Birth of Cissy

We were cruising the gut on a Thursday night, it was a school night so both my best friend Bob and I had to be home early. I had turned on to Capital Ave. to head out of town to take Bob home and then go home. She was walking alone, as I passed her she turned in my direction and smiled, I recognized her it was Pamela, she graduated from Catholic Central and she was a stone fox, I pulled over and asked her if she needed a ride. "Thanks, I thought I was going to have to walk all the way home" she answered. Bob quickly hopped out of the car and tipped the seat forward and Pam got into the backseat, to my surprise Bob slid into the back next to her. I pulled away from the curb and headed for Bob's house. We shared some small talk then the car grew silent except for some heavy breathing coming from the backseat. Looking in my rear view mirror I see Bob and Pamela making out, this went on all the way to Bob's house.
Pamela moved to the front after I dropped Bob off and slid over next to me, "you work at the gas station" she said. "Yup I work at the gas station" I answered her. "You stare at my legs when you clean my windshield" she admonished, I could feel my face getting hot and I knew I was blushing, "I think you're trying to look up my dress" she giggled. "No, no I wouldn't......" I defended. "Oh I think you would" she said, I saw her out of the corner of my eye slid her dress a little higher up her thighs. Oh god she's got beautiful legs I thought to myself as I now was staring at her legs. "You better watch where you're going" she giggled. Damn I was caught, I brought my attention back to the road as I drove on with both hands on the steering wheel. Pamela reached out and took my right hand off the wheel and put it on the inside of her left thigh, god I was sweating now as I couldn't help my self and started to rub her thigh. "Your friend isn't a very good kisser" she said, "but I bet you are" she added. I knew I should be going home I had classes in the morning, I was attending the local junior college, but ended up pulling into a secluded spot under a bridge near my old high school.
We were making out and my hand had found her panties, the crotch was damp, "mmmmmm" she moaned as I slipped my hand under the leg band and fingered her wet slit. I tried to be casual as I brought my hand near my face and quickly sniffed my middle finger, the scent of her sex only fueled my lust. I wasn't a virgin, but didn't have much experience either, I had never eaten pussy and wanted desperately to try it, this was my chance. I had gotten Pamela's panties pulled down to her ankles and slipped them over one foot, she allowed her legs to splay open as I pushed her dress up around her waist. Her pussy was beautiful, just a wisp of blond hair framed by her nylons and garters, I slid to the floor board started kissing the insides of her thighs, moving to my goal. I felt her hand on my face pushing me away, "you shouldn't" she whispered, but I was not to be stopped. I kissed her pussy and started to tongue her "oh god lick me" she moaned as she pulled me into her sopping slit. The taste of her juices overwhelmed me as I drove my tongue deep into her pussy, then finding her button began sucking it. "Oh god, suck my twat don't stop" she screamed as she pulled my hair and began shaking. "Yes yes yes" she cried as I frantically sucked her pussy, I had to swallow several times as her thick pussy juice flowed copiously into my mouth. I had gotten so excited eating her pussy that I had cum in my underwear.
Her orgasm subsided and I moved back up taking her in my arms and kissing her, pushing back from me she looked at me curiously and asked "you liked that?" "Oh god Pamela your pussy tastes sooo good I'll suck your pussy anytime you want me to" I panted. She had unfastened my pants and reaching in for my cock discovered my cum soaked underwear "eating me like that made you cum?" she asked. "Uh-huh" I grinned sheepishly. "Well you got more cum for my pussy?" she giggled guiding my cock to her hole. About five minutes later I had filled her steaming box. I picked her panties off the floor and brought them to my nose inhaling her scent I said "I think it's time to get home. "You can keep them if you want" she said as I started the car, I hung them on my mirror as I pulled away.
I had classes early on Friday then went to work, I closed the station on Friday nights at nine o'clock. Pamela pulled onto the drive about six o'clock, she needed gas and as I filled her tank I washed her windshield, she had her skirt hiked up enough that I could see her pantyhose covered pussy. "You want to get something to eat after you close" she asked me grinning as she brushed her hand over pantyhose covered mound. "Oh yeah" I told her giving her a little flick of my tongue. "Well lover I'll see what I can find and be back around nine" she said kissed me and pulled away.
I had just turned the pumps off when Pamela drove onto the drive she parked and I let her into the station, "you ready to eat?" she asked with a devilish grin. "Oh yeah I could chew through your pantyhose to get at it baby" I assured her. "Good because I got your dinner all ready for you" she said as we went into the back room. "Oh Baby, I got a nice hot pie for you" she said as she hopped up on the workbench sitting on the edge with her skirt around her waist and dangling her legs splaying them open she giggled "come and get it". I knelt down and buried my face in between her legs. I knew she had to be as turned on as I was because the crotch of her pantyhose was sopping wet as I tore a hole in it with my teeth. "Oh baby, I hope you like my pie, it took me all evening to make it for you". As I ate her pussy I thought to myself that she must have been fingering it along time to get her self so wet, I ran my tongue deeply up the length of her slit, my mouth filled with her thick pussy juice. "God.... you really do like that" she mused as I swallowed her nectar. Grabbing my head with her hands she pulled my face tightly against her pussy "Oh fuck! suck my cunt get it all" she cried out grinding her pussy in my face she launched into a massive orgasm. I lapped up her juice as fast as I could, but it was so thick and copious I couldn't swallow it all and it ran down my chin dripping onto the front of my uniform, I was sure her orgasm must have been fantastic because there was probably four times as much pussy juice as last night. "Oh god, oh god, oh god" she gasped as she came down for the heights of her orgasm. Fuck me now baby, I want your cum too" she panted. I thought that sounded odd but didn't really worry about it, and I stood and fucked her for all I was worth filling her sodden pussy with my cum.
The weekend came and went, I had hooked up with Pamela a couple more times, each time we had fantastic sex. With Bob's schedule and me seeing Pamela we didn't run into each other all weekend, so I hadn't had the chance to tell him I had a new girlfriend. Monday morning brought classes at JC I knew I'd see Bob there and was excited to tell about dating Pamela. Bob caught up with at the student lounge, "hey, did you get a little after you dropped me off Thursday night?" he laughed. I didn't answer him "oh yeah you did I can tell by the look on your face" he taunted. "You like getting my sloppy seconds"he continued to tease. "Bullshit I was watching in the rear view, all you did was play kissy face" I snapped back. "You saw her sitting on my lap didn't you?" Bob asked me. "Yeah, yeah but you didn't get any pussy, asshole" I retorted. "Oh yes I did, she was sitting on my lap ridding my cock and I gave the bitch my hot load" he laughed. "Right" I fired back. "So ask her she'll tell ya, everybody knows shes a fuck bunny, hell, if she had as many cocks sticking out of her as she's had stuck in her she'd look like a pin cushion, I've even heard the slut pulls trains" he said nastily. "Hey man, I gotta get to class" I said. I was angry at Bob for talking about Pamela that way, after all she was my girlfriend she was wearing my class ring. As I turned to leave Bob said "you got the hots for her don't ya? holy fuck, she a nympho whore, she's ok to fuck but not girlfriend material".
I sat through my next class thinking about my whole relationship with Pamela, there was no way Bob fucked her, I was watching, and, and, oh shit what if he did, I ate her pussy. Oh god she told me I shouldn't and her pussy was really wet, her pussy juice was so thick and there was so much of it, oh shit. Well the only way to know for sure is to ask her.
I went to work after classes and about six Pamela drove in "hi honey" she said as I walked up to her car, "hi Pammy" I smiled bending to kiss her, I was pretty sure I loved her and really didn't care if she was a slut, all I was really sure of was I was addicted to eating her pussy, pleasing her, god I would do anything she wanted, I knew it and so did she. "Pammy Park your car and come on in the station we need to talk" I said then went inside. I watched as she got out of the car god she was sooooo hot and soooo cute!! She was wearing a black mini skirt and a tight little pink top that accented her little titties, she was an "A" almost a "B" cup, suntan pantyhose and 4" shiny black heels. She was beautiful, legs to die for, no matter what she told me I knew I couldn't give her up.
"I talked to Bob today at JC, he said he fucked you in the backseat last Thursday when we took him home" I said seriously. "If he wants to call it that" she said sarcastically "anyway I thought you knew" she added. "What do you mean if he wants to call it that?" I questioned. "I was sitting on his lap, he pulled out his little cock pushed my panties to the side and slid it in me, I wiggled a little trying to get comfortable on his lap and it made him cum, so he didn't actually fuck me, he stuck it in and shot his load in my pussy". "Damn it Pam you let me eat your pussy after Bob had cum in you" I whined. "I told you that you shouldn't go down on me and when you did anyway I thought you knew" she retorted. "Really honey, I thought you liked cleaning up after other guys fucked me" she purred. " Honest baby, I thought you liked sucking their cum out of my cunt, you do it so well, you always make me cum when you do". "Other guys you mean it wasn't just Bob" I asked "Of course not silly" she giggled."I love to be fucked and let guys cum in my pussy and I love it when you clean me up" she told me quite seriously. "So last Friday night?" I questioned. "Three guys, I let three guys fuck me in a parking lot downtown about eight thirty so I'd have fresh cream pie for you to eat after you closed up" she answered. "Did I do good" she asked."Sure honey, you know you can do whatever you want to do, whatever makes you happy" I told her.
I had closed the station and we headed downtown to cruise for awhile, we pulled into a parking lot and Pamela started talking to four guys that looked like they were in their forties. "Those guys want me to come to the one guys house so they can fuck me, I told them I would but you had to come too , I told them you like to watch me get fucked" she giggled. The next thing I knew I was in a strange bedroom, Pamela was laying naked on the bed surrounded by four naked men. The first three guys fucked her missionary style each leaving their cum loads deep in Pamela's pussy, by this time I was naked stroking my cock as I watched them use her. The forth guy wanted to fuck her doggie style, Pammy had me lay on my back underneath her as she got on all fours, my face was right under her pussy. I had a close up view of her lover's cock sliding into her cum filled cunt, as he fucked her, cum dripped into my face. "Lick me baby" she begged, as I licked her pussy I couldn't help but lick her lovers shaft as it as it slid in and out of her cum soaked pussy. I was distracted by a weight shift on the bed, one of the men had straddled me and was face fucking Pamela, I could feel her saliva dripping on me as he holding her head, fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. My attention was on the guy using Pamela's mouth, when the guy fucking her pulled completely out of her pussy and slid into my mouth then after a couple of in and out strokes slipped back into her pussy. I continued to lick Pam's clitty as he fucked her. He had been fucking her a long time when he announced "I'm getting close then slid out of her pussy and into my mouth "suck it cocksucker" he growled as he fucked my mouth, I couldn't resist I reached up and massaged his balls as he did "oh god yes cum in his mouth" I heard Pamela saying, just then his cock erupted filling my mouth with his copious load. I swallowed and then he pulled out of my mouth, as he did Pamela sat on my face allowing her pussy to drain into my mouth as I sucked and licked her pussy. I was lost in lust when I realized my legs were being lifted and one of the men entered me and began to fuck me. Pamela urged him on as she sat on my face allowing me to clean her pussy "cum in his ass" she giggled when it was over all four men had fucked me. Pamela left me shortly after this happened, telling me she needed a man not a sissy and so Cissy was born, a cum swilling butt slut.
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4 years ago
This is the best story on XHamster!!
4 years ago
dam dude i just got this jock strap and now it's all messy
4 years ago
Neat, erotic & kinky, i liked it!
4 years ago
That was really hot!! Nice and suprising as well, hope you write more!