Cindy's Surprise

I had reserved a suite in a nice resort and spa for the weekend getaway with a separate bedroom and living room. We checked in Friday evening taking are bags to the room and getting situated. We then changed to go to supper and out for the evening. You put on a dress with high silver high heels asking “do you like” which of course I responded with a yes. We found a nice restaurant having a nice supper after which we walked up to a nice bar up the road. We found a table and sat down ordering our drinks. It was at this point I saw a 6’ 4” tall black man well built looking over at you. After an hour or so he came over with a round a drinks he ordered introducing himself. He was in town on business and him I started talking. He sat down in the chair at the end of the table introducing himself as Robert and we struck up a conversation. I would glance over at you as you could not take his eyes off of him staring him up and down. As the night went on the bar started to play music with its dance floor filling up. As I was not much of a dancer he asked if you wanted to and you looked up, as I nodded, and said sure. You two went out there dancing to hip hop and you were enjoying the time. I noticed as you would grind up against him smiling up at him which I assumed you were feeling something you liked. I also noticed he was enjoying being close to you as well.
After an hour you two stopped dancing coming back to the table which I asked “did you enjoy your dance” which you replied with a smile “I sure did!” You took a moment to freshen up leaving me and Robert with me. As we sat and talked he said “I bet your wife is fun in bed” catching me off guard I replied “yes”. “Why do you ask” I said in which he replied with “just the way she dances, it is very sexual”. It was at this point you came back whispering to me you were ready to go. I told you to meet me at the door as I would pay which you did. Before you left you gave him a quick kiss on the lips thanking him for the dance then walked to the door. He watched you walk toward the door and smiled. “You think my wife is hot don’t you” I said to which he replied back “Yes I do hope I didn’t make you upset or anything” which I said “no”. Then I got brazen asking “Do you want to fuck her?” which took him off guard which he replied hesitantly “yes I wouldn’t mind…” Then I came up with the plan saying that you have always wanted a black cock and I would like to surprise her tomorrow night. He smiled at me as I explained the details.
The Next evening we went out at 7 to a seafood restaurant this time you wearing a red dress with black ankle boot heels you looked damn sexy. As we sat down to eat I looked out you smiling with you asking “what are you grinning at?” I replied “I have a surprise for you when we got back to the room.” With you replying “really”. We got our supper ate and had a couple of drinks. When we got back to room I told you “left my key in the room do you have yours?” which you said “yes”. We walked in and I told you “I have to blindfold your for the surprise”. You looked at me saying nervously “ok”. I got you blindfolded and started to walk you to the bedroom door opening it walking you in a few steps. I asked “are you ready for your surprise” you once again nervously replied “yes”. I undid the blindfold from behind you letting it drop to the floor. There before you was Robert who we met the night before naked. You were shocked at first looking back at me quick then back at Robert glancing how well hung and thick he was with his 8” and very thick cock. I kissed you on the shoulder telling you “have fun sweetie” shutting the door behind me and leaving the room all together.
As soon as I had left Robert came over to you slowly standing smiling and smiling at you saying “you look absolutely gorgeous” to which you told him with a little laugh “thank you” as you staired at his well built body. He placed his hands on your hips sizing you up as you looked up at him smiling then telling him “you know last night while dancing all I could think of was you fucking me”. This made him smile as he leaned in for a kiss as you placed your hands on his chest. He ran his hands up to your bra undoing it then up to your shoulders as left your lips. His black hands slid the straps of your dress down your arms taking your bra with it exposing your tits. He let it fall to the floor which you then kicked it off to the side leaving you only in your ankle boot heels and boy shorts. You looked up at him as he brought his hands up to your tits cupping them with his big black hands. You smiled back up at him once again running your little white hands down his side to his cock placing your hands on it and starting to stroke it. Robert backed his off your tits as you started to stroke it which you playfully asked “don’t you like my tits?” to which he replied “I do but I enjoy what you are doing”. You started to kiss his chest working your way down to his well chiseled abs then onto your knees.
Once on your knees you looked up at him again asking “what do you want this little white girl to do huh” and as he looked down at you he said “I want those lips around my cock” to which you replied “really”. At this moment you kissed the tip of his black cock then going to the base placing your lips on it licking it back up. You teasingly told him “I am not sure I can take this cock” to which he smiled as you then took into your mouth. You got it as deep as you could, placing one hand toward the base. He played with your hair as bobbed up and down his 8” thick cock feeling it get even harder in your mouth. You slipped his cock off of his mouth looking up him smiling some pre-cum hanging from his cock. You then went back to work this time sucking on his balls which were freshly shaved working your way back his large shaft putting back into your mouth. This time he placed one hand behind your head as your ran your lips up and down his shaft. You were sucking vigorously only taking your lips off his cock for a moment to catch your breath then you would go back to sucking his cock. By this point he had both hands on the side of your head running your lips up and down his cock. You started to taste more cum as your tongue ran up his cock as it started to tense. Finally he let loose with a load of warm cum in your mouth which you swallowed some letting most seep out between your lips onto his cock as it was a large load. You took your lips off of his cock as he dropped his hands to his side cum hanging between your lips and his cock as you looked up at him smiling.
Robert then took you under the arms standing you up and leaned in to start to kiss you again as you placed your hands onto his hips. He ran his hands down to your panties and started to pull them down your legs. He knelt down to finish the job bringing them to your ankles which you then threw them off. He stood back up starting to back you to the bed. He started to kiss down your body paying particular attention to your tits. Sucking, licking, and fondling your tits for a few minutes he stood completely back up picking you and back onto the bed which he started to once again kiss down your body. He worked his way to your pussy discovering how wet it was. He smiled as you watch him start to lick your pussy his black hands on your thighs keeping them spread open. His cock started to harden as you licked and you were starting to have your first orgasm of the night. Not long after your waist started to buck as you climaxed from having your cunt licked.
He stood up his black body between your legs saying “I hear you never had a black cock before and want to have one deep inside of you to which you replied “yes I do”. He stroked the head of his cock along your pussy lips teasing you which you said lustfully “don’t tease me I want your dark meat inside of my little white body”. He slowly started to insert the head of his cock inside of you which you gasped at feeling its girth. As he slowly worked his black cock inside of you each time it got deeper you gasped as it stretched your pussy as I never have. Eventually he had his full 8” inside of you asking “how does it feel” which you lightly said “it feels good”. He smiled as he started to work his cock sliding it through your wet pussy. He placed his hands on your hips as he started to pick up a good rhythm you gasping and moaning with each penetration. “That feels so good” you moaned out, in which he picked up the speed a bringing into yet the beginnings of another orgasm. As he fucked you moaned out in orgasmic lust feeling this large dark cock inside of you. Once again his cock tensed this time putting the first load of cum into your cunt. You sat up saying I want more of your dark meat.
You took his wet cock into your mouth sucking it once more to get it hard to be fucked again. As he got harder he pushed you back onto the bed further this time lying on top of you inserting his cock once again into your pussy. His big black body covered you up, your little hands were on the back of his shoulders, and your little white legs were spread wide as his black body and cock engulfed you. Robert started to fuck you hard trying to kiss you but you were moaning quit a bit with his large cock fucking you hard. He continued to fuck you to another orgasm but he had not cum yet. You then shifted your hands to his chest nudging him off the top of you onto his back. You got on top of him kissed his lips telling him “I have always wanted to ride a dark stallion” as you took his cock guiding into your pussy. You slid yourself down onto it slowly then put your hands on his chest and started to ride him. You pushed yourself to his head before bringing yourself back down onto him filling your cunt with his dark meat. He then put his hands on your chest as you road him lightly moaning each time. As your road he stared at you watching the pleasure on your face having his dark meat inside of you. Then Robert slowly started to slide his hands to your hips. Once his big black hands were on your hips he started to take control of you on top of him. Your hands left his chest letting his well built arms do all the work. He slammed you down on him forcing his cock deep into you. You started to moan louder as he told you “So how do you love riding a black stallion” to which you moaned in lust “I love it”. You continued to moan as Robert worked you up and down his cock louder each time as you were ready to cum. A few hard thrust down onto his cock brought you to full orgasm as you moaned loudly in pleasure and with a few more thrust you felt his warm creamy cum inside of your pussy again.
You collapsed down onto him but wanting more he started to kiss you as you told him “God that was good” smiling. You rolled off his body exhausted but wanting to feel him side of you again so you slowly ran your fingers down his chest leaning towards him as your cum soaked pussy didn’t give up its second load. You started to play with his cock as he watched asking “you want my cock inside your little white pussy again don’t you” as he smiled with pleasure. You smiled back as got up to straddle his cock with your face. You once again started to kiss and suck his cock tasting both your juices on it. He watched as you went on working his cock for another round. As you felt his cock get hard he tried to bring you back on top of him which you smiled and said “no” as you turned around on all fours.
You looked back at Robert telling him “now fuck me, I want to be fucked hard, show this white girl what how a black cock feels”. Robert got up and came up behind you running his cock up and down your pussy lips. “put in” you told him which he did slowly until was fully in. “fuck me” you said impatiently. He put his hands on your hips and started to fuck yo. Fuck you did he as he right away started to fuck you hard and deep sending every inch of his 8” thick black cock inside of your white pussy. You were moaning as soon as he started to fuck you hard and deep. “You like that” as you responded “yes I do I love it” moaning in lustful pleasure. You were enjoying every bit of his cock entering you with a hard deep thrust each time. He didn’t let up and neither did your orgasms having one after another. His thrust got harder and deeper and orgasms became intense as you moaned out “I am cumming again”. Finally he let loose with another large load of cum in your pussy, keeping his dark cock inside so every drop could be sent gushing inside of you.
As soon as he took his cock from your pussy you collapsed exhausted but pleasured. He gave you a kiss asking I hope you liked which you replied “I loved every bit of your black cock inside of me and I am glad I got to fuck you”. Robert got dressed and left meeting me at the bar telling me “thank you, she was really fun” as he smiled. I smiled back “glad you did and I am sure she enjoyed every bit”. Robert’s response “Oh I know she did” as he smiled and walked away. When I got back up to the room you were laying on your stomach with a smile on your face. Your spread legs revealed a well stretched pussy very wet with both of your cum. I asked how you liked your surprise and you just smiled at me.

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