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Flamingo Road ~ Conclusion

After flying all night Friday from San Francisco, I finally got into the Mobile, Alabama, airport at 12 Noon sharp on Saturday. I knew that my buddy, Napoleon, would be home the whole weekend; he’d recently returned from a trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans where he’d collected as many cunts as strings of beads around his neck and had a fucking great time. Now, I was going to surprise him with what would be a whole new way of fucking for him.

I planned to have a whole weekend to fuck with him before I had to head back home late Monday afternoon. For over 6 months, the two of us had been hooking up on-line, swapping messages and pictures of ourselves. I even went out and got myself a web camera so we could talk and watch each other in real time.

He was always in that fucking bathtub of his, jerking his gorgeous uncut Latin boner and teasing me by playing with his foreskin. Except one time, when I asked him to let a stream of piss into his toilet, and do it as hard as he could so I could hear it as well as see it. Sure enough, the next time we hooked up over the web, he did it for me and damn, it was hot!

During one of these sessions, he got mad as hell at me. I had the cam up on top of my monitor in the den so I was always at my desk when we hooked up on-line. One day, it was cold as shit in the house and I was wearing a sweatshirt and my white socks, though my throbbing boner was fully exposed. He told me to take my fucking sweatshirt off right away, or he was going to end the call.

“Turn the fucking heat on if it’s so damn cold, you motherfucker!” he barked at me.

I knew that at least part of what turned him on about me was my hairy chest and hard nipples, the sleeve tattoo down my left arm, and the mystic eagle emblem inked on the side of my right arm just below my shoulder. So I got up, pulled off my sweatshirt, and turned around so he could see the ink on my back, for the first time. I even bent over a little bit so he could see my big hairy ass and stuck my forefinger all the way inside my hole. I turned back to face the cam and spread my legs apart a little so he could see my newest tat on the inside of my left thigh, next to my balls.

By the time I sat back down, I saw him take his hand off his boner and clap his soapy hands together. The suds spraying off his hands looked like spooge, especially when they hit his sunny smiling face and dripped down. I pulled out a cigar and lit up, putting my stogie between my fingers. I took my rock-hard shaft in my other hand, and the two of us had a long jerk session until the two of us rubbed out our loads. When it was over, I sort of chuckled to myself, thinking how puckered up his ass must be after sitting in that bathtub for so long.

Eventually, I got him to give me his phone number. I didn’t have any interest in “phone sex” or anything like that, I’d told him; I just wanted to have a normal conversation so we could get to know each other. I wasn’t in love or anything- I already had all the love I needed in my life- and as it turned out, so did he. When I called him, I found out that he’d just celebrated his 42nd birthday, almost the same age as me at 48. I already knew he was married, but what I didn’t know before was that he had five k**s- three boys and two girls. Two of them- one of the boys and one of the girls- were grown and working. The other three were in school, including the youngest boy, in pre-school.

Talk about live ammo!

While he’d had encounters with other males as a young man, he’d never been fucked by a guy. On-line afterwards, he kept telling me that this “Guy” was going to be “that” guy who took care of it for him. I didn’t need any convincing.

We never talked on the phone again, but I kept his number stored knowing that one day I’d be calling him up again.

That day had arrived. As soon as I stepped outside the Mobile terminal, the Gulf Coast heat hit me… quite a change from the cool breezes I’d long grown used to living in “Baghdad by the Bay”. I put down my duffel bag, pulled a smoke from my t-shirt pocket and lit it. After I put my Zippo back in my pocket, I bent over and fished my phone out of my bag. Nervously fidgeting with my cigarette, I dialed Napoleon’s number.

The man’s voice that answered the phone didn’t quite sound like Napoleon; it sounded rough and gravely. I figured maybe he had a cold or something. I took a long drag on my smoke and exhaled deeply. “Here goes,” I thought.

“Hey, buddy! It’s me- Guy!” I said into the phone. “I’m finally here!”

“You shitting me, Guy?” the voice answered back.

I told him that I had a room at the airport Marriott in Mobile. He said he’d be there in about an hour or so and call me from the front desk.

As I hung up, little did I know that the voice on the phone was actually Napoleon’s 21-year old son, Ben.

I hopped in a cab and was in my hotel room in about 20 minutes. I made a call to the desk and asked if they could send up somebody from maintenance. I assured the woman who answered that everything was alright, but I had a favor to ask.

After she hung up, I lit up a smoke and fished around in my bag. I pulled out my shower-mounted anal wand. Right away, there was a knock on the door and I let in a hunky, bearded hotel employee in a uniform. I picked up the wand and handed it to him.

“Do you think you could do me a favor, buddy, and screw off the shower head and put this on behind it?” I asked him. I took a twenty out of my wallet and handed it to him.

“No problem, bud’,” he replied with a wink. “I’ll get you taken care of right away!”

“Thanks,” I told him, and then asked, “Think you could stop by Monday morning and dismount it for me? You can let yourself in since I probably won’t be here.”

“Sure thing, buddy,” he said.

I asked him where I could scare up some cold beers, and he told me there was a QuickMart at the gas station next door. I knew Napoleon liked Miller Genuine Draft- MGD- so when I got to the store, I pulled a six-pack of bottles from the cooler.

When I got up to the counter, I asked the clerk if she knew where I could pick up some condoms. She reached under the counter and pulled out a three-pack of Trojans. I asked her if she could give me three more boxes. She nodded and pulled them out.

“Big doing’s planned this weekend, cowboy?” she asked me with a wink. I nodded and signed the slip.

By the time I got back to my room, I knew Napoleon would be calling up from the front desk any minute. I stashed the beer in the fridge. I peaked into the bathroom and saw that my hose was hanging neatly parked behind the shower head. I went back over to the night stand and dropped my four boxes of condoms on it. The maintenance hunk had left his card with his emergency contact number and a note.

“Thanks for the tip,” the note read. “I’ll be back Monday around Noon. Give me a ring if you need another hand in the meantime, stud!”

“Holy fuck,” I thought to myself. “I haven’t even been here an hour and I’ve already got a back up plan!”

I pulled a cigar out of my bag and lit it. I grabbed an ashtray, went over to the sofa and sat down. I crossed my ankle over my thigh and leaned back into the cushion, puffing. The room was pretty fucking nice. It had a king-sized bed, and before leaving late Monday afternoon, I planned to fuck on every damn square inch of it.

Then the phone rang and I picked it up.

“I got your friend, Napoleon, down here at the front desk,” the caller said. “OK if I send him up to your room?”

Before I could stop myself, I blurted into the phone, “Fuckin’-A! Send him right up!”

I thought I would just try to be cool, sit there and wait for Napoleon to knock on the door. My bl**d was rushing so hard through my veins that I knew this was no time to be “cool”. I stood in the open door waiting for Napoleon with my arm parked against the door jamb, puffing on my cigar.

It seemed like forever, but then I saw a figure get out of the elevator at the end of the hall. He was kind of shuffling along with his head down.

When he got up to me, he pulled off his ball cap and looked me in the eyes.

“Who is this baby,” I thought to myself. Dressed in boarding shorts and a string tee, he was sweet-faced in a ragamuffin kind of way, with a scruffy dark shadow on his chin and jaws. He had captivating hazel eyes. He was trim and fit, with silky light brown skin and about three inches shorter than me.

Before I could say a word, he reached up and put his arm around my neck, pulling my face into his. He kissed me, and for awhile, he wouldn’t let go as we locked lips in the doorway. I didn’t exactly put up very much resistance.

Finally, he let go and I parked my cigar inside the left side of my mouth.

“Who the fuck are you?” I grumbled.

“I’m Ben,” he said. “Your friend, Napoleon, is my dad.”

I stepped back, took my cigar out of my mouth and looked at him. There was no mistaking the resemblance. Even though Napoleon had more blocks of muscle than this k**, I could readily see that my friend must’ve been a fucking stud when he was his son’s age.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Ben. “Where’s your fucking Dad?”

Ben asked if he could come in. I let him in the room and shut the door. Both of us sat next to each other on the couch.

“I kinda hijacked your phone call, Guy,” he told me. “Dad doesn’t know that you’re here. I wanted to get to you first- I want you to fuck me.”

I took my cigar out of my mouth and rolled it between my thumb and fingers. Then I looked Ben straight in those Bambi-like hazel eyes of his.

“We’ll see about that, son,” I said. “I’m really here to fuck around with your Dad, not you. How the hell do you know about me?”

Ben told me he had joined a porn website and that, one day, he came upon some “comments” posted along with a photo of his Dad. He’d gone onto his Dad’s page at the site and invited him to be “friends” without disclosing who he really was. Then he saw that there were a lot of provocative posts on his Dad’s page from me, so he went to my page and “friended” me, too. Again, he saw a bunch of provocative posts on my page, this time from Napoleon. He read a bunch of stories that I had written, about Napoleon and me fucking each other.

Ben said that he was “out” to his f****y and friends, but that finding out his Dad had a “bi” side came as a surprise to him. Then he laid his head on my shoulder and put his hand over my crotch. He felt up my hard rod and asked me again if I would fuck him.

I put my cigar in the ashtray and pulled my t-shirt off. “I’m gonna fuck you, son,” I growled at him. “And then you’re gonna take me back to your house so I can tell your Dad all about it!”

Before Ben could open his mouth, I pushed his face into my chest and he started playing with my fur and working over my nipples with his teeth and tongue. After I picked my cigar back up and leaned back, he opened my buckle and unzipped my jeans. My hard dick popped out and came to rest at my navel, in the happy trail running from my chest to my crotch. Ben took me in his hand and started stroking me.

I took a long draw from my cigar, exhaled and put it back between my teeth. I put my hand on the back of his head as he whisper-kissed his way down my abdomen. He stopped stroking my dick when he got down to it and just pointed me toward his face. I was already leaking pre-cum. He licked it off and ran his tongue all around my helmet for awhile. I took my cigar out of my mouth and held it between my fingers. I pushed his head down until he swallowed my whole stiff shaft.

I let out a little groan and took my hand from the back of his head. I kept puffing away while he slobbered all over my joint and swallowed me. The only time he stopped was to get up and take off his shirt and shorts. Then he lay back over my thigh, again working my dick. With my cigar between my fingers, I reached over and started jerking him. Every time I brought my hand back to my mouth for a drag, I rubbed my thumb over the head of his dick, put my thumb in my mouth and then licked his sweet juice off it.

When my cigar finally was history, I took Ben’s face out of my crotch. I leaned over and took off my boots and socks. When I stood up and pulled down my jeans, I noticed the area around my zipper was completely soaked with Ben’s slobber. As I bent over to pull off my jeans, Ben got behind me. He spread my big hairy cheeks and got to work on my hole. After awhile, I brought him up in front of me and sank my tongue in his mouth. As we stood there kissing, our boners smacked against each other. I reached down, grabbed both of our stiff rods in my fist and stroked our dicks together.

When we finally separated, I yanked a bottle of lube out of my duffel bag and threw the bag on the floor. I took Ben’s hand and led him into the bathroom. I pulled back the shower curtain and set the lube on the edge of the tub. When I had the water running nice and warm, I told Ben to get in the back of the tub.

I turned on the shower and both of us got nice and wet. Then I told Ben to turn around and bend over with his hands on the wall. I greased up the shower douche-wand and used my thumb to do the same thing to his hole.

Over his shoulder, Ben asked, “What are you doing?”

“Just taking care of essentials, son,” I told him, “and then you’re gonna get your fucking wish.”

I pulled his ass open with one hand, and slid the wand through his rim and all the way inside him. I pulled one of his arms back off the wall and told him to hold it all the way in. I switched on the wand and water started coming out of Ben’s ass as the strong stream filled his hole. I took the wand in my hand and massaged his chute with it until the water flowed out clear.

I switched the shower head back on and turned around under it, slightly bent over. I told Ben to grease up the wand and my hole, and then put it inside me.

“All the way in there, son?” I asked.

“Yup!” he answered.

I soaped up my hand and started stroking my dick. I switched on the wand and felt the water rush into my guts. Ben started working the wand in and out of me.

Ben was so mesmerized working my ass with that damn wand that he forgot to tell me when the water was coming out of me clean.

Finally, I muttered at him, “How we doing down there, son? Finished yet?”

“Oh, yeah. Yes, sir!” he said.

Before I could switch the shower head back on, Ben abruptly pulled the wand out of my asshole, spraying me with it. I got the shower head going again, turned around and gathered Ben in my arms, laughing at the young man. I grabbed the soap, lathered him down and then rinsed him off. He did the same thing to me, only before soaping up my hairy bush, he got down and sucked my dick awhile.

When I toweled him off, I slapped his hard prick back and forth. He did the same to me when he dried me off.

When we went back into the room, I plopped my naked ass on the couch. I told Ben to grab a couple of beers from the fridge. While he did, I took my smokes and lighter out of the pocket of my t-shirt on the floor and lit up.

When Ben came over to where I was sitting, I told him to put my bottle on the table. I put my smoke down in the ashtray and stood him between my legs with his dick pointed at my face. I jerked his cock back and forth a few times before I swallowed his stiff pecker.

Every once in a while, I took a drag from my smoke and Ben would hand me my beer. After taking a gulp, Ben took the bottle away from me and set it down so I could go back to working on his crank. When I finished my cigarette, I spit in my hand and reached between his legs. I smeared my spit over his asshole, sank my forefinger inside and went back to stroking and swallowing his cock.

Finally, I felt Ben’s hole start to quiver around my finger and saw his knees shaking. I took my mouth off him and pulled my finger out of his hole.

“Not so fast, son,” I told him, knowing he was about to shoot. I wanted my dick inside him when that moment came.

I pulled him down onto the couch next to me. I reached over for another smoke and offered him one. He told me he had his own, and hopped up to pull a box of Camel Lights from the pocket of his shorts.

After we lit up, I noticed that the afternoon sun was almost gone and the room was getting dark. I reached behind the couch and turned on the lamp. Except for the shower, we’d spent the entire afternoon blowing each other.

“Are you alright?” I asked him.

“Yes, sir, I’m fine, sir,” he answered.

I occurred to me that it had been awhile since I’d heard this “sir” shit from a k**, but I kind of liked it!

I got up and brought another couple of beers over to the couch.

“Thank you, sir,” Ben said to me when I handed him a bottle. He took a swig and then looked at me. “That was intense, sir. Are you gonna fuck me, too?”

“Just as soon as we’re finished sucking down these brewskis,” I answered, pointing at my still-erect cock.

Looking over at the boxes of condoms on the night stand, Ben asked me, “Can we do it without condoms, sir? I want your skin inside me, not a rubber.”

I looked at him real hard for a long minute. “You know all about me, don’t you, tiger? Sure, I’ll fuck you bare.”

I didn’t stop talking dirty to him until we had drained our beers and put out our last smokes.

I took him over to the bed and laid him on his back. I kissed the tip of his dick and went into the bathroom to retrieve the lube.

When I got in bed with Ben, I lied down next to him and rolled him over on top of my chest. I held him as close to me as I could and both of our tongues fought to penetrate each other’s mouth.

I put him on his back again and grabbed a pillow, piling it under his ass. I got around between Ben’s legs, lifted them and pushed his knees back into his chest. He reached up and wrapped his arms around the back of his knees, exposing his ass to me. I spread his cheeks, spit in his hole and dived into his crack with my fuzzy face.

I kept spitting in his hole and breaking his slot with my tongue, all the while looking at him as his neck started to turn red. I took his ball sack between my teeth from time to time, and nipped at it. He had a nest of fine black hair that ran down into his crack and circled his hole. I was spitting on his hole and furiously eating him out.

Finally, I got up on my knees and parked my cock in his crack. I grabbed the bottle of lube and streamed some on my dick and all over his asshole. I took my cock in my hand and pushed it inside his rim. He was tight, but willing.

“Fuck me, sir!” Ben said.

As my joint went all the way inside him, I leaned through his legs with my fists planted on the mattress inside his armpits. I covered his mouth with my own, sank my tongue inside and starting rocking my hips, fucking him. At first, I just fucked him nice and slow, pulling back every once in a while to look him in the face and jerk his dick while he slid his ass closer to me and got me as deep inside as I could get.

And then Ben said, “Can I ride you, sir?”

I pulled out of him and he let go of his legs. I rolled over onto my back and put the pillow under my ass. I folded my hands behind my head, flexing while I did. Ben got between my legs and sucked his ass juices off my cock. I put my knees up, and he straddled himself over my dick. Reaching back, he guided my rod through his rim and sat down on me.

Ben grabbed the fur on my chest with both hands, and as I thrust myself in and out of him, he buried his face under my jaw.

The faster I fucked him, the louder Ben moaned. I pushed him back so he was sitting squarely on my cock. I took one of my hands from behind my head and started jerking his dick real hard. By now, the flush of red that had started on his neck was all the way up to his temples. I just kept fucking him and jerking him as hard as I could. My face felt really hot and both of us broke out in a serious sweat.

I felt his tight ass start to quiver around my shaft inside him. Ben was really wailing, pulling on his dick and bouncing up and down on top of me. I knew he was about to cum, so I put my hands on his thighs and held him down so his balls were square on my abdomen.

When Ben shot, I was as far inside of him as I could go. His load sprang out of his cock in a burst of white cream, hitting my forehead and chin. When his last blast settled in the crevice on my chest, I gathered it up in my hand and pulled out of him. I rubbed his load all over my cock. I put myself back inside him as he bent over. It was only a couple more minutes before I climaxed myself.

I had the funny feeling that Ben’s Dad, Napoleon, was feeling wet inside his shitter at that moment, too… feeling my hot dick up his hole, too.

My load was so big it was only a few seconds before I felt it coming out of his ass and dripping over my hairy balls. I stayed inside him as long as I could while my dick slowly went soft. When my cock fell out of him, I reached back and took as much of my load out of his ass as I could and fed it into my mouth. It was sweet.

When Ben crawled up next to me and I put my arm under his head, he pulled my face toward him. We snuggled and sucked cum off each other’s tongues.

We lay in bed together for a long time, mostly with his head wrapped in my inked-up, hairy left arm. Every once in awhile, Ben took my limp dick in his hand and playfully shook it- seeing if anything more would come out of me. Eventually, I looked over at the clock on the night table. It was almost 9 P.M.

“Holy fuck!” I thought to myself.

“I need to feed you, son!” I told Ben as I got out of bed. I headed into the bathroom to use the phone there. I wanted to surprise him.

“You already fed me, sir,” Ben hollered as I disappeared into the bathroom.

I called down to room service, knowing they were about to close.

“Can I get a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a couple glasses of milk?” I asked when someone answered the phone.

“What kinda bread?” the guy answered back, laughing.

“Wonder Bread!” I said, laughing. “What else do you make fucking PB&J’s with?!?”

The guy laughed back at me, told me that was perfect and that the cart would be at my door in 15 minutes.

I grabbed two terry cloth robes off a hook in the bathroom. I put one on Ben and then stretched the other one over my shoulders. We sat on the couch. I lit up a smoke and Ben dipped his face into my lighter, firing up his own.

The only thing that stopped me from staring at him through the smoke from my cigarette was when there came a knock on the door. The room service attendant rolled his cart inside and put two cloches on the table. He must have smelled the man-fucking that had just taken place for the better part of the last eight hours. He lifted the covers from the cloches, revealing two PB&Js, and then set two tall glasses of milk on the table.

After the attendant rolled the cart out of the room, Ben picked up his sandwich and wagged it in my face.

“How did you know I love peanut butter?” he asked me.

“Simple, son,” I said. “Your Dad told me that’s what he fed you k**s for lunch while you were growing up!”

Ben and I spent the rest of the night sucking peanut butter off each other’s tongues and licking “milk mustaches” from each other’s upper lips.

And fucking.

By the time we woke up Sunday morning, Ben and I were practically glued together by each other’s dried spunk. He got up and asked me to get in the shower with him.

I told him, “No. I wanna wear this god-damned cum when I drag your Dad’s ass back here and fuck him.”

While Ben showered up, I fooled around with the coffee maker. Ben came out of the bathroom, and I poured him a cup of coffee while he dressed. I got dressed myself. Ben and I sat there smoking and drinking the most god-awful coffee on the planet.

Driving out of Mobile, we crossed the Florida state line and into Pace, Florida, in Ben’s 4Runner. Along the way, he told me that he’d just gotten his culinary degree from UWF in Pensacola, but was still working as a short-order line cook at a Perkins restaurant outside Mobile. He wanted to open his own bistro someday in his hometown. As I listened to him tell me about his dreams, I pinched and rubbed the back of his neck until he drove me into the driveway of his house.

Now it was time for me to make one of my dreams come true.

Ben’s Mom and s****r had just gone into the house ahead of us. I put my arm around Ben’s shoulder as we walked up to the door. Ben’s Mom turned around, looking at me through the screen door, obviously startled by what she saw. No doubt she was wondering who this tattooed man was e****ting her son- and old enough to be his father, no less!

“Who’s your friend, Ben?” she asked, as Napoleon appeared beside her.

“Guy Maddix,” Ben replied. “He’s Dad’s friend.”

Recognizing me instantly, Napoleon jumped up and almost crashed right through the fucking screen door. He was as excited as a little boy on Christmas morning. I took my arm off Ben’s shoulder as Napoleon pushed open the door and rushed up to me.

Napoleon had a few days’ growth on his face, like I usually do. As I grabbed him in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground, our two faces rubbed together while he pounded me on my back with his fists.

Between laughs, Napoleon called me every name for “motherfucker” in the book, all the while shaking his feet as I held him up off the ground. I put my mouth as close to Napoleon’s ear as I could and whispered to him.

“I just finished fucking your son,” I told him, and then I put him down.

Napoleon stepped back a little bit. He glanced over at Ben, who was standing with his face down with his hands in his pockets. Then Napoleon looked back at me and pulled me over so his mouth was next to my ear.

“Was he any fucking good?” he whispered to me.

I stood back up and blurted out, “Fucking awesome, buddy!”

Napoleon jumped up and punched the air with a big laugh. When he landed, he turned toward Ben. With a wide smile, he flashed his son a big “thumbs-up”.

“There better be some left for me, son, or I’ll kick your fucking ass!” Napoleon shouted at his boy while laughing.

Ben’s face turned red as a beet as he sheepishly smiled at me.

Napoleon hugged his son and then he hugged me.

“Give me a minute,” he said. “I gotta go find my damn wallet and I’ll be right back!”

After Napoleon rushed back into his house, Ben and I each pulled out a smoke and lit up. While the two of us stood there smoking, Napoleon’s wife remained on the other side of the screen door. By the expression on her face, I couldn’t tell if she was stupefied, mortified or both. Whatever it was, she didn’t utter a fucking word.

When he got back, Napoleon looked almost exactly like his son, Ben. He was wearing a dark purple tank shirt over his muscular torso, a pair of wildly printed board shorts and flip flops.

“You going to work tonight?” Napoleon asked Ben.

When Ben shook his head, Napoleon told him, “Then get your ass in the house put get your work stuff together, ‘cause we aren’t coming home until tomorrow at the earliest!”

Ben told him that his stuff was already in the car. Napoleon peeled a couple of bills out of his wallet and handed them to his wife.

“I didn’t have time to fix lunch for the k**s, honey,” he told her. “Why don’t you take them over to McDonalds, then maybe out for a movie?”

As Ben, Napoleon and I walked back to the 4Runner, Napoleon shouted back to his wife, “I’ll see you sometime tomorrow, honey! Or I’ll give you a call!”

Ben handed the keys to his 4Runner to his Dad and got in the back seat. Napoleon got into the driver’s seat while I walked around to the front passenger’s side.

Napoleon revved up the engine, then opened his shorts and pulled out his dark, uncut meat. I opened my jeans and my own cut shiner popped up.

“Cool,” he said, looking at me. He kissed his fingers and then patted them on the top of my hard-on.

He put his fingers to his mouth. “I can’t fucking believe it,” he said. “You’re really fucking here!”

“In the flesh, stud,” I told him.

“Where to?” Napoleon asked me.

“I’m at the airport Marriott in Mobile. Couldn’t get a seat this weekend into Pensacola. Sorry.”

“That’s alright, buddy boy,” Napoleon answered. “Ben’s gotta work tonight and his job is over there anyway.”

With one hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and the other on his dick, Napoleon backed out of the driveway. He headed south to I-10 and then west to Mobile.

“Anything new?” I asked Napoleon.

“Fuck yeah!” he said, very excited. “Thursday night, my oldest daughter’s girlfriend snuck into my bedroom around 10 p.m., and woke me up stroking and sucking my dick. Before I knew it, we were fucking and it was so damn good. At four in the morning, when I was ready to finish, she took my fuck tool in her mouth and ended up swallowing every last drop!”

“What did your wife think about that?” I asked him.

“She doesn’t fucking know about it,” he answered. “She was on a trip to Dallas. She just got home when you showed up today.”

Looking up in the rear view mirror at Ben as he sat in the backseat jacking off, Napoleon scolded his son, “And she isn’t gonna fucking hear about from you, is she, baby boy?”

“No, sir,” Ben replied.

“So after all this time, you finally got a piece on the side, huh, stud?” I asked him.

“Looks that way, big boy!” he answered, giving me his trademark “thumbs up”. “She’s legal, but still nice, tight and wet!”

Until we arrived in Mobile a little more than an hour later, Napoleon kept stroking his foreskin except when he’d reach over and take pre-cum off my cock. He licked it off his fingers as if it were honey, and then went back to beating his meat.

It gave him plenty of time to drill Ben and me for all the details about what had gone on between the two of us the day before. He was clearly stoked that his soon-to-be fuck buddy- me- had shown his son a hot fucking time.

When Ben started to apologize for hijacking my original call, Napoleon cut him off, told him to forget about it and then probed us for more details about the day before. I hoped that the session which Ben and I had in the shower wouldn’t come up; I wanted it to be a surprise for Napoleon. Fortunately, it didn’t come up.

We stopped at the QuikMart next door to the hotel. I ran in and got a couple more sixes of MGD. When we pulled into the hotel parking lot, all three of us got out. It was probably close to 3 p.m. Napoleon went to the back and opened the hatch of Ben’s 4Runner. As he leaned over to rummage inside, I got my first-ever view of his tight, muscular ass. I wondered why he never showed it to me before- I’d sure seen plenty of everything else! His ass was fucking fine.

Finally, he backed up and slammed the hatch shut, holding a dildo in his hand. He walked over to Ben and slapped the keys in the palm of Ben’s hand.

“Get lost, sonny boy!” Napoleon told his son.

Ben protested. “But Dad! I don’t have to be at work until 9 tonight!”

Napoleon was having none of it. “Go see a movie- hell, see three of ‘em! Come get me in the morning- and don’t make it too fucking early!”

Napoleon and I marched through the hotel lobby toward the elevator, me lugging two six-packs and him with a dildo grasped in his fist.

When we got into my room, I couldn’t help laughing as I took the dildo out of his hand and threw it on the bed.

“What the hell were you thinking, letting all those people see you with a fucking dong in your hand?” I asked him.

Napoleon pulled my lips to his and kissed me so long and so hard, I thought I might stop breathing.

When he finally let me go, he said, “Fucker, I stopped giving a shit about what other people think about me a long time ago.”

“Besides,” he said, “you’ll be cracking my ass open for its maiden voyage, and I might need a little help pulling out of port, if ya’ know what I mean!”

I sat down on the bed and took my boots off. Even before I could pull off my t-shirt, Napoleon kicked off his flip-flops and dropped his shorts. As I sat on the edge of the bed, he came up to me and his cock was in my mouth in no time. I ran my tongue under his foreskin for as long as I could, but then, with his hand on the back of my head, Napoleon just f***ed me to give up my throat to his entire long, thick shaft. I wrapped my arms around his butt, happy to have the scent of this man’s bush finally in my nose.

After sucking his dick for a good long time as I sat there, I finally got my t-shirt off. As he stuck his dick back in my mouth, I fumbled with my jeans until I got them open and brought out my own stiff cock.

Napoleon pulled his tank shirt over his head while I was sucking him and threw it on the floor. He put his hand on my forehead and pushed me over until I was laying flat on my back. As I went back, he crawled over my chest, thrusting his thick meat into my mouth the whole time. Behind my head, Napoleon propped himself up on his hands. I took hold of his thighs, then raised him up and lowered him back down as if I was doing bench presses at the gym, so he could face fuck me.

I could have laid there on my back all afternoon with that fat brown pecker going in and out of my mouth, lifting him up and down. Napoleon’s muscles were flexing as he went up and down over my face, like he was doing push-ups. When I needed to take a breath, I just held his dick barely above my face and pushed his foreskin back with my tongue. When I brought him back down into my mouth, I could feel the fine fur around his balls slapping my wet chin.

“Oh, baby!” he kept saying. “You’re sucking my dick so damn good, b*****r!”

Eventually, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and rolled over next to me. He scrambled off the bed and lifted up my feet, which had been planted on the floor the whole time. He grabbed the legs of my jeans and abruptly yanked them off as I sat back up.

“You wanna keep your socks on, baby?” he asked me with a grin.

We had a running joke between the two of us, about how I liked to wear my socks, even when I was fucking. He called me a “dork” for doing it.

I pulled my feet back out of his hands, took my socks off and threw them aside.

“I don’t think I need to worry about cold feet while I’m fucking with you, li’l b*o’!”

I spread my legs and Napoleon got down on his knees between them. He kissed the inside of my left thigh, where I’d gotten my latest tattoo. He took my hairy balls in his hand and then started sucking on them. I had worked up a good amount of pre-cum when Napoleon was face fucking me before; now it covered my cock pretty good.

Soon, Napoleon had the hair on my nuts tangled in his spit, and he started running his tongue up and down my boner and spinning it around the leaking head of my cock. When he swallowed me, I couldn’t resist shivering and moaning. When he wasn’t blowing me, Napoleon took me in both of his hands and worked my now-slick rod between his hands.

“How’s that feel, big boy?” Napoleon asked, looking up into my face.

I leaned back onto my elbows and fucking moaned. “Shit, stud,” I told him, “you got me in the palm of your fucking hands!”

“Good,” he said quietly, and then went back to servicing my cock.

Every once in a while, Napoleon took his mouth off me and just kept repeating, “Damn!” I’d reach down with one hand, wipe off some spit and pre-cum collected on his scruffy chin and feed it to my self. Then I’d stick my wet fingers in his mouth, put my hand on the back of his head and then set him back to working me.

“Fuck!” I kept saying. “You’re treating my dick so fucking good!”

But I sure had more in mind for this stud than getting a blow job, even as damn excellent as he was giving it to me. I couldn’t get over how much I wanted to get his bladder full and take him into the bathtub for a “shower”- only a “shower” straight out of his piss slit.

I rolled off the bed and told Napoleon, “Go put your naked ass on the couch, b*****r.”

As he went over and sat down, I pulled a couple of brews out of the fridge, screwed off the tops and handed him one.

“Time to chug-a-lug, buddy,” I told him. “Drain that fucking beer like you just tried to drain my balls.”

He chuckled and then put the bottle between his lips. In a few seconds, the bottle was empty and he slammed it onto the table in front of him.

I handed him the other bottle I was holding. “Do it again, fucker,” I told him.

“Mind telling me what you’re up to, Guy?” he asked me. “You sure don’t need to get me d***k to get a piece of my ass, buddy!”

“I’m not trying to get you d***k, Napoleon,” I said. “I’m just getting you ready so you can give me a fucking shower! Now drain it!”

With a “thumbs up” and a boyish grin, he tipped the bottle back and finished it.

“Want another one, fucker?” I asked him.

“Why the fuck not,” he answered with a laugh. “I got no place else I wanna go right now anyway!”

I rounded up my lighter, smokes and another beer from the fridge. When I got back, Napoleon had scooted into the corner at the end of the couch. He had one arm stretched out over the back of the sofa, with the other one stretched out over the arm of it. He looked pretty damn comfortable with one leg outstretched on the cushions and his other foot on the floor, spreading his crotch wide open with his fat boner in the middle.

I handed him his beer. He took a slug and then, holding the top of the bottle, let it dangle just off the arm of the couch. I lit my smoke, took a couple of drags and put it in the ashtray on the table. On my belly, I stretched out on the couch with my face in Napoleon’s groin. I licked his dick. He took his arm off the back of the couch and grabbed his boner. He pulled his foreskin back and slapped me with his cock a couple of times on either side of my nose.

I took his dick from his hand and pulled it forward, covering it with my mouth. He put his arm back up on the back of the couch, completely surrendering his tool to me.

“You just shout when you’re ready, tiger,” I told him, “and we’ll go get in that damn tub.”

“You got it, Guy,” Napoleon said, taking a sip from his beer.

For the next half hour, as Napoleon sipped on his beer, I gave him the most sincere cock worship I think I’ve ever given a man in my life. Long, deep strokes with my mouth. Gently fondling his nuts and kissing them. Playing with his love juice when it appeared at the tip of his dick.

Whispering, “Fuckin’-A,” and just being in awe of him.

Napoleon kept telling me how good it felt having me on his dick. Both of us were getting warm and submerged in our moment.

“Liking it, baby?” I asked him at one point.

“Having the time of my life, Guy,” he softly replied as I went back to slowly sucking him.

Finally, he tapped me on the shoulder and said, “It’s time, stud.”

I looked up at him. His face and neck were almost scarlet. I asked him, “Are you gonna blow?”

Napoleon shook his head and said, “Not yet, you motherfucker. But I need to take a leak! Right now!”

We both got up. Napoleon shook himself like a wet dog and ran his fingers through his short black hair.

“Wow!” he mumbled, spanking my butt as we headed into the bathroom. “Wow… wow… wow!”

I had no way of knowing, of course, but inside I hoped I’d just given that man the best blowjob of his life. I knew that not much later, I’d be giving him the first man fuck of his life- that much was sure!

Napoleon got in the back of the tub and turned to face the shower. He couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw the hose hanging from the shower head behind me.

“What the fuck?” he said.

“Later, buddy,” I told him as I got in the tub in front of him.

I wrapped him in my hairy arms and chest and kissed him as hard as I could. I got down on my knees and tugged on his dick.

“Drench me, stud,” I told him.

He took his dick in his hand and let loose a f***eful stream of warm, golden piss. Since my face was right in front of his cock as I knelt in the tub, he hit me there first. I took my hands up and washed my fuzzy face with it. Like he was handling a gushing fire hose, he pointed his dick down at my chest and let loose hig gusher. Again, I rubbed myself all over.

I reached up and briefly took command of him, pointing his stream of piss straight up and wetting down his own face and chest. He grabbed it back from me and took dead aim on my crotch. That warm piss felt so good flowing over my dick and balls.

When he was finished, Napoleon shook his cock, splashing the last drops at me. I reached over and kissed his dick. As I leaned on the side of the tub to get back to my feet, I saw golden beads of Napoleon’s piss clinging to the hair on my chest, stomach and nest.

Once I stood up, I grabbed Napoleon in my arms and kissed him. Seeing drops of piss inching down his face, I playfully licked them off and kissed him again.

Napoleon stepped back with a grin on his face. “Guy Maddix,” he said to me. “Would you mind explaining to me what just happened was all about?”

“I dunno,” I replied shyly. “I’m sure it means different things to different people. But it reminds me of how male dogs go around, lifting their rear leg and peeing a little bit to mark their territory.”

Looking him in the eyes, I told him, “For quite awhile now, I’ve wanted you to claim me as your territory. And now you have.”

Napoleon wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. He whispered into my ear, “And now I have, Guy.”

He let me go, and then he said, “That was hot as hell, Guy, but do you think we might get ourselves cleaned up?”

Both of us laughed out loud and slapped each other on our shoulders and wet chests.

I turned around and put the water on. When it was nice and warm, I switched the shower on and turned back to face Napoleon. I took down the showerhead, rinsed off both of us and then put it back. I took the shower wand in one hand and slapped it in the palm of my other hand.

“More surprises, Guy?” Napoleon asked, pointing at the wand in my hand. “What the fuck is that?!?”

“Shit,” I said. “I’m just glad your son didn’t spill the beans on the way over here this afternoon.”

“It’s a shower wand, Napoleon,” I told him. “I used it to clean out Ben’s ass before fucking him last night, and I’m gonna do the same to you before we get some fucking done tonight!”

“Holy shit!” Napoleon exclaimed as he hit himself on the forehead.

I turned Napoleon around. I made him bend over and then take his ass in his hands and spread himself wide open. I grabbed the bottle of lube that I had left sitting on the edge of the tub. First I greased up Napoleon’s asshole real good, and then I did the same to the wand. With him still holding his cheeks apart, I slowly inserted the wand in his chute.

Napoleon was trying not to grit his teeth when he said, “That fucker’s a little cold, b*****r.”

As I got it all the way up inside him, I noticed Napoleon was holding his breath. I slapped his ass and told him, “It feels a lot better if you if you take a few deep breaths and relax it, buddy!”

I took one of his hands and put at the end of the hose going up his ass. I took his other hand and stuck it against the wall. His cheeks slapped shut against his hand inside his crack when I let go of them.

“Hold it in there real good, stud,” I told him. I switched the water so it would stream through the hose. Real quick, I took over holding the wand. When the gush of water hit him, Napoleon jumped.

“Whoa!” he shouted.

“Take it easy, baby,” I told him. “Just spread those cheeks for me and it’ll work out fine.”

With one hand on the back of Napoleon’s shoulder, I slowly worked the wand in and out of his slot.

“How are we doing, b*****r?” I asked him, as the water gushed inside him and flowed back out.

He looked back at me, smiling. “Ya’ know what stud? I kinda like it. In fact, I fucking love it! You sure know how to handle that thing, big boy!”

“Yeah,” I told him. “In a couple of minutes here, we’re gonna see just how well you handle me!”

He was obviously turned on by the prospect of taking care of my ass. Once I was finished with him, he greased me up and shoved the wand inside me. After I got the stream of water going up inside me, Napoleon took to working my asshole pretty rough.

Even though I loved it, I pretended that he was hurting me- crying out and acting like a baby. The more I acted up for him, the rougher he played with me. I wondered if he knew I was only playing a game with him. Finally, I had to take my soapy hand off my dick or I was going to cum.

I switched the shower back on and pulled Napoleon’s wrist back, taking the wand with it. I turned around and kissed him under the shower’s spray.

“You sonuvabitch!” I growled at him.

“What?” he said with a devilish smile. “I wasn’t hurting you, was I?”

I wrapped my arms around his back and squeezed him to me. “Hell no!” I shouted. “That was so fucking hot, you almost made me squirt!”

When we were finished in the bathroom, I picked up the bottle of lube and took Napoleon’s hand as we walked back out to the bed. I set the bottle of lube down on the night table and told him to lie down. He grabbed a couple of pillows, putting them against the headboard. He got in bed and propped himself against the pillows. He poured some lube over his dick and started stroking.

As Napoleon looked at me, he could tell that my mood had turned serious.

“What’s up, Guy?” he asked me, with a note of concern in his voice.

I looked him straight in the eye. “I’m here for one reason, Napoleon. To fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. And I’m gonna do it starting right now.”

Stroking his dick, Napoleon didn’t take his eyes off me as I rummaged through my duffel bag and pulled out a cigar. His eyes followed me as I went over to the couch and turned on the lamp behind it, dimly lighting the now-darkened room. I picked up my lighter and an ashtray, and came back to the side of the bed. I put the ashtray and my lighter on the bedside table. I unwrapped my cigar, clipped it and put it next to the lighter and ashtray.

I picked up one of the boxes of condoms that I had piled up on that table when I first arrived and dropped it on Napoleon’s chest as he looked up at me. He grabbed it and threw it at my face. It bounced off me and landed on the floor.

Without a word, he sat up on the side of the bed and grabbed my stiff rod. He took me so far down his throat that he gagged a little bit and had to take me back out. He spit on my joint and started sucking me again. I massaged his thick shoulders and rubbed my thumbs over his jaw while he made love to my dick. When he took me out of his mouth to stroke me, I drooled on it and he swallowed me again.

I pushed Napoleon back and told him to get on his stomach with his face in the pillows. With my knees on either side of his legs, I pried his ass open with my hands. Finding his puckered dark hole, I spit over it. I rubbed my thumb over his pucker until it was shiny, and then sank my thumb in. His rim went tight around my thumb.

I spit over my thumb as it penetrated Napoleon two more times, and then I shoved my face as far into his crack as it would go. I pushed my tongue inside his rim next to my thumb. Napoleon took his face out of the pillows and turned to the side. I could hear him breathing very deeply, uttering manly groans.

Every time I pulled my face away from him, I spit into his hole where I parked my thumb before diving back in and taking as much of his hole with my mouth and tongue as I could. Except for Napoleon’s heaving breathing and low groans, and the noise I made spitting on and eating out his hole, the room was completely quiet. I knew he was aroused; his ass undulated the more I wet his hole.

I got back up on my knees behind his ass. I reached for the bottle of lube and drizzled some onto his hole. I rolled my forefinger in it before sinking it all the way inside him. I massaged his rim for awhile and then took it out. I stretched out over Napoleon’s back and put that finger in his mouth. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked my finger off. I pulled his face around so I could see him, kissed him, and then sucked my finger off, too.

I don’t know how many times I repeated this. Eventually, his rim was more giving and I started to ply him with two fingers instead of just one. Sometimes, I just kept the taste of his ass on my fingers to myself as I manipulated his chute.

The next time I got back up on my knees, I spread Napoleon’s legs and put my knees inside them. I grabbed the lube again and worked more of it inside his hole.. I reached underneath him with a palm-full of lube and spread it all over his erect dick. Napoleon’s hands had been resting on the pillows on either side of his head. He reached underneath himself and took his dick in one hand.

I squeezed lube up and down my cock, put down the bottle and coated myself with it. My cock was completely swollen; my dickhead bulged. I pulled Napoleon’s other hand back and wrapped his fingers around my shaft. Sensing that I was about to enter him, he grasped my cock firmly before putting his hand back up by his face.

Without a word, Napoleon was telling me that he was ready for me to fuck him.

I hoisted myself over his back, spreading his legs with my knees. I grabbed my rod, and as I lowered myself onto Napoleon’s back, I found his hole with my dick. When the head of my cock was just inside his rim, I exhaled heavily onto the back of Napoleon’s neck.

“Ohhhh FUCK!” he cried out. “Fuck me with that dick, Guy!”

For a minute, I just ignored him, even though he kept begging me to fuck him. With my dick in my hand, I tried to keep myself barely under the surface of his rim, even though he was bucking his ass toward me.

Finally, I let out a deep sigh. I pulled my hand away as I lowered myself all the way inside him. I felt my cock surrounded by the heat of his sweet hole.

Napoleon pulled his hand out from underneath himself. With both hands, he grasped the pillow above his head. I covered both of his hands with my own and made fists of them. I was breathing deeply into the side of his face and kissing him.

I started rocking my hips, sliding my cock up and down in Napoleon’s fuck chute. Each time I pressed down on him, I squeezed the cheeks of my butt together, hoping to get as far inside of him as I could.

Napoleon kept crying out, “Guy! Fuck me, Guy!”

It wasn’t long before Napoleon started raising his ass to meet my thrusts. I started whispering in his ear between kisses, telling him how fucking good my dick felt inside him, and encouraging him to let me in as far as I could go.

After nearly an hour, sweat from Napoleon’s brow had soaked the pillow under his face. The hair on my chest was soaked with sweat and stuck to his back.

And I felt too damn close to climaxing!

I rolled off him and onto my back. I propped up a pillow and sat up, leaning against it. Napoleon quickly scrambled over the top of me, kissing me.

“Did you cum, big man? Did you cum?” he asked.

“Not yet, li’l b*o’” I told him. “Damn close, but not yet!”

Napoleon got off me. Stroking his rock hard dick, he said, “Then let’s keep going, Guy. I fucking love it!”

I reached over to the table and picked up my cigar and lighter. I lit my cigar and took several strong draws to get it going good… and buying a little time for my red-hot pecker.

I put my arm around Napoleon’s shoulders and brought his face into my sweaty chest.

“Whew!” I sighed. “I swear I wasn’t much more than a minute away from finishing.”

Napoleon took my nipple in his mouth and nursed on it while I smoked my cigar for a few minutes.

“Sorry, b*****r,” I told Napoleon. “I just need to cool off a little bit.”

After smoking my cigar for awhile and holding Napoleon against my chest, I felt back in control. I asked Napoleon if he felt like riding on my cock. He eagerly jumped up and grabbed the lube. I stuck my cigar between my teeth while he greased up my dick again. He handed me the bottle of lube, turned around and got on his hands and knees with his ass in front of me. As I greased up his hole some more, I could see that my cock had definitely made an impression on him; his pucker had gone from dark tan to nice and pink.

Napoleon straddled my lap. He reached behind himself and guided my greasy cock into his hole. Once the fat head of my dick was inside, he sat all the way down and started beating his meat while I fucked him and he bounced up and down. Man, was I ever glad I’d stopped earlier to take control of myself.

I took a few more puffs from my cigar while we fucked, and then I set my cigar in the ashtray. I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled his shoulders down so we were face to face. I waggled around a little bit underneath him so I could keep deep-drilling his ass, and then wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him while I fucked him.

Every time he pulled back from my mouth, his breath got warmer and warmer and harder against my face. I started telling him to spit in my mouth, and he did- over and over. When he missed my mouth and hit my beard, he licked it off before sinking his tongue into my mouth again. He rubbed his hands all over my head and caressed it in his chunky, muscular arms.

I wrapped my legs around his backside and sat up so Napoleon was in my lap with my dick up his ass. He got off his knees and wrapped his legs around my backside, too. I wrapped my arms behind his back. He reached around me and grabbed my cigar. He stuck it in my mouth and then leaned back, breaking my grasp.

He put his hands behind himself as he leaned back. Stretched out with my legs behind him, he pulled his balls up.

As I thrust in and out of Napoleon’s hole while he leaned back on his hands, both of us could see how my dick was fucking him. While the smoke from my cigar scorched my eyes, I saw him let go of his balls and start furiously jerking his cock. I felt his hole contracting around my dick as he bit his lip and started to shake. I took my cigar out of my mouth and threw it in the ashtray.

Napoleon’s mouth dropped open and he started to grunt. Then he came really hard. He shot a stream of spunk that was almost as impressive as when he pissed on me earlier. It wouldn’t have surprised me if his load was mixed with piss. He let loose stream after strong stream of it, soaking me down with juicy spunk. Whatever didn’t land in my open mouth, I scooped up and fed to both of us.

Then I came in his ass. Napoleon knew my load was there as it slicked up his hole and he was riding me nice and easy. He pulled himself back over my chest. He wrapped his arms around my head again while I finished unloading inside of him.

When he rolled off me, I wiped my forearm across my sweaty forehead.

“What a fuck!” I shouted. Napoleon took my still-hard dick in his hand.

“Can I finish it, Guy?” he asked me.

Without waiting for my answer, he scrambled over the top of me and started sucking my dick. I took him in my mouth, too, licking up every drop of cum I could find under his foreskin.

By the time we finished each other off, it was late. Shit, it was REALLY late. I wrapped him in my arms. Like the only time when we spoke on the phone, we talked more about our personal lives until we fell asl**p. Fuck-buddies having “pillow-talk”- go figure!

In the middle of the night, I awoke to Napoleon scrambling out of bed. He grabbed my arms. I was still groggy when he put me into the bathtub. As it turned out, Napoleon still had some business to do. He didn’t even get in the tub with me; he just let loose and pissed all over me.

Without even rinsing me off, he dragged me back into bed. His cock was hard. There, in the middle of the night, he greased up my ass, cock and his own dick. As piss-soaked as I was, he put my legs in the air, shoved his dick in my slot and fucked me until I shot again. When he planted his seed inside my guts, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

“My territory,” he whispered into my ear.

On Monday morning, a call from the front desk woke me up.

“Sure,” I said into the phone, “send him on up.”

I shook Napoleon’s shoulders, awakening him.

“Time to rise and shine, b*****r!” I cheerfully told him. “Your son, Ben, is downstairs. He’s on his way up.”

“Holy fuck,” my groggy friend said, scratching his head. “What the fuck time is it?”

“10 a.m.,” I told him. “I gotta be checked out of here by Noon.”

“You mean you’re leaving?” Napoleon asked me. “Today? Holy fuck!”

Neither one of us showered. By the time Napoleon’s son knocked on the door, Napoleon was dressed, but I was still hopping around trying to get my jeans on.

Napoleon let his son into the room. He looked mighty sl**py from working all night and then waiting for a decent hour to come over and fetch his Dad.

I finally got my jeans on and laced up my boots. Lo and behold, I spotted my white socks, still sitting on the carpet where I’d tossed them yesterday.

Instead of taking off my boots again and putting them on, I grabbed my socks and stuffed them into the pocket of Napoleon’s shorts. They made a bulge that reminded me of his cock.

I put Napoleon and Ben on either side of me after I stood up. I wrapped my arms around their necks and kissed both of their cheeks.

Napoleon’s son, Ben, stuck his nose in the air, sniffing. “Did one of you guys wet the bed last night?” he asked.

Both Napoleon and I laughed.

“If your Mom finds out,” Napoleon admonished his son, “I’ll kick your ass!”

We went down to the lobby and enjoyed the free breakfast. Well, at least Napoleon did. While Ben and I nursed a cup of coffee, Napoleon wolfed down a platter of scrambled eggs, bacon, and English muffins with peanut butter and honey on them.

Finally, we got up from the table. I pulled out my wallet to leave a tip. Napoleon waved me off, peeling out a bill from his own wallet and dropping it on the table.

I walked with them to the automatic glass doors at the entrance to the hotel. I hugged each one of them, and Ben and Napoleon marched into the parking lot outside.

When they were almost to Ben’s 4Runner parked in the lot, I put my thumb and index finger between my lips and whistled as loud as I could.

Napoleon stopped and turned around when he heard me whistle at him.

“Nice fucking ass!” I shouted at him, as I saw his face in the distance.

He gave me a “thumbs up”, turned back around and climbed into his son’s 4Runner.

Napoleon and Ben drove away.

When I got back to my room, my shower wand was already disconnected from the shower head, sitting on the bed next to my buddy, Napoleon's dildo. At some point while we fucked, I told Napoleon that the dildo was small enough to pick my teeth with, and we never used it. He took my cock like a champion without being cracked open by that dong as he had expected.

I packed my wand and the dildo in my bag and took them home with me... to San Francisco... to spend time in my ass for I-don't-remember how many days.

Then I packed them in a box and mailed them to Napoleon. I stuck a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge on the top, and wrote inside... "Souvenir from a hot fuck, b*****r!"

~~ THE END ~~

By Guy Maddix
March 18, 20012

If you want to meet my favorite fuck-buddy, go here:

If you want to meet his “son”, go here:

Be nice ~ they allowed me to get all wrapped up with them in this story. I can’t say “thanks” enough to both of them!


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hot! what happened to Ben's profile?
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fantastic!! Wacked out 2 loads to this one!! HOT
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You've outdone yourself once again excellent story…
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Hot assed story, my friend!
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Damn! Stick to erotic wriring as this was phenomenal. One of the best stories I have ever read including published in book or magazine.
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Absolutely loved this story! 2 Virgin ass for the price of one. Just great.

Now i gotta clean up and take a shower, made real mess of myself...
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Damn Daddy, you never cease to amaze me with your erotic writing! Almost busted a load in my boxer shorts when you were getting face fucked by Napoleon, by bench pressing his legs! Would love to see that shit stud!!!
Can't wait for the alternate ending to come...the one with Napoleon's son and the hot hotel maintenance worker joining in the fun on Monday morning!
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Fucking lovin it daddy
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It makes me happy that you are happy, Guy!
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You know I'm gonna say "I LOVED IT" You are hot to the core! Mind, body and soul you are the sexiest!xxxxxxxxx
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Great story like always!Your details kill me,they are so hot!
I wish to myself many hot weekends like this!
You have talent guy,keep going!
Greetings from Greece!
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Ah, Dad -- that was one (1) helluva, fukn HOT way to conclude Your "Flamingo Road" stories. While i was reading Your latest installment, Sir, Your words made me piss all over myself, roughly dildo my assh@le, and shoot two (2) loads of boyjuice; my spunk mixing with the puddles on my still piss-soaked belly. There is some sort of gelatinous substance filling my belly-button; which i look forward to tasting a bit later, Dad. After all is said and done, my submissive li'l prick is still completely stiff, Guy!
Your stories never fail to "take me there!"
Thank You for posting, Sir.
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Big bro, thank you for writing this. Love the details: the smell of cum after sex, the tender moment of you guys eating the PB&J and fucking again and again...what a fantasy! Thank you thank you thank you...i blew my load all the way to my mouth ;)
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Now I have to go beat off... Your boyfriend is a lucky guy to be with someone with your kind of imagination. Great story.
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Fuck, Guy! Are you trying to kill me? That was so fucking hot I felt weak! Damn I'd love to fucked by you!
2 years ago
When he planted his seed inside my guts, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

Beautiful Guy, thank you!
2 years ago
Great work bro!!!! I loved it, had me hard from start to end. But this was my favorite part. He grabbed my arms. I was still groggy when he put me into the bathtub. As it turned out, Napoleon still had some business to do. He didn’t even get in the tub with me; he just let loose and pissed all over me.

Without even rinsing me off, he dragged me back into bed. His cock was hard. There, in the middle of the night, he greased up my ass, cock and his own dick. As piss-soaked as I was, he put my legs in the air, shoved his dick in my slot and fucked me until I shot again. When he planted his seed inside my guts, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.
2 years ago
Sir, I was in all of you when I came upon you on the site and I was determined that one day you would fuck me...A dream come true..... Dad what a fucking Hot story, lol The fucking peanut butter and jelly well that gave me goose bumps,to this day it is my favorite...I couldn't of asked for a better first time fuck...Thanks,Dad