Truth or Dare

My girlfriend and I have been together going on 8 years now. She is 25 years old and standing about 5'6 with a 36DD bust. I wouldn't consider her a BBW, but she is a little on the thicker side. Throughout our relationship we've always talked about swapping with another couple, but we always chicken out before actually going through with it. The idea has always excited us, but we were afraid that it would come between us in our relationship and eventually tear us apart. We resorted to talking dirty about swapping while having sex, which seemed to be a happy medium for both of us. While on vacation up in Lake Tahoe over the weekend (about 6 months ago) we went out to dinner and sat at the bar while we waited for our table to become available. While at the bar we met this couple who was just a little bit older than us (he was 30 and she was 28). We sparked up conversation and eventually wound up eating dinner together. We learned that they lived just a few hours from where we did and that they visited our city all the time for f****y get togethers. They seemed like really nice people, so we invited them back to our room (which was a suite) after we finished with dinner. While back in the room we popped open a bottle of champagne and continued to get a little tipsy. We eventually decided to act like stupid teenagers and play a game of truth or dare, which involved the guys giving each other the truth or dare commands and vice versa for the girls. After some stupid requests it started to get a little more intimate; she dared my girlfriend to take her top off (leaving her bra on of course). My heart started to pound very hard because I could not believe what happened next. My girlfriend slipped off her already low cut shirt without hesitation and then sat there in her bra, showing enough cleavage to get any guy excited on the spot. At this moment the truth or dare game became all about the girls, as my girlfriend skipped us guys and dared her to take off her skin tight jeans. She then stood up and quickly unbuttoned her jeans, and then turned around to where her ass was facing me while quickly slipping them off. She was wearing a pink thong that almost seemed to disappear in her beautiful ass. My girlfriend could tell that I liked what I saw and quickly became jealous. She then stood up and walked over to her boyfriend and unbuttoned her jeans and turned around so her ass was facing him and asked if he could help her out a little bit. He grabbed her love handles and slowly slipped his hands down her hips until reaching her jeans; slipping them off as she bent over, putting her nice round ass in his face. I was so turned on by watching my girlfriend that I had failed to see his girlfriend take her top AND BRA off. Her tits were smaller than my girlfriends, but still were big enough to wrap around an average sized cock. Without even asking she came over to me, grabbed my head and shoved it between her beautiful white tits with quarter sized nipples. I was in there for about 30 seconds before I pulled away and looked at my girlfriend. They were both standing now with him behind her, kissing her neck and caressing her huge white tits with nipples bigger than any coin I've ever seen. She then turned around and got down on her knees in front of him; unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants so fast you would think he told her that he had a million dollars hidden in his pants. By this time his girlfriend was unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them, and my boxers off of my legs. My 7 inch cock was rock hard with a little bit of pre cum dripping out of it. She then got on her knees in front of me while I sat in the chair and started sucking my cock like it was dipped in honey. I looked up only to see him holding my girlfriends hair out of the way as she deep throated his 8-9 inch cock. I could hear her gagging on it, which made me jealous because she hardly ever gags on mine. I grabbed his girlfriends head and shoved it as far down as she could go before choking on it. This pissed him off because he then pulled his cock out of my girlfriends mouth and pushed her head down to where her mouth was around his balls. She licked them like the best tasting lollipop in the world while he jacked off. This was more than I could handle as I felt the orgasm coming on. I shouted to his girlfriend that I was cumming (expecting her to take my cock out of her mouth), but she kept going until I started to cum. My girlfriend never let me cum in her mouth because she told me that she didn't like the taste of cum, so this was a feeling that I hadn't felt in a very long time. This obviously caused her to get jealous as she started to suck his cock faster until he said he was going to cum. He reached down for his cock, BUT SHE HIT HIS HAND AWAY!!! "WHAT THE FUCK" I thought as he started to cum in her mouth. I could tell she didn't like it, but she didn't stop sucking until he was finished cumming. She then pulled off of his cock while I waited for her to spit it all out. Once again she surprised me by swallowing his entire load. You could tell it's the last thing she wanted to do, but she knew that it would make me more jealous than I have ever been. We all sat down afterwards without saying a word. The other couple got up after a few minutes and put there clothes on while my girlfriend and I sat there...naked with looks of shame on our faces. Before they left they put a piece of paper on the counter and told us it was their number if we ever wanted to get together sometime. Then they left us alone, unable to look at each other. We went to bed a few hours later, and woke up early the next morning. "Hopefully this won't affect our relationship too much" I thought. Only time shall tell.
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Interesting but dangerous play,hope will not affect yu guys .goodluck