Meg Brown visits the Principals office

Meg Brown and the Principals Office

A short story of one Chapter………

Meg Brown had always been a good girl, even at home her parents
had no real reason to spank her .
She had been over her Mothers knee a few times but that was years before and was
all but forgotten.
Her primary school used the old fashioned over the knee spanking and the cane for the
naughtiest boys and girls but never severely and Meg had managed to avoid it.

Now she was eighteen and was looking forward to college and a career and perhaps
even a good husband and perhaps c***dren of her own.

Meg had only three months left at high school and she knew the principal was very strict
and did use the cane on both boys and girls of all ages.
The sound of the cane could be heard as she passed his office and it made her tummy
feel strange when she heard the sounds and in her mind she could almost see inside the
office and the unfortunate girl with her knickers either around her ankles or off completely.
How humiliating she thought ,to be exposed to Mr Spencer’s view
And she knew the cane really hurt because she had seen the red stripes on other girls bottoms in the school cloakroom . Everyone insisted on seeing and it was customary to show the marks to anyone interested.
The cane was of course the last resort for Mr Spencer and he only punished a girl or boy after several warnings.
Meg would have been horrified if it were her ,but she was fascinated by the whole thing.
Perhaps she even had a secret longing to be exposed and caned very
Hard in Mr Spencer’s office ?
The very thought made her tremble with an erotic fear and she often had a damp patch in her white, very skimpy knickers when she thought to long about it.
Meg was a straight “A” student and always got her homework in on time .
She was a good natured girls and everyone liked her. Always polite and courteous ,their wasn’t really any chance that she would ever get the cane now and in any case only the very naughtiest girls ever did.

It was a warm June day and the sunlight was streaming through the large
Classroom windows on the ground floor.
Dove High School was a very old school dating back well over a hundred years and was set in beautiful grounds with willow trees and pretty flower beds nurtured lovingly by the old Irish ground keeper.

Back in 1909 when the school had opened for the first time things were very different.
Dove High had been endowed by a very wealthy lady , Mrs Constance Craddock , the wife of the famous industrialist Leopold Craddock and it was an all girls school .
Even then it was a privilege to be selected to be allowed to attend .

In those days two hundred girls attended in the traditional school uniform designed by Mrs Craddock herself .
A red blazer and white blouse with black patent leather sensible shoes , the official school tie and even the new white bloomers
All refined ladies wore them and these were made in New York City by special order.
Not as large as Mrs Craddock’s own bloomers but smaller and lighter and much more suitable for a young girl.
As was the fashion in those days the knickers were of course “crotch less” for hygiene purposes and fresh air .
A white straw hat with a red ribbon and bow completed the picture.
In each of the seven classrooms there were double desks and folding bench seats for twenty two girls and a large desk for the teacher of whom five were men from the finest universities and two ladies from Yale.
Each class room had a hook above the teachers desk and on it hung a “regulation” cane made form yellow bamboo again imported from New York,
Girls were caned for the slightest infringements of rules or even talking in class .
The board of Governors had decreed that six strokes of the cane could and should be administered in the classroom at the Masters discretion when the girl to be punished had to lean against the Masters desk ,remove her bloomers and receive the correction there and then .
For more serious offences such as failure to complete homework or persistent chattering a girl would be sent to the principal for twelve strokes of the cane or up to fifteen whacks of the paddle also on the bare bottom.

Things had changed now and each year the Governors had a meeting to determine school policy.
In 1959 the governors decided to allow a limited number of boys into the school.
The motion to ban the cane was defeated by 27 to 3 but the amendment was adopted to allow only the principal to administer it with or without a recommendation from a teacher.
Each year since then the motion was proposed and defeated by a large majority.
The cane was here to stay.

Meg was day dreaming . It was such a pleasant day and Mr White was talking about Nathan Hale which Meg already new all she needed to know about.
Meg yawned ,she could so easily have fallen asl**p right then and there.

She wasn’t even listening as a girl entered the classroom and whispered something into Mr White’s ear.
“Thank you “ said Mr White as he sat down thoughtfully .

“Meg Brown” said Mr White “ Mr Spencer wants to see you in his office right now”!

“Me” said Meg with a stunned look on her face.
“Yes Meg, you “ said Mr White
“It seems” he said “that you didn’t hand your homework in this morning”

“But sir , I did “ said Meg “ I remember handing it in “
“Well you’d better go and sort this out with Mr Spencer Meg” said Mr White
Meg stepped towards the door and made her way down the long corridor ,past the library as if in a dream .
“This cant be happening “ she thought
She distinctly remembered doing her homework the night before.
She walked more slowly now as she remembered her Father telling her to start her homework before it got to late.
Meg always completed her homework .
I never took long ,perhaps an hour but she was watching one of her favourite
TV programs . She would soon polish it of right after the program finished.
Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks!
Had she done it ? The seeds of doubt now blossomed in her head.
Meg had been awfully tired.
“Oh cripes” she thought.
“I didn’t do it “ she thought with a sudden realisation !
Meg mouthed the word “Oh fuck” but didn’t say it .
She now had to face Mr Spencer and explain herself.
She would do it as soon as she got home, or even stay over at school ,
She could do it in under thirty minutes if needed.
Oh the shame of it all made Megs face go red . Being sent for by the Principal was something that happened to other girls……… Naughty girls … Girls about to be caned or paddled!

The little red light above Mr Spencer’s door was red which meant knock and wait .
When the light turned green she knew she could enter.
It was then that Meg heard the sound that always made the butterflies in her
Stomach churn with a strange fascination . The sound of a girl or even a boy being caned on the bare bottom !
“Whackkkkkkkkkk” came the sound Meg dreaded and yet was drawn towards over and over in her mind
“Thwaaccccccckkkkkk” and Meg heard the sound of a girl .
It sounded like Sarah Trotter but she could be wrong .
Sarah Trotter was often in the Principals office because she was one of the
Schools naughtiest girls.
Meg could hardly imagine that Sarah was even now bent over Mr Spencer’s desk with her big bottom in the air displaying everything and getting caned to boot!
After what seemed to be an hour but in fact was five more minutes Sarah emerged from the office rubbing her bum and there was a hint of a tear in the corner of her eye.

“Oh” said Meg , “It was you then “
“Well well “ said Sarah “I never thought I’d ever see you here Brown” she said smiling .
“Its not what you think” said Meg
The light turned green and Meg entered . Mr Spencer was sitting at his desk and his yellow bamboo cane was still on his desk. Still warm ,so to speak!

Meg was pretty certain she could worm her way out of this dilemma , it was an oversight after all.

“Your homework Brown “ said Mr Spencer
“Where is it”?

“I’m awfully sorry sir” said Meg “I forgot to do it “
“I can do it straight after lessons sir” “I really am sorry sir”
“Forgotten to do homework “ said Mr Spencer “well there’s a novelty” he said.
“Well since it is your first time” said Mr Spencer ….. Molly sighed with relief and her knees went weak.
“I will only give you six of the cane “ said Mr Spencer!

“Oh noooooo sir , please sir , you cant sir “ said Meg starting to blub .
“Over the desk please Brown” “ I will remove the panties”
“I cant sir” said Meg . “I really am sorry sir”

“If you refuse the cane you wont graduate and if you don’t graduate you certainly wont be taking your place at college next year” said Mr Spencer.

“Would you like me to telephone your Mother “ he continued.
“No sir “ Please don’t sir” said Meg
“Look at it this way Brown “ said Mr Spencer “Over my desk now and since its your first time I will not enter this caning into to punishment book and there will be no mention on your permanent record”
“This is like a bad dream” though Meg “A nightmare in fact” and the hundred butterflies became a thousand . She wished now she had taken the opportunity to take a p*o when she had the chance.
There was no real option for Meg , how could she tell her Dad and Mom she wouldn’t be going to college and not even graduating?
“Onto the desk Meg” said Mr Spencer “ NOW”!
In a daze Meg clambered onto the desk and Mr Spencer positioned her as he required.
“Cling on to the far edge” said Mr Spencer and as Meg leaned over to comply she could feel her short skirt ride up exposing her big and still panty covered bottom
Meg just wished a hole would appear so that she could disappear down it.
Mr Spencer was an old hand at this and had caned hundreds of girls and boys and his routine never varied.
He flipped Megs skirt even higher and Meg felt the cool air on her thighs.
“Keep your bottom up Meg” said Mr Spencer and mesmerised Meg did as she was told.
Meg could feel Mr Spencer’s hand on her panty waistband as he slowly pulled her skimpy knickers down .
“Oh please sir ,cant I keep my panty’s on ,there ever so tiny “ said Meg
“Caning is always on the bare Meg” said Mr Spencer “You should know that”

Ever so slowly the panty’s were lowered . As they revealed Megs lovely bottom the gusset stuck to Megs arsehole and needed an extra tug .
Megs bottom hole was slightly sticky as most girls were but a very pretty shade of dark pink .
The panty’s really were covering nothing at all but the rules were rules after all.
Slowly and again sticking to Megs pussy the panty’s were cleared and the target was now fully exposed and Megs face was as red as could be .
“Not as red as her bottom was going to be “ thought Mr Spencer as he examined Megs panty’s carefully.
There was the slightest hint of a brownish stain on gusset and a white patch of still slightly damp juice as well ..
“Quiet normal “ said Mr Spencer.
Meg had never felt so humiliated or exposed in her life but in some corner of her mind a flicker of excitement was burning.
Mr Spencer opened Megs bottom cheeks for the usual check he always performed .
Megs anus was in perfect condition albeit a little damp and opened all to freely.
Her vagina seemed in order as well and Mr Spencer observed the hairless labia and really quiet damp pussy hole. Once again quiet normal
Mr Spencer flexed the cane and said “are you ready Meg”?
“Will it hurt much sir”
“Yes” said Mr Spencer “of course it will hurt girl , the cane is supposed to hurt and more than a little”!
“Now spread those legs a little wider girl “ said Mr Spencer “I like a large target” !
Meg complied with a quiet moan of disbelief . Mr Spencer could see everything!

The first of the six stinging whacks caught Meg across the anus line and Meg nearly shat herself !
“Ooowwwwwwwwwwwww” cried Meg “Oh sir”
The second stroke landed a second later barely a millimetre from the first.
“Oooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee “ yelled Meg and a drip of pee dropped from her pussy.
Then the third landed on the left arse cheek and stung like fury and Meg barely held back an enormous fart!
Arrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh Ouchhhhhhhhhhheeeeee”
The forth landed squarely on the right cheek and Mr Spencer could clearly see Megs anus expand and her vaginal juices started flowing.
Mr Spencer had seen it all so many times before . He took no heed of Megs obvious distress .
“I think you will be needing the toilet after this Meg” said Mr Spencer
“Yes sir” said Meg “I will sir”
The fifth stroke landed in the vaginal region and Meg clenched her bottom cheeks as firmly as she dare to prevent a catastrophe .
“Ewwwwwwwweeeeeeeee Owwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
Meg was leaking badly now from both holes and her legs began to shake as she tried so hard to maintain her position .
Mr Spencer made Meg wait for the last stroke of the cane as he swished his cane and admired his handiwork at the same time !
Meg was in real distress now as she needed to poop and pee at the same time .
Tears were rolling down her face as she prepared for the final stroke of the horrid cane!
The final stroke swished onto the overhang of Megs bottom at the crease on her thighs and her poor bottom hole nearly exploded !
“Yarrrrrrgggggggggggg Argggggggggggggggg Oweeeeeeeeeeeeeee” screamed Meg . Her bottom was bright red but she stayed in position until Mr Spencer told her she could “dismount”.
With a sharp slap of his hand on Megs fine arse he finally allowed Meg permission to clamber down from the desk as best she could .
“There you go Brown” said Mr Spencer “that wasn’t so bad was it?”
“No sir” lied Meg unconvincingly .
“I think you’d better run now” said Mr Spencer.
Meg flew from the office without even pulling her stinky panty’s back on.
She had more urgent needs at the moment!

Meg was so thankful that there was only one other girls in the toilets who was shitting away and whistling away tunelessly .
Meg made it in the nick of time as she released the poop from her tender anus and she peed like a horse noisily .
“Fuck me” said the girl in the opposite stall “ have you been caned Meg?”

“Shut up “ said Meg
Finally she wiped her bottom and returned to class.
Nothing was said and Meg took her seat without a murmer

Meg arrived home at the usual time . She had decided to tell her parents nothing of the events of the day . Her bottom was still smarting and well striped but the butterflies were still tickling her tummy and working downwards to her pussy.
Sally Brown ,Megs mother was fresh out of a soothing bath and was wrapped in a huge fluffy towel.
As she turned around Meg thought she could see her Moms ass and it seemed to Meg that her own Mothers bottom was a little red. It was probably just the hot water………
Back at the school Mr Spencer was leafing through old volumes of “punishment books” and he was amazed to see the numerous entry’s for
Sally Brown .
Meg told her Mother she needed a lay down and climbed the stairs to her bedroom .
Megs pussy was tingling badly now and needed some attention .
On her dressing table was a green folder .
In the green folder was her homework which was completed perfectly and tomorrows homework which wasn’t yet started.

There are times in everyone’s life when a decision is made , sometime a good one and sometimes not so good .
Meg had made her decision and she knew she had to stick to it whatever the consequences .
Meg picked up the entire folder and its contents …. Walked downstairs and into the basement where the furnace was blazing .
Taking the folder in both hands ……… She threw the folder into the fiery furnace .

The End
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4 years ago
O, that naughty meg. A very satisfying story if you know what I mean! ;) ty for the pleasure. Signed, this poor waif.
4 years ago
A very nice story, well-told. It's a pity it's all over in one chapter - won't you reconsider?

Thanks anyway, clearly - we loved it!
4 years ago
very naughty girl now about part 2