New pics in "str84me" gallery... I got your back! GUY
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I'm:Guy Maddix, 51
From:San Francisco, California, United States
Languages:English, German, Analingus, Cunnilingus, Fellatio
Personal Information
Kids:No, and do not want any
Occupation:Author, Genital Barber
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
Star sign:Leo
Drinking:Several times a week
Physical Information
Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Green
About Me
Pics in my latest personal gallery are me- love 'em or hate 'em! And shit- any questions you have about me or what I like "under the covers", just fire away! And yeah- you probably would be welcome in the sling, male, female or tranny! By the way, all my personal galleries are for friends only... the rest of the page is fair game to everybody!

There's also a couple of pics of my Springer Spaniel companion, Squire, in the gallery titled "More of My Other Half". Don't worry, he doesn't bite... unless I tell him to! (Just kidding!) And not to mention, some scorching pics of my other half, John (if I do say so myself!).

So, who's your daddy?

For all my flaws (and they are legion, just ask anybody!), I'm just a happy go-lucky cigar smoker with an avid lust for naked fun and an equal dislike for condoms!

Get a kick out of the languages spoken by my buddies hooking up to this profile page! I've fucked and sucked, been fucked and been sucked, in every language imaginable. Spanish. Russian. Italian. German. Danish. Polish. Portugese. Chinese. Vietnamese. Tagolog. Arabic. Greek. French. Turkish. Dutch. And did I mention good old American?!?

Guess that's just one advantage of having spent time cruising San Francisco glory holes/sex clubs... not to mention my gym (Gold's SOMA- now FitnesSF)! Into all things carnal, but that's not to say I don't have my own "bucket/fuckit list" of stuff I haven't done. Read further!

Wel-cum all! Here's the REAL truth... For most of my life, I looked at myself as a red-blooded, 100% All-American homosexual! And you bet your ass, I lived up to my reputation in every way! But in recent times, and with a go-ahead from my other half, I've enjoyed myself in ways I never thought I would before. Heck- I'm not shy about paying for a really good fuck from a tranny whore, and I keep a bitch on the side at all times that I hit up at my gym. And here's a lesson I have learned... life is too short to pass up any kind of orgasm! So if you feel the need to stick a label on me, make it "homo-flexible".

One of the original reasons I got on this site was to talk up my own e-books I have been writing lately, published by XIMAD, including illustrated adaptations featuring graphic tattoos and body piercings, a fetish of mine. The illustrations in the e-book (over 40 in all) are by a Russian artist, Yana Klink. She also drew the pic in the avatar on this page from a photo I sent to her. (And yes, if you must ask, it probably is more flattering than the real thing- but not by much!)

I've uploaded some samples from the book that are in my photo gallery ("Ink and Steel Samples"). By all means search Amazon, BarnesandNoble, or i-tunes using keyword "Guy Maddix". Or just click on the link above for "Personal Website", to either get a free sample or buy the e-book. It will set you back $1.99 to buy- sample is free- and my gratitude is eternal! ;)

And for sure, browse all the best fucking smut that I can find to post on this page. It's all kink that makes my motor hum, if you know what I mean. Hit me up if it does the same for you. I've posted some original stories- often with friends I've met on here- so check my blog section out. There are more than appear up front, so click "see all" button if you are in the mood!

When I asked my other half if I could put up HIS pics, he said "Shit motherfucker- you're crazy, go right ahead!" So the pics in my sets "My Other Half" and "More of My Other Half" are from a shoot he did with professional photographer Abe Ortega. Same guy that shot me. I added the Christmas one of John which I took put up in the More of My Other Half set. As you can see, I am no professional photographer!

Abe shot a set of me too, but like I said, those will never appear here.

As for my tastes in porn, they definitely run toward fetish, mature, hairy/bear, leather (spelled "s-l-i-n-g")- and especially raw and dripping! Uncut. Big butt sluts and suck-able t-girl clits. Tatts and piercings (especially PA's) turn me on, too. But nothing is a "deal-breaker". I'm equal opportunity with a soft-spot for... well shit, get to know me and find out. Wet squirting pussy, bareback t-girls- hell, you get my drift. ALL GOOD!!!

To that point, let me narrow my favorite porn studs to the 3 cruise/cruz raw-fuck studs: Cameron Cruise, Marco Cruise, and Lito Cruz. Feel free to send me any links that show these studs dumping or getting dumped hot jizz! Here:


and here:


and here:


and her's the skank I'd love to fuck in front of her man:


FAVORITE word: "man-gina" (thanks, stud daddy Donnie Russo, for this word you use to describe your hot fuck-chute!).

LEAST favorite word: "girlfriend" (thanks Castro District clones). Trust me, there's no contradiction here, just the sentiments of a man who loves fucking or getting fucked by men.

In the meantime, keep it hot, sweaty and sticky.

That all being said, I'm really just here to swap good ole porn and make a few friendships with fellow pervs. If we don't get the chance to swap loads, trust me: I'm always up for swapping vids and links that pair up my kink with yours.

Smoke 'em if ya' got 'em!


(P.S.: I usually post comments on the videos I click into my favorites. Check 'em out- just might be a tribute to you in there somewhere!)

WARNING!!! If you're from the University of Sydney, you can do anything you want with my profile. That's right. Fill your boots. Because this is what we men like me do best. Just drink it in. And I hope you come back for more tomorrow. And why not leave a comment while you're at it. I STRONGLY suggest you post this warning on your profile! LMFAO! And yeah- I stole this from my buddy Autolycus- the message being don't take life too seriously!
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2 hours ago
Love to lick your dog's piss,but would prefer yours.
9 hours ago
you're hot mate.
16 hours ago
Careful Guy, bear back fucking is risky, you can get mauled.
1 day ago
Your videos collection is the best pal!
1 day ago
Hello sexy!! Kiss kiss , roXXy ;)
2 days ago
yes we do get in trouble
2 days ago
Who wants to lick my dog's piss off my Wesco boots tonight?
Want to !!
2 days ago
Thanks for the add
2 days ago
Guy, you would have a lot more folks interested in your status message offer if it was Squire’s semen instead of his urine.
3 days ago
Baker beach xoxx
3 days ago
"Have truck, will travel!" if only it be a submarine..
3 days ago
"Looking to organize an orgy all preferences hit me if local!"
fist bumb anyway. so way, not on the continent. ;-)
3 days ago
Thanks for the add
4 days ago
Schade, der KERL lebt am anderen Ende der Welt!
Sorry, this mate lives at the other end of the world.
Ich hätte gerne SEX mit dir vor laufender Kamera
I´d like to have sex with you in front of cameras.
Ich druckte deine Texte aus, um mein slang-englich zu verbessern.
I printed out your text - to polist up my english.
4 days ago
I don't know anything about Leslie Gore, but that link you posted in your status is a good song. it surprised me, she had a great voice
4 days ago
I love the 60s. I'm born in 69. Many guys and girls where beautiful too see. Hope 60s come back in music and clothing style.
4 days ago
The link in my status bar is to Leslie Gore and my favorite song... she passed away this weekend at age 69... was devoted to her brother who succumbed to AIDS... and I can't remember any fucking t-girl show where the bitch didn't sing one of her songs. And the song in the link was probably her best. Fuck- I was just born when she was having hits- wish I was her Daddy!
4 days ago
Fuck yeah! Enjoyed the Academy Awards with my bitch buddy... just wish her daughter wasn't visiting her Dad's place last night! But hell- I buttered some pussy and was out like a light before midnight!
4 days ago
You ok bro?
6 days ago
Hey D hope you're doing well and is good for you overseas
6 days ago
kiss kiss, MMMmmwah!!! :) luv ya !! roXXy ;) xoxoxo
6 days ago
Hope everybody checks out this stud's hot flicks and pics... he's one damn hot horndog!

G;ad we're friends, sexy!
7 days ago
Thanks for accepting my friend invit . Please check my videos out and comments arewwelcome. I need as much exposure as possible.. Please pass it on. Mwah.
7 days ago
Stopped by for a visit.....
7 days ago
Woof woof thanks for the add and comments daddy. Can't wait to make it through your profile your videos are slowing me down but hot so far
7 days ago
cool- maybe drive out there this summer... drop my man off at his relatives at Walton just south of Lincoln and sweet-talk some floozy slinging hash at a truck stop off I-80 near Valentine and can can have some fun! Trust me- my F-250 Super Crew is a nice hunk of pussy bait... not to mention ME! LOL!
7 days ago
About a little over an hour away from lincoln
7 days ago
miss ya bebe!! roXXy :)
11 days ago
Just added a picture of me deep throating my boyfriends bbc ;)
11 days ago
Thanks for the add, and the great comments. You have a really hot page!
11 days ago
Thank you Daddy x
11 days ago
Daddy really knows how to treat his pup.. Thanx papito, hope you had a very sticky nd succulent Vday!! Kisses and licks from your fav boi :) Rich xoxo
11 days ago
just the fact that you used the word HOOTERS makes me love you more xxxx
11 days ago
Fuck- I'll saw down both your timbers and see who has more rings in the lumber... but I'd rather suck your dick though Dolly's hooters come in a close second!
11 days ago
old enough ! fuck you , i am older than the hills and dolly partons tits !!!
11 days ago
Fucking hot!!! Don't know if you are old enough to remember, but you go in the fucking homo parlors and watch clips waiting for some fucking to come suck your dick, and you are looking at porn with a soundtrack from Friday the 13th or some shit like that. Hell- I sure remember- never knew if I was gonna get my cock sucked or chopped off... but hell, I guess that was half the fun! Thanks for the link, sexy fucker!
14 days ago
Love your stuff!
14 days ago
Happy valentine's day to you!!!
14 days ago
Thank's for the add. you have a great collection too.
14 days ago
Fuck the pizza boy idea, i'll just call one of my dads friends and say I need a good fuck! Doubt that would go over well but worth a try. Get well soon and have a spectacular cum filled Valentines day Guy! <3
15 days ago
thanks for the invite

very nice profile
16 days ago
Thanks for the invite Daddy!
16 days ago
I now realize that my pecker is the best organ of my body, Guy. Fuck, I used to think that my brain was…… then I realized who was telling me this.
17 days ago
hot cock
18 days ago
Although having your brains fall out sounds terrifying...... I could also fear having a closed mind always trapped and imprisoned. Suppose none of us is getting out of here alive anyway and I'll take my chances with the open mind.

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