Megan Brown - Generations

Megan Brown ………. Generations

In which Megan Brown and her descendants are schooled and disciplined
In “Hope Springs” an Anglo Irish Community in Virginia beginning in the year of s*******n sixty one…………………….

This story is not in any way a history of Virginia or “The old Dominion” as it was sometimes called.
It is the story not of slavery or revolution ,rather the daily lives of the good people of “Hope Springs” a small farming community in a pleasant valley not far from the Blue ridge mountain range.
The land was fertile and sustained the one hundred and fifty souls which included fifty boys and girls ranging from babes in arms to boys and girls whom in this day and age would be in school .
Certainly c***dren over seven or eight would be expected to work , and work hard because these time were hard. Every time was hard.
The residents of Hope were all of Anglo - Irish decent and Hope had been settled fifty years before by Patrick Brown and his wife Megan ,
The townspeople were not particularly religious or political in any way . They just wanted to make a living. There were no “gun fights” in Hope .
They really didn’t have time for much other than making an honest living and raising their c***dren as best they could .
There was a general store and a saloon bar with beer and whisky and two prostitutes for the young men and husbands who weren’t getting their satisfaction at home . There was a smithy and a barber/dentist who were both named Brown . Brown and Ryan were common names in Hope and Brown would marry Ryan’s and sometime Brown’s would marry Brown’s .
Tommy Ryan was the blacksmith and also the sheriff for which he received the princely stipend of $5 per annum which was more that he was worth .
The town Mayor was Billy Brown the store owner ,at least for now . His wife Sally was the school teacher at the hastily built school house which had seven c***dren who attended whenever they wanted.
The tiny church was ministered by Joe Brown . He did weddings and funerals and the occasional baptism. On Sundays there was quiet often no one in the congregation at all . This suited Joe just fine ……….
What did bother Joe was that the hardly any of the c***dren could read or write or do the simplest of calculations .
Joe spoke to the Mayor and the Mayor said “we just cant afford a full time teacher Joe”
Joe asked pretty much every day and it was agreed that they needed a teacher but who was going to pay?
“We’re raisin a town of idiots Billy “ said Joe
“I know we are” said Billy “but the big girls and boys are needed for chores”

After six months the town council such as it was had a meeting and decided the k**s were indeed illiterate and idiots and Joe was of course right.
Sally Brown was doing her best but she wasn’t that good at reading herself and made a poor teacher . She could discipline the k**s but not much else.
Sally kept a good stout hickory stick on a hook near the desk which she caned the few girls and boys with but it didn’t help with their reading and writing .
A new tax was proposed which would raise $80 a year, enough for a teacher it was decided along with full board and some much needed schooling equipment.
An advertisement was placed in the Richmond Gazette for a teacher who was well educated and strict with c***dren of all ages .

Mr Martin White was delighted to reply as he had left his former school under a black cloud . Apparently seven of his girls had become pregnant and he was a prime suspect.

Six weeks later Mr White rolled into town on a flat bed wagon and presented himself to the Mayor as the new teacher.
He said he was educated at Harrow in England and he did speak well for an Englishman .
Mr White was tall and looked the part and he had indeed been educated in Harrow but not the famous school . He had in fact been educated at Harrow poor school for orphans but he could read and write very well and had a good grasp of mathematics , literature and history . He would do fine !
“We run a tight ship here Mr White” said Billy
“The c***dren here need teaching well but we are sticklers for discipline in Hope”
“Oh I agree entirely” said Mr White, “I have my own canes and I use them often and very severely indeed”
“Good man “ said Billy .
“I must however insist that ALL of the c***dren whom are over the age of six and eighteen attend school under the strictest of penalties”
“All of ‘em “? said Billy
“Yes all of them “ said Mr White “And furthermore school will start at nine AM and finish at four”
“Any c***d who is late or skips school will be caned harshly”
“Those are my terms” said Mr White “Take them or leave them”!

Billy accepted and wondered how he was going to tell the elder c***dren’s parents that they would be losing their free helpers for most of the day ….

Billy let it be known that all c***dren were required under penalty to attend and that no excused would be acceptable .
The day that the school opened its doors for the first time under new management was Monday and Mr White rang the old school bell at eight thirty giving any late comers time to run to school.

Forty students were expected and forty places set with ten long tables and bench seats along with forty chalk slates .
Mr White went inside and arranged his good selection of five canes on hooks he had screwed into the wall by his desk . It was always a good idea the scare the little devils half to death from the start.
At nine o’clock Mr White went out and saw he had thirty eight k**s waiting outside.
Nineteen girls of various ages and nineteen boys .

A few were regulars but for most it was their first day at school ever.

“Please enter” said Mr White “Eldest at the back and the youngest at the front”
“Girls sit next to boys and boys next to girls”
When they were all seated they saw the vast array of canes which scared them a little as they were meant to.

“We seem to be pupils short” said Mr White “Who might they be ?”
“Its Peggy Brown Sir” piped up a young boy “ Oh and Jimmy Ryan’s not here either”

“Do they live far away”? said Mr White

“No sir” said the same boy “ just over the bridge” he pointed at the covered bridge .
“And Jimmy lives next door”
“Very well “ said Mr White “Please go and fetch them and bring their parents too “

The boy ran off grateful to be out again ……..

Mr White checked the register and all but the two were present and correct.
He set them a simple task of copying what he had prepared on the blackboard which was the alphabet and a few simple words.
He needed to know who could read and write and just how bad their education had been thus far.
Mr White informed his new pupils that no talking or playing was allowed during class and he wouldn’t hesitate to cane any girl or boy who broke that rule.

The k**s were no strangers to the cane or strap . Every household had one and used it on both the c***dren or even on a lazy or disobedient wife!

An hour later Jimmy Ryan turned up out of breath

“Your late Jimmy Ryan “ said Mr White
“I know” said Jimmy “I kinda forgot about school “
“You will soon learn that “Kinda forgot” is not acceptable here “ said Mr White.
Jimmy was sixteen and a real smart Alec .
“Stand in the corner” said Mr White “I will cane you in a few minutes”
“Whaaaa” said Jimmy but decided better than to continue.

Ten minutes later the boy returned with Peggy Brown and her Mother Meg.
Peggy Brown was a pretty s*******n year old with pretty brown hair and Meg Brown was a thirty eight year old red head. Both Mother and Daughter were slim but had big bottoms ,just as Mr White liked them !

“Your Daughter is late for school Mrs Brown “ said Mr White

“I just couldn’t spare her” said Meg Brown “Peggy has chores to do in the morning “
“Are you aware that I have to cane Peggy now” said Mr White “Do you think that’s fair on your daughter?”
Peggy went as white as paper.

“No said Meg” “I spose not, but the chores have to be done “

“So am I to cane your daughter on the bare bottom for your negligence? “
Said Mr White
Peggy looked at her Mother and said “Mom, its your fault, you should get the cane not me”

“I intend to give the boy and Peggy twelve strokes of the cane on the bare” said Mr White “Now who is it to be” ?

Meg Brown went as red as could be as she stuttered “Me I suppose”

“Very good” said Mr White
“Now I want you and Jimmy to remove your outer clothing and kneel on my desk “
“Keep your bottoms high and if you move we shall start all over “

Jimmy wanted to protest but again thought better of it …

Jimmy dropped his pants and his muscular arse and good sized dick and balls were on full view to all .
Worse than that poor Jimmy had a raging erection and the girls all smiled.

“Now you Mrs Brown” said Mr White

Meg was wearing a long cotton dress
“May I just lift my dress sir?” she asked more meekly now
“I will lift your dress” said Mr White seriously
Meg took her place next to Jimmy and Mr White lifted the naughty woman’s dress right up over her head.
Meg was wearing white cotton Knickers!
Mr White liked the look of Megs fat arse and he started to pull the knickers completely off .
“Oh please sir” said Meg , “Not on the bare bottom please”
“I always cane on the bare” said Mr White
At last the knickers were down and Meg did indeed had a fine and plump arse and her anus and cunt were on full display for the whole class!

As this was the first caning of the term and indeed the school Mr White selected his best senior cane from the row of hooks .

Jimmy and Meg looked a delight to Mr White as they kneeled side by side on the heavy oak desk
This was the very reason for Mr White’s choice of professions .

“I want the entire class to pay careful attention to the caning “ said Mr White “As a warning as to what happens when a pupil is disobedient or late”

He decided to cane Jimmy first and ordered him to spread his legs wide.
He checked Jimmy’s arsehole and found it to nicely puckered and then he cupped Jimmy’s balls as if weighing them .
Poor Jimmy ‘s erection was huge and the girls were close to giggling .
Meg was almost crying and her face was as red as could be. Only her husband had ever seen her pussy and arsehole and she knew that it was going to be obvious that Bill fucked her arsehole regularly because it was so dilated.
Mr White noticed this immediately . He had seen so many arse fucked women before ……………
But Jimmy had to face the rod first ……….

“Ouuuuuuuwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” said Jimmy
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Jimmy was going to cry before this was over and two nice stripes appeared on Jimmy’s tight arse!

Jimmy started to bawl like a baby but his boner was holding steady.
“Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
Meg was close to shitting herself in anticipation, how could she ever stand such a caning .
“Keracckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk , Keraccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk , Keracccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Three of the very hardest strokes landed on Jimmy’ s striped arse.
Mr White took the remaining strokes slowly and Jimmy was still sobbing.
“This will teach them who the Master is here” .. Spare the rod and spoil the c***d was his philosophy !
On the last stroke and the hardest yet Mr White wasn’t surprised when Jimmy after squealing and screaming spunked a wad of cream onto the desk!
Mr White had seen this all to often and it was an added humiliation for Jimmy to know everyone had seen him cum !

Mr White considered making Meg lick his desk clean or at least use her already stained knickers to wipe the spunk of his desk . Perhaps on another occasion?
Megs knickers were hanging from one ankle as he moved over to deliver the unfortunate woman’s humiliation.
Normally he would have left Jimmy in position for added punishment but he was in the way so Mr White told Jimmy to return to his bench and sit down
“Leave the pants off” said Mr White “and stop the bawling boy or I’ll have you back here for another dozen “
Mr White intended to enjoy the caning of Meg and she would serve as an excellent example lest any other pupil or parent should dare to defy his orders in the future!
Standing directly in front of Megs big pale arse so that no one could see he fingered Megs cunt with his middle finger.
Meg gasped! She dare not tell her husband of this .. Oh the shame of even being caned alone was bad enough. Now the teacher was finger fucking her!
Megs body betrayed her as the cream began to flow .
Mr Brown rarely fucked Meg in the cunt preferring her arse because it was tighter , “or so he said”
Meg hadn’t had a full orgasm for weeks and that was by fingering herself in private before she arose from bed!
Meg was so very close to creaming and a low moan escaped from her lips.
Mr White saw it coming and stopped in the nick of time !
Just for the novelty value Mr White selected another cane from the hooks.
This one was a “rattan cane” and much swishier . These canes were expensive and Mr White took great care to keep the supple in in perfect condition.
Standing aside now he stood firmly to deliver the well deserved caning.
He wasn’t sure if the pupils could see any difference in Megs twat but it was very wet indeed!
Meg was punished at home but Mr Brown used a paddle on all of his daughters and his wife as well . It had been years since Megs arse had felt the kiss of the cane!
……………………… “ Twwwaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”
“Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh nooooooo” screamed Meg.
“Twelve of these” she thought “ I don’t think I can bear it”
“Swishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Kerackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sir Pleaseeeeeee Sir ,no more Sir “
The next six strokes were in rapid succession but just as hard and Meg farted a loud and gurgling fart.
“Oh the shame of it” thought Meg. “ These c***dren have seen me caned and heard me fart”
Mr White went to Megs ear and whispered “ I can go easy for these last three Mrs Brown “
“Oh would you sir “ she whispered back .
“Yes Mrs Brown” said Mr White “If you agree to visit me here at dusk “
“Oh Sir” I couldn’t , Oh sir my husband sir , what would he say “
“Please yourself Mrs Brown “ he said
“Very well Sir , I’ll do anything , anything at all “
“Indeed you will Mrs Brown , indeed you will”

Mr White delivered the three remaining strokes lightly but they mad a nice whacking sound so no one noticed the leniency.

“Be here at eight of the clock “ said Mr White and if you fail me I will inform your husband and cane you until you shit yourself”!

Mrs Brown was allowed to dismount and started to replace her sticky knickers but Mr White was to fast for her and snatched them away!

“I will keep these” he said “as evidence and for my personal enjoyment”

Meg Brown was sent home in shame rubbing her bottom through her dress.
She couldn’t and wouldn’t mention a thing to her husband as he would paddle her well if he knew what had happened.

Jimmy Brown would also keep quiet or he most certainly would be paying a visit to the woodshed for a switching from his Father or even his Mother.
Mr White had cause to cane three more girls before the day was done .
Sally Ryan received six strokes on the bare for talking
Liz Gaskil got eight of the best for pinching the boy next to her and
Annabelle Grogan got a dozen hard strokes for talking and pissing her panties!
There was an old copper bucket at the back of the school house for emergencies, but it was for real emergencies and pupils were expected to poop and piss before school ,or after school .

By the time the school day was over Mr White had a good idea which students could read or write a little and the standards were abysmally low.
Many of the c***dren didn’t know the alphabet and couldn’t add four and four.
In fact Mr White was an excellent teacher and although very strict he would make a huge difference and most of the c***dren would be reading quiet well before the year was done.
The men folk of “Hope Spring” would be very pleased to have such a teacher and the c***dren would be noticeably better behaved.

Attached to the main school room was a small annexe which would serve as Mr Whites sl**ping quarters. Just a single bed and an American quilt to throw over it . A small desk and a chamber pot and a pipe stove for winter.
A Pewter plate, knife and fork were all that Mr White needed.

Meg Brown showed up on time according to the church clock .
Meg had a good idea what to expect , after all Mr Brown had fingered her cunt earlier that day and despite herself Meg had loved the feel of his long finger inside her .
But what else would the new schoolmaster require of her?
Whatever it was Meg knew she had to do as she was told , she had gone to far not to !

Mr White led Meg into his tiny room and ordered her to strip completely nude and not to utter a word of dissent.
Meg had not bothered to wear her only other pair of knickers as she expected or even hoped to be fucked by the new Master!

Megs large tits were fine specimens and she had large perky nipples which betrayed her by being fully erect.
Her long dark hair swept across her face but hid nothing .
Mr White disrobed and Meg was shocked and surprised at the size of his cock . It must have been nine or even ten inches long and so very thick Meg wondered how he could accommodate her new Master!

She needn’t have worried as Mr White bade her to sit on his bed and began to masturbate in front of her.
“I want you to suck my dick” said Mr White.

Meg was shocked , she knew the two whore’s did such things for pennies and she even suspected Mr Brown had made such use of these so called woman of pleasure.
In fact most of the townsmen had used them , they were young and pretty and had the latest fashions in lingerie from Europe or Richmond.
“Suck me well woman” said Mr White, I still have the power to cane your fat arse”!
His huge weapon nudged against Megs sweet lips and she opened as wide as she could as the Master f***ed his helmet into her mouth !
“Mmmmpppppppthhhhhhhhh” said Meg as she tried to take more cock!
Soon Mr White was thrusting and actually fucking Megs mouth
It wasn’t that bad really though Meg as she tongued Mr White cock end .
It seemed natural to Meg to suck cock even though she had never done it before.
Meg wondered if he would squirt his cum into her throat …… She wouldn’t mind . She was actually enjoying this and her cunt was soaking wet despite herself .

Mr White didn’t cum in Megs mouth however. He would save that for another day perhaps ………
“Now Mrs Brown” said Mr White “I want to lay on my bed on your back and raise your legs as high as can be “
The bed was narrow and against the wall but Meg did as she was ordered.

Meg was supple and she managed to get her legs almost to head height exposing her sloppy cunt and dilated arsehole .
“Very good” said Mr White “ I see you still bear the cane marks I gave you”
Meg nodded
Mr White lowered his face to Megs snatch and licked Megs cunt .
Meg had never had this done either.
These Englishmen are very rude Meg thought…….

Mr White nibbled Megs clitoris . Meg didn’t even know what a clitoris was but she knew she loved it as she was streaming woman spunk from her cunt and couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.
“Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Please Sir , more Sir Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

The little bitch was blatantly fetching off !

“Not so fast Mrs Brown” said Mr White
“I want than fine Irish pussy of yours”
“You have it already Sir” said Meg
With that Mr White took hold of his monster cock and placed the swollen head against Megs cunt lips .
Meg was gasping and the juice was flowing freely as Mr Thrust deeply into Megs snatch .
He went in so quickly and smoothly despite the great girth and he could feel Megs cervix as she gripped him tightly….

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said Meg “fuck me Sir, please fuck me to death”

Mr White began pumping in earnest now ,slowly at first them faster and faster . His cock seemed to grow ever bigger as he fucked deeply and relentlessly
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Arggggggggggggggg” screamed Meg as her cunt muscles spasmed strongly .
Meg had never been fucked so well and hard .. She loved the feel of Mr Whites spunk as its heat hit her cervix!
The white cream slid out of Megs twat and formed a pool in her arse crack where it stayed.

“Now clean my cock with your tongue” said Mr White

Meg was delighted to oblige. It tasted salty but nice and to have Mr White cock in her mouth again was so very nice.
She licked every drop from his helmet and then tongued downwards along the thick shaft….

“Will that be all sir” said Meg
“For now, yes” said Mr White

“The next time I send for you wear you prettiest knickers Meg”
“I expect your husband will give you a good arse fucking tonight” he added
“I expect he will sir” said Meg.

“I dare say you wont allow Peggy to be late again “ said the Teacher smiling

“I might sir “ said Meg with a saucy smile and with a wriggle of her bottom went home to her husbands tiny dick ………….

Mr White spent the next ten years at Hope Springs before he moved on to another position and married one of his former pupils with whom he had eight c***dren of his own ……………..

The End of generation one.
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4 years ago
An excellent tale, I'd loved to have been around then.
4 years ago
Mr White is absolutely no relation of mine!
4 years ago
“We’re raisin a town of idiots Billy “ said Joe. I love that line! lol

This Mr White seems to be quite the tyrant. Is he any relation to you?
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
very good excellent