Cindy's Affair with Stephen

Stephen is a good friend of ours living up the road he would usually come over on weekends spending time. Having been our friend awhile we got to know him quit well as he 27 and single working locally on odd days. He is 6’ 1” and weighs about 195 lbs but was fit. As time went by I noticed you and him would trade playful smiles at each other but up to this time you really had never did anything together. One day you told me of fantasy of Stephen fucking you which I just smiled asking “so what did you do with you” which you replied “that is my secret” smiling at me.
I had to go out of town for a few days which you didn’t like but as always you would manage. You gave me a kiss smiling saying “I will see you at the end of the week” smiling at me. I told you “don’t have too much fun” smiling back at you to which you came back with “you know me I won’t” with my reply before leaving “yeah right” as I laughed. But you already had a plan as you had been thinking about Stephen quite a bit every time you wanted to go further. You had purchased a red corset, with red thigh high stockings, red thong, and black 6” heels planning the affair for a few weeks knowing I was leaving for a week, ordering the corset to where it got to you a day after I left.
The day came as you planned as you started to get ready to surprise Stephen. You got the k**s off to school coming home to get everything ready. You got showered and started to put your make up on then your corset and black heels. Then you called Stephen knowing he had the day off asking if he could come over as you needed help doing some things around the house. Stephen said he had no problem and would be over in a half hour to which you told him the door was unlocked and come on in once he got there.
Stephen arrived about 10:35 and coming in didn’t see you and asked “are you here Cindy” to which you yelled down from upstairs “Yeah I just got out of the shower and will be down in a bit go ahead and have a seat. “ Stephen took a seat on the couch waiting not expecting what was coming. You started your way down the stairs and when you turned the corner you took Stephen by surprise as he was not expecting to see you dressed as such. You smiled at him as he stared at you asking him “do you like what you see” to which he said “I sure do”. After he got his eyes filled with your body you started to walk to him erotically. Once you got to him sitting you bent over placing your arms on either side of him leaning to kiss him on the lips real quick saying “I have wanted to fuck you for some time now”. Stephen was thrilled to hear such words telling “so have I, I have wanted to slide my cock into you since I first saw you.”
You straddled his straddled yourself on his legs and started to grind your hips across his lap and cock smiling at him as you felt it get even harder against you. He started to raise his hands up on you to which you playfully told him “not yet” as you placed your hands on his shoulders grinding away. You lowered your hands to take his shirt off him raising it over and off him. You threw his shirt behind the couch revealing a chiseled body running your hands down his chest and abs. At this point you told him he could touch if wanted as you continued to give him a lap dance to which he did first placing his hands on your ass and then up to your hips and sides. Stephen’s hands then went up to your back bringing your face close to his and started to kiss you lustfully as you stopped grinding along his cock. You placed your hands on his shoulders as you two lustfully and passionately kissed as his hands started to work down to the strings that tied your corset together. He slowly untied your corset as you kissed letting it hang a bit before gently pushing you back. He slowly took your corset top off bring it down your arms and as you removed your arms from your shoulders he took your corset top from your body dropping it to the floor. He ran his hands back to your body and proceeded to massage and caress your tits with his hands staring at your tits as he did as you looked down at him watching as he did, getting hornier and wetter by the minute. Stephen told you “such a nice body and nice tits” as leaned in too start to kiss suck and lick them. You were enjoying Stephen working your tits flicking his tongue on your nipples as he went back and forth with his hands now at your side.
Stephen then took his lips from your tits pushing you up to stand as he stood up with you from the couch. You stood smiling as you ran your hands along his chest and abs as he ran his hands down to your straps to loosen them. As his hands were still on your side he brought you in close to him to start kissing you again as his as hands ran down your side to your straps as he worked each loose. Once he got them loose he ran his hands back up to your hips holding you close to his body as you two continued to kiss your hands on his mid back. He then pushed you back so he could throw his shoes and socks off after which you ran your hands down to his waist bringing them to the front of his jeans slowly undoing his belt, button, then zipper. You reached in to feel his hard cock smiling up at him. Your hands pushed his jeans and boxers down off his waist and you slowly lowered yourself and his jeans down to the floor until you were on your knees. You looked up at him as you slid his jeans down to his ankles, Stephen flinging them off, smiling telling him “such a nice cock I have in my hands” as you slowly stroked it.
He smiled at you watching you slowly stroke his hard 6 ½” cock as you started to kiss his head bringing your mouth to the base of his cock slowly licking it back up to his head. You looked up smiled with one hand still on his cock and lowering your head you took his cock into your mouth sliding your lips slowly taking your hand off to take his full cock all the way to the base in your mouth. You started slowly sucking his cock as he enjoyed himself watching your head bob up and down his shaft. At times you would take your mouth off to lick the side then take Stephen’s cock back into your mouth. You continued but your rhythm picked up as you sucked with one hand now on his cock while you sucked his cock. Stephen then placed his hands to the side of your head controlling the motion of you sucking his cock as you took your hand off his cock placing them on his hips as he guided your head up and down his cock. You would momentarily take his cock from your mouth as you sucked but wasn’t long before Stephen guided your mouth back to his cock. You felt as his cock started to tense tasting his pre-cum. He was working your head faster up and down his cock as you start to feel it tense harder before he unleashed his cum into your mouth. He took your head from his cock breathing a little heavier as you looked up at him smiling and wiping your lips of some of his cum you took.
Stephen raised you back on to your feet and leaned in for a kiss telling you “it is my turn now” smiling. He started to lower your panties kneeling a little to let them fall down your legs which you flip them away with your heels. You were now only in your stockings and high heels as he turned and pushed you back onto the couch as you spread your legs wanting him between them. He lowered himself to kiss your lips then started to work his way down your body. Kissing your tits, to your stomach, then worked his between your legs. He rubbed a hand across your wet pussy as you watched him waiting for him to lick you pussy. He slipped a couple of fingers into your pussy finger fucking it as you watched enjoying the moment watching him lower his head to your pussy. You felt his fingers leave the inside of your pussy as he lowered his head to your wet pussy feeling his tongue take the first stroke as you watched lustfully one hand lightly held on the back of his head. He worked his tongue up and down your pussy lips focusing on your clit with the tip of his tongue never letting up. You placed your second hand on the back of his as your lust and pleasure increased pressing his head firmly into your pussy as his hands held on to your thighs as he continued to pleasure you. Your moans got louder as his tongue started to hit the right spots your hips started to buck in orgasm as his motions were driving you to an intense orgasm. Finally your hips raised up off the couch as you started to orgasm as Stephen continued and your moaning was intense your hands pressing his head firmly into your cunt as you climaxed. As you finally climaxed your hips fell back onto the couch as Stephen raised his head from your pussy his cock hard again.
He stood and brought you back to his feet turning you with him as he sat back onto the couch bringing you with him. Now with a hard cock you straddled Stephen as he held his cock to guide into your pussy. Slowly your lowered yourself onto it first feeling his head slide in then lowering yourself still until you had his cock fully into you. You smiled at Stephen as you placed your hands on the back of the couch to slowly work yourself up and down his hard shaft taking yourself to his head then back down. He started to fondle your tits as you fucked him slowly sliding yourself up and down his cock. Stephen placed his hands on your tits holding them gently as you slowly worked yourself on his cock staring at you, your tits, and his cock as you worked it up and down with your body impaling it into your pussy. Slowly his hands worked their way to your hips as he leaned into to kiss and suck on your tits as you worked his cock. You watched as he kissed and licked your tits while you fucked him his hands helping a little more as you continued to ride his cock. He was enjoying himself with his cock in you as he worked over your tits. However, he pulled his face from your tits asking you “are you ready for a rough ride” to which you said through breaths “yes I am”. You felt his hands firm up on your hips as he took control, your arms let loose from the back of the couch where they had been putting them to your side. Stephen started slowly progressing thrusting your body faster and harder onto his cock. Once again your moans started to become heavier feeling him bringing your body down onto him putting his cock deep into your pussy. His cock started to throb and tense your orgasms became stronger feeling his cock going deep into you harder each time as your moaned out as you could feel his cock tensing in your pussy “cum inside of me, I want to feel your warm cum” through your moans. With a few hard thrust down onto his cock as you once again experienced another intense orgasm you felt the warm sensation of his cum in your pussy. You collapsed down on to his chest in complete lustful satisfaction telling him “I want more”.
You worked yourself off Stephen and spread his legs open and once between his legs and on your knees you took his cock into your mouth to clean it off and get it hard again. The taste of of yourself and his cum excited you as your tongue ran across his cock. He sat back and watched lightly placing his hand on the back of your head as you worked your lips on his cock. Your legs were spread open as you were knelt down between his legs his cum dripping out of your pussy but you continued to work his cock not letting up as you wanted it hard to fuck you again. As his cock got harder in your mouth you slid one more time up his shaft taking your lips from his head telling him “I think you are ready” to which Stephen smiled as you stood up.
You slowly started to walk back from Stephen to which he got up from the couch to follow. You turned one of the bar stools around bending over placing your hands on the seat looking back over your shoulder as Stephen with his hard erect cock telling “I am ready again now fuck me hard and fast”. Stephen took sometime to view your ass and with your legs spread out your wet pussy oozing cum from your pussy. He smiled as he walked behind you slapping his cock on your ass cheek. He took his cock in his hand and placed his head into your pussy as you moaned feeling it. Slowly his cocked worked its way into your pussy until he slid the full length deep into you. At first Stephen thrust his cock hard slow and deep making you moan each time it is was thrust deep, then, placing his hands on your hips, he started to not only thrust deep and hard but started to go faster. Each hard fast thrust drove you to moan as you gasped out “fuck that fells good, fuck me, fuck me”. His hands firmly on your hips he honored your wishes fucking you hard and fast. You could barely control yourself as his fucking you was intense. You moaned louder as the feel of his cock going hard and deep into your pussy at a quick pace was giving you intense orgasms. Your pussy tightened around his cock as your orgasms became more intense and to feel his cock hit every spot. He was not letting up and your lust was during this fuck was driving you to an intense orgasm. Stephen’s cock started to tense up as you orgasms became stronger. You yelled out “I am cumming again” as you through heavy breathing “I am ready to cum again”. You once again moaned out “I want your cum deep in my pussy” which spurred him to fuck you even harder. He then thrusted harder and deeper into you as he came closer your bodies were tensing in orgasm as he gave you a few hard thrust into your pussy sending more cum into you. This load was bigger than before as it took Stephen four hard slow deep thrust until he stopped cumming from his cock. Your orgasm peaked as you felt his warm present flowing inside of your pussy. He leaned over in exhaustion as you two started to come down from your orgasms kissing your neck keeping his cock inside you telling you “thanks for calling me over this was great”. You told him lustfully and smiling “that is not a problem and I am glad I did” through heavy breathing.
Stephen stood you back up bringing you close to give you a passionate kiss thanking you once again. You watched as he got dressed asking “can we do this again” to which he smile and replied “what do you think” which you gave a playful lustful smile back. Before he left you two passionately kissed again knowing that this would not be the last time.

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good story
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very good
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Damn that was good, now you need to throw in some anal in your storys