Memoirs .......... Fraudsters Punished

Chapter 10. Fraudsters punished
March 27th 1831
‘Saturday evening came and I cancelled the session at the workhouse although of course, those deserving punishment received their due. I held the session during the afternoon with only a few guests looking on. Instead I took the cart with Clara to the manor. I’d kept her confined in the one room and had Jack take her meals and empty her slops. He also put her to his cock whenever he felt like it. She was understandably frightened and sat shivering and sobbing in the cart during our journey. I guess she understood that after that night she probably wouldn’t have anywhere to live. I had given three of the other ladies each a three-day trial for the post of cook. Henrietta had done her three days quite satisfactorily cooking-wise but had difficulty with the accounts. Alice was on her first day and had produced a couple of good meals but I didn’t make up my mind to appoint her till later the following week. She was the only one of the three that could add up the figures correctly.
Higgins and another male servant took Clara when we arrived at Grange Manor and I spent a pleasant hour with the other guests, supping ale and smoking our pipes until Higgins came in and spoke with the squire. We all trouped down to the punishment room and were greeted by the sight of Bell and Clara hanging naked and back to back from the ceiling beam. Shortly after Laura, Bell's wife, who stood and looked with some disgust on the two, joined us. Three other ladies, who were wives or friends of other guests, had expressed a desire to see the thrashing and stood together close to the miscreants. They were openly appraising the bodily organs of the pair. Squire took Laura and myself into a corner. "Laura you still want to be rid of your husband and want be in full charge of the shop?" Squire asked.
"Yes, definitely," she replied, "Especially as over the last few days the takings have gone up even though we’ve had the same amount of customers. I guess that crook was creaming off some of the money there too."
"And you know the compensation we will want from you for arranging this and to make up for the losses caused to the workhouse and others?"
"I am to make myself available to you both when required," she answered very quietly.
"You willingly agree to this?" Laura nodded.
We returned to the group looking at the hanging pair. Higgins entered bare-chested and wearing a hood. To one side stood a large barrel containing a good number of birch rods. In this part of the country, they are not birch branches but willow osiers which grow profusely along the river and on the flood plain. Still everyone calls them birches. They seem equally as effective and last well.
Squire turned to us, "Gentlemen and ladies, you are here to witness the punishment of these two scoundrels on two counts. Both have admitted to have stolen money, charity money at that, and committed adultery. I have asked Laura Bell, the aggrieved wife if she wishes to forgive his sin and take him back into her care but she has declined. I ask her again in front of you all, Mrs. Bell, do you wish this pair punished for their adultery?"
"Yes," Laura replied loudly, "To the full extent you are able."
"James Bell and Clara Vince, you are sentenced to be thoroughly birched and dismissed from this parish," intoned Squire. I had the thought that he should have donned a black hat. Higgins shook a birch to remove some of the vinegar solution they were steeped in and stepping to one side of Bell, laid the first stroke high across his chest. I couldn’t see the marks it made as I stood in front of Clara but Bell cried out hoarsely. When Higgins moved around to Clara’s side, she begged and pleaded for him not to do it but, as I found out later, Higgins very much enjoyed his role and totally ignored her begging. Her first stroke went across her chest too, just above her breasts and left a series of red welts. Bell received his next, which must have caught his nipples as he yelled at the top of his voice. Clara’s next was across the top of her breasts just missing the teats. The f***e of the blow flattened them to her chest and I thought she would pass out but she didn’t. In strict order, Higgins worked down the body of each. He did seem to hit Clara especially hard on her bosoms, flattening them three times and causing her extreme pain. His punishment seem to ease across the stomach until he reached the crotch and then the birch again sang very loudly, Both scoundrels had to be revived at that point by having water thrown over them. Finally the birch reached their knees and Higgins went to put the birch back in the tub.
"Wait Higgings," yelled the Reverend Jenkins. I hadn’t seen him arrive. "Make sure those adulterous areas between their thighs are well attended to. That is one of the reasons they are here." Higgins cracked two upper cuts between their spread legs alternately from each side. Each stroke caught both of them as the supple canes bent around and bit hard into both sets of genitals. Both now screamed hoarsely before they slumped into a faint and needed more water to revive them.
We had a break there while the maids supplied more ale and wine the two were brought to consciousness again. Under Higgins direction, they were fastened back to the beam, this time face to face, sore chest to sore chest. Bell’s flaccid cock hard against her tender pubic mound. I had a fierce erection and was gratified when one of the maids asked if I needed relief. When I indicated I did, she took me in her mouth and soon extracted my seed. Afterwards she moved to one of the other guests and did the same thing. I saw the Reverend being attended to as well and was obviously enjoying it. I guessed I would have an ally if Miss Harrington did decide to complain to him. During this wine break we discussed the thrashing as far as it had gone and took wagers on the possibilities of them staying awake for the full thrashing.
Presently Squire tapped his glass, called for order and instructed Higgins to resume his work. This time it was from the back of the knees upwards. It was perhaps an anticlimax after the frontal thrashing but it was good to see the two writhing against each other in their agony. Finally, again at the Reverend’s behest, Higgins laid the final two strokes up between their legs, which left them hanging almost lifeless. They were taken down and again revived. Squire ended the evening's event by admonishing them for their misdeeds and with great generosity said, "I will not send you on your way on the Sabbath but on Monday you will be taken by cart to the parish boundary. As a gesture of goodwill on my part, I will give each of you a shilling so you are not destitute and as a token payment for your part in this evening’s entertainment. Go forth from our parish and never return."
Turning, he invited us to the drawing room for wine. I spoke with one of the ladies who had witnessed the event. She looked very flushed and I guessed she was wet between her legs. When I asked if she enjoyed the show she replied, "Oh, yes, I think they both ought to be given the same again next week and then taken to Mission Hut on the quay for the pleasure of the sailors after their long voyages." Yet another example of the cruelty of women. Shortly after her husband took her upstairs.
I noticed the squire did not arrive in the drawing room until some twenty minutes later and then he came to me, "She’s in the Maple Room Josiah, ready and waiting. Seems she hasn’t had a cock for some time and is ready for plenty." Laura was lying naked on the bed in the Maple Room when I entered. It didn’t take but a moment for me to remove my breeches and enter her. She was already well lubricated from the squire’s reaming and I guess from the stimulation of watching the thrashing of her husband and Clara. Having already spent a copious amount of my seed into the maid’s mouth a little earlier, I took my time with Laura. "Oooh," she cried, "You’re bigger than Squire." This pleased me although, having seen the squire in action, I already knew I had the edge on him in the cock department. Laura humped back vigorously and I had a most enjoyable fuck. I asked her how she felt when her husband was being beaten. "Relieved and pleased," she replied, "Relieved because I will no longer be just a thing to get his meals; pleased to see him getting his just desserts. He hasn’t slept in my bed for some years but I know he has been in more than Clara’s hole. It would have pleased me even more if they had cut his cock off and stuffed it inside that woman and sealed it there." I played with her titties for while and then her hand found my cock and brought it back to hardness and I took her once more.
I returned to the drawing room soon after. There was much sport going on there with the maids servicing the guests apparently with relish although I guessed many were only doing it because of the squire’s orders. Victoria was in there bent over a chair with her skirts pulled right up and Ralph Stevens who owns a farm just outside the village was reaming her. The stripes she had received on the day of my first visit were still visible although I don’t think they caused her any hardship now. She was thrusting well back on to the cock that was inside her. I watched the gathering for a while and especially noted the parson’s performance. He seemed to pay no heed to his own preaching about illicit fornication. However, having spent myself three times already, I took my leave and journeyed home, musing all the way on the happenings that had occurred.’
"I’d better stop there," Margaret muttered to herself. She corrected the text and went to the kitchen to start dinner. Later sitting by the fire she asked Jeremy, "Do willow osiers still grow in these parts? By the river and on the flood plain, wherever that is?"
"There’s still some willows by the river and even at the end of our garden but they haven’t been pruned for many years so there wouldn’t be much of a crop of osiers for basket making. Much of the flood plain has been built on which is why that new estate was flooded when the bund broke about three years ago. Why do you want to know?" It seemed a strange question to Jeremy.
Margaret told him and Jeremy suggested when the weather was good enough they went and looked at their willows and perhaps prune them back to get a supply for later in the year. "I wasn’t asking to find out in a practical way," she cried. "You’ve enough painful things in your collection as it is! I just wanted to see what a willow birch would look like."
Chapter 11. Saturday
March 29th 1831
‘Over the next fortnight my efforts to get the workhouse into shape were producing good results. The place was looking much cleaner as were the women. Alice was now cook but she still slept in my bed most nights, even when I had Martha there too. It is one of my pleasures in life to sl**p between two naked young ladies. Feeling that it was my duty, I did put my cock into every one of the women, including the oldest, which didn’t give me much pleasure. Jack didn’t seem to mind though so I allowed him to roger any of the over forties anytime he wished and some of the others when he requested. Alice and Martha I kept for my personal use. I didn’t wish their holes to become loose from his rather large weapon.
The meals had improved considerably and the women were looking much better. Now their ribs barely showed beneath their titties. I think they appreciated my strictness over the food and cleanliness but perhaps not so much my strictness over what they were supposed to do. I insisted that as I fed them well, they had to work well.
On the second Saturday evening, I fully implemented my punishment system. At that time I only had a cut down table for fastening each miscreant to but it served well enough. There were five names on the punishment board. Miss Harrington, who had yet to curb her sharp tongue, had five chalk marks, Mrs. Warboys three, Henrietta a pleasant enough woman in her mid thirties and Mary a somewhat older woman both had two. I had also given Martha one for knocking over the piss pot when she got up one morning. All five were made to remove all their clothing and stand along the end wall of the room I had now designated the punishment room. It was very chilly in there and they seemed to shiver as much from fear as from the cold. As I suspected, Miss Harrington again protested so I added another two marks against her name. Perhaps she will learn one of these days. The remaining women stood by the side wall where they would be able to see the punishments.
Having given them a little speech on their behaviour I went on, "You are each to receive two strokes of the birch for every chalk mark. When ordered to do so, you will lie face down on the table and spread your legs wide. If you have three chalk marks or less you will hold the front legs tightly until the end of your punishment. If we have to strap you down, it will incur another two marks. For four or more marks you will be strapped tightly to the table." I made sure they understood as it was the first time we’d had this punishment session although of course they remembered how some had been punished when I arrived and had seen the punishments on the previous Saturday afternoon although I had been somewhat more lenient then.
I thought Miss Harrington was going to protest once more when I called her up but she wisely for once, held her tongue. Jack fastened her down and made sure her woman’s opening was well displayed. From the vinegar pot I took one of the new birches I’d had made, and laid it well and truly across that bitter old woman’s arse. She screamed and pleaded but I carried on laying it across her wizened bottom flesh and thighs. The fresh stripes soon covered the fading ones from my first attention to that area. Her screams and cries were quite pitiful but I ignored them. I offered Jack her cunnie but he declined knowing there was younger and more attractive dishes to come. He led her sobbing back to the wall and gave her a stool so she could stand with something to hold on to.
Mrs. Warboys, I have just started to call her Hilda, was next. She yelled at each stroke but managed to keep hold of the table legs. Jack again declined to poke her. Mary took hers well enough but she only had four strokes as did Henrietta. It was her that Jack decided he’d bury his cock in. He’d been in her quite a few times since my arrival so she took it easily and indeed seemed to enjoy the experience.
I took my time preparing Martha and made sure she was well exposed even for only two strokes of the birch. Her young and tender bum would no doubt take the birch well especially since she had told me the orphanage was very strict with the boys and girls there and she had not infrequently received the strap and cane. Consequently I laid the two strokes on good and hard, as I didn’t want the others to think I was being lenient with her for sl**ping in my bed. She yelped a bit but held on to the legs. In front of everyone, I produced my cock and rogered her hard. She was wet already and later she told me she was wet from watching the birching of the others. When I was finished I asked Alice to clean my cock which she did although her mouth had been around it many times now, she blushed a little at having to do it in front of the others.
Before concluding the punishment session, I made another little speech. "Ladies, in future these punishment sessions will be held in front of guests who will pay to watch and if they so wish, you will be rogered by them afterwards. Those of you not undergoing punishments will be expected to allow the gentlemen full access to your bodies and you will accommodate any requests they make. It is essential that you provide a good service to them. Any complaints will either be dealt with immediately or at the following week’s punishment session. I must emphasise that to help the financial well being of this workhouse and to keep us in Squire’s good graces, you must appear willing to do whatever is asked of you. Since I arrived I know your cunnies have been attended to but you must also be prepared to offer your bottom holes and your mouths to their cocks as well. I will ask Jack to ream the arseholes of all the older women here at least once in the coming week so you will know what to expect. I have already opened up our three younger maids." Several women looked shocked at this but perhaps because the two old maids were still groaning a crying from their birching, none said anything.’
"I don’t think the cut off table exists anymore," Margaret muttered to herself when read over the text, "They probably replaced it with the low oak bench with the leather straps that is still in the room."
‘Monday midday, I saw Jack half carrying a struggling Hilda Warboys into the punishment room. I had not allowed him to do more than give the women a sound hand spanking so followed him in. He greeted me with, "She don’t want ‘er ‘ole opened." Deftly he fastened her arms and legs to the table and lifted her skirts. Her bum showed the fierce red stripes I had laid down and these I knew were still very sore. Jack didn’t waste any time but started spanking her hard until her bottom was very red indeed. Jack is a strong man and a hand spanking from him might well be a good as a strapping from me. Hilda was again crying and pleading for him to stop but he kept on until he thought she’d had enough. I liked the way that once Jack took to a task, he kept on at it until he deemed it complete. Immediately he pulled out his hard cock, f***ed her tender cheeks apart with his hands and tried to push his cock into her bum hole. Although he pushed hard it didn’t want to enter.
"Wait a moment Jack," I said and went to fetch some dripping from the kitchen. Several women were standing around trying to look busy but I knew they were listening to hear what was happening in the punishment room. I bade them go in and watch. Mary was one of them and I ordered her to coat Jack’s prick with the dripping and put some in Hilda’s hole, which she did. "Help Jack put it in," I ordered and she aligned his prick with the hole when he pushed. This time it did enter and ignoring her yelling, Jack fucked her hard until he spent. For some minutes he left his prick in her ‘to help stretch ‘er muscles,’ as he put it and then went to her mouth and ordered her to clean him. Knowing she had no choice, this she did, albeit reluctantly.
This didn’t satisfy me, as on Saturday she would need to perform much more willingly. I asked Jack if he would mind rogering her arse once every day and make her clean him properly each time. Of course he agreed readily. We released Hilda from the table and I bade the others to return to their work.’
Margaret screwed her eyes and stretched after she had read and corrected the story. "This place was more like a brothel," she thought, "I’d heard they punished people severely in those days but never thought about how severe it was or how they were made to prostitute themselves so. I’m pretty certain this story isn’t fiction."
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