fraudsters punished 4 The old one sold

Chapter 13. The old one sold
April 10th1831
‘It was the Wednesday after that event when Martha presented me with Henry Messenger’s calling card. When, as she had been taught, she asked his business here he’d stated it was Miss Harrington. Intrigued I asked her to show him into the drawing room. We had a glass of sherry and he again expressed his thanks for the previous Saturday evening. During our conversation I quietly moved to the door and suddenly opened it. Martha was at the keyhole. "Alice!" I yelled bring your strap in here at once. I bade Martha bend over the settee back and I flung her skirts over her head. Unfortunately she was wearing her jam rags but I removed them too to bare her bum.
"So you would listen on our private conversations Martha?" She apologised profusely but she knew nothing would stop her getting a strapping. I gave the strap to Henry and he applied half a dozen good slaps to her rear turning it rosy red. Martha only grimaced although I know the slaps hurt her. I dismissed her and told Alice that if anyone else was caught listening at the door, I would hold her responsible and give her arse a dozen as well the listener.
Henry enquired about taking Miss Harrington to his home as housekeeper or wife. "I’m not a rich man, like your other friends who attend these functions," he said, "And therefore I cannot afford the price of the younger more agreeable women but since my wife died two years back, I get lonely at nights and my cooking is not of the best."
"You know what she’s like," I pointed out not wishing him to bring her back afterwards, "She’s a crabby old bitch. You will have your work cut out to control her."
"I think I will enjoy punishing her. There is something you may not be aware of. These days I only get an erection first thing in the morning when I need to use the piss pot and when I witness a woman’s arse being striped. When I took her on Saturday, it was the first time I’d had a decent fuck for a while and her dry cunt seemed to grip my old prick. Now I am asking how much you would want for me to take her off you hands."
I would have given her away for free if he had only known but instead I said ten guineas. Henry demurred as I had expected and offered three guineas. So began a little bargaining session.
"Whack!" "Ooow!!"
"Get yourself over my table Mary." I heard Alice’s voice from outside the door and ordered the pair inside. Alice explained she had just caught Mary trying to listen at the door and was about to punish her like I had told her. "Everyone’s just dying to know what is going to happen to Miss Harrington," she added, "And some just can’t restrain their curiosity."
"So Mary, we don’t often have to punish you so this time I think we’ll have you stripped right off and then over the back of the settee." Mary was one of the younger ones and very quiet. She never spoke out of turn and always seemed to work willingly so I was surprised it was she who was at the door. Further questioning elicited that the little minx Martha had told her to do so. I made a mental note to chastise Martha further before I took her to bed that night.
"Mary, it’s time for you to become well and truly acquainted with Alice’s strap. Fearing she wouldn’t be able to hold herself down over the couch I sent for Jack. He stood in front of her, leaned over her back and wrapped his arms around her chest forcing her tits towards her head. Seeing this put Mary’s head in Jack crotch, Alice whispered to me suggesting I put Jack’s cock in Mary’s mouth to reduce the squealing. This would also give Jack some pleasure and I thought that if there were any bite marks, we would put her on the Saturday entertainment role. Of course she was no stranger to sucking cocks or being rogered but she’d never been punished while sucking before. "Mary," I said quietly, "You may bite Jack’s cock if you like." Jack looked at me with open mouth. "But," I went on, "For every tooth mark I will put two chalk marks against your name. Understand?" She nodded as best she could. "We’ll all give her six of the best. Would you like to start Henry?" Henry wanted to go last so I put Alice in first and she cracked six nice ones that spanned both cheeks. I guessed she was getting more practice than I had thought. No yell from Jack though. I laid on the next six and while Mary started to cry out, she must have kept he teeth under control. Henry did his bit and I noticed he’d got an erection so I offered Mary to him. He plunged in and kept up a good pace for a considerable time. At the other end I noticed Jack fucking her mouth and that he came long before Henry. When we examined Jack’s cock we could find no teeth marks which somewhat disappointed me but I wouldn’t go back on my word. Mary took her dress and fled when we allowed her too.
Henry and I resumed our bargaining and it ended when we agreed of five guineas subject to certain conditions one of which was that Miss Harrington had to try and co-operate and Henry had to do his best to control her. He said he didn’t have five guineas to hand and would have to sell something to pay for her and this would take a few days. "Pay one guinea now," I suggested, "And pay the balance a fortnight on Saturday. If you don’t pay then, you return the woman and lose the guinea. You will have a little over two weeks to bring her to your way of doing things and get the money. That should be long enough." I believed he was a miser and had the money stacked away and wouldn’t need to sell anything. He lived a frugal life so I heard.
We sent for Miss Harrington and informed her of the position. Henry told her bluntly that she would have to cook and clean for him and warm his bed and pointed out the consequences of any misbehaviour. We asked her if she would go willingly and after some debate she decided she would reluctantly. Since my arrival things had got so bad here she said she didn’t want to stay but the position offered wasn’t in her view, very much better. Perhaps the fact she again had three chalk marks against her name had something to do with her decision, perhaps she thought she could control Henry more than she could me. Either way she packed her few things and left.
When Henry turned up without her on the agreed Saturday, I was pleased not to have her back but was intrigued on how things were going. At first he brushed my question aside by saying "Fine, just fine," but later when we were have a quiet pipe together, he opened up and told me a little.
"We arrived at my home and almost immediately she tried to f***e her authority on me. I ordered her over the bed but she refused and stood defiantly in front of me, her hands on her hips. I went to a drawer and took out a coiled horsewhip and flicked it so it the coils wrapped around her stomach. Snatching it back pulled her off balance and she sprawled face down on the floor. I cracked the whip across her arse. Even though her skirt covered it, she yelled with the pain. I again ordered her to undress and lay on the bed and when she hesitated I striped her arse for a second time although it wasn’t till later I saw how severe these stripes were. She undressed and I tied her to the bedposts and took a good tawse to her and when she was sobbing and agreeing to serve me, I reamed her bottom. It was the first time for years that I had spurted twice in one day. I was most pleased I can tell you."
"Things improved after that?" I enquired.
"Yes, indeed. I left her tied for half an hour to think things over and then returned and told her which side of the bed she was to sl**p. I gather she hadn’t slept alongside a man for near forty years and that was only for a few days. She must have had a sharp tongue even in her younger days for no man seemed to want her. After that I explained the kitchen arrangements and her other duties. She hobbled pretty badly from the whip stripes. The meal she cooked wasn’t any great shakes but it was better than I would have done so apart from telling her I expected an improvement I let it go.
In bed that first night, I knew I wouldn’t get hard till near dawn so I made her fondle my pego while I fingered her and her old tits. They even began to respond a little. As usual I awoke early but instead of climbing out and using the pot I pushed Lily, (did you know that was her name?) on her back and opened her legs. She cried out when the welts from the whip were pressed against the sheets and I climbed on top. She was very dry so I ordered her to suck my pego and put plenty of spit around it. I did the same with her cunnie, which seemed to arouse her a little. I then gave her another good fucking. Since then I have used her that way every morning and now find I have a liking for the taste of her cunnie and make her suck me at the same time as I do her. Her juices now begin to flow before I enter her. Surprising for a woman of her age, eh?"
"Have you needed to use the tawse of punish her since?"
"Three times, but not to any great extent. Enough to warm her bum and get me hard. I took her in the arse once as well and will do so again when I feel like it. Until you came, she had never had a cock there and it’s still very tight. She finds it painful but I tell her it is because we don’t do it often enough."
"What about her cooking?"
"That’s improved too but has increased my food bill. Perhaps though that is a small price to pay for the services I get."
"So on the whole you are pleased with your purchase?"
"Yes. Still some training to do but when she hesitates to perform I only have to finger the welts that still cross her arse from the whip and she knows I will use it again anytime, then she complies with my desires. Sometimes I think the old cow likes some of the things I do, like the cunt tonguing and sucking her tits. She almost offers them to me at times."
I wished him well and went to see how the preparations for the evening's entertainment were going elsewhere.
"I thought slavery ended in England by then," Margaret said to Jeremy over dinner that evening, "Yet it was still prevalent in an underhand way in this little village at that time."
Jeremy laughed and put his arm round her, "It’s still prevalent in an underhand way in the village now."
Margaret cuddled into him, "Yes, Jeremy, I guess that just about sums up my position here. I’m as much of a slave as she was. But I don’t mind too much," she added. "It alright when the master is in a good mood and treats her right."
Chapter 14. Breast competition
"What are these for?" Margaret knew she shouldn’t have asked but curiosity got the better of her. The Indian cane roll was open and she held and turned the larger object of her interest in her hand.
"Have a guess."
Margaret shook her head puzzled. The two slightly curved flattened wood bars about eighteen inches long were joined at one end by three stout chain links. At the other end a similar arrangement but the links were only connected to one bar. In the cane roll the two bars were held closely side by side by the links looped being through each other. She opened the links.
"It resembles a miniature old fashioned flail," Margaret announced, "Is it for flailing a person? It would seem to be a very brutal instrument for that. The links would surely tear out pieces of flesh." She held one bar and whip-like brought it cracking down on the bed covers. "Jesus! You’re not going to hit me with that, Jeremy are you?"
Smilingly Jeremy stated he wasn’t. "It’s not any form of whip. Try again." Margaret put the links together so the bars were closed. She had no idea. Picking up the slightly smaller one she opened and closed it too. It was the same type of thing.
"I give up. Whatever it is I guess you are going to hurt me with it."
"With both of the Margaret. They’re tit presses. The larger one for the base of the breasts and the smaller for the nipples. Did your father ever tie your tits?"
"Not until Jill moved in. She was into tying my tits up."
"Take your robe off and I’ll cuff your wrists and try out the tittie clamps. Yours should take them nicely. I had trouble with Meena’s because her’s weren’t really large enough."
"You don’t have to demonstrate them Jeremy, I can guess now what the do." But Margaret knew he wouldn’t be put off and in the back of her mind she did wonder what they would feel like. When he played with her tits she always became horny so perhaps these would too. Or would they just be too painful? Slipping her robe over the back of a chair, Margaret offered her wrists for the cuffs. They were new from a mail order company and more comfortable and quicker than rope binding. Jeremy sat her on the edge of the bed.
"Ready?" he asked as if she had any choice.
"Yes," she replied knowing too that her acceptance was only a formality.
Jeremy opened the device and, pushing it hard against her chest with one bar above and one below her tits, slowly closed the two together and fastened the free ends with the outer chain link. Although this compressed her tits a little and caused them to bulge, Margaret thought the pain wasn’t too bad. However, Jeremy having left her for a few minutes to acclimatise to the pressure, tightened both ends of the bar to the second link and then the first. Now the bar ends were almost touching each other and Margaret had to grimace to combat the pain. She could see and feel her breasts swell and become hard. Their colour changed from white to red and then to a purplish shade. Her nipples stood out strongly. It was too much of a temptation for Jeremy. He suckled the teats and massaged her tits before deciding to complete the tit pressing by putting the smaller bars over the two nipples and tightening the chain. The pain was too much for Margaret and this time she had to cry out. Again Jeremy left them alone for a while and a sort of numbness set in which Margaret could bear without too much discomfort provided she didn’t move.
Trying to breath quietly so as not to move the bars, Margaret watched as Jeremy went to the decorated cane roll and retrieved a very thin whippy cane only about fifteen inches long. "When a woman’s tits are firm and hard like yours are now, it is the ideal time to warm and stripe them with a thin cane," he casually remarked.
"Oh no!" Margaret cried, "These clamps are bad enough as it is without you whipping my breasts as well." She knew there was no chance she would change his mind but she had to try and her helpless pleading seemed to arouse her partner. Jeremy sat alongside her and put his left hand around her shoulders, almost in a lover’s embrace. But it was no show of affection this time. Her eyes caught the flick of his right hand and the blur of the little cane as it cut across the top of the tits. She cried at its impact. It might be small. It might be thin but it did hurt. A light line appeared across the purple flesh, which rapidly darkened. The next came upwards and caught the underside and thereafter despite her pleas lines of fire alternately criss-crossed both upper and lower surfaces of her mammeries. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks by the time the tit caning stopped.
"Let’s get you into bed now," Jeremy said.
"Aren’t you going to take these torture things off me first?" pleaded Margaret.
"Not for a bit. I haven’t quite finished warming them yet." Margaret railed at him but soon found herself sitting in bed with pillows propped behind her back.
Jeremy removed the nipple clamps. At first there was a little relief until the bl**d began to surge back into the tender teats and the pain was almost worse than it had been with the clamps on. "One disadvantage of having the nipple clamps on is that one cannot get at them with the cane. I’m going to rectify that now." Almost before she could protest the cane flicked painfully half a dozen times across both nipples. While Margaret cried and sobbed with the pain, Jeremy gently suckled them until she had calmed herself again.
"Is it over, Jeremy?" asked Margaret.
"Yes, the caning is over but I’m not releasing the tit clamp until I have told you a little story about them. It won’t hurt to leave them on a little longer, or at least it won’t damage you it they are left for a bit. You may even wish I leave them clamped when the pressure is released and the bl**d flows again." He crawled in bed alongside her and cuddled her to him.
"Going back to when I was in India, one of the senior officers in the Indian army invited me to a tit toughness test party. At least that’s how best he could translate it for me. "Bring Meena and the tit clamps Mendles sold you and the little cane." Most of the town now seemed to know of my dealings at Mendles shop and the episode with Meena when I first had her. By then I had been in the town about six months and had been to several parties where sex in one form or another was on the menu. I pointed out that Meena’s tits were not all that big and the clamps didn’t hold to well so I rarely used them. "Don’t worry," he said, "Hers won’t be the smallest and we have ways of keeping them on." Meena looked very worried when I told her of the party but I could not then find out what it was all about."
"I arrived at the house and found six men sitting around on chairs and six women sitting on the floor alongside them. From the introductions I learned five had brought their wives and one, surprisingly to me, had brought his daughter because his wife was visiting her mother. I recognised Irma with her husband. I’d brought along a bottle of Scotch from the army stores and the men had a glass of that. Marmid, the man who had brought his daughter, explained the rules to me because they considered him the best english speaker. "We will first exchange women so no one has his own wife or partner. We then clamp the tits and nipples of the woman we get. Each woman in turn has to come to her new man, put her hands behind her back and offer her chest for the clamps. When all the tits are clamped each woman has to offer them to receive two strokes across the top and two on the underside with the cane. You need to lay these on good and hard. The women can cry out but mustn’t try and protect their breasts with their hands. They then sit down until every woman has her first set of stripes then they come forward again and take another four. At the end of the third round when each will have twelve stripes, the nipple clamps are removed. Now when the tits are offered you lay on three strokes and these must all be within the browner aureole area including the nipples." This all sounded very painful for the women but very arousing for me."
"At any time after the application of the three strokes to the nipple area," the man went on, "The woman can refuse to take any more. It is though a matter of honour for them to take as many as possible. To encourage them to continue, the first woman to drop out will receive sixteen strokes of the full punishment cane across her backside and all her holes will be available to any and everyone. The second drop out will receive twelve, the third eight and the fourth four. The third and fourth to drop out can choose which men they wish to service them but not which hole they wish to use. The overall winner gets a gold bracelet and is allowed to choose any man or woman or none to service her is any way she chooses, second place gets the same option without the bracelet and the third place to choose a man to service her in the way she wants. Is that clear ladies and gentlemen? Captain?" I nodded my agreement and was eager to start.
"Captain," the man continued. I was getting frustrated listening to him. "Captain, normally we ask our guest to start but as you are new to this we respectfully ask you to delay until you have seen how the others do it. Now we will draw for the choice of woman. I wondered if I would get Irma but didn’t. A dice was rolled and it came to a four. All the women moved four places to the right. I ended up with Kajil, a woman about thirty with good-sized tits. Plenty of area there to take punishment. I fitted the tit clamps to her and unlike you she’d had them on many times and hardly murmured when I snugged the bars together. Like the others I waited until Kajil’s tits were full and swollen before adding the nipple clamps. Meena and the daughter with small tits had a strap from the clamps passed round their backs to keep it a close to the body as possible and fully expose the breast."
"It all sounds extremely cruel to me. Just another way you men have for making whores of us," Margaret commented.
"Maybe but some of the women enjoyed it afterwards. Now if I may continue without interruption or shall I tickle those titties of yours a bit more?" Jeremy frowned at his bed companion. He hated stopping once he’d started telling a tale. "We now sat in a semicircle around a small padded platform and our women knelt opposite us. The host, I can’t remember his name now, stood and his woman came forward, knelt on the platform and clasping her hands behind her back, thrust her tits out. Host swung his cane in a wide circle and brought it down hard on the offered breasts. The woman gave a small cry but held her place. His next blow swung upwards whipping both tits upwards. Again there was just a cry from her. When he repeated the strokes her eyes filled with tears. Turning to me the Marmid, said, "The object is to try and make the woman you are caning give up early. You then get the chance of caning her arse and give your wife or, in your case, housekeeper, a better chance of winning the bracelet." I didn’t really have much hope of that.
The young daughter was next and she sobbed and cried at the end of her four. Meena who was fifth in line cried out shrilly but kept her tits well out. Finally it was my turn. I had whipped Meena and others enough by then to know the wrist action to cause a painful stroke, but even so my woman hardly made a sound. By the end of the third round the daughter was screaming pitifully and pleading not to take any more. He father was angry at her show of weakness but I couldn’t understand what was being said. Kajil still hadn’t made much sound but she did grunt a bit when the nipple clamps were removed. After the three across the nipples the daughter screamed further and would have run from the room had not she been prevented. I actually felt sorry for her. She was too young to be introduced to this sort of punishment. Now she had to take the caning to her arse. Meena too was really too young but she hung in there and was fourth to drop out."
"Despite the lack of groans from Kajil, I felt the punishment I was inflicting was having its effect. She didn’t present her tits as well now. I saw Irma was still in. Then another wife dropped out and it was between Kajil and Irma. Her whipper’s wife went out early on so he had no real interest in winning the bracelet. I really wanted Irma to have it for all she had done for me when I arrived. With only two left there was little time between each session for the two women to recover after each round. I watched Irma receive three, two were on the aureole area and one on the nipples. Her whipper was getting careless. I laid on three crackers catching both nipples with every stroke. That did it. Kajil quit. Irma came over and claimed me for which I was very pleased. At her request I took her from the rear so my body didn’t touch her tits which were already very colourful. Then we sat and watched the caning of the early drop-outs. Again I felt sorry for the daughter. Irma told me her father would probably give her more when he got her home. He was so ashamed of her poor performance. A few weeks later Meena informed me the girl had run away from home."
There was a long silence as Jeremy lay back on his pillow at the finish of his tale. Margaret decided she could speak again. "Excuse me for interrupting Jeremy, but would you mind releasing me now? Before you drop off to sl**p, please."
"Sorry Margaret I was miles and years away. Back when I was a young Captain." He slowly released the clamps and her wrists. She gently cupped the sore orbs as the bl**d flowed into them again causing a painful tingling sensation. Half an hour later the pain had eased enough for her to go to the bathroom and gently bathe them. Jeremy was asl**p.
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