The final chapter of Maria.

Iknow some of these are out of order but this was the final chapter of "Maria"
Dont you just love a happy ending?

“ How do you solve a problem like Maria”?
Chapter eight

There was a time in the history of man when women and girls were never consulted about anything of importance.
Wives and daughters, servants and lower classes did as they were told .
Mothers had some power over their own c***dren but the final say was at the complete discretion of the man of the household.
This was even more so when that man was a Baron or “Ritter” of the Austrian Empire.
A man such as George Ritter von Trap had such power beyond question.
When he had forbidden his pretty s****r in law ,Elsa to remain at his home and cease her “whoring” in Vienna there was little that Elsa could do about it.
Had not a magistrate in a small alpine town Judged a man who had his wife of twenty six to be “flogged” in the public square to be entirely within his rights after she had sought police help?
The old and virtually unused “whipping post” still stood in the centre of the town square and the disobedient wife had pushed her good husband one step to far.
He had exercised his right to invite the townspeople to witness the flogging which was really just a sound caning of the woman’s large bottom .
He had dragged the woman through the streets nude as the small crowd cheered him on as he attached his pretty wife’s wrists to the ancient and rusty shackles so that she had no choice but to stand on her toes bare naked to receive the caning as was her husbands right and duty.
She had howled and cursed like a whore as her husband had caned her fine big arse with a dozen cuts of the cane whilst the crowd cheered in approval.

She had even gone to the police station in the nearest large town to register a complaint only to be told by the large and burly chief of police that she had only received what she so richly deserved and if she were to persist in her ridiculous conduct he did have the power to order a “police caning “ then and there. The chief had examined the alleged abuse of the woman’s bare bottom which was well reddened and striped and declared it to be “fair and Just”.
It would be foolhardy indeed to question the authority of such a man as the Baron.
Georg had in fact two visits to make that day .The first to the ancient Convent of St Beryl’s. The second to St Philomena’s school in Saltsburg.
Georg had no appointments since he had no need of them.
He was a respected patron of both the convent and the school .
As he drove his huge Mercedes through the countryside towards the convent, farmers and peasant girls bowed and curtsied as he drove past.
As he drew to a halt outside the huge iron gates of the convent , young nuns and novices scurried to open the heavy gates and curtsied in respect of the Barons stature and importance.

s****r Constance greeted the Baron with a huge curtsy and asked respectfully if she could assist Georg with anything at all.
An inspection of the girls, perhaps?
“Perhaps later” said the Baron.
Many of the convents girls were pretty and well matured and an inspection might provide an hours entertainment ……….
Georg knew of the convents ways and their liking naked girl flesh.
The nuns of the convent were not adverse to a little pussy and most had felt a mans cock up their fine arse’s
“Such a waste of pussy” he thought silently as he made his way to Mother Bernadette’s office.
As Georg neared the great oaken doors he could hear the sound of some poor girl being caned and the sobbing girl on the receiving end of the brutal rod.
Georg opened the door without a by your leave. He was Baron and had dominion over all in this miserable convent.
Mother Bernadette nodded her respect to the Baron as she continued to punish the bottom of fat Beatrice .
Beatrice was not so much fat as “big” and her bare arse made for excellent viewing as she “presented” well on the flogging horse. Her arse cheeks were well spread as she endured the twelve strokes of the senior cane ordained by the good Mother.
“May I continue Milord ?“ said Bernadette.
“Of course you may” said the Baron .
“May I examine the penitent”? said George know full well that even the good Mother could never refuse an order from such a person as the Baron. She wouldn’t dare and certainly wouldn’t care to deny the Baron his God given right to do as he wished.

“This shameless girl does have an rather large arse” said the Baron
“Yes Milord “ answered Bernadette.
Bernadette gave the hapless girls another very hard stroke across the arsehole and looked quiet please with the resulting red line she had added to the already well reddened bottom.

Georg approached and parted the poor c***ds arse cheeks as if to examine her in a medical way .
He, of course only wanted a better view of Beatrice’s cunt and arsehole.
Feeling her cunt well he slipped his finger between her labia and tested the girl for virginity. She passed as Georg well knew she would, although as usual the girl was soaking wet!
Then he inserted his middle finger deeply into her arsehole. There was no reason to do this other than for pleasure but it was the expected thing to do.

It was always difficult to determine in a girl was an “anal” virgin or not. George suspected not as Beatrice gaped quiet well although she was still sobbing from the cane.
“Please finish the caning” said Georg, “I wish to speak to you”.
“Yes Sir “ replied Bernadette obediently.

Three hard strokes of the cane completed the fat bottomed girls punishment and she was dismissed . She rubbed her sore bottom as she left still nude and her large tits wobbled as she hobbled out.

“You enjoy caning the girls, don’t you?” said Georg to Bernadette.
“I confess I do Mi’lord” said the Mother Superior.

Mother Bernadette was still an attractive woman of forty two years ,quiet slim and had a shapely figure. She had spent her early years in an orphanage and had been brought up in the strictest manner and had been both arse and cunt fucked by many men of authority as a innocent teenager.
These days she got her pleasure by the caning of young girls and occasionally by an arse fucking from b*****r Benedict .
Other than that Bernadette found her only relief in masturbation which she practiced at every opportunity.

“Do you still take confession and receive penance”? asked Georg.
“Yes sir” Of course. “Father Benedict canes me regularly “ “I am but a sinful woman and a bride of Christ”

“Please remove your clothing” said Georg.

Bernadette didn’t hesitate in obeying such an order. She knew better than that.
All too quickly she was naked and stood without shame as Georg looked her over.
Her tits were well formed and a good size and her arse was still firm and well shaped and bore the marks of a recent caning . From Father Benedict no doubt.
“Bend over the horse” said Georg as the good Mother assumed the still warm bench so recently occupied by the big bottomed Beatrice.
Georg intended to cane Bernadette most severely and selected a good sturdy cane for the purpose.
Before he started he spread the woman’s arse and as usual examined her arsehole and cunt.
Georg wasn’t unduly surprised as his finger slipped easily into Bernadette’s cunt.
He frigged her pussy for several minutes and nearly brought Holy Mother to a massive orgasm . Her cunt loosened under his ministrations and the woman was gushing with cunt juice.
Moving onto Bernadette’s arsehole he discovered that likewise here anus was well used but still well able to accept a large cock!

Georg then commenced the purging of Bernadette’s shapely arse .
He only wished the novices were there to witness the flogging.
Bernadette took the caning well as the red stripes appeared in a geometric pattern across her fine rump. The only sounds that Bernadette made were occasional grunts as the caning bit into her bottom . By the eleventh stroke her passion betrayed her as she fetched of an almighty orgasm and if her cunt juices were anything to go by , it was a powerful one indeed!
George landed the final stroke across her cunt and was satified with his handiwork.

Leaving the woman completely nude he asked her the question he had come to ask.
Bernadette had re seated herself and was still leaking rather badly and her nipples stood firmly to attention.
“ I have decided to marry the girl Maria that you sent to me as a Governess”

“Are you sure Mi’lord” said Bernadette. “We do have several girls here who would be honoured to be taken into wedlock by such a gentleman as yourself”
“Wouldn’t you care to examine a few before you finally decide” she said .
“We have some very pretty girls here” she went on , “Some are quiet beautiful and I’m sure could satisfy your ,errr every need”.
“No” said Georg. “Its Maria who will be my wife” !
“As you wish sir” said Bernadette
“Exactly” said George . “As I wish” and with that he swept out of the convent with but one more call to make that day.
Saltsburg looked particularly pretty that spring day . The pretty young girls were doing what pretty young girls do and the few young men were enjoying the sight as they passed by ,their short skirts and dresses caught by a gentle breeze would show the casual onlooker if the girl was bare or in knickers, Most were without knickers but those fashionable young things who could afford such luxuries wore the briefest and virtually transparent panties which hid nothing of consequence..
Rolf the telegraph boy was delivering his telegrams and letters and all was well with the world.
Even the whores seemed happy enough as they plied there wares in the alley.
There were more now than usual as the demand had increased and the price of pussy was cheaper than ever.
Girls as young as thirteen and women as old as fifty or more seemed happy to sell their cunts, arseholes and mouths to all comers.
The Baron saw a girl who couldn’t have been older than twelve taking a huge farmers cock into her sweet mouth and sucking furiously she gulped as his salty thick spunk spurted deeply into her throat.
A woman of fifty was spread eagled against the alley wall ,her large arse spread and presented as a youth of about fifteen fucked her solidly up the arse.
Rear entry of cunt or bottom was the only practical way of fucking as the alleyway was rough and gritty and would certainly have grazed the knees or arses of the prostitutes as they fucked.
A few whores had places to take their clients . Even the married ones would take their customers into their beds whilst there husbands watched or pottered around the house.
The streets seemed awash with spunk at times.

Parking his Mercedes outside St Philomena’s school, George surveyed the large building of which he was not only a Governor but it’s prime benefactor and patron.
His two elder daughters had been students for four years whilst the remaining four had been taught at home either by his wife or home tutors.
Rosemarie and Maria were doing well enough as Herr Groening and Ms Finkelstien along with the other masters and mistresses were strict and all excellent teachers and in keeping with tradition never “spared the rod” or “spoiled the c***d” .
Walking through the large doors as if he owed the building, which in some ways he did, Georg made his way down the familiar corridors towards the Headmasters office.
Outside the door were three nervous looking girls in the regulation short skirts ,white blouses ,with ties and patent leather footwear. They all looked to be about eighteen . Clearly they were there for a caning.
Knocking lightly at the door and entering without invitation Georg walked in.
Herr Groening was sitting in his green leather “captains chair” and Ms Finkelstien was at the filing cabinet.
Herr Graening rose to greet the Baron with a hearty handshake.
“Baron von Trapp” said Herr Groening”
“Graening” replied the Baron with an endearing smile as he seated himself on the chair opposite the Headmaster.
The Head teachers office looked just as a Head teachers office should look with its customary large cherry wood desk ,the massive bookcases full of antique books of scholarship and the modern green painted metal filing cabinets.
Just like any office anywhere in the world …. With the possible exception of the regulation “caning bench” again covered in green leather as if to match the Headmasters desk…… Like a vaulting horse but much ,much lower so as to allow a miscreant to sit astride it and present his or her bottom to the best possible vantage, or if needs be to allow up to four pupils to kneel lengthways for a “multiple” punishment.
Just above and Headmasters desk hanging ominously from hooks fixed to the wall there were one of the finest selection of canes and straps in the city. On a separate hook there was a superb and well made birch flogger!
No doubt the three girls waiting outside would soon be feeling one or more of the punishment instruments on the bare arse within the next few minutes.
Ms Finkeltien was bending down to access a file from the bottom drawer and her dark blue pencil skirt rode up exposing the most perfect bottom the Baron had seen in many a long month.
The woman’s bottom was ,to the Barons surprise clad in the briefest of silk knickers and although they were virtually transparent Georg was a little shocked that knickers of any type were allowed by Herr Groening.
The headmaster saw the look of shock on the Barons face and said that knickers were allowed for senior teachers only and that if he wished he could have then removed forthwith.
Georg waved his hand dismissing the thought. “Its no matter” he said. ”they hide nothing in any case”
Miss Finkelstien blushed slightly . She would happily have taken her knickers down had the Baron wished, but they felt nice and smooth against her cunt and she loved the idea of being like the ladies of nobility.
Her arsehole and cunt were clearly visible anyway and she rather liked the idea that the Baron was looking at her nether regions.
“How can I help you today Baron” said Herr Groening.
“Would you care to witness the caning of the girls outside” he said .
“Sadly, not today” replied the Baron.
“I have come to inform you” the Baron said, “That I will be removing Rosemarie and Maria from the school at the end of term”
Georg saw the concerned look on the Headmasters face .
“Please no” said the Baron , “There’s no need for concern “
“I am re-marrying shortly and intend to have all of my c***dren educated at my home”.
“Furthermore” he went on “I intend to continue with my funding of your fine school in perpetuity “
The Headmaster looked clearly relieved as did Ms Finkelstien …. Now was not a good time to be out of work she thought.
“May I be so bold as to ask who the lucky bride is to be and when is the happy day”? asked Herr Groening.
“The girl is Maria ,governess to my c***dren “ said Georg
“When”? …. “I haven’t discussed it with her yet” he smiled
“I will of course be sending you an invitation in due course and you will be expected to attend” . “You too Ms Finkelstien” The teacher looked shocked. She had never expected to be invited to such a glamorous affair.
Georg swept out of the office with a flourish and Ms Finkelstien returned to the task of sucking Herr Groening’s cock with greater enthusiasm than she had before the unexpected interruption!
Quickly she sucked the Headmaster to a huge orgasm and his spunk leaked from her pretty lips.
Georg certainly wanted to see more of Ms Finkelstein and perhaps was having a change of mind about the “no knickers” rule !
She looked so erotic in the transparent underwear.
George contemplated the reason so many men ,now and probably in the future that men would buy their women erotic knickers so that they could spend so much time persuading them “out of them” !
Maria had no knickers except the pair she had arrived in and he hardly expected to buy more, even on their wedding day.
Maria would surely walk up the aisle bottomed bare bottomed as was the f****y custom?

When George arrived back at the mansion Maria was supervising a swim in the “cold pool”
The three younger c***dren were swimming and splashing naked and happily.
Maria was nude ,sitting at the poolside with her dainty feet in the water.
For the first time in his life Georg had no idea what to say ,and when men don’t know what to say they usualy say something rather silly!
Georg was no exception to this as he took Maria’s hand and asked …..
“Would you like to wear knickers or be bare bottomed at our wedding”
“Is this a proposal of marriage”? smiled Maria
“I suppose it is” said Georg.
“And your answer is”?

“Yes” said Maria . “ and I would rather be married to you bare bottomed darling”

The End
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