I'm not pretty, but I'm not ugly either, I prefer short skirts and dark bars as I find men tend to look at my long legs not my face. When I walked into the cozy neighborhood (not my neighborhood) bar I was wearing a very short black satin skirt with a pink nylon shell, underneath a pink bra w/ silicone inserts gave me "a" cup titties, pink panties, slip and garters with cinnamon nylons and 4" black patent ankle strap heels, my auburn wig, pink nail polish and lip gloss completed my outfit. Several men that were playing pool watched me take a seat at the bar my skirt ridding up almost exposing the tops of my nylon as I slid onto the bar stool. Before I could even tell the bartender what I wanted one of the men, who was obviously tipsy, was standing next to me, "what are you drinking sweetheart" he slurred mildly, "I'd like a cum shot" I giggled. "I could whip that up you up" he chuckled. "Oooh I bet you could" I cooed licking my lips,"but what can the bartender get you"? he offered "It really is a drink silly" I said in my baby girl voice. "It's Butterscotch schnapps, Bailey’s Irish cream and whipped cream" the bartender said as he mixed it. "I bet I know what you'd like" I teased. "Why don't you tell me?" he said moving closer to me. "Peach Schnapps, Jaegermeister and Cranberry juice" I replied. "What do call that?" he asked. "It's a red headed slut" I giggled smiling and pulling my hair behind my ears. "Oh I definitely want to taste that" he answered putting his hand on my knee. I bet you're....aah it's delicious" he whispered moving his hand higher on my thigh, as he did I allowed my legs to part enough for him to get his hand between my thighs. I had tucked myself well, I knew he wouldn't feel my cock as his hand slipped under my skirt. Running my hand up his leg I did find his cock "why don't we go out to your car so I can suck your cock " I whispered in his ear squeezing his cock.
We left our drinks sitting on the bar and asked the bartender to save them as we would be back in a few minutes then made our way to his car, standing beside the car we kissed for several minutes before I slid to my knees and unzipped his pants freeing his cock. "Ooooh god " he moaned as I licked and kissed and slobbered on his cock before plunging down on it burying my nose in his pubic hair, letting his cock slid down my throat, I swallowed several times milking him with my throat muscles as I squeezed his bloated balls. "OH FUCK I"M GONNA CUM" he yelled. I slid back keeping just the head of his cock in my mouth, I worked his glans with my tongue and sucked, pumping his balls with my hand as he fed me his cum. "Oh god oh god" he babbled as I felt his knees buckle slightly. I pulled off his cock and looking up at him I smiled then swallowed his load, "YUMMY" I giggled. "Oh fuck, you are a fantastic cocksucker....aah I don't even know your name" he panted. "It's Cissy" I told him as I licked the cum still oozing from his piss slit then after cleaning his cock, I stood up and kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth l love french kissing guys after I've sucked their cocks and they cum in my mouth.
"You still want to taste me baby?" I whispered. "Oh yeah Cissy" he slurred "Opening the back door he tried to get in but stumbled and fell in the seat landing on his back, "ooh stay there Daddy and let me sit on your face" I purred as I slipped off my panties. I straddled him and moved up toward his face as I did I reached under my skirt and pulled my cock and balls forward and lowered my "pussy" to his mouth. I felt his tongue start to work on my hole,"that's it Daddy eat Cissy's "pussy" get it good and wet so you can fuck me good" I squealed as he tongue fucked my hole. "Please fuck me now" I begged as I slid backwards grasping his cock and guiding it to my ass "OMG Daddy your sooo big" I panted, as he pushed his cock into my hole. I rode him wildly milking his cock with my ass "Cissy oh god baby your pussy's soooo good" he panted as I slammed down on the full length of his cock repeatedly. "Fuck me hard Daddy make me cum " I screamed. "Oh oh oh I'm cumming Cissy" he cried out. "Ooooh yes breed me Daddy " I begged as I felt his cock jerk and spasm filling me with his red hot seed. I was nearing my own orgasm as he continued to empty his balls in my ass I pulled up the front of my skirt exposing my cock and balls after a couple of quick strokes I squealed "I'm cumming Daddy!!!" exploding in my lovers face and down the front of his shirt. "What the fuck?" he roared looking totally shocked. "OH Daddy" I giggled as he struggled to wipe my cum off his face, "actually it's not so bad" he said licking is lips and grinning at me "I just didn't know you were....well you know" he said. Lifting myself off his deflating cock I moved forward brushing my still semi hard cock against his lips "Daddy waddy want to taste Cissy's cocky wocky" I teased in baby talk. "I've never" was all he got out before I pushed my cock past his lips "suck me Daddy" I moaned, my cock growing as I fucked his mouth, my balls slapping against his chin. It felt sooo good and I was sooo excited that I didn't last long "oh god lover taste me" I moaned as I spewed my cum in his mouth.
I pulled away and opening the door stepped out into the night air as I watched my lover swallowing the fruits of my labor. The dome light allowed him to see that the front of his shirt was covered with cum, "Jesus Christ, what'll I tell my wife, oh fuck" he babbled. "That you liked it?" I giggled as I pulled on my panties tucking myself as I did then smoothing my skirt. "Well, I guess I did" he mused getting out of the car and shutting the door "but I don't think I can tell my wife I've been sucking your cock" he grinned. "Tell her you were jacking off and things got out of hand" I said cutely. "How about we go back inside and finish our drinks?" I suggested. "That ain't gonna happen, I gotta go get cleaned up somewhere before I go home" he said. "HEY.... I don't even know your name" I giggled. "It's Joe" he told me. "Well Joey I'm going in and finish my drink". "You think maybe I could see you again sometime?" he asked. "See me or suck me?" I giggled putting my arms around his neck and kissing him "or does Joey woey wanna suck my cocky wocky again" I baby talked. "Yeeeah that" he said bashfully. "Show me Joey" I demanded putting my hands on his shoulders and pushing him to his knees. He obediently pushed my skirt up and slid my panties down letting my cock spring free and he was on it like a hoover. He was definitely a fast learner, he fondled my balls with one hand and had a couple fingers of the other hand buried in my ass as he sucked my cock swirling his tongue around the head. Holding the back of his head I pushed my cock into his throat causing him to pull off me gagging "tell Cissy what you want baby" I cooed slapping his face with my cock. "I want your cum Cissy" he moaned stroking me and licking off the precum that was drooling from my cock. "Oh god yes" I cried out as my cock exploded in his face, two big spurts of cum covered his face before he could get it back into his mouth, sucking me and feeding on my cum. After I finished cumming I stepped away leaving Joey kneeling between the cars, his face covered with my cum.
"That's twice Joey" I giggled as I pulled my panties up tucking myself ". "Uh-uh he said as he wiped his face with his fingers then licked them clean. "You know what they say, one time you're experimenting second time you're a cocksucker" I teased him. "I know" he mumbled as I started towards the bar "please Cissy....... our secret, the guys won't understand" he pleaded. "You worry about your wife Joey I'll take care of your friends" I giggled.
Oh yes I'm definitely going to take care of your friends I thought to myself as I enter the bar. All eyes were on me as I quickly walked to the ladies room, I could feel Joeys cum running down the insides of my thighs god how I love that feeling. I bought a tampon from the dispenser and slid it into my ass, then fixed my makeup and brushed my hair then after checking my clothes for cum, headed for my barstool making sure my skirt rode way up as I sat down.
My drink was gone, "thought you two were gone for the night" the bartender sneered. "It doesn't take all night" I giggled, "can I get another drink?" I asked. He shook his head as he mixed my drink "he's got a really nice wife at home" he said disgustedly. "I know, he told me, I don't want to keep him you know, just catch and release" I giggled. "Look lady I just don't want you causing my customers problems" he snarled. "My name is Cissy and I won't cause any trouble" I said. "Cissy???" he snapped making the connection "Christ does Joey know your a.....?" "Special girl?" I suggested before he could label me something worse. "Girl my ass, just don't cause any trouble in my it sissy" he growled pushing my drink to me. "Who knows I might be good for business" I purred.
I let my legs splay open as I turned to watch the guys playing pool crossing them as soon as I was sure at least one of them had gotten a good look at my pink panties. He almost sprinted over to the bar, "ready for another one?" he asked "always I never turn down a cumshot" I giggled. "Whaat?" he questioned wide eyed. "Cumshots, I love em they're sooo yummy" I purred licking my lips. "You want to taste mine?" I giggled uncrossing my legs. My new admirer didn't miss his opportunity stepping between my legs causing my skirt to bunch around my waist, pinning me against the bar as he felt me up and humped his cock into my crotch. "Jesus Christ Mike" the bartender growled 'if you wanna fuck the whore go outside". Looking over Mike's shoulder I could see the other guy's watching us as Mike continued to hump me and play with my titties. "Goddamn it Mike I said take it outside" the bartender shouted.
"Come on baby" Mike ordered pulling me to my feet kissing me, the look on the bartender's face was priceless as he watched Mike's tongue explore my mouth. "Lets go get you that cumshot honey, his hand up the back of my skirt rubbing my ass as he e****ted me to the door. "Cissy, you be careful" the bartender said as we were leaving. As soon as we got out of the light Mike's demeanor changed "ok slut time to suck some cock" he snarled shoving me to my knees. I felt his cock through his pants, it was hanging down his left leg, no underwear I was thinking to myself as I realized how big his cock was. Unfastening his belt and unzipping his pants one of the bigger cocks I've seen appeared and it was still soft and at least 6" and the girth was unbelievable, I started stroking his monster as I slobbered on it, kissing and licking it, rubbing it all over my face, my god I was in pure cock lust! I started to suck it trying to swallow as much of it as I could, it was stiffening and Mike grabbed the back of my head forcing more and more of his monster cock down my throat as I kept swallowing, I was getting light headed from lack of oxygen when I felt my nose nest in his pubic hair, I faintly heard a voice saying "holy fuck the slut swallowed the whole thing" followed by some cheering and high fives. Mike pulled out of my throat, I managed to get a breath before he plunged back in balls deep, he continued to hold my head and throat fuck me going balls deep every time, elating his buddies as they watched the exhibition. I had to concentrate on my breathing to keep from passing out, my jaws were aching it was like sucking a Coors can only way longer. Mike started moaning and throat fucking me even faster "here's your cumshot Cissy" Mike yelled pulling my face tight to his body shoving his cock all the way into my throat and holding me there. I could feel his cock pulsing as he drained his balls directly into my tummy, as he finished he pulled out spurting the last couple of times in my mouth allowing me to savor his cum before swallowing it. "Oh thank you Mikey I love the way you feed me" I gushed in my baby girl voice.
"My buddies would like to give you a cumshot too Cissy" Mike laughed. "Oh Mikey I hate to say it but my jaws ache so bad I don't think I could suck another cock tonight. "Whatever Cissy suck or fuck as long as you get em off" Mike said very seriously. I realized I was surrounded by seven guys that had just watched Mike throat fuck me and were very horny and not taking no for an answer. "Sorry guys but I'm on the rag" I lamented. "Like we never heard that excuse before" one of them said. "Really I am" I whined reaching under my skirt and pulling the tampon out of my ass and holding it up by the string for all to see, luckily it was to dark for them to determine if it was bl**dy. "Oh yuck" one guy said, but another said "doesn't bother me pussy's pussy". "Well boys if you must, I'll take you in my ass , but stay away from my pussy cuz you won't like it" I warned. Reaching up my skirt I discreetly pulled my cock and balls forward and and laid face down on the trunk lid of one of the cars, reaching back I pulled my panties to the side exposing my hole, I really was thankful there was enough of Joey's cum left to provide lubrication as within seconds I felt the first cock pushing into my ass "oh god " he moaned as he fucked in and out my hole. "Oh yeah baby, tell Cissy where ya got that cock" I cooed, "Oh Cissy I'm in your ass baby" he panted as pounded his cock in and out of my ass. "Oh god fuck me hard" I begged. "Your ass is so good Cissy" he moaned, I new he was getting close, "oh baby tell Cissy what your gonna do to her ass" I demanded. "Oh fuck Cissy, I'm gonna cum in your ass" he panted "DO IT THEN FUCKER CUM IN MY ASS!!!!" I screamed. "Take it bitch" he shouted slamming his cock in balls deep, I could feel his scalding hot cum filling my ass, then suddenly he was gone only to be replaced by the next guy. I laid there exhusted just letting the next six guys use my ass as a cumdump. The last guy had finished fucking me and they all had gone back into the bar it was over.
I laid there alone for a few minutes, just as I started to get up a voice said "not so fast Cissy it's my turn". I knew the voice it was Mike, I felt his hand in middle of my back and his monster cock at my hole. "Please Mike I don't think I can" I started to sob as he pushed the head of his cock into my ass, he bent over me close to my ear I could feel his hot breath as he slid more cock into me "please don't Mike you're too big" I begged. "You know you want my cock in your sissy ass" he whispered in my ear then pushed into me until I felt his massive balls slap against me, at the same time he lifted me off the car reaching into the front of my panties "I knew you wanted it" he whispered grabbing my hard cock and stroking it, my hard on had betrayed me. "Yes,oh god yes, please, Mike, fuck me" I begged shamelessly. He pulled out of me, gently rolling me over on your back, he kissed me and pushed his cock back into my ass, stroking my cock as he fucked me. "You're so hot baby I won't last long" he moaned "Come on then Mikey fuck me cum in my ass" I begged. His balls were slapping hard against my ass as he buried all 10" of his massive cock in me over and over, "oh god Cissy you feel soooo good I'm gonna cum in your ass" he was mumbling then plunged balls deep and started taking short fast strokes "I'm cumming Cissy, I'm cumming in your ass baby" he panted. "Oh fuck yes, breed me with your big cock baby" I begged as I felt him spasm, adding his copious load to the loads of my eight previous lovers. I love the feeling when a man cums in me and of having his cum inside me, I was so full of cum that it gushed from me as he pulled his softening cock out of my ass. "I want to taste you baby" he whispered then moved down taking me into his mouth, then swirling his tongue around the head of my cock began sucking me, I was so close already it only took seconds "oh god Mike you're gonna make me gonna cum" I moaned as I exploded in his mouth. He swallowed my load then looking up at me whispered "I've never done that before". He licked kissed and fondled my cock and balls for several minutes then stood up pulled his pants up. "How did you know?" I quizzed. "Al told me" he replied. "Al's the bartender?" I asked. "Yeah and owner, also my best friend. "I see, do the other guys know?" I asked as I put my panties on and straightened my clothes "No they don't and it's best we keep it that way" he said. "Definitely" I agreed. "We probably shouldn't mention what just happened" he cautioned. Over the years I've met many men that loved to suck my girly cock and eat my "pussy" but won't admit it.
We went back into the bar "I need to go to the ladies room Mike" I told him. There was so much cum running down my legs as I walked to the ladies that anyone looking at my legs could see it. I bought tampon and slipped it in my ass, Mike's girth had stretched my hole so much I had to buy a second tampon and slid it in next to the first one. After two tampons and a pantiliner I finally stopped the cum from running down my legs, I thought to myself I needed to stop at Wal Mart on the way home and pick up some Summers Eve, I would really need to douche tonight when I get home. I wiped the cum from my nylons, checked myself in the mirror for any errant cum, put on fresh lip gloss and then went back out to the bar.
There was a drink in a brandy snifter waiting for me when I got back, "what's this" I asked Al "Vodka, Peach Schnapps and cream" he told me. "Mmmmm sounds yummy" I purred. "I came up with just for you Cissy" Al said. "Al you're so sweet, what's it called" I asked as I sipped it. "I call it a cumdump" he laughed. "Do you really think that's what I taste like?" I giggled. "I have no idea what you taste like, but you certainly are a cumdump" he sneered. "Aw you're just jealous cuz you didn't get to fuck me" I teased. "I don't think so" he retorted. "Blow job maybe?" I giggled. Mike had been sitting next to me quietly listen to our banter "I'll watch the bar for you" he offered. Al put down his bar rag and walked to his office, I got up my stool and followed him.
"Close and lock the door" he said as I walked in. His office was very nice large desk, easy chair and a sofa. Al came to me and put his arms around me kissing me passionately feeling me up as we kissed. He whispered "Cissy I knew I wanted you the second I knew you were........." "a sissy? I finished saying for him" as he pulled my top off over my head dropping his head and mouthing my breasts through my bra. He kissed me again then led to the sofa, we sat down and he picked up the remote and clicked on the television, "I watched you in the parking lot tonight" he revealed, the security camera had recorded everything except my time with Joey, lucky for him we were out of the camera's view. "Cissy it was so hot and you're so nasty" as he kissed me again laying me back then sliding down between my legs, kissing and licking my inner thighs through my cum soaked nylons he made his way to my crotch, licking and sucking me through my cum soaked panties,then hooking his fingers in the waist of my panties he pulled them off slipping them past my shoes. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and rolled me up on my back and shoulders, kissing and caressing my cock and balls, he took me by surprise when I felt his tongue at my ass, he rimmed me for several minutes before he pulled my tampons out, then tongue fucked my cum filled hole. "Oh god baby suck my ass" I moaned as I pushed cum out as he devoured my creampie for what seemed like forever, then he suddenly stood and took his pants off, I sat up and reached for his jockeys pulling them down "No" he barked trying to turn away, but it was too late. Al stood there red faced, his cock fully erect was about the size of my little finger, his balls were just a little larger than marbles. Your poor wife I thought to myself as I knelt in front of him and started sucking his cock "Cissy....... fuck me please" he whispered. I stopped sucking him, sitting on the sofa I pulled him down next to me telling him "Al I'm a girl I don't fuck guys they fuck me". "Please Cissy" he sobbed leaning over and taking my cock in his mouth stroking me as he sucked. Pulling off my cock he looked up at me with puppy dog eyes "Please Cissy" he begged. "Ok" I said. He got up and went to his desk and got some astroglide and a condom, either he had done this before or he was just prepared I thought, because he could never keep a condom on his little dick. I slid the condom on as he laid on his back on the sofa, I fingered his hole with astroglide until I worked two fingers in, then pushing his knees to his chest I put my cock against his asshole and pushed "oh my god" he cried out as the head of my cock slipped past his sphincter, I stopped for a few seconds "please go slow" he whispered. He whimpered as I slid the rest of my 8" into his rectum, then it suddenly occurred to me, "you've never done this before have you Al" I giggled "no" he mumbled, I knew what I had to do. I started fucking him slowly, then slipped out "oooooh" he moaned I quickly reentered him this time fucking hm a little faster and harder before again slipping out again "oh god put it back in" he pleaded, I pushed back into his ass fucking him even faster and harder. He was moaning "uh...uh...uh...uh" I knew he was getting close to cumming, I let my cock slip out again "noooo don't stop" he cried out, reaching down I quickly stripped off my condom then guided my cock back into him. His ass was so tight it was fantastic "oh Al I getting close, I'm gonna cum in your ass daddy" I purred "uuuuh" he moaned "Al you want Cissy to cum in your ass, huh baby huh?" I teased, "oh yes Cissy" he moaned. I was so close and I was pounding my cock into his ass my balls slapping against his cheeks "tell Cissy what you want baby" I panted "cum in my ass Cissy" he begged I was gonna cum in his virgin ass I was gonna make him mine, "oh yeah Al baby here it is I'm gonna cum in your ass. "Give it to me Cissy please he begged as I exploded sending spurt after spurt into his ass, at the same time his little cock spurted on me. Pulling out I moved up and pushed my cock in his face "clean me off " I demanded barebacking him had brought my dom side out. As he licked my cock clean I slid into his mouth then holding his head fucked his mouth, he was gagging and slobbering as I f***ed my cock deeper and deeper into his throat until finally my balls were slapping his chin as I throat fucked him finally cumming after about ten minutes.
I left Al laying on the sofa, I got dressed and was headed out the door when Al realized what had happened "what the fuck, you came in my ass?" he said bewildered. "Yes I did, so who's the cumdump now" I giggled "anyway you wanted me to, you begged me to, check the tape" I said and walked out, I knew he had a videoed our encounter. I went to the ladies room and cleaned myself up. I bought another tampon and sipped it in my ass, making a mental note to start carrying them in my purse along with my pantiliners. I stopped at the bar and told Mike I would see him later and headed home it had been a hell of night.
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Great story Ciccy made me cum in my panties plan on reading all your stories
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Great story! Very nice! I like it
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hot story.thanks.
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what a hot story, made me hard as a rock.
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Jack sweetie, my goal is to write a story that will make you cum twice before you read the whole story. Kisses Cissy
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hey ciccy this was the best one yet i jacked myself off and almost did it a second time thanks cissy
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fucking hot!!! I wish I was bold enough to hit a bar...night clubs yeah, but a bar is a bit different...great story!!!!!
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What an great story
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pure ecstacy!!
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