Meg gets the cane

Mr Spencer put off the inevitable meeting with Meg for as long as possible.
Meg was a pretty young thing , very much like her Mother except that Henry knew Sally had always been a prick teaser and slut and Meg had never been fucked as far as he could tell.
He had looked at her cunt only the day before and she whilst her cunt gaped quiet openly rumour had it that Meg didn’t “put out”.
Meg had forgotten her homework and had to be caned but according to her Mother she had forgotten it again!
“What was the c***d thinking of” he thought.
Now he had to give Meg twelve strokes of the cane and ass fuck her.
That didn’t bother Mr Spencer one bit , in fact her relished the idea but he was curious as to Megs change of her usual perfect conduct.

Meg was in class and wondering when she would be sent for. She knew it would happen but not when.
Meg felt the butterfly’s again and a strange mixture of fear and sexual excitement . Eight strokes of the cane was surely going to hurt but she had loved the cuntal and anal examination Mr Spencer had given her.
At every opportunity Meg had gone to the toilet to check her panties and shit as best she could.
Her knickers were slightly stained but not as badly as usual and she had taken the precaution of stuffing a spare pair into her school bag.

Meg was deep in thought when the call came to go straight to Mr Spencer’s office.
Meg had hoped it would be after break as she was hoping to take a quick piss beforehand but it was to late for that .
The green light was on as she knocked , paused a few seconds and walked in .
“Sit down Meg” said Mr Spencer “ we need to have a discussion before I punish you”
“Now about your homework” said Mr Spencer

“I seem to have forgotten it again Sir” said Meg
“No Meg” said Mr Spencer. “you didn’t forget it did you?”
“I’ve spoken to you Mother and Father and it seems you deliberately destroyed your homework “ ……. Meg looked shocked
“What in hell are you playing at Meg?” said Mr Spencer
“ I Ddddddont know Sir” stuttered Meg
“For years you have been a near perfect student Meg” said Mr Spencer
“Do you enjoyed being caned on the bottom girl”

Meg blushed and finally blurted out ……….” Yes Sir , I think I might Sir”
“You might be sorry young lady “ said Mr Spencer “when I tell you your Mother has specifically asked for you to be given twelve strokes of the cane on your pretty little bottom “
Meg felt a spurt of pee escape her sweet but wet cunt!
“Furthermore” said Mr Spencer “ your Mother has asked that you be anally penetrated as well”!
“My Dad wouldn’t allow that “ said Meg
“Your Father is fully aware of you punishment Meg” said Spencer “ and approves completely”
“I spoke to you Father just an hour ago and I had your Mother in here earlier” said Spencer with a wicked smile.
“She was prepared to be caned and bottom fucked in exchange for you enduring the same treatment” said Spencer
“You caned my Mother?” said Meg , “ I don’t believe it”
“Perhaps you will believe this “ said Spencer as he sat Meg in front of his computer screen and pressed “Play”………
Megs eyes were as large as saucers as she saw the events of two hours before.
Her Mothers bare arse was getting caned most severely and she seemed to be loving every moment!
When Meg saw her pretty Mother shitting into the potty her hand wandered between her legs,,,,,,,,
“What a cunt” said Meg “Oh I’m sorry Sir I didn’t mean to say that , I’m so sorry Sir”
“ Just between you and I ,and on this occasion you can speak freely Meg” said Spencer , “She is a cunt and in case you were wondering , yes your Dad does know about this and I have his full support and permission “!
Meg was beside herself with sexually charged excitement as she continued to rub her pussy . She just couldn’t help herself!
“Your cunt of a Mother fucked her way through this school Meg and this is exactly what she deserved”!
“Yes Sir” said Meg “I can see that “
Meg came so very close to creaming her panty’s when she saw the images of Mr Spencer cunt fucking her Mother….
“Ohhhh Ohhhh Sir” said Meg “ as she openly wanked her own pussy at the sight!
Then when Meg saw Mr Spencer’s huge dick take her Mothers butthole Megs juices began to flow unashamedly!
“Nice isn’t it” said Spencer as he felt Megs tits”
“Yes Sir “ said Meg “ Its lovely”
“Your Mother will be a regular visitor from now on “ said Mr Spencer
“Good” said Meg !
“You Father has great hopes for you Meg and wants you to do well in college”
“Your Mother will continue to be caned and fucked whilst you are at college”
“Yes Sir” said Meg “I think that would be appropriate in the circumstances”
“In the meantime Meg” said Mr Spencer, I do have your Fathers full authority to give you the promised twelve strokes and the bottom fucking I promised.
“Your Father seems to think it will do you the world of good”!
“Yes Sir” said Meg as a feeling of resignation wafted over her .

“Oh please Sir “said Meg “I forgot to pee”
“If you need to piss you can use the potty just as your Mother did “ !
“Now hop onto my desk Meg , you know how we cane bottoms here “

Meg assumed the position well but knew the state of her knickers and how sticky and disgusting they would be.
To late for all that she thought , and she did have her fresh knickers to change into later.

Megs white cotton knickers clung to her like a second skin as Mr Spencer lowered them .
The anal and cunt juice was drying out already and clung on to Megs pretty arsehole and cunt lips !
Reluctantly the knickers gave up their grip on Megs ring piece with a pop and her rectum was exposed!
The slim thong had slipped between Megs cunt lips and gave some resistance as Spencer pulled poor Megs knickers free .
Meg was really quiet wet and Mr Spencer removed the knickers completely.
Her knickers were an absolute disgrace and Mr Spencer held them to Megs face to show her.
“You do masturbate a lot don’t you Meg” he said
“Yes Sir” Meg admitted
All sense of shame was pointless now as Meg was exposing all!
Mr Spencer started the examination by opening Megs cunt with his fingers and frigging her clitoris which was by now twice its normal size.
Mr Spencer knew how to treat a naughty girl and had made many girls spunk into his hand and Meg was no exception.

“You are a virgin I hear” said Mr Spencer still rubbing her clit relentlessly .
“Yes Sir “ said Meg.
He could see deeply into Megs vagina as it opened to his will .
“I believe you “ said Mr Spencer “saving your cherry for someone special Meg?”
“Yyyyyyesssss “ Sir gasped Meg who had been taken to the brink of orgasm twice already .
“I really have to piss Sir” said Meg wriggling
“You want the pot” said Mr Spencer
“Yyyyyesssssss Sir” said Meg clenching her cuntal muscles desperately .
A squirt if pee flew out and Mr Spencer reached for the potty just in time to hold it behind Meg as she gushed a huge stream of pee into the potty!

“Thank you Sir” said Meg with relief , Another second and she would have peed in Mr Spencer’s face!

Meg had pissed well and Mr Spencer thought it looked like the finest “Dom Perignon” as it sparkled in the potty.
Mr Spencer wiped Megs cunt and asshole with a wetone before commencing the “bottom” examination.

Megs bottom hole was as delightful as he Mothers and he stroked his finger gently across her rectum . “Nice and pink “ he thought as he teased Megs anal passage which opened nicely as he probed deeply , finger fucking her deeply .
Meg was surprising clean because she had taken the precaution of pooping early that morning and again at school .
Mr Spencer was loosening Meg well and he looked forward to the arse fucking which was to come .
“Do you want your bottom fuck now , or after the cane “ said Mr Spencer
“Thank you Sir “ said Meg “ Now please” .

Spencer retrieved the jumbo sized KY from his desk drawer with was right next to Sally Browns well stained knickers. He added Megs sticky knickers to his collection . “How nice to have a matching pair “ he thought as he took the top off the KY and squeezed a good sized glob onto his index finger!

“This is going to be fun “ he thought as he inserted the “glob” into Megs arsehole .
Meg farted a small fart.
“Sorry Sir “ said Meg.
“Its all right” said Spencer. “all girls fart , especially when their arse fucked”

Mr Spencer positioned his huge cock end at the gates of Megs rectum and gently eased it in two inches.
“Just relax your bottom “ said Mr Spencer , “Its going in very nicely”
“When you have all of my cock “ said Mr Spencer “I want you to squeeze tightly “
“Yes Sir” said Meg

Meg soon got the hang of being bottom fucked and squeezed as tightly as she could as Mr Spencer was down to his balls.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh “ cried Meg although it wasn’t nearly as bad as she expected . Almost , No not almost , very nice she thought.
Mr Spencer started pumping firmly and solidly and on each forward thrust Meg farted a loud fart!
“This stimulated him to speed up and it wasn’t long before the inevitable spunking of Megs asshole !
With a grunt Mr Spencer emptied his balls into Megs rectum .
“ Wow “ thought Mr Spencer “two arseholes in one day , and Mother and daughter too”
After one last and long fart Meg was full of spunk and Spencer allowed Meg to empty her bottom in the potty and clean up with a fresh tissue.
He even allowed Meg a little clit frigging because the girl was clearly worked up by now !

Mr Spencer allowed Meg a few minutes before the caning began,
“Has it really got to be twelve on the bottom Sir ?“said Meg
“Yes” said Spencer “ I ‘m afraid so “
Meg began to resume her position ………..
“No Meg” said Spencer “ I want you to lay on your back and raise your blouse, you don’t wear a bra do you ? “
“No Sir , my mother say’s I don’t need one”
Meg raised her legs and assumed the diaper position on Mr Spencer’s desk and removed her white blouse and school tie so that her titties could be seen .
“You have very nice firm tits “ said Mr Spencer “very nearly as large as you Mothers” !
“Thank you Sir said Meg clenching her bottom .
Spencer thought it only fair to use the sane senior cane he had used on Sally for the caning .
“Please keep your legs as wide as possible Meg and bottom high” said Mr Spencer.
“Yes Sir , I will sir” said Meg opening a little wider and her cunt flaps fell open ……..

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk” said Meg
“Please feel free to express yourself as you like Meg” said Spencer . After all he did say she could speak freely this time and to hear Meg speak like this was quiet a turn on and his cock was once again fully erect!

“Fuckkkkkkkkkk fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkk “ said Meg

The next stroke landed on Megs left arse cheek ……….
“Oh cunt. Fuck , fuck ,cunt” said Meg who had lost all of her modesty as she lay there with her twat opened and asshole twitching!
All that Meg cared about right now was the nine strokes of the can to come and otherwise didn’t give a fuck about anything else!
Meg was expecting the next stripe to be on her right ass cheek but instead it landed in exactly the same place as the previous lash!


“Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh cunt ,cunt cuntttttttttttttt”
And then Meg farted a huge gurgling fart!
“I farted” she said
“I heard “ said Mr Spencer thinking he MUST have the worlds best job!
The next seven strokes made an excellent pattern all over Megs sweet arse and she “fucked and cunted” all the way through like a fishmongers wife!
“Well I must say “ said Mr Spencer “that you took that rather well”
“Better that that cunt of a Mother of yours” he added.

Poor Megs ass was as red as an Alaskan dawn and the stripes would take a week to fade,

“I’m glad we had this little meeting “ said Mr Spencer
“Me too “ said Meg . “The cane hurt like fuck though Sir”
“That’s only the second caning you’ve had said Mr Spencer. “What do you think about it now ?”
“I still like it Sir” said Meg.
“But it does hurt a lot Sir”
“Is there a way I could , errr get a few less Sir”

“Well yes “ said Mr Spencer , there is Meg “

“How is that Sir “? said Meg

“Just don’t be a silly goose and do your homework and I will see to it you get a sixer or even four strokes next time “ “If there is a next time “ added Mr Spencer
“Oh there will be a next time sir “ said Meg “I am a VERY naughty girl after all”
“So you are Meg” said Mr Spencer “very naughty indeed” he said smiling !

Meg left the office rubbing her red bottom and her pussy was on fire !

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2 years ago
Great stuff
4 years ago
excellent very good but this got posted 1st & is part 2
4 years ago
A good story, hope there are more of them
4 years ago
A nice story - thank you for bringing it to us. A little work on layout would have made this an A!

Very nice indeed, clearly - you have a talent for this kind of fiction - hope to read more.