Fem is much better and (cuter)

So there i was out at a party for some label bullshit. It was just another crappy drance club (why my record label would book the party at a dance club is a mystery to me). I was sitting in some little weird bed thing when this really cute guy come up to me and asked to join me. He was aout 5'6" and a total fem cutie. He started talking about how lame the party was and how their was no gay guys there. To which i said well their is one he says who? and laughed and said me silly. He gave me a funny look and says no shit? no shit hun i'm gay. He goes prove it (even to me thats just a little strange) so i lean in and kiss his and grab at his bluge to which he does the same to me. I said you wanna spend the night at my place h e said sure! We left the party and my now pissed off AR guy. On the ride back to my place he pulls out his cock and starts to jerk off. His cock was so yummy shaved and about 6 inchs. It was about a 30 min ride and he jerked the whole time but held in his cum. When we got to my house i threw him down on my bed and riped off his pants and started sucking his lovely cock. He was rock hard and ready un in 5 mins. He was so sweet he even asked if he could cum. I told him to give me his cum which he did and let me tell you it was amazing! He wanted to suck me but i stoped him and said i wanted his ass more. He layed on his back and lifted his legs and gave me the cutest look ever. I slipped on a condom and lubed his ass up then ever so slowly slipped in to his warm waiting ass. I fucked him slowly for a good 45 mins. By that point i had cum once and was ready to cum again but he asked me to be rough this time. So i fucked him rough as i could (keep in mine he is so cute i can't be to rough) but i cum much faster this time. I layed down next to him and kissed him as he feel asl**p but when i got up the next morning he was gone but he left a note with his number and a lipstick kiss on it.
100% (5/0)
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1 year ago
wow , wanna hear more :))