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[Story] Goddess Manuela - Part 5: Stag Night

When my eyes opened, I saw Goddess Manuela sitting on the sofa next to my bed. She stood up without a word and took out a seringe from her handbag. I just had the time for a last glance at her beauty and smell of her delicious fragrance before the product she injected in my right arm did its effect and I fell into a deep sl**p...

I woke up in complete darkness, naked in the freezing cold, hearing Manuela's soft voice talking to me. Severin, Severin, you must wake up now, we have a lot to do as tomorrow is the big day for us! I could hardly understand where I was. As I was gaining back my se... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasy of a slave

My fantasy starts with my unexpected call to travel to Romania on business. I call you right away and you graciously offer me a place to stay, and a day and night to spend together. I don’t want to impose, but you insist with a wink. Of course, I obey.

The day comes and I travel from the airport to a café where we’ve agreed to meet for coffee. I arrive and immediately recognize you… you’re the most beautiful woman there, the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. I find you in a deep red leather skirt that hugs your thighs and hips and zips up the front. A white silk blouse with an extra button unbu... Continue»
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Erotic humiliation & Financial domination

Financial domination is the erotic fantasy in which the submissive (or money slave) gives gifts and money to the dominant person, the financial dominatrix or fin domme. The attraction may involve being treated poorly, teased, erotic spanking, blackmailing, slapping, whipping and other punishing behaviors. But there may be virtually no further intimacy between the individuals and no physical sexual contact.
Online humiliation is the desire to be ....

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The perfect , true submissive doesn't need an

The perfect , true submissive doesn't need any rules. He knows by instinct what's expected from him : to put his Mistress needs and wishes first. That's how you please anyone , not just a Domme. However , for the newbies or those who are not sure yet what submission truly means , here are some guide lines.

I'm not role-playing your kinks. This is topping from the bottom. I do what I want , when I want and however I see fit. Role-playing on demand is not Domination .
If you have a foot fetish and want to worship my feet/legs , there's only one way to do it. Buy Me shoes and hosiery from My ... Continue»
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kinky play
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