It's me :) Hope you had a lovely rest of your day, and that you thought about me all afternoon - just waiting to get back to read what I have to tell you...

I'd have to say one of the most erotic evenings I had the pleasure of experiencing was back in the day in Boston, and is probably where my ridiculous infatuation with an uncut cock comes from. I was majoring in theatre design at Emerson College, and had the chance to work a professional show at a little theater downtown. There were 5 or 6 of us that had been sent down to help with the last few days of tech work before opening night.

So this is late 80's - I'm a dancer with a bum hip, but still have the smokin' hot lithe ballerina body, and my hair twisted in a tight bun piled on top of my head. I'm about 19, and certainly not virginal, but not quite aware of how sexy a slight little thing shimmying up ladders and climbing through cable wiring can be. Throughout the week, it became apparent that the lighting designer for the show was taking an interest in me - and I naively thought it was because he saw a spark of talent or something. I think it was probably something else... So opening night comes and I'm working the house in my white tux shirt, tight black skirt, and spiky black heels. He's looking fabulous in his high end wool suit. The show is met with good audience reaction, so everyone is on a high. We decide to go out as a group to celebrate. We go to dinner and I end up sitting across from ... Let's call him Bill... At some point in the evening our feet touch under the table and he asks if my feet are sore from standing all night. I tell him not really, I'm used to heels, but he ignores my rebuttal and takes one foot in his hand, removes my shoe, and starts to massage the arch of my foot gently, but firmly. I feel a little dizzy because I'm not quite sure what is happening, but god it feels gooooood. He tells me to give him my other foot and places the one he was working on in his lap. On his hardening cock. My toes curl instinctively around the bulge in his pants while his fingers echo the circles I am tracing with my toes. At this point, I'm realizing it's not my talent as a lighting designer he's interested in. Knowing that I, as a 19 year old college student, am giving a much older, fairly well know in the field professional a raging hard on kinda goes to my head and I lean over the table...Letting the lace of my bra peek through the buttons of my shirt... And say, "So are we going to make this happen?" he smiles at me and gestures to the rest of the cast and crew that we are heading out. I guess we could have gotten a taxi, but we ended up at the T Station instead and went downstairs to catch the T. I'm sure we made small talk, but I don't remember what was said. I only remember the pounding of my heart and the wetness between my legs. The proper car comes and we get on. I whisper to Bill that I'm not wearing any panties and he gives a sharp intake of breath. We are standing in the stair part of the car - I'm about 2 steps up from him and he runs his fingers up my stockinged thigh to confirm that I'm telling the truth. Now it's my turn to breathe in. He was so tender and gentle. Stroking the unstockinged part of my thigh. Drawing circles and coming close to the source of drenched heat that is emanating from my throbbing pussy. Again, this is back in the 80's so I'm fully haired, and he's making tendrils with his fingers without actually touching me fully. I know my eyes are glazing over at this point and I have no idea where we are going, but all I know is I need this man to keep doing what he's doing, or I'm going to fall off the steps. I cling to his arm and press my forehead into his shoulder. He refuses to enter me - just keeps circling around and just barely brushing my now throbbing glistening clit. I can't breathe, but I'm gulping in the smell of him - stale wine and lingering cigarette smoke - and I swear if he didn't enter me then and there I knew I was going to die.

The train comes to a stop and he closes his overcoat around me and ushers me out the door and up the stairs. We are at Copley Place at the Park Plaza Hotel. I'd never been to a more posh place at that point of my life, so needless to say, I was impressed. I sit in one of the overstuffed sofas in the lobby while he checks in. At this point I am freaking out a little. I've never had a one night stand... This is the age of AIDS... I have a boy back in the dorm waiting for me... And then he walks back to me and holds out his hand and says, "Are you ready?" and I take his hand.

The ride in the elevator is almost awkward. I think we were both reevaluating, but once we got to the room, there was no turning back. He shuts the door and turns to me. Two steps and he's grabbing me and kissing me. I throw my entire self into him and wrap my arms around his neck. I can't get deep enough into his mouth. His tongue thrusting in and out and his lips pressing on mine so fucking hard. I wrap one leg around his waist which hikes my tight skirt up exposing my pussy to the belt buckle still holding up his pants. The cold metal startle me, but it feels so good to have something hard and cool to grind against. I'm so hot and my head is reeling. He lifts my leg up and grabs my right ass cheek spreading my pussy further open on his belt. I groan and he picks up my other leg and I wrap my entire self around him. I can feel his cock pushing against the belt and pushing the buckle hard up against my clit. I'm almost insane by this point so he lowers me down onto the bed.

My skirt is hiked up to my waist, one stocking has fallen halfway down and I'm a ragged mess. He pulls the pins from my hair and it spills over my shirt, grazing my nipples that are aching to be set free. We lock eyes and I start unbuttoning my shirt. He unbuckled his belt. He drops his trousers and boxers, and there before me is his pulsating throbbing cock with the tiniest drop of jizz glistening in the hole. My eyes grow wide and I lick my lips. It's all I can do not to take it all at once, but I'm going to make him suffer a little - like he did to me on the train. My tongue reaches out and barely touches the drop and as I pull my head back, the ball turns into a string connecting my tongue to the end of his shaft. His turn to groan and he takes another step closer. This time I take the head of his cock in my mouth and run my tongue around the base of it. My fingers gently stroking his shaft. I notice a LOT of extra slack in the skin of his shaft and on worried he's going to grow even bigger. Then as I grow a little more aggressive, the skin follows my mouth and tongue up over his head. Oh. My. God. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen - my hands sliding up and down - no restriction and my mouth following the trail my hands are blazing. His hands tangle into my hair and he pulls my head closer. I slip my left two fingers into my mouth as it is gliding up and down his shaft and wet them with my tongue. As I go all the way down... and I mean All. The. Way. Down. I slip my left hand under his balls and cup them. My left hand is cupping his balls while my right hand is stroking up and down - my mouth pausing at the top to suck a little harder and flick my tongue over his throbbing head. He pushes my head down, and his dick goes all the way down the back of my throat. I swallow him there, making the back of my throat constrict like my pussy does when I cum... He holds my head there and thrusts his hips harder and his dick goes even further. My left hand is still cupping his balls, but my fingers have been circling, pressing gently against his asshole. Just that little pressure makes him relax a little and my finger slips in. Pressing gently inside. My mouth still riding up and down - perfect rhythm... press circle, suck, slurp, swallow. I can feel him getting to the point where he can't take it any more and I press harder. The back of my tongue is playing with his head and the skin is sliding up and down and up and down. He pulls out his cock just in time, my finger inside him stroking him firmly but gently and he shoots his load all over me. I'm trying to suck it all back in, but it's going everywhere. It's on my tits and running down the lace of my bra and onto my stomach.

Now it's my turn. He lays me back, covering my cum drenched mouth with his. His fingers lightly brush my aching nipples and I arch my back to get closer. He pulls one breast out of the cup holding it and bends down to take it in his mouth. He is sucking on one tit while his hands push the other tit out of it's cup and he starts massaging it. I'm writhing now. Grabbing his head and pulling him tighter into me. His mouth trails down... following the river of cum to the top of my pubic hair (remember! this is the 80's!). He presses his face into the triangle of hair and brings his hands down to push my legs as far apart as they go. His thumbs grip the inside of my legs while his tongue starts circling my clit and licking my lips. He takes turns massaging my inner thighs with his circling thumbs, and then trailing where his hands have been with his tongue. At this point I'm going out of my mind, and if he doesn't enter me soon with something I think I might explode. I'm panting and begging and he finally sinks his tongue deep into my pussy. I buck my hips and he f***ees me back down. His tongue is thrusting in and out and one thumb finds its way into my pussy. He's pushing hard with his thumb and sucking my clit hard. I can't take it anymore and grab his cock - hard again - and guide him in. I swear to god I've never felt anything like that cock in my pussy - there was no resistance, but I could feel the full of him going deeper and deeper. He grabs my ass and pushes even harder into me. My fingernails dig into his shoulders because I'm trying to get him in even further. My hips rising to every thrust and then some. I can't take it any more so I lick my finger and reach down to finger my clit. I'm rubbing it harder and faster and he's trying to match my pace. When he pulls out, I put my fingers in and twist inside my cunt. That really turned him on, so he flips me over to take me from behind. I'm on all fours on the bed and he's standing at the edge fucking me hard. I'm playing with my pussy and my tits are dangling down flopping back and forth as I push back against him. He takes his dick out and slaps my ass with it and I put my fingers back in where he just was. We go back and forth - me rubbing my clit, him fucking my pussy, him slapping my ass with his dick and me finger fucking myself. And then I feel it start. The pulsating from inside starts winding down and clenching. I scream for him to fuck me harder and he shoves his dick in with everything he's got. I'm rubbing my clit hard and fast and he sticks his thumb in my ass. I scream as the orgasm takes hold from deep within me and shoots out. I'm rocking on his dick and he's shooting another load inside me while thumbing my asshole. Jiz and pussy juice are everywhere as we collapse into each other's arms and fall asl**p.

Ready for me now?

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