Fixed Penalty. A Tale of Four Parts. Part Two and

Meg was in the office and she was bending over a filing cabinet.
She knew she was putting on a show for her boss with her G string hardly containing her arse at all . Megs cunt and asshole were clearly on display for her bosses enjoyment .
“Come here Meg “ he said “I need you here”
Meg walked over to his large desk
“Yes Sir “ she said “what can I do for you”?

“Just stand there and don’t move unless I tell you “ said Megs boss
She knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to feel her up and finger fuck her.
Meg parted her legs a little as her boss ran his hand up her leg teasingly. She would like to say she hated it but she didn’t
“Lift your skirt girl” said the man .
Meg was no girl but she like being called one .
Meg did as she was asked exposing her choice of knickers for the day .
Nothing more than a thin strip of cotton covered Megs wet cunt and arsehole.
Sometimes he was satisfied with pulling the panties to one side and plugging her in both holes but today he wanted Meg to take her naughty knickers down completely .
He soon had what he wanted which was Megs knickers on his desk and a finger deeply embedded in Megs bottom hole .
Meg wriggled with pleasure as he finger fucked her arsehole.
The knickers on the desk were badly stained in any case. Just how he liked them .
It was small wonder that he paid Meg a lingerie bonus . He was an avid knicker collector.
Megs boss was clearly enjoying himself as he pulled his dick out and began masturbating .
“I can do that for you Sir “ said Meg.
“Oh and please Sir , I think I may had incurred a speeding fine this morning , would it be convenient to advance me the money to cover it , I would be ever so grateful Sir “said Meg with a little girl look .
“Don’t you have any money at all Meg “ said her boss as he quickened the pace of her ass frigging .
“I have $100 Sir ,but I think its going to be a lot more than that”
“Not a chance” said Meg boss. “You did the crime and you can take the swats you naughty girl “
“I will advance you ten dollars so that you can see exactly what to expect”

“Oh” said Meg “that’s very kind of you Sir “

End of Part Two

Part Three Meg faces thirty strokes of the cane for being very naughty…….

Chapter Three Fixed Penalty

Meg was dancing a jig on her boss’s finger . He wouldn’t excuse her until she orgasmed for him . It was her job to fuck his thick finger whilst he kept his finger rigid for her.
He had finished with her asshole and was now allowing Meg to finish herself of with her wet cunt.
Meg was excited not only by the finger fuck she was receiving . She was used to that . It was the prospect of a caning at the Fixed penalty centre that made her cringe with passion and excitement as well as the dread of exposing her cunt and arsehole for the audience.
The ticket hadn’t even arrived yet but she had heard that they always did.

Meg had just over four hundred dollars in her bank account but the bills had to be paid that month and it was barely enough for that.
She needed a raise badly but her boss only kept her in work for the sexual favours he demanded from her.
It was humiliating enough being used in such a way but the work was very light and Meg enjoyed the orgasms she got although she never admitted as much to her boss.
To him she was just a pair of tits and a cunt and asshole on legs for his enjoyment.
A slave to his cock , paid but still a slave…………
Meg raised the tempo. Not just for her boss but she was eager to cum since she had missed out on that morning masturbation session.
She knew that she might be required to sit on her bosses cock if he wanted it .
He had cunt and ass fucked her so often before but today he just wanted to see her squirm on his big finger as he whacked off.
His whole hand was slapping against Megs shaven twat as she felt the first spasm arrive.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “ “I’m cumming Sir” she called .
Somehow it made Meg cum all the faster as she thought about the Fixed Penalty office. She had heard what went on there and the dread she felt excited her all the more.

She was used to exposing her cunt to her boss but all of those people watching her didn’t bear thinking about.
Meg was soaking with cum juice as she gripped her bosses finger tightly in a huge orgasmic spasm and her cream ran down his finger as she creamed .
Taking Megs groans of ecstasy as a signal he whacked off quickly for the “vinegar” strokes and spunked a huge wad from his huge dick end .
Meg picked up a huge man sized Kleenex from the desk and cleaned him off and wiped the desk as best she could . His finger was still deeply embedded in Megs cunt as she did it….

Megs job for the rest of the day was to expose herself as often as possible to her boss.
Her knickers were in his drawer so it wasn’t hard. She would pretend as usual to sort files in the bottom drawers and expose her still wet cunt and arsehole for her bosses viewing pleasure.

Jobs were hard to come by these days and Meg knew she was just a “cunt” to be leered over. Not that she minded. She liked a man to look at her.

In the central ticket office the new batch of tickets were being printed for that week .
2000 tickets for that week alone for Meg county were printed with cold efficiency .
In Megs state 50,000 tickets would be generative that week alone of which it was known less than half would be paid in cash.
Viewing tickets could be purchased at most stores and were rapidly outselling lottery tickets. At least you were sure of a good time for your ten dollars.
Ten dollars bought you one full hour of viewing at the time and date printed on the ticket.
In California they held the dubious record of 200,000 tickets issued in one week .
The viewing tickets were selling like hot cakes and once again California held that record too. Just over on Million tickets sold in the state which surprised no one.
The week went by without event . Meg declined the kind offer of a free viewing from her boss.
She just couldn’t bear to see what was going to happen to her own bare bottom,
She could hardly complain that the process was unfair. She was in this dilemma due to her own actions .
If anything the laws of the United States had become more liberal over the last hundred years since the election of the first female president sixty years ago.
President Linda Williams had seen to it that the death penalty was abolished in all states and legalized prostitution and Pornography for all.
It all made sense since both were rights guaranteed by the constitution and in her famous speech had declared that the Government had no business in the bedrooms of citizens or anywhere else for that matter.
Porn was freely available for all and with that in mind it was legalized by what was known as the “Williams” bill
Everyone had the right to have or engage in sexual activities wherever they wanted to as long as people were not f***ed to watch .
Discretion was the only requirement.

The right to use one’s body as one wished was enshrined into law for all time.
It was held in the Supreme court that a couple fucking in a quiet alleyway were not breaking the law as it stood as the display was clearly not for the public but for personal pleasure only .

The week went all to quickly . Every morning Meg would wait for her post but nothing of interest came. Only the relentless bills and eternal junk mail.
Then on the very last day the postman rang at the door . There was a letter ro sign for and Meg knew what it was.
So did the postman as he smiled .
“Who’s been a naughty girl then “ he said as he produced and electronic pen and handed it to Meg to sign .
“I suppose I have “ said Meg with a wry and nervous smile.
“I have dozens of these to deliver today “ said the postman opening his large post bag and Meg could see a huge wad of letters from the Fixed Penalty office.
“Are you paying or taking the cane”? said the postman
“If you decide on taking the cane I would love to be there”
“Will you let me know if you do and when its going to be ?” he said
“You have seven days to pay by the way “ he said
“I know” said Meg blushing all over.

Meg ripped open the letter and saw that she had been clocked at seventy miles an hour and the fine was as she expected $300 to be paid within seven days at the very latest otherwise the fine , or strokes of the cane would be doubled and her car crushed.
Her legs began to tremble at the thought but a strange excitement sent tiny shivers down her spine.

The only option they gave was that she could call in any time to either pay or be dealt with there and then.
The fixed penalty office were very efficient in that way.
The fines office was opened between 9am through to 10pm and Meg wondered when the slow period was.
Meg had noticed the queue at nine for the viewing gallery and it was just as long in the evening.
There wasn’t a quiet time really .

Thirty strokes of the cane on the bare bottom was a terrible price to pay she thought.
And all those people watching and leering at her cunt and arsehole….
She read the notice over and over and she could almost feel the cane on her arse each time she read it ………..

Meg considered going straight away to get it over with before work but that would make her late and her boss had promised to spank her if she were ever late and he would tease her relentlessly when he saw her red striped bottom.
Meg had been such a naughty and silly girl to find herself in this position.

Meg checked her online account and as she expected she had a grand total of $310 available to her.
She couldn’t survive on $10 that much was certain and it was useless to ask her boss again. He would simply laugh at her and tell her she deserved to be caned which of course she did!
In the event Meg decided to go straight after work at five thirty that evening with no conviction whatsoever.
She was terrified bur excited at the same time.
Meg showered quickly and as she dried herself she looked at her lily white bare arse for the last time, unblemished as it was.
Meg selected a pair of brief silk knickers which she knew were a favourite of her boss and pulled them onto herself . Megs cunt was dripping wet as usual. She couldn’t help it . Meg was always wet ………
I wasn’t worth bothering with a bra , even her quarter cup one that exposed Megs nipples . It wasn’t that comfortable in any case and she only wore it for her bosses pleasure and he could feel her up just as well without a bra.
Megs nipples were as stiff as could be as she left the house and slid into her car.
She drove to work slowly this time hardly reaching twenty for the entire journey.
She passed the Fixed penalty centre on the way to work and saw that there was already a queue forming both for the viewing deck and the payment counter.
Meg wished now that she had taken her boss up on his offer.
Meg really had no idea of the procedure in the caning room and that made her nervous.
She had no intention of telling her boss that she was going to be caned that very day.
He would be certain to try to get a ticket to watch at any cost to see Megs arse being striped.
She just hoped she wouldn’t let it slip during the day.

Meg arrived at work with fifteen minutes to spare and she needed a piss or even a shit.
The usual people were in the shared toilets and despite the total lack of privacy Meg sat on a vacant seat and lowered her knickers.
The Plexiglas’s cubicles offered no privacy at all but gave the occupants a chance for a chat if they wanted one .
Men on one side and women on the other was the general idea but those unwritten rules had long ago fallen into misuse.
It struck Meg that the men always lowered there underwear to the ankles as did some of the women.
Opposite Meg sat two senior female secretary’s and a male manager.
All three had there knickers around there ankles and it seemed as though they were involved in a farting contest as well as a shitting competition as they chatted away about anything and everything.
Mr Benson let rip a let out a loud fart followed by a loud plop as he dropped a huge turd.
“That was a good one” said Miss Grey on his left as she farted a good fart as well.
Mr Grey grunted as he started to urge another turd as Mrs Piper let rip with a championship standard fart .
Normally Meg lowered her knickers just enough to poop without showing her cunt but today she lowered her best knickers down to her ankles too.
Long gone was any resemblance of the modesty of the previous century and the century before that. This was the age of openness and the new “morality”
Meg strained and farted then strained again before a large turd emerged to the delight of her audience.
Mr Benson began to masturbate openly and Miss Piper started stroking her cunt in unison.
Miss Grey watched fascinated as Meg stroked her wet pussy .
Meg had finally surrendered to the fact that some people liked to watch and some to be watched as her thoughts turned to the exhibition she was going to perform that very evening after work.
Meg enjoyed watching but she realised for the first time that she got her real kicks being watched.
Apart from the pain of the caning she was going to receive she was quiet thrilled at the thought of all of those people , men as well as woman who would be seeing her sopping wet cunt and open arsehole later.
Meg had been caned often enough at school and she knew it hurt a lot but her memories lingered with fondness as she thought about the many times she had been bare bottomed over the Principals desk and relishing the view she was providing both the principal and his secretary.
Meg rubbed her clitoris a few times for the benefit og herself and her three viewers before she pressed the transparent cubicles “wash” button and allowed the cleansing unit to do its work.
The warm water bathed her cunt and arsehole before the dryer started and the puff of talcum powder sprayed her genital area.
She made a good show of pulling her tiny silk tong tightly and snugly into place in between her crack and made her way to her office ……………………….

There was little work to be done and Megs boss ordered her to work completely topless . It was as well that she had dispensed with the brassiere that day . He wanted to see Megs large tits and nipples dance and the brassiere would have been removed anyway.
By the size of her bosses erection it was clear he intended to have fun with Meg today …. Today of all days.

As usual Meg set about re-sorting the files in the bottom drawer of the cabinet and she made sure to put on the best show possible for her boss as she stuck her firm arse out as far as possible , her ridiculously short skirt hiding nothing at all.
Within moments she felt the familiar feel of her Masters hands caressing her bottom as she opened her legs wider to give him the access he needed.
He ran his fingers across the thin material of the silk until he could see the wetness appear in the crotch of the panties.
It was always Megs downfall that she couldn’t help but leak clear cunt juice and her asshole dilated in anticipation of what she knew was coming.
Meg had sucked here boss so many times before and been cunt and ass fucked by him on several occasions .
Deep down she enjoyed every moment of it all.
Meg loved sucking his huge dick and loved to be fucked but she never admitted to enjoying his huge dick up her arsehole as much as she did .
Being ass fucked was Megs favourite and she sighed with delight as she felt his fingers pulling at the tiny silk thongs waistband .

So slowly he pulled the knickers down separating Megs arse cheeks as he did so . The thin material clung tenuously to Megs arse crack as with a gentle tug the thing sprang free exposing Megs open and inviting anus.

“You seem to have wet your best knickers again “ he said
“Yes sir” said Meg knowingly “I think I have”
“These are expensive items” said her boss
“I have been considering for some time getting a cane for your naughty bottom if this continues” he said
“Oh yes sir” said Meg “I really think you ought to”
A final tug released the knickers from between Meg’s cunt lips and finally she was completely bare arsed , her skirt around her waist and only her high heeled slippers remained in place.
Megs boss slipped his finger into Meg’s juicy twat for a moment before transferring it to her equally juicy arsehole then taking his huge plum ended dick he place his cock end inside the rim of gaping arse.
Meg was in a state of heightened frenzy as he gently eased his length into her.
Eight inches of solid cock slipped inside Meg with little trouble and he was soon pumping Megs arse mercilessly much to her delight….
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “ cried Meg as he hit rock bottom and withdrew fully before dicking her the full eight inches once more….
Meg wriggled her arse provocatively feeling every centimetre of man meat and desperate for the next thrust.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mmeeeeeeeeee” she cried in an agony of pleasure. How Meg loved the feel of so much dick thrusting in and out of her tightly clenched ass cheeks.
She imagined the kiss of the cane both later that day and when her boss caned her .. She could hardly wait ….
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh , I’m cummminggggggggggggggggg oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Meg cried as her boss and Master spurted a huge was of red hot spunk inside her creamy arsehole.
Meg wondered how it would feel to have both holes filled with cock meat at the same time and how she would love to try it.
Perhaps even a cock in her mouth as she accommodated three cocks at the same time ! …………………
The cock spurted and throbbed inside her as she seemed to orgasm over and over again her hole gripped his cock tightly until at last it came out with a satisfying “plop” and the spunk began to run down Megs inner thigh…

He sat on his leather chair exhausted as Meg licked his dick clean and he started to become erect once again.
Meg felt so very empty now. She liked being plugged in either hole and she was almost creaming thinking about it …………

Meg stayed topless and bare arsed for the rest of the day
“Wear stocking and a garter belt tomorrow” he said smiling .
He put her sticky knickers in his desk . Meg wouldn’t be needing them today .

At five o’clock Meg left work just in time for her appointment with destiny .
She tidied herself up as best she could . Checked her pocket book .
Her fixed penalty notice was safe and sound .
Meg slid sensuously into her car and drove slowly out of the office complex.
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