Memoirs continued ................................

We continued the rounds of the workhouse and at one point found Miss Harrington sitting on a chair pretending to be dusting. When I challenged her, she sort to suggest that elderly ladies like her should be treated with respect and not be f***ed to do menial work. She even tried to suggest that I was already exceeding my role and would petition the vicar for my removal. Seeing the vicar played little part in my appointment, I almost laughed at her but just said, "We will see, Miss Harrington, we will see." I gave her no hint as to what I planned for her.
Cook was shocked when I sat at the head of the refectory table for lunch and ordered her to sit on my left hand side. She had expected me to eat in my room and to have hers in the kitchen with Jack and her assistant. The three of us and Jack would have better food than the rest. I may be a hard man as far as discipline goes but I do believe in giving good food to all the inmates. If the women were to be my playthings and paying amusements for my customers, they would need to have some flesh covering their ribs. I had already felt how thin Alice was. "Cook," I instructed, "Put all the food into the one pot and serve it from there to everyone." Her face nearly went blue. The thin gruel she served from that pot was tasteless water. "How long have you been cook? I asked.
"Three years Sir. I didn’t expect you to eat that stuff Sir. I made yours special."
"Is the allowance you have for food insufficient then Cook?"
"It is none too much Sir."
"But methinks you could do more with it, Cook." Cook looked down and I resolved to go over her accounts.
At the end of the poor meal, I stood and gave a little speech detailing what I expected of the women in future, the punishment system and the way the workhouse would be run. As was to be expected the punishment system caused most concern. It was of course Miss Harrington that chose to be most vociferous in her condemnation especially when I intimated that all punishments would be carried out with the recipient completely naked and they would be available afterwards for sexual pleasure. My speech ended with the statement, "Normally most punishments will be carried out on Saturday evenings in front of invited guests who will help to pay for some of the running costs of this place and the funds will help to provide you with better food and lodging conditions. However, because of the laxity and disrespectful behaviour of three members of this community, I will punish them here and now, unless they wish to leave immediately taking with them only those things they personally own and were not supplied by the workhouse." I knew of course, they would have come with almost nothing and clothing would have been given them from the workhouse store, a store that was donated by charities. "The three for punishment now are, Miss Harrington, Mrs. Warboys and Cook. Of course it was Miss Harrington that again, voiced her opinions and refused to remove her dress or allow herself to be punished, deeming herself too old for that sort of thing. For a few moments I left them and returned with my case of canes and a whip.
"Much as I prefer the birch, I doubt if there are any ready made and steeped here. Miss Harrington, are you going to undress and take the caning I intend to give you or will I have Jack hold you down while I whip your buttocks until you are ready to take your clothes off and then give you your caning. Either way you will receive your due." Still the woman protested, maybe thinking I would desist. "Jack, hold that woman down across the table." Noticing the gleam in his eye, I knew I would have a collaborator. He no doubt had suffered from the woman’s sharp tongue and in a trice she was firmly held. "Alice, lift the woman’s shift and remove any undergarments that obscure her buttocks. Alice trembled as she did so. I bade everyone to move where they could see the whip land and the resulting welts. I laid on three good strokes which brought forth a tremendous wailing from the woman. "Are you ready to undress?" I asked.
"You’re a perverted Satan!" she spat. I laid on another three and repeated my question. "No more," she cried, "You’ll kill me. An old woman can’t take any more." For the third time I asked if she was ready to undress. This time she nodded yes. We all watched as the shift came off and her wizened flesh and sagging breasts were revealed. I had Jack tie her hands to an overhead beam and picked up a cane. There was fear in her eyes now and amidst her crying and howling she pleaded with me not to cane her. She felt her punishment had already been given. I felt otherwise and laid four strokes of the cane across her back, four more across the back of her thighs, and a further four across the front.
At my instructions we left her there writhing for five minutes. Her modesty was gone. All she thought about was the pain. Until I told Jack he could take her. I had noticed the bulge in his breeches and on his opening them, revealed a rod of large proportions. From the unfazed reactions of most of the women, I guessed they had seen it before. Jack lifted the hanging woman behind the knees and lowered her on to his throbbing prick. Seeing he had some difficulty in entering, one of the women splayed the old ladies cunt and guided Jack’s cock in.
"My God, she’s tight and dry," groaned Jack but nevertheless pulled her in by her sore arse and then pounded her like she was thirty years younger. Some of the onlookers had tears in their eyes but many of the younger ones just looked a little hot and I dare say they felt more than a little aroused. Cook and Mrs. Warboys looked very afraid and were openly crying. Jack came surprisingly quickly so Miss. Harrington's ordeal didn’t last as long as I hoped and she was taken down but not allowed to dress.
It was now Cook’s turn. She undressed at the first order. More food had obviously entered her mouth as there was plenty of meat on her bones. Cook was about forty years old and still in good condition. Her titties were full and her nipples responded to my kneading them. When I placed my hand between her thighs, I found she was wet. The caning of Miss Harrington had turned her on but a dozen strokes of the cane soon had her singing loudly. Although I didn’t really hurt her tits, I did flick them with the cane and made them move around. Glancing around at the watching women, I noted their horrified expressions. They now knew their lives here would change.
Jack untied her and laid her along one of the refectory benches. I ordered two girls to hold her legs well apart. Again I felt her cunt and it was still wet so I had no trouble in rogering her and I too soon spurted my seed.
Alice was somewhat shocked when I ordered her to kneel in front of me and suck my cock clean. Had I not pointed to where she should kneel with the cane, she might have refused but wisely she guessed it was less painful to comply. She did a passable job but would need some training.
"You know what to do Mrs. Warboys," I ordered but she started to plead and beg until I picked up the whip and caught her chest with a good lash. She screamed and turned away from me, hugging her bosom with her arms. My second swipe swung upwards and caught the back of her thighs well towards the crease with her arse. Another scream and she fell to the floor and I was able to put the third across her stomach. "Are you going to undress now Mrs. Warboys?" I asked. A whimpered, "Yes," and she started to unbutton her shift. Despite having hit through clothing, the whip marks were clear and painful looking, especially the one across her tits. That had been a good blow, even if it was a lucky one and once she was strung to the beam I took the opportunity to knead them causing her further distress. From my close proximity to her, I could tell from the smell, her body, like the others, had not been washed for some time and resolved to ensure more personal cleanliness for the inmates in the very near future.
I gave her a similar dozen strokes to Miss Harrington, laying them on good and hard to the younger woman. Jack still hadn’t fastened his breeches and I could see he was half hard so I suggested he took her in any way he wanted. In moments he had her bent over the table and was thrusting into her doggie style, heedless of her cries as he loins banged hard against the well caned arse.
Wanting to add further humiliation and to reinf***e my authority with the others, I ordered the three still naked women to stand in the centre of the room with their feet apart and their hands behind their necks. Each of the onlookers then had to go to them and feel the heat from the stripes and to finger their sperm filled cunts. I rounded this session off with another lecture on the behaviour I expected from them and expounded on how their laziness of the past months was at an end. This was a workhouse and they were expected to work, if they didn’t they would be punished and punished hard and always they would be naked and might well be in front of others when it happened. I also mentioned the standard of personal cleanliness and I would closely inspect each and every one of them while they were bathed in the kitchen that very afternoon.
An hour later, the bath was set up and I ordered Alice to be the first. She was cleaning my room when I called her. Slowly and shyly she undressed and I could see that with a little feeding up she would have a very attractive body, one that should bring in a decent revenue. When I felt her breasts she blushed and started writhing when I felt her cunt and played with her clit. "Don’t be shy Alice," I said, "You body is your greatest asset and may well get you away from here eventually. I shall be training you with my cock to please my friends and you may then be able to charm them into becoming their mistress or even their wife." Although my ministrations with her caused my cock to rise, I wanted to wait and savour her more fully in bed that night.
Though the afternoon I inspected and minutely examined all the inmates. Most were quite fuckable if presented properly. While the majority seemed to resent the way I checked their personal cleanliness one or two didn’t seem to mind at all and allowed me to bring them off with my hand. Only one was younger than Alice and she had come from the orphanage two weeks previously but wasn’t a virgin. I gather the orphanage staff took care of that. Her name was Martha and seeing her tight little cunnie and bumhole I almost gave up my resolve to wait till I’d had Alice in bed.
At teatime the meal .....’
"Oh my God!" screamed Margaret, "Look at the time! Should have started the meat cooking half an hour ago. Jeremy will be annoyed. Just have to hope he’s late too."
If anything Jeremy was a few minutes early but to Margaret’s surprise he didn’t seem to be unduly concerned so she hoped it would all pass over. That was until he said, "I think it is time we opened the cane roll Margaret, don’t you?"
Chapter 7. Lateness gets punished
"Jeremy, no, please no. I couldn’t help it. I was working on that diary book of yours and didn’t notice the time."
"Yes, and I expect it got you so horny you just sat and played with yourself," retorted Jeremy smiling.
"No Jeremy, please. I didn’t even read it properly. I only saw the code words as I typed them. I didn’t even go back and correct the text. I’m sorry Jeremy. Dinner will only be half an hour late."
"That’s not the point Margaret. I gave you a simple task and you failed me. However, we’ll eat first and then read the diary text to put us in the mood and if I think you have half an excuse I will allow you to chose the cane and I will decide on which part of your body to use it. Or would you prefer I chose the cane and you the part of the body for me to use?"
"Neither Jeremy. Sometimes I think you are as cruel as my father." Rather than start arguing with her, Jeremy left the kitchen and started to read the story on computer. It certainly got him horny and ready for his session with Margaret later. He decided to up the stakes a little when he returned.
"There are rather a lot of mistakes in your typing Margaret. Perhaps we ought to add those to the punishment tonight."
Margaret became very angry. "Jeremy, Colonel, you are most unfair. I told you I hadn’t read through the document yet. Yes, some of those mistakes may be my typing errors. I know I haven’t become familiar with that particular keyboard yet but they are not all my mistakes. Josiah made mistakes with his coding too and as with the last piece I typed I will have to guess at some of the words. The writing is almost illegible in places even with a good light. No, I don’t think I deserve further punishment for that, nor for the fact that you read the story before it was ready to be presented to you. You are very unfair. Unjust. I thought that was something that was against your principles. You said you were strict by fair. Is that now not the case?" Realising she was right, Jeremy agreed to only punish her for being late with the meal. However, Margaret still seethed with resentment and they ate in strained silence.

While Margaret washed the dishes, Jeremy cleared a table in the bedroom and found the cane roll in the storeroom where all his unpacked belongings were kept. For the time being he decided to leave it inside the double, black plastic, bin liners that had kept it clean for a number of years. "It might excite Margaret more if she has to unpack it. She's rather upset with me at the moment. I'd better go down and see what she's up to," he thought. Below he could hear the clatter of pans and rightly guessed she was having a more thorough clean than usual in order to delay the inevitable.
"Come Margaret," he ordered quietly when he returned to the kitchen. Silently she followed him to the bedroom. "Undress." With the fan heater going full blast for the past hour, the room was reasonably warm.
"Please Jeremy, don’t be too hard on me."
"It is for me to decide your punishment dear. It will fit your behaviour and strengthen your resolve to do better next time." After a pause he added and it might work you up a little and take away some of that despondency you’ve been showing over dinner. I ought to punish you for that too you know. Open the bag Margaret."
Margaret gasped when the cane roll was revealed. The beautiful and very colourful intricate designs interwoven with gold thread belied their sinister contents.
"It’s beautiful, very beautiful, Jeremy." She ran her fingers over the raised pattern and studied bizarre creatures worked into the design. Jeremy allowed her to spend some minutes enjoying the work and then again ordered her to open it. Trembling, Margaret unrolled it to reveal its painful contents. Inside, all in their individual pockets and tied in place with colourful ribbons, were a selection of canes ranging from one about three feet long and about as thick as her little finger, to shorter and thinner but very whippy canes. Besides the canes were a small leather riding crop, a multi-stranded soft leather whip, several more single tailed whips, several straps and other items she couldn’t understand the purpose of. "Oh my God," exclaimed Margaret when she saw the instruments that were likely to bring much pain to her body and perhaps some pleasure too.
"We’ll try them all out eventually Margaret, but for today you get to chose which I use. Take your pick."
Knowing she had no real choice but to do what the Colonel said it was with much trepidation and not a little excitement, Margaret touched the awesome selection of canes, whips and straps. Which should she choose? She knew the feel of terrible bite of the larger cane but guessed he wouldn’t give her as many strokes with that as with the more slender ones and it would probably be used only on her arse and not the more tender parts of her anatomy. Picking up a very slender cane, almost two feet long and only a quarter of an inch thick at its base tapering to almost nothing at the tip. It felt supple and springy in her hand and she shuddered to think of the pain that might deliver if wielded with any f***e on her breasts or between her legs. Then there was the group of slightly thicker canes elaborately bound with gold, red and yellow cord. Obviously these were the Indian equivalent of the English birch but made to last possibly from a tough native vine. For a few moments Margaret forgot they were to be used on her and thought of the young Meena lying naked and taking this birch across her bottom. Her reverie was interrupted when she felt Jeremy behind her and his hands cupping her tits.
"They’re lovely aren’t they?" For a fleeting moment Margaret thought he was referring to her tits but this was banished when he went on, "They were the best and most expensive in Mendle’s shop and he said they would last a lifetime." Despite her expected punishment, Margaret found herself warming to the breast massage Jeremy was giving her. Replacing the birch, she picked up the soft leather many-tongued whip. Each strand was as wide as her index finger and of thin soft suede but probably from an a****l other than a cow. "This feels nice," she thought as she pulled the strands, "Perhaps it won’t hurt too much." Out loud she moaned at Jeremy’s ministrations and the wet feeling that was making itself felt between her thighs.
"Choose, Margaret." The suede whip was still in her hand so she indicated this was her choice. It didn’t feel that fearsome a weapon. "You’ve chosen the ‘Tittie Tickler’ Margaret. It’s made from the hide of a yak. Soft, supple and very tough. These tits of yours will be red, sore and nicely tender before we go to bed tonight."
"Please don’t hit them too hard Jeremy please." Margaret started to plead more for the effect than having any hope he would take any notice. By now she knew full well that once he had made up his mind to do something, very little would change it. Her pleas would just make her seem more helpless and unwilling than she really was. She knew the warming of her tits if not too severe would warm her cunt too and hoped Jeremy would be up to a long fucking session afterwards.
"Let’s prepare you Margaret." Prepare her? Her father had just held her and thrashed her. No ‘preparation’. And no preparation either for the **** that inevitably followed, whichever hole he decided to penetrate. Moving a heavy solid oak chair from a corner to the centre of the room, Jeremy tied her hands behind the back and then tightly fastened a belt around her and the chair at waist level. Satisfied her body was almost immovable in the chair Jeremy stuffed a pillow behind her shoulder blades forcing her breasts forward. "That should do nicely," he said as he squeezed her nipples.
"Now don’t bother begging Margaret. I’m going to thrash your tits and nothing you say will alter that but if you whine too much I may have to gag you."
"I know that, Jeremy. I was going to ask that you undress too. I can see you’re sweating from the heat of the fan and I want to see what effect my thrashing has on you."
"You just want to see if my cock is ready on cue!" Jeremy laughed but although surprised, did as she requested. Watching with a mix of dread and anticipation as her partner went to the cane roll, she looked in askance when instead of bring back the Tittie Tickler he opened a bottle of oil and poured a few drops into the palm of one hand. The aromatic smell wafted to her nostrils as Jeremy massaged it into her breasts. "This will warm them and get them ready for the whipping," Jeremy explained. What he meant was the oil stimulated the bl**d cells in the breasts causing them to swell slightly and become firmer and make the nipples stand out hard. The lash would bite them hard but for now the effect on Margaret was stimulating. She wished he would just push his cock now standing out so proudly, right into her cunt and fuck her hard. That, though, would come later. First the pain.
For fifteen minutes, Jeremy massaged her breasts until she could stand the eroticism no longer and climaxed wetly. "Well that’s your first orgasm out of the way," Jeremy remarked, "Now let’s get to the real purpose of this, your punishment." Margaret began to come down from her high when she saw the tickler raised high in Jeremy’s hand. Then the swish before the blast of pain as the soft thongs bit hard and flattened her tits. A piercing cry came from her lips. The pain was far worse than she had expected.
"A little more than a tickle, Margaret?"
"Oh my God! Yes! I didn’t expect that. It seemed so soft but it hurts so badly. Please Jeremy, not so hard. My tits won’t stand it."
"Oh yes they will. While this is designed to hurt, it does little damage to the flesh and the marks disappear quite quickly but you won’t want to wear a bra for a while. Open your mouth." Jeremy went to the roll and removed a chunky solid leather pad. "This isn’t a gag, but you can bite on it and it should help to stifle your screams. Designed to stop you biting your tongue."
SWISH, SLAP!! SWISH, SLAP!! SWISH, SLAP!! SWISH, SLAP!! SWISH, SLAP!! So Jeremy laid the Tit Tickler on. For a few moments Margaret wondered if he was in control of himself and whether like her father, he would hit her blindly until she passed out. Although there was a wicked gleam in his eye, there was no indication he was hitting her without control and dedication. Each blow didn’t fall randomly anywhere. They precisely covered all the tit area above, below and between the teats. Finally the thongs caught, tortured and brought stinging pain to the hardened nipples. Between tears she noticed his cock still jutting out proudly. The pain in her tits grew to a tremendous burn before he finally stopped and gently kissed each tender breast.
Releasing her at last, she was laid across the bed, her legs dangling over the edge, her thighs spread obscenely ready for his cock. Jeremy couldn’t wait. Thrusting his cock straight in, he found her very wet and ready. With his own excitement now at a peak, it wasn’t long before he spurted his seed into Margaret’s waiting womb.
Later, when they had rested and he’d bathed her reddened breasts for the second time, he took her again, this time with more control and lasting long enough for Margaret to have her own climax. For a long while afterwards she lay spoon-like in front of the man who had tortured her so, and pondered on the events. There was no denying he’d hurt her. There was no denying her breasts would be sore for days and yet he had given her sexual satisfaction afterwards in a way her father hadn’t. Jeremy’s ways were somewhat strange but he seemed to like her and somehow she trusted him. He hadn’t lost control when she was totally helpless. The punishment he inflicted was painful but calculated and in the end she’d cum violently. What would the future hold for her? With him? More dreadful pain from some of the more severe canes? More sexual satisfaction? Would he want to give her more and more pain? Like her father? Should she leave and see what other work she could find? In winter? Back on the streets? Perhaps she should stick it out. At least for the time being.
Chapter 8. Fraudsters
"Aargh!" Margaret awoke from a troubled sl**p with a start. Jeremy’s hands were gently massaging her sore breasts, His unexpected although light touch on the tender and sensitive mammaries roused her.
"Sorry," whispered Jeremy, "I forgot they would still be so tender."
"You whip a woman’s tits till they’re swollen and raw and not expect them to be sore the next morning?" Margaret tried to make her voice sound icy but didn’t quite make it. She felt his hard cock against her buttocks. It would probably go down when he pissed, she thought. Opening her eyes she noted the red numbers of the digital clock, 6:50. The fan heater was on. With no central heating in the old house, Jeremy had put the heater on a timer so the room would warm a little by the time they arose. In a few minutes she’d have to get up anyway to make his morning cup of tea and start breakfast.
Feeling Jeremy move away from her slightly, Margaret turned on her back and winced as her breasts rubbed on the covers. The light went on. The covers were pulled down. "Yes, they are indeed still swollen and tender Margaret. I’ll put some salve on them when you’ve washed. Meanwhile I need to relieve myself of this hard-on." Jeremy spoke in his usual quiet way and for a short while Margaret thought he would get up and go to the lavatory. That was until she felt his hand start to finger her cunt and stimulate her clit until her juices were flowing freely. "Open up dear," he ordered as he inserted his cock into her and started thrusting away. It wasn’t long before Margaret thrust back and they both climaxed. Jeremy exhausted collapsed on her.
"Aargh!" Margaret exclaimed as his chest pressed against her sore tits but after the initial shock, the pain was bearable and she held him to her.
"In some ways Jeremy, you are like my father. Both of you like hurting girls and then fucking them. Where you differ is you control yourself whereas he just let himself go and didn’t worry overmuch how much he damaged me. Afterwards he just fucked me until his lust was satisfied. You try and make sure I am satisfied too. He never ever did anything to try and relieve my pain, you do. He would never suck my cunt, you seem to enjoy it and I like sucking you too. Last night the pain in my tits was so great, but I knew they were not wounded like some of the canings I’d had on them when the marks would take weeks to disappear. Now when your body is pressing on them I have a warm glow all over and feel horny. If you don’t punish me for being late with breakfast, I will suck you clean and then offer my body to you again if you want to use it."
Jeremy looked at the clock. "Breakfast will be at 8:15 this morning," he grinned, "Now wench, climb on top of me and clean me while I perform on your delightful warm crack of yours. You’ll have to be quick mind. I need to pee pretty badly."
"So do I," laughed Margaret, "And that is another of the perversions, my father made me perform."
"You’re probably much more experienced at it than I but I have tried it quite a few times and it is not too unpleasant. In India some groups of people actually think it is a beneficial tonic."
"Just go easy then Jeremy and I will too. We don’t want to wet the sheets. In this weather it is difficult to get them to dry." Jeremy smiled at the practicality of her remark.
For some minutes their tongues cleaned each other’s genitals until Jeremy asked, "Are you ready?" A murmured, "Yes" and he felt her finger grasp the base of his cock ready to control the flow. He had no such option. Now he felt her lips tighten around his shaft and his flow start. Every so often she stopped his flow to swallow. Even when he finished her tongue still licked around his cock head.
"Are you ready now?" Margaret asked. Receiving his assent, she said, "I will try and go slow and stop at intervals so you can swallow too." As the acrid liquid touched his throat, Jeremy recalled the beautiful young woman in the India who first introduced him to this service. He’d bedded her for several months and delighted in taking his piss into her either directly from his prick or by filling a glass. An hour or so later, she insisted on giving it back to him, recycled through her system. Meena hadn’t been so keen although she did so when ordered.
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