Cindy's Threesome with Stephen and Hubby

Still gleaming from your fuck time with Stephen you wanted to go further. Your thoughts went to when I got home and having Stephen and I share you fucking you as your two lovers wanted. I called that evening to which you asked “how would you like to share me with Stephen?” Knowing that you and Stephen had always be flirtatious and figured there was a chance that you took advantage of not being there I responded “could be some fun, why” I asked. You said “oh no reason just wondering”. After you talked to me for awhile we hung up for the evening and I figured it would be sometime before this would happen. You, however, had other things in mind as you started to plan for Saturday night fun which would give us an evening to fuck before you sprang your plan.
I got home Friday and that evening we fucked which afterwards I asked you about your plan with having Stephen to join in to which you responded “it won’t be for awhile” smiling as you said it. Saturday came and I put the threesome with Stephen and you behind me. We spent the day with the f****y and as the day went on you started to smile more. Before I got home you told Stephen I was returning Friday but “we” would like to have him over later Saturday if he wasn’t doing anything. Later that night Stephen came over which surprised me but I didn’t think anything of it. We sat down in the living room to have a few drinks and have a good time. After a couple of hours you went upstairs saying you had get something real quick. Stephen and I continued on talking but before much longer you texted me saying you needed me to kill a spider in the bedroom. What’s new I figured and I told Stephen “apparently there is a spider in the bedroom” to which he laughed and said we will go up and take care of it.
Stephen and I went upstairs to our bedroom to take care of your spider as he was still laughing and shaking his head. When we saw the bedroom door shut we kind of looked perplexed but didn’t think anything of it but when we opened the door and walked in you were laying on your side completely nude on our chaise lounge looking at us seductively. Stephen still surprised, you never told him your intent, slowly shut the door and locked it. As we stared at you nude with only a necklace on you asked “you don’t like what you see?” No sooner you said that you got up off the chaise lounge walking towards us very seductively. Stephen and just stared at your nude body as you got to us looking at me asking me “are you willing to share me tonight” to which I said “yes”. Looking at Stephen you asked “are you ready to fuck me again with my hubby here which he said “of course” which threw me aback at first but didn’t care as I knew you too had a thing going and it you two probably took advantage of me gone to fuck.
You positioned yourself in front of me putting your arms around my neck and giving me a kiss then you did the same to Stephen. Then you stepped backed from both of us and told us to strip down as you smiled lustfully. You watched as we stripped down until we were both nude ourselves, our cocks hard from seeing you laying on the chase lounge. You looked down and started to walk toward us again smiling as you did. When you got to us, standing center with both of us on one side of you, you said “I hope you two are ready to have some fun with me tonight” in a seductive way to which we smiled.
You stood close to taking your hands and putting a hand on each cock feeling how hard they were. You smiled at us as you began to stroke our cocks slowly saying “are you boys going to have fun with me tonight” to which both of us said yes we were as our hands lifted up to touch you each of us fondling your tits. You just smiled as both of us fondled your tits and you slowly stroked our cocks. Slowly you worked your ways to your knees with your hand on our cocks. Your lips then took the head of Stephens cock giving it sensual kiss you looked up at him as you did the same to mine telling me “guest first sweetie” smiling as you went back to Stephen’s cock taking into your mouth as I watched feeling your hand stroke mine. I watched as you slowly worked your head up and down his cock as you stroked mine with your little hand. Then I watched as your lips let go of his cock and you switched to mine sliding my cock slowly between your lips. It felt good your lips were wet with Stephen’s pre-cum as I watched you stroke his cock with your other hand. You went back and forth for a little longer but stopped and stood up.
You took Stephen’s hand and walked him over to Chaise lounge telling me “follow us sweetie”. You laid yourself onto the chaise lounge on your back and spread your legs telling Stephen to lick your pussy like he did before. I started to put my cock close to your mouth and you told me “I want you to watch right now”. I took my hand and started to play with your tits as I watched Stephen lick your pussy. It was so good to watch you enjoying the sensation of me playing with your tits and seeing him pleasure you with his tongue. You moaning was sensual enjoying the sensation as you told me “suck on my tits I want to be sucked and licked there too” through a shallow moan. So I bent over taking your tit into my mouth and started to lick and suck playing with the other tit with my hand. I could feel your breathing become heavier as you enjoyed the sensation of Stephen licking your pussy and me working your tits you were being fully pleasured. You started to have a heavy orgasm moaning and bucking your hips as the sensation was overwhelming. Finally you came down and Stephen brought himself up from between your legs.
Your well lubed and wet pussy was ready as Stephen slowly inserted his cock as I watched. I stood up watching at first then you told me as he started to fuck you “bring your cock close my lips”. I took my cock running across your lips as you opened your mouth receiving my warm cock into your mouth. Stephen watched as you sucked my cock while he was fucking you every now and then you would let it slide it out and slowly stroked it. Stephen was getting ready to cum as you told him “cum in my pussy “, through a moan. I watched as he gave a few more slams of his cock in your pussy letting go a large load. He let his cock slide out as I flipped you over to your stomach lifting you up onto all fours.
I started to rub my cock along your pussy feeling the warm juices starting flow from it. Sliding my cock in I felt the warm load of Stephen’s as I started to fuck you. I placed my hands on your hips to fuck you as Stephen stood in front of you stroking his wet cock. Then I reached up with one hand, grabbing onto your hair I pulled your head back as you let out a loud gasp as I continued to fuck you. Your moaning was constant as I asked you “you want Stephen’s cock in your mouth don’t you?” which you replied through a moan “yes I do.” I looked up to Stephen telling him “put your cock in my whore wife’s mouth” to which he slid into your inviting and ready mouth. I held your head a little longer back as I fucked you then Stephen placed his hands to keep your head on his cock allowing me place my hands back on to your hips. I picked up my rhythm drive my cock deep and hard into keeping a good method going so you could enjoy Stephen’s cock. I was focused on fucking you but couldn’t help myself watch Stephen work your head up and down his cock as I fucked you. At times you would let go of his cock reaching up to stroke it using the rhythm to slide your hand along his cock as you caught your breath through your moans as I slammed my cock hard into you pussy. As I was fucking you I could feel the warm load that Stephen put into you flow past my cock the warm sensation of his cum in your pussy made me harder causing me to fuck you a little faster. As I fucked you harder and faster you started to have a hard time keeping Stephen’s cock in your mouth forcing you to stroke it more often with one hand as Stephen rubbed his cock across your lips till you took his cock back in your mouth. He watched as I fucked you telling you “you have been a naughty wife haven’t you” as you moaned “uh huh” to which you took his cock back into your mouth. I started to tense up ready to cum in your pussy feeling my cum working its way up my cock I slammed my cock hard into you four times letting go with my own large load of cum into your pussy. I eased my cock out of you pussy as Stephen eased his from your mouth.
Stephen and I switched positions as you caught your breath for the short moment. I started to stroke my cock as Stephen slapped his on your ass then rubbing it along the lips of your pussy feeling the wetness of all of our juices seeping out. He slowly eased his cock into your wet pussy and right away pulling your head back by your hair telling you “clean my cum from your hubby’s cock” as you eagerly took my cock into your mouth. He went at an easy pace his hands on your hips thrusting his cock into you watching as you worked my cock with your mouth. I ran my hand through your hair as you kept your head up. As Stephen started to pick up his rhythm I took my hands to the side of your head holding it on my cock using his and your motion to slide your mouth along my cock. You took a hand and started to play with my balls a little but put it down to keep your balance as Stephen was fucking a little harder now thrusting his cock deep into your pussy. Once again your moaning and heavy breathing was making it harder for you to suck on a cock but I was enjoying it putting my cock back into your mouth as Stephen fucked you hard. You moaned out “I am cumming again” as Stephen’s cock was driving hard, fast and deep into you. It was getting hard to keep my cock in your mouth but you managed to once again take it back between your lips. As Stephen started to throw his cock hard and deep into ready to release another load of cum into your pussy you kept my cock in your mouth as you felt his warm load flow into deep into your pussy. With satisfaction Stephen slowly took his cock from your pussy as you sat back on the chaise lounge.
Sensually and through heavy breathing you told us “come stand in front of me” which we did. You looked up smiling telling us “a girl needs a little break” as you started to stroke our cock then saying “but that doesn’t mean I am done yet” as you then took Stephen’s cock into your mouth while stroking mine. As you sucked Stephen’s cock licking my cum off of it this time, he ran his hand through your hair as I reached down to softly fondle your tits. Then you lifted your head up off his cock going to mine and let it slip gently between your lips. Stephen then started to fondle your tits while you stroked his cock as I kept my hands off just watching you work your mouth on my cock. Your tongue was working its usual magic across my cock as you glanced up at me with your eyes. Then you backed off a bit stroking both of our cocks looking up at us smiling a playful, sensual smile. You asked “I wonder what I can expect next”. Stroking our cocks for a bit you once again went back to Stephen’s cock embracing it for awhile. As you continued to stroke my cock I watched as you worked Stephen’s cock which turned me on. Once again you switched back to mine but we were ready to fuck you again seeing you had enough down time.
Stephen stood you up as I told you “ride him” as Stephen sat and swung you around positioning you to straddle him. As you straddled Stephen he held onto his cock as you placed your hands on his shoulders. He rubbed the head of his cock along your pussy lips positioning it so you could slide down his shaft. You slowly slid down easing yourself so that you could feel his cock slowly slide into your pussy. I stood and watched at an angle so I could take it in slowly stroking my cock as you started to work you body up and down his cock slowly watching as each time you went down taking his cock fully into your pussy. Stephen’s hands slowly worked their way up to your stomach to your tits gently holding on to them as you fucked him. You increased your motion working yourself a little faster and bit harder down onto his cock as I listened to your breathing become heavier. He then slowly slid his hands down to your hips to take a little more control of your body on him. I watched as Stephen started to take you a little faster and harder onto him, your moaning of pleasure only turned me on more wanting to fuck you. He continued to impale you on to his cock only driving you into lustful pleasure forgetting I was standing there making your pussy wetter as he went.
Stephen suddenly stopped lifting you up slightly up off of him as he lay back bringing you on top of him. As you switched positions to get on top of his stretched out body I came over and started to rub your pussy and ass moisten up around your ass a little. Stephen held his cock up erect to allow you to slide his cock back into your pussy as you started to ride him he brought your body down on top of him. I came up behind you as Stephen slowed his motion. Straddling above you I rubbed my cock around your ass and slowly pressed my head to your ass. Feeling the head of my cock you slowly started to back yourself in as I slowly worked my cock into your ass with Stephens cock still firmly in your pussy. I eased it as you eased back down on Stephen’s cock till I was deep inside your ass and him in your pussy. Stephen placed his hands on your hips as I rested my arms gently on your upper back grabbing the sides. Slowly Stephen and I worked up a rhythm moving your body down onto his cock while I slid my cock into your ass putting both of our cocks rubbing up against each other deep inside of you at once. You started moaning as soon as our cocks were in your holes feeling both of our cocks pressing up against each other inside you going deep inside. The pace started to pick up the pace until we hit the right beat both of our cocks driving pressing as deep as they could hit your spots that brought you intense pleasure at once. Through your moans you let out “oh fuck” as an intense sensation of lustful pleasure started to feel your body. This made Stephen and I to quicken the pace hearing your moans. Our cocks working their way into through into an intense orgasm as you muscles tightened you started to moan out “fuck me, fuck me.” We couldn’t resist we started to fuck you harder, your moaning got louder in pleasure and you started to moan out in bliss of feeling two cocks in you. As you started to orgasm again we moaned out louder “I am cumming”. My cock started to tense as your ass tightened I could myself ready to put a load deep into your ass the sensation so great our cocks pressed up against you sliding in and out of your body feeling each of your intense orgasms. Stephen’s was close to cumming himself with both of us going harder into you. As your orgasms in tensed ready to climax I let loose with a large load deep into your ass to which with that last thrust Stephen put a load into your pussy.
As you came down from these orgasms of your double penetration you collapsed falling to Stephen giving him a passionate kiss. You got up to let Stephen to sit up as I came and sat on the other side. You were spent but fully pleasured telling us “I never felt anything like that” with lusty smile. We sat for a bit until Stephen got up to start getting dressed to leave. I threw on some shorts taking him to the door as he said “you know we fucked earlier right?” to which I replied “I kind of figured but all is good I think Cindy is quite happy tonight!” I went back up stairs and went over to you lying exhausted but extremely happy smiling laying on the chaise lounge. Your pussy and ass dripping cum still as you looked up me saying “I don’t know what to say but I sure do like having two cocks me” as I bent over telling you “It is good to pleasure you in such ways”.

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so you enjoyed this then would you ever like to do it with 3 guys then mouth, ass n pussy full at same time then?