My Frist Time

I have to tell this stroy becasue to this day i can't help but look back and jack off to it! I was in high school and like most high school boys i was horny as hell! So one weekend i went with some older friends to a party at their friends house. It was a crazy night with alot of fun and Rock N Roll but the best part was the closet! So was jamming to Junkyard when my buddy grabs me and say "your about to great real lucky". He throws me into a big walk in closet and it was dark I have to say was freaked out but then the light gones on and i was standing face to face with a hot older lady! She must have been late 40's or so and had a body to kill for! She said "yummy young meat" and starts to take of my shirt. I could do much more then say what what lol. Now i'm a big guy and she seemed to like that about me. She said "on your knees now hunny" I fell to my knees she said "lick my pussy" to wich i said "i've never done it before". She just smiled and said "well just lick and kiss" so i did as i was told. I don't think i did to bad becasue she was yell "fuck yeah go hunny go". That was the frist time licking a girl out and i loved it!
75% (14/5)
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3 years ago
Good start to a wonderful sex life thanks
4 years ago
Good story. Thanks.
4 years ago
thats all you got to do but good tale
4 years ago
not bad would like to hear more