well, that’s an improvement," I said when I returned to them. "It’s a nice evening, so shall we walk in the garden until your father arrives?"
"It hurts to walk," pleaded Rachael.
"It will ease after a few yards, and it will hurt to sit so we’ll walk." Slowly I took them into the garden. We met Briggs and I had a few words with him and suggested he might like to give us a guided tour. The girls blushed deep red when he looked at them. Briggs showed us round and named the flowers and plants which I found very interesting but the girls just followed more or less silently behind, Only giving little groans every now and again when their stumbling steps aggravated their bum muscles."
"I’ll wager you acted as though you already owned the place Martha," I suggested.
"You’re right Sir, I very much enjoyed playing mistress of the house and lording it over those two snooty little girls but I still wasn’t too sure how Mr. William would react when the girls levelled their complaints at him. I knew what he had said, but when faced with his own daughters having been caned he might change his mind. I needn’t have worried.
Elizabeth started the complaints as soon as William entered the dining room but he silenced her saying, "If you have anything to say about the way Martha has treated you, I will hear it after dinner is over. Now sit down quietly. I see she has thoughtfully provided extra padding for your seats so be grateful for that." The girls looked daggers at me and Rachael started to say something but William silenced her. Throughout dinner we talked quietly about the weather and what he had done that day. One of his ships had just arrived in, which is why he was a little later than usual. Then we had coffee. Real coffee Sir, not the stuff from dandelion roots. This came from a place called Africa. One of his ships brought it. It was lovely Sir."
I knew Martha’s conception of geography was limited to the town on one side and Bromton on the other, a distance of no more than twenty miles. London was some place outside this world. Likewise Africa was probably a town that could only be reached by ship. "You’re getting into society ways now Martha." I said to her, "We won’t be good enough for you soon."
"Oh, I shan’t forget my life here Sir," she replied and then continued her tale. "William took his brandy into the drawing room afterwards and we all followed. Rachael asked for the girls to talk to him alone but he refused saying, "I know Martha caned you this morning so you can say what you wish to in front of her. I know I can also verify the story from the staff who witnessed it. First show me what she did to you girls."
"You don’t mean you want to see our...?" stuttered Elizabeth.
"Yes, I want to see your bottoms. Only then can I judge how badly you were treated." After a pause when the two looked at each other, trying to gauge their s****r's feelings, both girls turned and lifted the hem of their dresses. Neither wore bloomers to lessen the chafe on their bottoms. "What about the other side. Did you get your fronts caned too?" William asked. The girls were very shocked at this suggestion. "I know at the Workhouse the ladies get whipped front and back. Isn’t that so Martha?"
"Yes it is, Sir," I agreed, "Sometimes it is all for the same punishment. At others it is when we’ve earned another and our bottoms are still not recovered enough to take the whip there."
"Now daughters of mine, tell me why you were punished and I will judge if Martha has been unduly severe." They made it sound as though I had just entered the room and thrashed them for no reason. William bade me be quiet while they told their story and after gave me chance to tell mine. "So Martha we have my daughters saying a very different story to you. Two against one." For a moment I thought he was going to side with them but before I could utter a word he got up and rang the bell. Pru came in and he asked for her version, which was most like mine. "Two against two now. Do you wish to change your story girls?" Still they didn’t. William asked for Sarah and she again confirmed mine. "Do I have to send for Briggs, daughters?" They shook their heads. "So Martha is telling the truth?" The girls nodded, yes. "So, not only did you deserve the punishment, you lied to me about it. You, I guess, are annoyed I have invited her to come and live with me. Well for your information, she is staying. One of the reasons I asked her here was to take over from your mother and lie with me in bed. Another was to do what your mother should have done, and which I also seem to be unable to do, and that is to take some of the spoiled untouchable nature out of you. She chastised you for your behaviour to her. I am now ordering her to do it again, in any way she wishes, to punish you for lying to me. I will also come and inspect your room and see that you did what she asked of you and to see if it was done in a proper and satisfactorily manner."
"Both girls were horrified at being ordered to be punished again. I knew they expected to be caned over the stripes they already had but I had other ideas. We all trouped up to their room and outwardly it was fairly tidy. Certainly it was much better than it had been. William opened the top drawer of their chest and we saw all their clothing had been stuffed in any old how. To my surprise he emptied it on the floor and added to the pile with every drawer he opened. I could see the frustration of many months of tolerating their bad manners was all coming out. The girls saw it too and were very frightened and were again pleading for him to stop. Begging for forgiveness and promising to be good girls in future, they even said sorry for being nasty to me. I knew better than to let them off. Had I done so they would have gotten away with it in the future. William opened their wardrobes and while these were a little tidier, he still dumped everything on the pile. "In the morning, immediately after breakfast, you will sort this heap out. Some of the stuff you have long since grown out of, some you’ve never worn. Clear out at least half of this and ask Briggs for a potato sack to put it in. I will donate it to the Workhouse. I’m sure some of the women there would make better use of it, eh Martha?" I of course agreed.
"Rachael, Elizabeth, listen carefully both of you. And stop whining!" William shouted at them angrily. It appears to me you only half did what you were told to do so I am going to suggest to Martha that she has only half punished you. Martha, you will carry out the other half of the whipping immediately. Girls, by lunchtime tomorrow I want this heap reduced by half. One half will be put away tidily the other in the sack. Martha will inspect them. I am sure she will know what to do if you haven’t fulfilled my order properly. Now I will leave her to inflict such pain as is necessary for you to understand and fully comply with my wishes." With that he stalked out of the room shouting, "Get Briggs or the houseboy to help you if they resist Martha. Leave the door open so the staff can hear them squeal." I knew also he wanted to hear them."
"Sorry girls, you heard what your father said. You tried to cheat on me and it’s back-fired. Take your dresses off and lie on the bed." Both started begging and I thought Rachael was going to refuse so I started for the door as if to shout for assistance."
"Please Miss Martha," Elizabeth for once really looked contrite, "Please Miss, don’t hit us any more. Our bodies cannot stand it. We’ll die."
"I almost felt sorry for her but as I was told at the orphanage and here, it was for their good in the long run so I would carry out the whipping but not in the way they expected. "Undress," I ordered again and this time they did. I arranged them side by side on the bed but facing opposite ends, The crotch of each was level with the breasts of the other. Next I bound Rachael’s ankles to Elizabeth’s wrists. Likewise with the other pair of ankles and wrists. I fastened both sets of bindings to the bedposts. The pair lay stretched out, the pain in the bums forgotten as their young titties and bushy pubic triangles pointed to the ceiling. By now they guessed where the lash would fall except they feared it was to be the cane again and were crying and sobbing. I left them to see what other instruments for the punishment of servants were available. I returned with the leather reins from a horse. At some point the reins had broken and the fittings removed for use on the new one. The remaining strap was some ten feet long and about an inch wide, like the reins on most horse carriages Sir. It had been stored with the other punishment stuff ready to make a new light strap or something, Sarah said. I doubled the strap and, with Pru’s help, bound the loop for about a foot with twine to make a handle. For a few minutes I practiced swinging it on a low stool imagining it to be one of their bums. It landed with a resounding CRACK, partly from the impact and partly from the two parts slapping together. It’s something you might want to try Sir. Makes a lot of noise, hurts a lot but doesn’t mark too badly."
"I might want to try it on you, you little minx," I said but she just pouted.
As soon as I entered their bedroom, I cracked my new whip. Even as I went in they looked at me with fear and when they saw and heard the whip they shrieked like banshees from hell. I didn’t keep them waiting long but went straight to the bedside and lashed across Elizabeth’s breasts and Rachael’s crotch. With each stroke I worked along their bodies until the lash reached Rachael’s titties. I gave them a minute or so rest and then started again from the other side of the bed. Their screams could be heard throughout the house and probably into the next village. If it is one thing they did have in their favour, it was good lungs. As I started from the second side of the bed I noticed William looking in the door and when I finished I beckoned him in. "Do you think this is sufficient Sir?" I asked and he seemed to think it was. I also noticed the protrusion in his nightshirt and took him back to our bedroom to make use of his erection. Seeing his daughters whipped had aroused him, which was most unusual. He performed well and I came loudly and so did he."
"When he dozed off after his exertions, I went back to the girls without bothering to put anything on. They renewed their screaming until I ordered silence. Even then they continued sobbing. I got their flannels from the washstand and wet them. While I had my back to them, they must have seen the stripes across my back and bum from the last birching you gave me. They were pretty tender still and showed up quite blue and purple. That shocked them. "Will our bodies look like your back?" Elizabeth asked through her tears."
"Something like I guess," I replied which started them wailing again. "These marks are from the birch rod and are finer and deeper than those I have just given you. Your bottoms will be pretty much the same colour come the morning." After laying the cold wet cloths on them for a while, I untied them. "Girls, I know you like playing with each other’s bodies. It doesn’t worry me in the least that you do so. I’ve seen and done it myself with girls at the orphanage and workhouse. If it helps you get over the pain a little, do it. I’ll have Sarah or Pru bring you the cream and some larger wet towels so you can treat each other. I don’t expect you will sl**p too well but if you disturb others, expect to pay the price for it. You understand me?" They did. Breakfast is at eight o’clock. I will ask Sarah to arrange a call for you at 7.30. You will put on a light dress and attend breakfast at the large table in the kitchen like the rest of us do when your father isn’t here. Afterwards I will see if your bodies need any further treatment with cream and then you can make a start on sorting your clothes and clearing this room."
"So it was I got control of them and while they hated me, they did what they were told. By the end of the fortnight we had a sort of truce. I didn’t whip them any more and condoned, even helped them with their girl to girl loving. However, I made really sure they knew I would have them caned of whipped again if it was necessary. Rachael did try it on with Briggs when he brought some produce into the kitchen.
"Do you have to come in here in your dirty clothes when ladies are present?" she said to him thinking I was in another room. Unfortunately I was just returning."
"Bend over the table Rachael," I ordered in my sharpest voice.
"I’m sorry Miss. I didn’t mean anything by it."
"Bend over or do I have to ask for help and get the cane Rachael?" That put the fear of God into her Sir. Her stripes were still very tender and sitting was still not comfortable. She bent over. "Your may lift her skirt Briggs and give her bottom a dozen hard smacks." He didn’t need any further telling. Rachael lifted up as the first spank found its mark but without being told, Pru and Sarah held her. Elizabeth watched alarmed. Both girls had started wearing bloomers again so Briggs didn’t see anything much but he told me afterwards how much he appreciated tanning the snotty girls arse."
"I think that’s about it Sir. Much of the daytime the Master was at the Quay but twice he stayed home all day when he didn’t have a ship in port and of course on Sundays we went to church. Several times in the first week I had to show him how the girl’s stripes were faring and afterwards, when I had warmed his bum a little, we fucked hard for a goodly while before blowing out the candle."
"Do you think he will come back for you Martha?"
"I think so, unless the girls turn him against me while I am here."
A week later, William Forsdyke came and expressed his intentions of marrying Martha and said he had arranged for the ceremony to be performed by the Reverend Jenkins on Saturday week in the local church. As I remarked I was both pleased and saddened to lose her but I did make sure I had my fill of her delightful cunnie before she finally left.
"Well, at least one or two of them seemed to have worked her way out of this workhouse," Margaret remarked as she and Jeremy read through the latest passage. "I wonder if I will ever do that?"
"There are very few people in this world rich enough to pay the price I would ask for you Margaret!" Jeremy’s reply pleased his companion. She leaned over and kissed him and they cuddled together until the spell was broken by, "Up you get now. Time to start dinner."
Chapter 20. The life of the Twins
July 3rd 1831
‘Once again some weeks have elapsed since I last found time to write this journal and in that time a little has changed. The workhouse is now looking smarter with most of the inside walls freshly lime washed and the wood given two coats of dark green [paint] which I prefer to the more sombre brown. The ladies have now gotten into my ways and there is less need for punishment. I pointed this out to Squire and he suggested we have the Saturday entertainments in turn at Grange Manor, Pembridge Hall, the home of Lord Parham and the Workhouse. Any girls for punishment are taken to the venue and the discipline applied by Higgins if at the Manor, Wallace at the Hall and myself at the Workhouse. Thus we all get to see a better variety of female flesh receiving the lash and I am not f***ed to add girls to the punishment list just to ensure enough are available for the entertainment. However that has reduced our income but usually I take some of the girls to the other places to assist with pleasing the guests and earn a pound or two that way.
Nonetheless I was surprised when his Lordship requested I bring the twins along the second time we met at the hall. I knew he had seen them when I gave them both four strokes of the birch on a Saturday but it was a married couple that took them to bed that night. Several men wanted Jane but I had insisted the pair performed together. That way I at least had some revenue from the boy. I had thought the couple came at the squire’s behest but in fact it was Lord Parham that invited them and it was only later I learned he was a construction engineer involved in the design and building of the new Town Hall in North Henley. He and the company he owned, have a number of other large public buildings to his credit, which have made him a wealthy man if not an aristocrat. He was still a tradesman at his roots. Down to earth and likable. Not pretentious.
I also took Henrietta along as I had given her three chalks marks for wrongly cutting and wasting some dressmaking material. It was a simple, understandable mistake but she’d only had the birch once since I arrived and I thought it time she had a reminder and it would make her a little more careful in future.
After Higgins had well warmed her bum and she’d been taken to a bedroom by a middle aged man, Lord Parham came to me and formally introduced Frederick Cooper and his wife Rose, the couple who had taken the twins at the Workhouse. We talked while the next act was being set up and then Frederick asked to have a private conversation with me concerning the twins, before the end of the evening. We sat and watched as two of his Lordships maids were fastened together tit to tit. Their hands were then made to grip a bar and were tied to it. This bar was raised aloft until their feet were clear of the floor and their bodies free to swing. Both were young, no more than sixteen at a guess. Lady Parham seemed to take a special interest in the pair and I later learned she was he cause of them being there. She had caught his Lordship rogering the pair. That in itself wasn’t the problem, she knew he had all the maids and frequently watched his performances. This time both girls knelt side by side, bums in the air while my Lord rammed his prick a few strokes in one and then a few strokes in the other until he shot his seed and collapsed on the bed.
Watching this had made M’lady horny so she ordered the girls to service her husband with their mouths until he was hard enough to do his marital duty to her. My Lord’s prick was not co-operative and lay exhausted between his legs. She ordered the whipping. Maids were not allowed to deprive her of being fucked by her husband's prick when she wanted it even though they’d had no choice in the matter.
Wallace and another man, each with a light, many-thonged whip, took positions either side of the two hanging girls. Lady Parham started the pair swinging by giving a hard right hand slap to the arse of one and a left-hand swipe to the other. "Warm them well men. I will say when to stop," she shouted as she stepped back to watch. As each girl swung towards them, Wallace and his companion lashed the white buttocks until they became fiery red and the girls were crying and begging loudly for the whipping to stop. Only when M’lady deemed them sore enough did she give the order. Two guests stepped forward and thrust their pricks into the hanging girls and rogered them with great gusto. After they’d completed their task, M’lady ordered the two whippers to take the girls in their bottom holes before releasing them. My twins, I noticed were cleaning the spent cocks of the two guests.
Shortly after, the whipping being the finale to the entertainment, some guests began taking girls away to various rooms, and others retired to the drawing room. Frederick and Rose took me into a corner and asked if they could have the loan of the twins for a while. "Loan? How long? Why?" I asked, somewhat baffled by the request. Frederick sent Rose to refill our tankards and when we were again nicely settled began the tale.
"We have two c***dren Josiah, a boy David, just turned sixteen and a girl Rosie who we named after her mother and she’s a year younger than her b*****r. About six months ago, Bridget, their governess discovered them in bed together, fucking away like only young teenagers can. She naturally reported it to us and the three of us debated for a long while what to do. As you might guess from our attendance at these meetings, neither Rose or I are at all prudish nor is Bridget or her husband Frank who is one of our house staff. We regularly share each others services, if you get my meaning." I did. "We didn’t want to spoil the c***dren’s fun but were not too keen on the i****t side of it. You know all the stories of deformed and mentally ill babies. I gave the pair a severe lecture on what could happen and Rose gave Rosie advice on preventing pregnancy because we didn’t go so far as to ban them from doing it with each other. At this stage we thought it was more experimenting with sex and they would grow out of it. Bridget kindly took David to her bed several times but Rosie refused to have anything to do with Frank. I then invited Jeffrey Parham over for a weekend and gave one of the maids a shilling to spend the weekend with David. Both pairs seemed to enjoy their time together and I hoped the false love our c***dren declared for each other was broken, but it seems it went the other way. Both had learned new things they wanted to try with each other. Then I heard about your twins and wondered how you dealt with the situation and if having them pair off with my c***dren might have a beneficial effect on both. What think you Josiah?"
I pointed out the twins were a rather different case. They had slept in the same bed more or less since birth and separating them caused physical and mental problems. "I heard they’ve had some rather traumatic experiences," Rose said.
"It’s only with God’s help, or rather the help of two or three women they are actually alive at all," I pointed out and when Rose asked why, I gave them the story.
"Jason and Gwendolyn gave me the outline of the sad lives of the twins and Alice wormed more details from the twins themselves as they seemed reluctant to talk as freely with me. I have confirmed as much as I can from the women and the bailiff so I am pretty sure the information is as near correct as it can be.
Katie Smith, or at least that is what she called herself although no one believes it is her true name, came to Pennydelset about fifteen years ago. She was heavily pregnant and took up abode in the near derelict cottage that was just past the forge. She only used the two downstairs rooms because of the way the roof leaked. Katie liked her drink, in fact she drank far too much and spent most of her money in The Swan and other pubs. Gin was her favourite tipple but she could only afford the gut rotting cheapest. Even so there were not many nights that she didn’t fall into bed in a d***ken stupor and this was probably the cause of the twins being small when she gave birth to them. For a few months, until the novelty wore thin, she looked after them reasonably well but still drank heavily so her breast milk wasn’t of the best. At that period she was able to get seasonal work on the farms but when the twins were three or four years old and her need for gin increased, she found it more profitable to go to the quayside at Gippeswick and offer her body to the sailors. The young c***dren had to fend for themselves, sometimes for several days at a time. The baker’s wife, Hilda Todd found them one day, starving outside the back of the bakery looking for scraps of bread in the bin and gave them half of an unsold loaf and a meat pie that had been accidentally crushed and was unsaleable. The two shared the food and immediately devoured it. After that the twins went to the bakery regularly and Hilda tried to put things aside for them. Harry, her husband wasn’t too keen on feeding waifs but turned a blind eye to his wife doing so as long as he didn’t see it. When they grew a little, Hilda on Saturdays after the shop closed early, gave them a broom to clean the bake house and took them into the house for a proper meal afterwards. For a long while this was the only real meal they had each week. Harry was persuaded it was payment for the work they had done but wouldn’t allow it more than on Saturdays.
As the c***dren grew so Katie came home less frequently, usually no more than once a week. Jane and Bobby soon learned to keep out of the way when their mother came home d***k. Usually she was affable when she first arrived from town and often gave them coppers to buy food. By the end of the day she’d had her fill in one or other of the inns and would look for the money to buy more drink. The c***dren soon learned to hide it and themselves. One of the hiding places was a side shed to Farmer Redman’s barn. They used this until spotted by Rita Redman. She knew about the plight of the twins but didn’t wish to be seen interfering. Giving them a couple of horse blankets she showed them the hayloft where they might stay in greater comfort. "When you hear the bell for the workers to come in for breakfast, you come on in too. Don’t take any notice if Fred goes on and gripes a bit. He’ll bark but won’t bite. I’ve got him by his balls or at least my cooking’s got him by the guts," she laughed. Although the farm men laughed at the amount of food such a small pair could put away, they never made any attempt to m***** them and none ever told Katie.
School was another problem. In a small village school like this, everyone noticed if a c***d was missing. Any c***d playing truant received a goodly dose of the strap on their return. Due to their lifestyle the twins were often ill and when their mother was around, had to hide away to escape her wrath. With no one to back up their assertions of illness or the reasons for being away, Bobby and Jane received more than their fair share of the strap. So much so that even when they were so ill and shouldn’t have been at school, they went in just to be sent home. The teacher did not want them spreading their noxiousness to the others. There was no money for medicines or the doctor so whatever they caught, lasted longer than for most pupils. None of this was helped by their cold, damp living conditions, the lack of warm food and poor physical condition.
When they were ten years old they almost lost their lives. It was November. Weather was cold and damp with an unusually high rainfall for the month. First Jane took sick with a cold and Bobby soon followed. This quickly turned to a fever and the pair just lay coughing in bed together, alternately shivering and sweating. Delirium set in. When they hadn’t turned up for school for three days, Teacher Hopkins went around to see where they were. Immediately he called out old doctor Sedgton. The kindly doctor took one look at the pair, ordered them to be wrapped in blankets and put in his carriage and drove them to the Nun’s Hospital at Tye Green. Even in their delirium they clasped each other so tightly they couldn’t be separated until the fever broke on the third day.
It was an elderly crotchety nun who decided it was sinful for a boy and a girl to sl**p in the same bed and put them in beds alongside each other. As soon as she left they were in each other’s arms again. The move angered the old nun and she removed Jane to another room and locked her in. That night the screaming from Booby and Jane was so bad none of the other patients had any sl**p and when Doctor Sedgton visited the next morning they complained to him. Bobby and Jane were still keeping up their wailing and calling out for each other and the doctor could see their condition was deteriorating. "s****r," he said to the old nun who was still adamant in keeping the two apart, "Were they fornicating when you saw them?"
"No, but they were in a lustful embrace. We cannot have this sort of thing in a Christian hospital."
"s****r, that so called sinful embrace was part of their healing process. The energy, a Christ’s life giving essence, was flowing from one to the other and they were getting better. This happens with twins. You can see for yourself how they are slowly dying again now they are not joined. If you are a true Christian, you will let Christ do his work in his way and not thwart it." It was obvious the old nun didn’t believe a word the doctor said but a younger one butted in.
"Why don’t we let the doctor have his way during the day when we can see what is happening and at night put them in separate beds across the room from each other. With the night candle they can see each other and know they are not far apart."
"No!" The old nun rejected the suggestion out of hand. "All they need is a hard spanking. That will kill their tantrums."
"Then they’ll die, s****r. I cannot have that on my conscience," the younger one stated and went off, returning with the Mother Superior. Much to the older one’s chagrin the Mother Superior allowed the suggestion. "These c***dren are ten years old and yet they have the bodies smaller and less developed than most eight year olds. I cannot see any harm in allowing them to be together at this time. I do know from personal experience of twins, they have a mental bond other siblings do not have so for the time being I will allow them to hold each other during the daytime but I do suggest they are apart at night as s****r Anne suggests. Any news of their mother?" There wasn’t for two more days. s****r Anne brought Jane back to Bobby and after a very emotional reunion, she explained they could only have this arrangement if they kept quiet through the night so other patients who needed their rest could get it.
A bailiff was at Katie’s door soon after she arrived. He issued a summons to attend the Crown Court in Gippeswick two days thence on a charge of c***d neglect and that was the last anyone from the village saw of her. The bailiff traced her to the docks and reports suggested she went aboard a vessel sailing for the Americas. She may well still be alive if she didn’t fall d***kenly over the side before she got there. When the twins recovered sufficiently they were taken to the orphanage. There they became acquainted with the sexual activities of the older boys and girls and started to practice them between themselves. Gwen didn’t concern herself too much. They were quiet and didn’t disturb any of the others. In fact for some months it was difficult to get more than one word answers from them. As the girl didn’t complain about her b*****r’s attentions and she hadn’t started her monthlies so was unlikely to become pregnant, Jason and Gwendolyn didn’t even try to separate them. Indeed they thought it might make the pair more receptive when they were big enough for them to have fun with. When she thought Jane might start ovulating, she gave them both a stern lecture and some practical instruction to avoid any baby problems.
Perhaps now you can see why your sibling situation is so different to theirs and why I try and keep them together at all times," I concluded.
I could see tears in Rose’s eyes when she spoke, "Josiah, I can see what you mean. It’s a very sad story and our c***dren have had a most comfortable life compared to them but I think we would still like to give it a try. What do you say, Fred?"
"Yes, perhaps we could borrow them for two weeks to start with and bring them back the Saturday after next when the entertainment is at the Squires and discus it further in the light of what happens. That should give us a reasonable amount of time to see what they are like and for them to see if our ways agree with them. I gather neither are averse to fornicating with others as long as they not separated. If they are so upset they do not wish to stay for the fortnight we’ll bring them to the Workhouse next Saturday. " So it was agreed.’
Margaret had tears in her eyes too as she read through the document.
Chapter 21. Back to school
Margaret returned to the keyboard. "Dinner’s on so the old man can’t complain. It’s stew so it will cook itself and I’ll only have to give it a stir every now and again. I do want to find out what happened. Poor k**s. Lucky they didn’t die."
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