Harriet Potter and the Ringpiece of fire. Part 5

I missed chapter five I think. Oh fuck I cant even get this right. There are 12 chapters in all before I got writers block. I'll try and think of an ending asap

Chapter Five of Harriet Potter and the Ringpiece of fire

“You have fifteen minutes to shit and shower” said Master Cuntly
Molly Mingeworthy had also found that she was a member of “Slippering”
And her arse was still bright red and stinging like fury from the caning.
Mingewothy ,come here” said Master Cuntly.
“Yes Sir” said Molly as she hurried to stand before the Mighty Wizard.
“Your fat arse must be stinging” said Cuntly
“It is sir” said Molly
“Fortunately for you we have a magic lotion “ said Master Cuntly as he produced from nowhere a small jar of lotion.
“This is a marvellous lotion which was invented by a former Grande High Wizard many years ago. His name was Master Geoffrey Posterior and it is very expensive but very effective for caned bottoms”
Actually the lotion was made by magic at no cost whatsoever.

“Bend over girl” said Cuntly.
Molly bent over her allocated iron bedstead and presented her arse to Master Cuntly for “Posturisation” as he called it in respect for the old Wizard who had invented this marvellous lotion.

“Spread those cheeks” snapped Cuntly . Molly spread as wide as possible as she didn’t want another dose of that horrible cane again today.
“Master Cuntly gently applied the lotion to Molly’s arse cheeks and it stung like hellfire but after a moment she could feel her bottom getting better and in fact was restored to its previous colour of pinkish white
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” said Molly as the feeling was very sensuous and her pussy was itching somewhat.
Master Cunly poured another glob of the precious liquid onto his long middle finger and inserted it deeply into Molly’s arsehole!

“Better to treat the whole area I always find” said Cuntly as he arse fingered Molly relentlessly .
“Oooooooooooh” said Molly “Its very nice sir”
“I know” said Cuntly, “You’re a very lucky girl” !
Yet another glob of the magic elixir was applied the Wizard’s long finger as he changed holes and inserted his digit deeply into Molly’s cunt and began “frigging” the affected area.
Molly’s gash was dripping wet as Cuntly magically enlarged his finger to eight inches and kept working away at Molly’s very naughty cunt!
In just two minutes Molly was gasping for air as she went red in the face and orgasmed heavily. The cunt juice was now flowing like Niagara falls as Molly’s cuntal opening dilated spasmodically in perfect rhythm to her arsehole .
“Mmmmmmmm Sir” That was wonderful ! “Thank you so very much Sir”
“Now” said Master Cuntly and the girls now knew the reason for the Wizards Name,” Its shitting and shower time , hurry up ,its lights out in but ten minutes”
“Walk this way” said Cuntly and he lead the twenty five naughty girls to the vestibule which had twenty five identical toilets side by side with one inch separating each shitter.
“Be seated” ordered Cuntly
The twenty five girls seated there bare arses on the cold enamel bowls and nothing happened at all!
“I cant shit” said Harriet.
“Nor me” said Hermoine
“We had a shit in the taxi on the way here “ said Harriet pleadingly.
With a wave of his mighty knobstick , Cuntly created his favourite spell!

Simultaneously the twenty five girls farted and shat ,farted some more and each girls arse ring parted and twenty five perfectly formed turds popped from their bottom holes in perfect unison!
“Wow “ said Hermoine , “That was amazing”!
Each girl wiped their respective bottoms with the cheap hard toilet paper we all know and love and flushed it down the loo!
“Into the showers now” said Cuntly, “Hurry hurry”
Opposite the toilet bowls was a shower area with twenty five shower heads but of course no separating walls. There was certainly no concept of pricacy at “Hogknob”
The girls stood beneath the showers and waited.
The water temperature was set fro freezing which was its warmest setting .
The morning setting was minus two!
With an almighty “whoosh” the freezing water cascaded from the showers drenching the girls in icy water.
“Fucking hell” said Harriet . The other girls just looked pathetic as Cuntly made a note in his little magic book
“Potter to be caned on the Morn” it read ….“28 strokes”
For five full minutes the torrent went on freezing the tits of those girls who had tits and the arses of those that didn’t ….. which was all of them.

The tiny hand towel was then used for drying which was totally inadequate but somehow they managed.
Then “off to bed” Cuntly ordered and the girls scurried to their beds which had their names above them and a tiny bedside cabinet which contained their brown leather cases.
“It is exactly four minutes to eight” said Master Cuntly.
“We allow each girl five minutes of “frigging” time each bedtime but since you have wasted so much time you have but four minutes to take your pleasure”
“This is the ONLY Time you will be allowed to masturbate” said Cuntly ,”so I suggest you start now as you will all be sound asl**p by eight of the clock.
Now we all know that witches wank pretty much all day long given the chance so the girls started straight away.
Even Sally Simple the twelve year old needed a good wank and Molly Mingeworthy who had already cum was eager for another frigging!
Needless the say Hermoine and Harriet wasted no time in pushing four fingers into there eager twats!
The thin “duvets” supplied were soon pushed aside as twenty five girls began to pleasure their pussies.
Harriet the worlds “wanking” champion was first to orgasm which started a chain reaction and soon all twenty five girls were moaning and groaning .
Fingers were flying as each and every girl came with an almighty “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as they spunked off!
Thirty seconds later the girls were all sound asl**p
“Dirty little fuckers” said Master Cuntly as he left them in the care of the resident “autocanes” hanging and quivering on the hooks at the end of the bed chamber.

Pretty much the same scenario had been enacted in the other three dormitories .

Mistress Potnoodle had “tagged” Tina Trollope for saying “cunt” when the showers started and put her down for twenty of the cane and an hour of “the chair of pleasure”
She had also slippered the more mature Annie Fartington for twiddling with her pussy and nipples without permission.
The “slipper” wasn’t actually a slipper as such but rather a leather paddle that was sort of “slipper” shaped and Annie had been over Mistress Potnoodle’s knee for a good whacking without the benefit of “Posturisation” afterwards. She had also been arsehole fingered thoroughly!

Grandmaster Griffendome had no trouble to speak of with his girls but had subjected three of them to a good “finger fucking” because they were especially pretty and had nice bottoms and cunts.
The last of the houses was “Birching” which was the domain of Grande Master Adolphus von Fuckstien of Bavaria, a rather sinister and younger Wizard who was a bit of a loner but nevertheless it was said “Had great and unusual powers” but no one knew who had said it.
He was in charge of twenty two of the girls and the three “token” boys at the school.
This was fine by Master Adolphus as he seemed a little gay at times and certainly the boys arses did seem to be “well used” and seemed to sport permanent erections of monumental proportions!

Before retiring for the night it was the custom at “Hogknob” for the resident Grande Witch .ie Mistress Potnoodle to service the Grande Wizards either by fucking them senseless or making her very pretty arsehole available to them.
Mistress Potnoodle was partial to having her ample arse birched before any favours were allowed and Master Griffendorf performed the honours that night by placing Mistress Potnoodle over the very same bench that had been used earlier to birch the Mistress with fifty of the very best lashes of the freshly cut birch rod.

Each lash cut a swathe of twenty red marks into the good Mistresses arse which brought her to the very verge of orgasm .
Following which the Grande Masters fucked her in the twat for what seemed an eternity except for Master Adolphus who buggered her arsehole as was expected.
Finally Mistress Potnoodle dildoed herself to a giant and noisy orgasm with the largest dildo ever seen at sixteen inches long and made of solid leather!

At five sharp the bells rang and the girls of all houses were awake and grumpy . The “floating” canes were busy urging slowpokes into action and finally all the girls were seated ,doing their morning shit!
No girl was naughty or swore because they now knew the consequence of doing so .
They all plopped nicely and in good time and stepped into the showers for their minus freezing morning shower………..
Two hundred nipples stood to attention as the icy water rained down on their nude bodies.
The one good thing to be said for “Hogknob” was that NO germs ever got into the castle and therefore no student ever got ill.
Also the diet at “Hogsknob” seemed meagre enough but it was nutritionally “perfect” and fat girls soon got slim and thin girls soon had a bit of meat on ‘em!
The uniforms were as good as promised and “one size did fit all” as by magic of course each uniform “moulded” itself into the correct shape and size.
The blazers were a very pretty shade of blue with matching “house” ties.
The shoes were black and shiny and had three inch heels.
The skirts were exactly one inch to short however and exposed each girls bottom by the regulation one inch!
Very pretty indeed everyone agreed!
How smart they all looked as they came down the grand stair case for breakfast.
The girls all seated themselves on the still splintery benches awaiting their breakfasts of “rice crispies” and tea.
There was the punishments to do before anyone could eat and Tina Trollope and Harriet Potter knew they were for it !
Tina was first and it was decided that Tina AND Harriet should have a taste of the “ chair of pleasure” as well as Harriet.
Tina bent over the flogging stool with Harriet by her side and both girls were close to tears .
“Its all very well for you bitch “ said Harriet, “Your only getting twenty”
At that young Tina did start sobbing as she wasn’t so used to getting caned as Harriet.
Tina’s mouth formed a perfect “O” as the first stroke landed across her cunt line!
Harriet grit her teeth as usual and took it well until the second stroke landed in exactly the same spot! “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” yelled Harriet!
“Oooooooohhhhhhhhaaaa” said Tina!
Tina’s bottom was well striped before she was sent to the corner to await the “chair of pleasure” ,whilst Harriet had eight more to come yet.
It stung like hell of course but as usual Harriet’s cunt was steaming cunt juice by the twenty eighth stinger!
Finally both girls were placed in the corner . Skirts raised as a warning to others . Both arses bright red and beautifully striped .
The famous “Chairs of pleasure” were brought out and placed on the dais.
The “Chair of Pleasure” was actually four chairs of pleasure but usually one was used at the time but occasionally all four had been used together for “special events”
They were quiet simple devices made cheaply but so very effective being a simple oak stool with a very low back , very ordinary really except …. Except for the huge anal or cuntal dildo which was jointed in the seat .
The dildo was cock shaped and eight inches long as very thick being made from the finest hardwood from Togoland and polished to perfection by craftsmen and oiled with the finest lubricant. Not so bad you might think?
But it was in fact much worse than anyone could imagine . The Chairs of pleasure were feared and loathed by all but the bravest witches in the land.

Mounting the Dais the two naughty girls were made to crouch over the dildo’s and allow the eight inches of wood penetrate their cunts.
This wasn’t easy even for Harriet and she used all of her witch powers to accommodate the huge cocks.
Tina struggled for a while but managed to get the whole dick in after a few minutes. .
The power of the chairs of pleasure was not in magic but in the essence of the wood. It had a slightly irritating affect which was tolerable for a few minutes but as time went by the irritation became unbearable and the girls began to wriggle in discomfort more and more. Tina and Harriet did everything in their power to get comfortable but the irritation was wearing them down second by second . They just couldn’t sit still ……… and that was the secret of the “chair/s of pleasure. There was nothing for it but for Tina and Harriet to raise their arses to relieve the itching right to the top of the wooden cocks and then ………. Drop down again . Then up again ,and down yet again ….. The irritation was driving them both crazy as they were up and down on the huge dildo’s until at last the girls were effectually “fucking themselves”!
What Tina or Harriet did not know was that the chairs were to be “ridden” not for a few minutes but for three hours! In the first twenty minutes both girls had four orgasms each and their pussy’s were so very sore .
When an hour had passed the agony was excruciating but the girls had no option but to keep fucking their own cunts!
By the second hour Harriet was bawling for mercy and Tina was close to dying!
Both girls shit themselves after two and a half hours and still there ordeal was not over!
Harriet was a bigger girl and her legs were finally giving up whilst Tina was lighter but not as strong.
The world record for the “Chair of Pleasure” was currently held by a Russian witch at an incredible “SIX” hours!
On the tlast second of the third hour Harriet and Tina were braying like donkeys… Nothing on earth would ever get them back on the “Chairs of Pleasure”!!!!!
The very thought of being arse fucked of these devilish chairs was beyond imagination .
“Posterisation lotion was quickly applied to the girls tenderised arseholes and the pain was soon subsiding.
Not only that but the girls had missed their rice crispies and tea .
They were starving! And they still had a full day in front of them including “broom riding”!
“Mistress Potnoodle took pity on the two pathetic specimens and gave them a bowl of Shreddies each and a cold cup of tea.
Little did Harriet and Tina know was that Mr Shagrod, the gamekeeper, handyman and general ne’er do well was currently working on a “sawhorse” punishment device on which naughty witches would be “straddled “ for hours on end with the sharp triangular wood cut into their pussy’s and arseholes!
Shagrod was a cross between a giant and a human and stood eight feet tall and he like pretty girls rather too much.

Outside in the giant central courtyard the “brooms “ had been released and two girls from each house had been selected to go for a “road test”.
It was all a dangerous business ,but no girl or boy had actually been killed in the act of broom riding although a few had been maimed!
“Witches cannot fly “ explained Master Cuntly , a past champion broom racer.
“The broomsticks do all the flying and the witch merely steers the broom “ he went on.
Hermoine had been volunteered for “slippering” and Peggy Pooper was riding for “Caning”
“Broomsticks today” said Cuntly “do all the work for you ,unlike in my day with yer double de clutching and all”
“They even have “cruise control” and handle bars to steer with” he mumbled
The “sticks” did in fact look pretty modern these days being smooth wooden stick with a traditional brush on one end (for effect it was said” Handle bars on the other and along with some “high tech “stuff had two prominent “pegs” . One for cunt entry which gave excellent manoeuvrability and another for arsehole entry as an extra feature for height control!
Peggy Pooper mounted the stick first and the pegs were oiled for an easy insertion .
The cunt plug first which seemed to vibrate with power .
“Mmmmmm” said Peggy , very nice” !
The arse control mechanism was a bit of a tight fit but a little shorter and it went in quiet nicely. With her short skirt now above her waist she was good and ready to go.
Hermoine was next to mount her “sporty model” with the red stripes and shorter handle bars.
With the more up to date cunt control which was thicker and longer she felt pretty good about the imminent test. It tool a while and some extra grease to get arse plug engaged but it was a perfect fit and Hermoine felt well filled in more ways that one.
“Lady’s” said Master Cuntly, “You may start your engines”!

With that the “sticks” began to vibrate violently.
For forward speed it was necessary to clench the cunt muscles tightly or release the tension to slow down .
The height was controlled by leaning backwards or forwards with the arsehole!
Both the girls were leaking from both holes as they clenched both holes………… and Wooooooshhhhhhh . They were launched into the air like eagles. The handlebars were clearly for steering side to side and both girls seemed to be doing quiet well as they circled above.
Peggy Pooper, true to her name was farting well or “backfiring” as Cuntly called it.
The thing about the modern “broomstick” or the older models for that matter was that the inevitable vibration caused the rider to orgasm rather quickly . This explains the origins of the ancient broomsticks popularity with olde haggs of yesteryear.
It was never that witches wasn’t that witches wanted to travel anywhere, it was more for the gargantuan orgasms that “sticks” were first introduced!
Premature orgasms was a slippering offence and when inevitably Peggy Pooper came her howls could be heard for miles around!
“I’m cummmminngggg” she wailed followed by Hermoine’s “Me tooooooo”
Hermoine ,and Peggy being older received a good slippering (Paddling) of twenty for Hermoine and thirty for Peggy . The extra ten whacks for being older and knowing better and the excessive in flight farting!

End of Chapter Five
Next in chapter six the entire schools gets the cane and Shagrod gets a boner again !
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