Memoirs continued ........

"Oh they are not punishment stripes, they are for warming me up ready for sex. At the foot of our bed is a small table on which is kept and richly decorated canvas roll containing an assortment of canes and straps. Each night before retiring, and at any other times he feels like it, I have to unroll it so the canes and straps are all laid out neatly, and then stand alongside it without any clothes on. The punishment cane is there too but Jamel never chooses it for foreplay. He selects which instrument he wishes to use, or sometimes he just prefers his hand, and then decides which part of me needs warming. As you can see, my breasts get it most often. He likes the way they move at each strike and he knows only to make the cane sting until they are both very tender. If he feels like taking me in the bottom, he has a little two-pronged strap, which he whips that hole with while I have to hold my bottom cheeks apart so he can hit the target properly. This also means he catches my cunt lips too, which both hurts and makes me, as you say, horny. With your much bigger cock than most men I have seen here, I doubt you will have to stimulate Meena in that way for a while."
"What about pregnancy?"
"No problem there. Our local doctor will give her a drink that induces an abortion within a few days. It is the main form of contraception here. Pump her as full of your sperm as you wish. We women like to feel our inside full of it."
"And there will be no problems if I treat Meena like Jamel does you?" I asked.
"There will be more problems if you don’t. She’s been reading too many english books where women have more rights than they should so you will have to punish all that nonsense out of her. She needs a strong hard man. In the morning, get her to take you to the market place to Mendles where you can buy a roll like I have for yourself. They are available in all sorts of sizes, some ready filled, others you buy what you think you need. Old Mendle will advise you but don’t pay the price he asks." Turning to Meena she added, "You know what a woman is supposed to have in that roll. Make sure he gets it all. I’ll come and check later and if you have tried to get away with anything, I’ll bring your mother over and you can guess what that will mean."
"She did. Meena through lots of tears, started saying she was sorry for her previous behaviour and she would do everything I wanted from now on. I had a feeling there were crocodile tears amongst the genuine ones but let it go. Irma left soon after admonishing me again to make sure I kept in full control of the girl. I fully intended to."
"Do you wish me to be like Irma? To have a roll of punishment canes by my bedside?" Margaret interrupted his tale.
"I still have the ones I bought in India. I’ll show you in the morning. But first let me finish telling you about Meena. You can ask questions at the end." Jeremy paused as though thinking about where he had got too.
"Meena was still on the bed where I had left her to see Irma out. Her sobbing had subsided somewhat and as I looked at her naked body my young cock began to harden again. I turned her over and felt the welts on her arse. They were well raised and she cried out when I pressed them but didn’t make any attempt to stop me. "Undress me," I ordered. Slowly and painfully she got to her feet and helped me take my clothes off. "On your back and spread those legs nice and wide." Again she subserviently did so. She cried out when my weight put pressure on her arse but in my lust I ignored that and pounded her until I came again. After she had sucked me clean I set her to work, doing the cleaning jobs she should have done the previous week. I worked in my office for a while checked on her at intervals. She worked as well as she was able considering her sore muscles. When bedtime came, I spanked the inside and front of her thighs.
Meena took me to the market the next day and I bought the punishment roll and Mendles helped me fill it with what he thought was necessary. Word had already gotten to him about Meena’s behaviour so I think he suggested the best disciplining tools he had. And it wasn’t just because they were more expensive and he knew I could well afford to pay for them. Meena didn’t seem keen on some of the items but that didn’t matter. I got to use them on her anyway and as Irma had said, these warming up canes were certainly very effective in getting the girl horny.
Meena stayed with me for the whole of my f******n months tour of duty there and I was very sorry not to have been able to bring her back home with me but army regulations didn’t allow it. I did get to visit many families in the town and the surrounding country and on occasions witnessed wives and daughters being punished so Irma’s situation was by no means unique."
Margaret could feel Jeremy’s cock was hard again even though it wasn’t but half an hour ago they had fucked. "For an old man, you can get it up pretty well," she remarked, "Perhaps I shall have to get you telling your horny stories more often."
"I get even hornier when I have tenderised some tit flesh first," Jeremy laughed.
"Well I don’t need tenderising at the moment. I just need this inside me." She climbed on top of him, inserted his cock and bounced on it until they both climaxed and lay still.

Chapter 6. New master at the workhouse
Margaret sat at the computer again the following afternoon. She was a little tired from the morning’s exertions and Jeremy had given her the afternoon off but she wanted to find out more about Josiah Winsberly. The pair had spent the morning in the punishment room sweeping and vacuuming and looking over the apparatus there. Moving the items around was heavy, dusty work particularly as some of the frames were constructed of heavy timber and wedged in position. Dirt and decades of grime covered everything and repairs would be needed before the items could be used again, even if they wanted to use them. Some of their time was spent trying to guess what the items were actually used for. The 'A' framed stool was there so Josiah must have copied the one from the manor. After wiping away the worst of the grime, Margaret lay along it fully clothed in her overalls and quickly began to feel very uncomfortable. "Pity it’s so dirty," Jeremy remarked, "I would have liked to have seen how you fitted on it."
By midday they were filthy and exhausted and decided to call it quits for the day. They bathed together and then Jeremy had to go into town. Now as long as she had dinner ready at the proper time, Margaret was free to do what she liked. She sat and idly ran her fingers over the keys, adjusted the desk light before settling down to read the coded, faint lettering in the book.
‘I will start my account with the details of my arrival at Pennydelset and my first dealings with the workhouse occupants. Dealings that would prove exceedingly decisive for my subsequent mastery of them. Prior to my arrival, the old master, one John Allgrove, had died and having been in ill health for some time, the workhouse had become very run down. His assistant, Jack Crow, was still here. A good strong lad in his early thirties and a good worker, one who I have found will faithfully follow orders but is at a loss when put in charge. During his stewardship the women here took great liberties with him. For the last few months before I came, therefore, it was mainly the older women who ran things and who had become more and more lazy and recalcitrant to being given orders. The worst of these was a Miss Harrington, a spinster of sixty-five years with a sour disposition and a sharp tongue. Squire Pemberton had warned me about the way of things before I arrived but they were far worse than I had been led to expect.
Jack Crow and one of the girls met my carriage but the other inmates remained inside despite the fact the weather was dry and bright although exceedingly cold. Most sat around the fire in the kitchen and some didn’t even deign to stand when I entered. I stood them in line and rebuked them roundly for their behaviour. All told there were f******n of them, of which only three were tolerably young and attractive. Another four or five were under forty and quite reasonable looking for their age, while the remainder were getting on in years with wrinkled skin and sagging breasts. After giving them a good tongue lashing which lasted about twenty minutes, I set them to work getting the place cleaned up. Inside I was seething at their attitude and resolved there would be some sore flesh before the end of the day. Before they slept that night they would learn who was in charge of this workhouse. I ordered everyone to be in the refectory at one for lunch.
"Alice," I called to the girl who had met my carriage, "You will accompany me and show me around the building." I was pleased she did a little curtsy and said "Yes, Sir."
However, hardly had the words left her lips when an older woman, a Mrs. Warboys interrupted me. "I am in charge of the house Sir. Not Alice."
"Are you indeed," I replied, "Then you will be one of those receiving the rod tonight for the appalling state of the place. Now get yourself to work woman."
The first room Alice showed my was my own. The fire was lit but barely drawing, there was dust and dirt everywhere and I doubted the sheets had been changed since my predecessor. "Who is supposed to look after this room?" I enquired of Alice.
"Mrs. Warboys Sir. She was very fond of old Mr. Allgrove and spent many of her nights here."
"How would you like to set this room to rights and keep in my good books by warming my bed at night Alice?" I supplemented the question by giving her bosom a rub.
"If that is what you wish Sir," she replied thrusting her chest out a little more and giving my hand access to the inside of her shift.
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