New post in my blog- flashback to a girl named Nicole... GUY
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I'm:Guy Maddix, 51
From:San Francisco, California, United States
Languages:English, German, Analingus, Cunnilingus, Fellatio
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Kids:No, and do not want any
Occupation:Author, Genital Barber
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
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Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
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Hair color:Blonde
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About Me
Pics in my latest personal gallery are me- love 'em or hate 'em! And shit- any questions you have about me or what I like "under the covers", just fire away! And yeah- you probably would be welcome in the sling, male, female or tranny! By the way, all my personal galleries are for friends only... the rest of the page is fair game to everybody!

There's also a couple of pics of my Springer Spaniel companion, Squire, in the gallery titled "More of My Other Half". Don't worry, he doesn't bite... unless I tell him to! (Just kidding!) And not to mention, some scorching pics of my other half, John (if I do say so myself!).

So, who's your daddy?

For all my flaws (and they are legion, just ask anybody!), I'm just a happy go-lucky cigar smoker with an avid lust for naked fun and an equal dislike for condoms!

Get a kick out of the languages spoken by my buddies hooking up to this profile page! I've fucked and sucked, been fucked and been sucked, in every language imaginable. Spanish. Russian. Italian. German. Danish. Polish. Portugese. Chinese. Vietnamese. Tagolog. Arabic. Greek. French. Turkish. Dutch. And did I mention good old American?!?

Guess that's just one advantage of having spent time cruising San Francisco glory holes/sex clubs... not to mention my gym (Gold's SOMA- now FitnesSF)! Into all things carnal, but that's not to say I don't have my own "bucket/fuckit list" of stuff I haven't done. Read further!

Wel-cum all! Here's the REAL truth... For most of my life, I looked at myself as a red-blooded, 100% All-American homosexual! And you bet your ass, I lived up to my reputation in every way! But in recent times, and with a go-ahead from my other half, I've enjoyed myself in ways I never thought I would before. Heck- I'm not shy about paying for a really good fuck from a tranny whore, and I keep a bitch on the side at all times that I hit up at my gym. And here's a lesson I have learned... life is too short to pass up any kind of orgasm! So if you feel the need to stick a label on me, make it "homo-flexible".

One of the original reasons I got on this site was to talk up my own e-books I have been writing lately, published by XIMAD, including illustrated adaptations featuring graphic tattoos and body piercings, a fetish of mine. The illustrations in the e-book (over 40 in all) are by a Russian artist, Yana Klink. She also drew the pic in the avatar on this page from a photo I sent to her. (And yes, if you must ask, it probably is more flattering than the real thing- but not by much!)

I've uploaded some samples from the book that are in my photo gallery ("Ink and Steel Samples"). By all means search Amazon, BarnesandNoble, or i-tunes using keyword "Guy Maddix". Or just click on the link above for "Personal Website", to either get a free sample or buy the e-book. It will set you back $1.99 to buy- sample is free- and my gratitude is eternal! ;)

And for sure, browse all the best fucking smut that I can find to post on this page. It's all kink that makes my motor hum, if you know what I mean. Hit me up if it does the same for you. I've posted some original stories- often with friends I've met on here- so check my blog section out. There are more than appear up front, so click "see all" button if you are in the mood!

When I asked my other half if I could put up HIS pics, he said "Shit motherfucker- you're crazy, go right ahead!" So the pics in my sets "My Other Half" and "More of My Other Half" are from a shoot he did with professional photographer Abe Ortega. Same guy that shot me. I added the Christmas one of John which I took put up in the More of My Other Half set. As you can see, I am no professional photographer!

Abe shot a set of me too, but like I said, those will never appear here.

As for my tastes in porn, they definitely run toward fetish, mature, hairy/bear, leather (spelled "s-l-i-n-g")- and especially raw and dripping! Uncut. Big butt sluts and suck-able t-girl clits. Tatts and piercings (especially PA's) turn me on, too. But nothing is a "deal-breaker". I'm equal opportunity with a soft-spot for... well shit, get to know me and find out. Wet squirting pussy, bareback t-girls- hell, you get my drift. ALL GOOD!!!

To that point, let me narrow my favorite porn studs to the 3 cruise/cruz raw-fuck studs: Cameron Cruise, Marco Cruise, and Lito Cruz. Feel free to send me any links that show these studs dumping or getting dumped hot jizz! Here:


and here:


and here:


and her's the skank I'd love to fuck in front of her man:


FAVORITE word: "man-gina" (thanks, stud daddy Donnie Russo, for this word you use to describe your hot fuck-chute!).

LEAST favorite word: "girlfriend" (thanks Castro District clones). Trust me, there's no contradiction here, just the sentiments of a man who loves fucking or getting fucked by men.

In the meantime, keep it hot, sweaty and sticky.

That all being said, I'm really just here to swap good ole porn and make a few friendships with fellow pervs. If we don't get the chance to swap loads, trust me: I'm always up for swapping vids and links that pair up my kink with yours.

Smoke 'em if ya' got 'em!


(P.S.: I usually post comments on the videos I click into my favorites. Check 'em out- just might be a tribute to you in there somewhere!)

WARNING!!! If you're from the University of Sydney, you can do anything you want with my profile. That's right. Fill your boots. Because this is what we men like me do best. Just drink it in. And I hope you come back for more tomorrow. And why not leave a comment while you're at it. I STRONGLY suggest you post this warning on your profile! LMFAO! And yeah- I stole this from my buddy Autolycus- the message being don't take life too seriously!
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11 hours ago
Just checking in - your video collection is as hot as always!
18 hours ago
thanks a lot.coming more and more very soon ;)
19 hours ago
What's up Devil you served? if so I wish there were more of us on this site
21 hours ago

+++ +++ +++ FOR JANUARY 2015 +++ +++ +++






3 days ago
I love all your pics and vids, wow!!
3 days ago
Thanks for the add doll! Lovely pictures!
4 days ago
Hi cow boy wanna duck my pussy
4 days ago
Awesome reading about what you like! Cheers! Enjoy!
6 days ago
I am truly flattered to see myself in your faves. You are awesome sugar!
6 days ago
Damn, Guy. I have to hand it to you (relax, not that way) but your current post is sooo true.
7 days ago
Just noticed how multilingual you are! :)
8 days ago
Super Cool to have your Friendship!
What an Exceptional,Sincere,Honest,Real,Sexy,Mature profile!
Way proud of You!
Warmest Regards!
8 days ago
love all content pal stories really get me going
10 days ago
(you Guy, self proclaimed hick billy)

John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

10 days ago
yes sir, thank you sir. I will oblige with full content
10 days ago
Love the comment you left me...Exactly what I'm looking for...I travel to get Pimped Out...so...get me there and lets do it!!!
10 days ago
Thank you for your friend invite....Very much appreciated
10 days ago
Thanks for the comment on my page. Really looking forward to a very FUCKFULL 2015. Wishing you the very same. XXX
10 days ago
Your best friend Squire celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago, Guy, so here’s my question. Has he ever mounted a bitch? (I know you have, mate, even though I don’t think you‘ve ever gotten knotted-up with one.) Peace-out, dawg.
11 days ago
if that venom is poison, 911!

Alice Cooper - Poison

or rock on. like i do.
12 days ago
very nice page
12 days ago
i'll bring my appetite, sir!
12 days ago
Yes please!
13 days ago
Nothing I enjoy more than cracking a smile... except smiling in a crack!
14 days ago
Thanks for the comment, it was fucking hilarious!To quote a line " that's what I love about highschool girls,I keep getting older and they keep staying the same age "!
14 days ago
Pretty good for the most part. But can always make things better. Hope many good things will happen this year. And I hope you are all well studly.
14 days ago
Yeah Guy, for brunch I should be getting my hairy poop-chute eaten, dingleberries and all; and for dinner I should have my bald-headed yogurt slinger eaten. The problem is that if it happens tomorrow I won’t feel a thing. Why? Because I’ll be in a trance glued to the boob-tube watching the playoffs with a Heine in my hand. Hopefully it will come to pass during the off-season, and both at the same time. I hope the Pats beat the Colts because I want Brady get his 4th ring, he deserves it. If he wins the Super Bowl he should retire because he‘s old, and it’s nice to go out on top, like Elway did.

PS, I’m only strict with my worm, I beat the little bastid mercilessly, I hope he won’t report me to the ASPCA. Shit, if he does, next time I’ll grab a butcher knife and cut his fucking head off. If the fuzz tries to put me in the joint for that, I’ll plead insanity. Peace.
15 days ago
thanks for the nice comment you left,
and id love that, just sad that you re to far away to make it happen....
15 days ago
Shit, ain’t no way in hell I’d get fisted, but hey, to each his own. Damn, a woman and her daughter, so kinky and hot, I know I’ll never experience that. You’re a lucky dude, Guy, things just fall into your lap. Me, I ain’t lucky, the only thing that falls into my lap is my flaccid worm after I’ve beat the living daylights out of the little sucker. Oh well, life goes on.
15 days ago
I know you’re whipped, Guy, but you get it all back later; that’s what matters. Shit, I’d go to early Mass wearing tight shoes too if it meant I was gonna get me some pussy later on that day. I fuckin’ love Latinas. You lucky son-of-a-gun. Go for it, mate. Have a good weekend.
15 days ago
Thank you for your invitation! :)
15 days ago
I agree with you, Guy, the point of engaging in sexual relations is doing something that gives you pleasure, even if it’s anal sex while puffing on a five-cent cigar with a morbidly obese, malodorous, octogenarian, baldheaded woman with a beard like a ZZ Top guitarist and ambiguous genitalia. As long as the participants are of legal age, are of sound mind and consent to the interaction, they should go for it. As they say, if it feels good, do it. Society places too much importance on labels, yet sexuality is a fluid thing. As you can tell from my selection of vids and pics, my sexual tastes are wide-ranging.

By the way, it is possible for a man to fuck himself in the ass and shoot his load while doing it. Here’s a link to a short vid that shows this gentleman’s technique which culminates in hands-free ejaculation.

16 days ago
thank you - danke
16 days ago
Hey Guy, what if a man with a long and very flexible hardon loves to bend it and shove it into his own a-hole, does it mean he's gay? Keep in mind that he doesn’t have sex with other men, just with himself.

PS, It’s not me, my erect worm is not flexible at all; even if it were flexible, it probably wouldn’t reach.

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