This is just a blog- not a story like I usually write. But today was fucking hot and I just had to share it. So here goes:

Got home this morning with my dick AND my knee sore after spending the night at my new Latina Momma’s place fucking into the wee hours of the morning. The big mistake I made was trying to take Alicia from a scissor-fuck on her bed at about 2 AM and hoist her in the air, standing up. She had her fucking arms around my neck with my cock in her pussy, but my damn knee buckled. I kept my dick in her cunt, but I knew I was hurt and I had to put her back down no more than 15 minutes later. The good thing was that I fingered her snatch and I think she came hard… think? Well, fuck- I put my hard dick in her pussy and by the time I came about half an hour later, my spunk was shooting out of her nice twat with juice and lube. We’d had pizza for supper, and her cum smelled like pepperoni- I swallowed every drop!

I know- she’s gotta lose 10-15 pounds… and I’m doing the best I can since she joined my gym. That’s where I met her. But hell- nothing wrong with hanging on to a nice momma while we fuck!

But that’s not the point.

So after we got up in the morning, showered, and worked out at the gym, I gave her a pat on her fine ass and sent her off to work. She’s in the DA’s office at the Hall of Justice doing investigative work. I love it when she “investigates” my damn ass, but that’s another story. Just to fill in… Alicia is fresh out of a long-term relationship with another woman, and divorced from a man she married in college. She has two golden k**s- a daughter aged 21 ready to graduate at Berkeley this Spring and a son- 19- who lives with his Dad and works in his roofing business. And yeah, I’ve met both.

So fuck, I ended up walking up the hill back home this morning with a nice cigar in my hand, and got here around 9:30 AM. Like my dick wasn’t already sore- and my knee HURT! I got on here and just surfed some trash. I got into some trash talk with some buds- even a STUBBORN one (and you know who you are, fucker!).

So about 11:30 AM, I’m starting to flag. Tired- and if I don’t get some shit done, I’ll pay for it later when John gets home. And I’m thinking I need a NAP!

Lo and behold, I hear this noise going on outside. I look out the window, and see that there’s scaffolding going up across the street and two doors down (literally down, since I live on a hill). And two Ford trucks parked outside the house that I immediately recognized!

Let me “digress”, if you will…

Last September, after all my marital issues were settled, this hot Mexican dude showed up at the door and wanted to talk. His name is Luis- and it turns out that he works with his b*****r Roberto. His wife is named Gina and they have 3 boys- the last born just last Summer, Omar.

He’d been doing some landscaping work for the woman who lives next door and whose husband died about a year earlier. Cut to the chase, he said we had serious dry rot on the wood siding on the west side of our house (where the storms come in), and offered to do the work to replace it. He offered to do the work and re-paint the whole house for $10K. And sure enough, they did it. It turned out so great that I took pics and helped him set up a portfolio so he could get more business.

The whole time they were doing the work last Fall, I have to admit I was fucking drooling over Luis and his hot b*****r, Roberto, who were doing the work. I’d come out on the deck while the two of them and his wife’s b*****r were at work, letting my dick drip out of my gym shorts, smoking and sharing coffee with them when they took a break. Luis is a short fucker- maybe 5-6- muscular, scruffy and with a mustache. His b*****r is easily 6 foot. Both hot dudes have long black hair that they tie back when they are working. And bulges in their pants! FUCK YEAH!

When they’d be out in the driveway eating their lunch that Luis’ wife Gina would bring, I’d joke with both of them about how Luis had an F-250- bigger engine- but that Roberto’s flatbed on his F-150 was wider. We loved laughing together, but I wanted both of those boys’ dicks! And I think they knew what I was talking about!

Well, as the work went on, nothing ever happened. They did a great job, though… and then I saw them putting up the scaffold down the hill today. I really wanted a nap, but I wanted their dicks MORE!!!

So after I signed off here, I put the leash on my dog, Squire, and headed out for a walk. Gina pulled up across the street and by the time I headed back up the hill, Luis, his b*****r and his b*****r-in-law were finishing their lunch. I walked over to Luis and asked him if he could come inside and look at a dry-wall project I needed to do in the playroom. He said sure and came across the street.

Damn, it was no time until I told that little fucker I wanted his dick in my mouth, and we ended upstairs in bed. The sweat from his balls was damn sweet once I got his painter’s pants off. Fuck, did he look good laying against the pillows, smoking and playing with his hairy balls while I sucked his dick and pulled his skin over his slit. And that campasino’s ass was fucking tasty when I did the crack-dive, but mostly I enjoyed jacking his uncut brown dick and slurping it up one side and down the other. Half an hour later, Luis fucking cummed so HARD!!! He went soft pretty fast, but I kept kissing his cockhead even while he got up and hopped around putting his pants back on

We went down and out the patio door in back, and as he told me that he had to get back to work, he asked me, “You want Roberto to come over?” And then he gave me the sexiest wink EVER!

“Hell YEAH!” I said.

Right away, Roberto was in the back yard. It was funny- I took his hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom. Even though he has one of those “COWBOY UP” stickers in the back window of his truck and had told me that he was a rodeo fan, he was kind of shy. But the clothes came off of him fast, and I got naked right away. Unlike his b*****r, Luis, this dude felt like making some man-on-man love!

We were kissing and rolling around on the bed- rubbing our dicks together. We kicked back and shared a smoke, but then I couldn’t resist doing down on his big dick. Then what did I know, but he rolled me over, grabbed my forehead and face fucked me so damn hard! When he came in my throat, I shot my own load. Roberto reached back, took a fistful of my load and shoved it down my throat with his fist. Then he rubbed it in his ass and put my hand there so I could finger his tight hole with my spunk in it.

Fuck- Mexican COWBOY UP!!! Can’t wait until Roberto does that ride in my ass… or I do it in HIS!

FUCK!!!!! Two b*****rs in one day. Hell, I fucking needed it! Good news is that the weather looks good the next few days, so they should be able to get the rest of the work done without interruption. Except for lunch breaks!


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1 year ago
Fuck man
If ever I want a good read Your profile page is where I head.
1 year ago
Bring your tools- we'll see about that!
1 year ago
Damn this is so hot! Wonder if you'd take me in the same way...
1 year ago
The set up is a bit all over the place, but when the action starts, it's hot, hot, hot!!!
1 year ago
good story
1 year ago
wow what a story had to use my dildo on my tight asspussy thanks
1 year ago
You made me cum!!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
You know a story is good when it gives you a hardon.
1 year ago
Great post
1 year ago
Good and fucking horny, keep em cumming!
1 year ago
So fukn HOT, Guy -- exactly like the fukn HOT Stud who wrote it.
i am hopeful that the next, being already familiar with the full use of Your warm, wet, and skilled throat, Roberto catches You off-gaurd, wrestles and pins You into a somewhat modified Doggy-style position.
Using nothing more than the musky dampness from the swollen head of His Cock, and the ripe, greasier ooze covering Your puckered Sphincter to force every inch of His dark-skin Dik all the way up into Your guts. Rather than slowly rampin' it up, Daddy, Roberto begins immediately piston-fukn Your Shitter; aggressively roughly, brutally ... prison-style.
It is only after Roberto has Seeded YourAssH@le with His spunk, that You realize where Luiz has been during all of this; waiting His turn ...
Thank You for posting, Guy
1 year ago
1 year ago
Sitting here with my jaw dropped, head all fucked up and cock red from the serious wanking. Will never be able to match you but I sure as fuck would love to be able to catch you. Bend me, shape me, do anything you want to me. Don't let my obedience go to your head - the head on your shoulders that is.
1 year ago
That was hot. A fantasy come true. Work men have always been a turn on for me.
1 year ago
always hot and sexy loved it
1 year ago
hot guy thx 4 sharing
1 year ago
"Right away, Roberto was in the back yard. It was funny- I took his hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom. Even though he has one of those “COWBOY UP” stickers in the back window of his truck and had told me that he was a rodeo fan, he was kind of shy."

This touches me, Guy, connection always does.
1 year ago
When it rains it pours....
1 year ago
Yippey-oh-ki-Yay is all what i can say lmfao ! great story bro
1 year ago
Hey dude what's up, Just stop by for a good read. My underwear has a spot of pre cum. I'll read more to see if the spot grows.
1 year ago
As always!!! You never cease to amaze me!!! Hank :-))