neighbors and their sex toys

I have been fortunate over the years to be surrounded by good looking and/or single female neighbors. Being one of the longest standing residents in the "hood" we are often asked to "bring in the mail/feed the pets” when they go out of town. Of course I always volunteer and make sure to go over when I can spend some time snooping around the house. Here is what I have found. I am using initials to avoid detection::

J.A.:No sex toys, but a few years ago, she lost a lot of weight. One night she left the blind in her dining room open just enough that I could see in. She came into the dining room completely naked. Wow she was hot. Big tits with large, dark areolas and a nice trimmed but hairy bush...think Christy Canyon. Tried to grab my camera and take a few pics but could not pry myself away. Unfortunately, she put the weight back on and then some.

K.S:She is older than me (54) and I have always wanted to fuck her. I like to stand around inside when she is around with my dick hanging out and I know she has seen it. She keeps a small bullet vibe in her night stand and I have taken deep sniffs of it and licked it clean.

K&R - Married couple that moved away. K is short with nice firm tits. She would bend over a lot and I could see her bra covered tits. She had a battery operated vibrator, about 6 inches, in a bag in her nightstand. They also had a couple of porn videos in their bedroom. Nice to know that people still enjoy hardcore porn.

J.J - She is now married now and has a k**. Huge tits. She had a fairly large battery operated vibrator under her mattress. Did not work ... she must have worked that thing overtime. Again, smelled it and licked it clean

N.G - Married but moved. If you look at the pictures I posted (OLD NEIGHBOR) you will see her. She told my wife that she had taken these pictures for her husband to create a spark. So naturally, the first time they went out of town, I went over and took them off of their computer. Her tits and pussy lips are on the small side but I can't stop looking at that natural red bush.

D.C - Divorced and lives where NG lived. I think she is in her early 60's but she is still fucking hot. She doesn’t always close her blinds so I have seen her perky tits and nice full bush several times. I like to sit on my porch with my cock sticking out the side of my shorts when she comes over to talk. I think she has seen it as well. She has a Hitachi wand "Massager" under her bed. Nice to know that some woman like the electrical, powerful ones so they can really beat the hell out of their clit. As always, I have licked it clean. Also, she only wears thong underwear as I have rummaged through her dresser drawers..

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Nice detective work.
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very good
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Nice information you got there.
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