Flamingo Road ~ and the Gift

My name is Napoleon.

It was a Thursday afternoon. My wife had left the house the night before, got on a shuttle to the Mobile airport and headed off to a reunion with her sorority s****rs back at SMU in Dallas.

I’d just wrapped up lunch with my little son- playing “Daddy Day Care” and scarfing down PB&J’s with my little boy. He had sniffles, so I kept him home with me from pre-school. After lunch, I took him by the hand and we went down to the beach. "Look!" I said, pointing at the pink birds strutting in the sand. "They're your favorite birds- flamingoes!"

I set him down for a nap in his room. I went back out to the pool in the backyard, ripped off my clothes and hopped on the chaise. I had my laptop on my belly and got on-line- looking for a buddy I wanted to cam with.

“Guy” was his name.

Before I could send out the call, my daughter showed up, with her girlfriend in tow. I rolled off the chaise- naked- and flopped in the pool, hoping they didn’t see me. My daughter and her friend went inside the house.

When they came out, I had my arms backed up against the side of the pool, paddling water with my legs. Both my daughter and her girlfriend had bottles of MGD next to their lips and they were giggling. Both of them were naked.

We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beers and having fun with each other, naked in the pool. My daughter kept pulling my cock up and pointing my rod at her girlfriend’s face. “Isn’t my Dad’s cock hot!” she kept saying as she shoved me in her girlfriend’s face.

“Oh yeah!” her girlfriend whispered while the both of us floated in the pool. Both my daughter and her friend kept playing with my stiff rod. After I finished my first beer, my daughter hopped out of the pool, disappeared into the house, and brought me back another cold bottle of MGD. As her girlfriend swallowed my joint, my daughter put her hand on the back of her girlfriend’s wet head, and pushed her down while she sucked my cock.

I realized that my laptop was sitting nearby, and that I was streaming this cock suck to whoever I had dialed up. I reached over and shut down the cam. Then I kicked back and let my daughter’s girlfriend suck me. Every time I took a slug from my beer, she dipped her tongue in my piss slit and gathered my pre-cum on her glossy lips.

I could have floated there all day long!

Pretty soon, I realized my little boy would be stirring. I got out of the pool and went inside. As I looked outside before heading up the stairs to get my napping son, I saw my daughter bury her face in her girl friend’s trimmed cunt. If I wasn’t stiff enough before, I definitely was now!

After school, the rest of my k**s showed up. And when work was done, my older son came home too.

The rest of the evening went pretty normal- at least after my daughter, her friend and me had put our clothes back on. The wife was away, so I fired up the grill, threw on some pork chops, and the bunch of us chowed down. Fat from the chops dripped down the side of my daughter’s girlfriend’s face. It looked like cum to me.

No sooner did I put all the k**s to bed, and kiss my daughter goodnight, but it was ten o’clock. From their bedrooms, I went through the living room, across the kitchen, and into my room. I took off my clothes. It was hot. I lied on the bed naked and fell asl**p.

I don’t know how long I was sl**ping, but I awoke with a tiny hand around my cock. Then I was being sucked. I reached over and grabbed her head. It was my daughter’s girlfriend doing me. Before I knew it, she was on my lap, riding me. We were fucking, and it was so damn good!!!

I scissored her and fucked her. I put her on her hands and knees and fucked her. I fucked her up her ass and put my hand behind her head and fed my shit-stained cock in her face and made her clean me up. And then I spread her legs. Her shaved mound of pussy stared me straight in the face, and I massaged her clit with my tongue and fingers. When she was wet, warm and squirting, I stuck my dick in her and fucked her some more.

She was shaking and cumming the whole time. It must’ve been 5 hours later, but after fucking the shit out of that bitch, I was ready to shoot! I shouted, “I’M LOSING IT, BABY!!!”

She curled around in between my thighs. As I let my load loose, she swallowed every drop from my hose! It was four in the morning. I fucking collapsed, covered with sweet young pussy juice and sweat.

After having fathered five k**s, it had been a long time since I’d been soaked like that!!! Damn, my daughter’s girlfriend’s cunt was pudding!

Little did I know that my wife’s trip to Dallas just two days before was anything but a reunion with her sorority s****rs.

As I would later find out, she was hooked up in a Dallas mansion, taking every inch of a Cowboy football player’s big black cock in every hole possible. And when he came in her mouth- repeatedly- it ran out over her lips, down her neck and onto her breasts. And when he licked her clean, he spit it back into her mouth and fucked her again.

On Friday morning, my daughter and her girlfriend came down into the kitchen and I made the k**s some pancakes. I stirred peanut butter into the batter and they loved it!

As my daughter and that sexy-assed cunt-friend of hers headed out the door, my daughter told me, “Ill be sl**ping over at Marci’s, Dad- see you after the weekend!”

Later, I learned that my daughter and her girlfriend climbed into bed with the girlfriend’s Dad. As she later posted it on her Facebook page, my daughter said she fell fucking in love with her girlfriend’s cunt being fucked by her Dad. And then my daughter rode his fat dick until he exploded into her hours later. Hurting and bruised. Then my daughter sucked every drop out off his dick while she savored her girlfriend’s cunt-juice dripping off his rod.

On Saturday, the phone rang as I was soaking in the tub. I was busy with the cam- again!. My oldest son, who was off work for the weekend, grabbed the phone and answered.

“Hey, buddy! It’s me! Guy! I’m finally here!” the voice answered into the phone as my son held it.

I didn’t know it then, but my son answered in a gravely voice: “What took you so long, big man?!?”

Guy told my son that he was at the Mobile airport… that he had a room at the airport Marriott.

Guy said, “It’s hot and I wanna fuck. Get your ass over here and have ‘em ring me when you get to the desk. Ok?”

I heard my boy get in the 4Runner, open the garage door and drive away, wheels screeching.

“What the fuck is going on?” I wondered.

An hour or so later, Guy took a call from the hotel desk, and my son came up to Guy's room. I don’t have all the details, but as I heard it later, they fucked. And fucked. And fucked.

As Guy told it to me later, he thought he was fucking me as well as my oldest son. He told me that as he was about to cum, he whispered into both of our ears, “This is my gift.” And then Guy busted my son's hole with his cream!

"What is a 'gift'?" I asked myself.

Instead of creaming my slot, Guy lit up my son’s chute.

On Sunday, I was feeding the k**s their lunch. I saw a taxi pull up front, my wife climb out and heard the taxi door slam shut. Right after that, I saw another car pull up, my daughter and her girlfriend jump out, and hug my wife.

They came in the house and we hugged. I smelled cum on the breath of my wife and my daughter.

The next thing I knew, my son appeared at the door, with a man’s tattooed arm around his shoulder. “Hey Dad!” my son shouted at me. When I kissed him, I tasted spunk in his mouth. My son smelled like cigar smoke and the sweat from another man.

Guy took his tattooed arm off my son's shoulder and stuck out his big old hand towards me. I shook it.

“It's about time we met, fucker!” Guy said, staring me straight in the eyes.

About time, I thought to my self... about time, Napoleon.

by Guy Maddix

You can meet my hot buddy, Napoleon, here: http://xhamster.com/user/napoleon21

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6 months ago
fuckin' hot
2 years ago
That's just fucking HOT!! Since I didn't feel the need to use both hands to read, I decided to jerk my cock while I took in the story.
I'll be reading more of your work very soon,...Lalena is on her way home and I want to cum before she walks through the door.
(sometimes a guy has to get his hands on himself before he lets anyone else have a taste)
2 years ago
Hey Guy, you can tell, I am readin all yr stories! now this one, that Son of his/yours haha is MY kind of kid! Takes good care of his old man's buddies, just like I would! LOVE to head home smelling of CUM and Cigar Smoke! AND with my ass SORE and DRIPPING!
2 years ago
Excellent, loved every word! Guy, you are a nasty old man!!! I got to check out Napoleon!!!
2 years ago
Everytime I pop by and read this.. I fuckin well LOVE IT! EVERYTIME! Obviously everyone of your posts too. xxxxx
2 years ago